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What a week!

What a week!

When we walked into our classroom on Monday there was a huge bear cave in our reading corner, with a bear and a book, “The Everywhere Bear“! We couldn’t believe it!

We read some of the story and predicted where The Everywhere Bear had been before it arrived in our classroom. There were some amazing ideas, from Sainsbury’s to the Zoo to the Jungle, he must have had a crazy journey to get here!

untitled                                    IMG_3594[1]

In maths we have been working really hard with our number bonds to 10 by making some wonderful ladybirds! They have been put on display and will help us with our adding.

Our Topic, ‘all about me’ started on Monday with us looking at ourselves in the mirror and drawing our self portraits. We also had a look at maps of our local area and tried to find Plains Farm Academy, we also tried to see if we could find our own homes on the maps too! In science we started looking at the human body, we identified all of the body parts; hand, arm, hair, finger, thumb etc. then used our labelling skills in our books, we did this independently too!

This week in assembly, Detami and Blake recieved a badge and their name in the Golden Book for being superstars all week! Jenson got a certificate and a dip in the box for his hard work! Sam was VIP this week for always being ready to learn. What a superstar class, WELL DONE!

You may have noticed your child talking about Dojo points at home. This year in class we have been using ClassDojo as our reward system. At the start of the year, the children came up with the things that they should get points for such as, good sitting, good listening and trying hard. I will be oragnising a meeting with parents soon to talk about this and how you can view how amazing your child is doing.

Today was Jeans for Genes day, thank you everyone who donated! 🙂

Year 1 attendance: 88.6%
Year 1 lateness: 28 minutes.

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