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Local Governing Body

As an Academy within Inspire Multi Academy Trust, we operate within a set Governance Structure.  To find out more about Inspire Multi Academy Trust you can visit the Trust website by clicking on the following link – Inspire Website

Our Governance Structure

Click here to see our Governance Structure

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests

Please select the link below to view our current register (we update our register i need to order tramadol each autumn term):

Register of Business Interests 2015/2016

Register of Business Interests 2016/2017

Register of Business Interests 2017/2018

Register of Business Interests 2018/2019

Register of Business Interests – 2019/2020

Business Interests 2020/2021

Governing Body Attendance

Please select the link below to view attendance across the governance structure:

Attendance End of Year 14-15

Attendance End of Year 15-16

Attendance End of Year 16-17

Attendance End of Year 17-18

Attendance End of Year 18-19

Attendance End of Year 19-20

Attendance End of Year 2020-2021