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PE and Sports

We are in partnership with the South Shields FC who deliver lunchtime football sessions for the children as well as a weekly after school session for Year 5 and 6 pupils and staff CPD PE sessions each week. The children frequently attend sporting events and activities at their school the Beacon of Light where they learn about fitness and healthy eating. The children also attend curriculum days such as literacy events for World Book Day and Maths learning days.

Our EYFS and Year 1 children have weekly “Polly Phonics” lessons from South Shields Football Club where they learn phonics through a specially designed sports programme.

We have also partnered with Farringdon Community Academy who are providing a school sport festival programme and staff CPD sessions.

The children from Year 4 have attended the Sunderland Schools Skipping Festival and received school based training from The Skipping School.

Other activities the children take part in have included swimming, fencing, martial arts, yoga, hula hooping and dance.