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Welcome to EYFS Welcome to our EYFS page. We are looking forward to updating you on our progress and what we have been learning over the week.

Our EYFS Staff:

Mrs R Watson – Reception Teacher – EYFS Lead

Miss S Burnett- Nursery Teacher

Mr Thompson – Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss Griffith – Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss Oxberry – Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss Graham – Reception Teaching Assistant

EYFS Autumn Newsletter

Friday 9th October


What a busy week in Nursery this week! Our Julia Donaldson book this week has been ‘The Smeds and The Smoos’. We firstly learnt all about the different planets in the solar system, we then discussed what we would have on our own imaginary planet. In the creative area we made our own 3D planets using polystyrene balls and tissue paper. We then moved onto the aliens in the story, we looked at how the red aliens and the blue aliens had a purple baby together and how we are able to make purple by mixing colours together. We made our own alien masks using paint, feathers and googly eyes. We then moved onto learning about how to get into space. We made our own rockets in the creative area using card and star sequins.

In math’s we created our own aliens faces using 2D shapes. We have been learning all about the triangle, square, circle and rectangle!

On Friday we had ‘World Mental Health Day’ in school. We dressed up in bright colours and discussed our strengths in key group. We learnt lots of words like ‘confident, brave, strong, kind and funny’ to describe our self.

Next week we will be learning about the book ‘Stickman’. Its going to be lots of fun!

Friday 9th October


On Monday, we discovered two eggs, in a nest, in our mud tray. We thought about and discussed where the eggs could have came from. Some of us thought chickens, some penguins and some of us thought that they could be dinosaur eggs as there was a skull of a dinosaur found near by.

We’ve spent some time this week talking in key groups about what we would say if we met a dinosaur and also what we think a dinosaur would say and do if it saw us. We thought about what we want to learn about dinosaurs. Some us what want to know, ‘what do they eat?’ and ‘where do they live?’

We’ve also enjoyed joining in with dinosaurs themed activities such as, in the creative area we used dinosaurs to make stomping patterns and in the tough spot we used small world dinosaurs to recreate the ‘land of the dinosaurs’.

In maths this week, we have focused on shapes and learning the names and properties of common 2D and 3D shapes. In phonics we have learnt more new sounds (i,n,p,g,o) and are continuing with oral blending using ‘Fred talk’.

Friday was a special day as we came into school in bright colours to support ‘World Mental Health Day.’ we discussed different feelings and thought about how we came support our friends if they are feeling lonely or sad. We also told jokes throughout the day to make ourselves laugh and feel happy!

Have a good weekend everyone and we’ll see you on Monday for more roarsome dinosaur activities!

Friday 2nd October


This week in Nursery, we have started our Julia Donaldson topic off by looking at the book ‘The Gruffalo’. When we came into our classroom on Wednesday, we noticed muddy footprints leading into our ‘Deep Dark Woods’ role play area. We discussed this and came up with the idea that the Gruffalo must have been in our classroom through the night!

In the creative area we had so much fun making a whole class Gruffalo and snake collage for our classroom, we made our own natural paintings using mud and berries, Gruffalo footprint by painting our hands and adding claws and then we made our own Gruffalos and snakes using a range of coloured card. In maths we have been making our own Gruffalo crumble with mud, conkers, leaves and berries.

Next week we will be looking at the next Julia Donaldson book ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’. We can’t wait to learn all about the aliens and planets!

Friday 2nd October


This week has been the last week of our ‘All About Me’ topic. We have been discussing our families and who is part of our family. We even made our own family trees and talked about who  is important to us and why. To end the topic we discussed the different ways our families could keep healthy. Lots of the children spoke about a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables and some even spoke about how healthy their mams and dads were as they go to the gym!

To keep the theme of families going, we have spent many hours in the creative area decorating paper people templates, to make them look like people who are important to us. Our teachers were so proud of how we added such attention to detail. We thought about their hair and eye colour and their favourite colour of shoes!

In phonics this week, we have learnt our first few sounds (m,a,s,d,t) and have learnt how to read and write them. We are also getting better with our ‘Fred Talk’. Next week we will be bringing home some flash cards for us to practise the sounds at home.

In maths, we have focused again on numbers to 10 but this time how to correctly form the numbers when writing them down. We are continuing to do our counting to 20 everyday and this could be something we practise at home.

Thursday was an exciting and fun filled day, to celebrate Colin’s 1st birthday. We played games, danced to music, ate party food and joined in with rabbit themes activities such as, making vegetable soup in the water tray and making shape bunnies with playdough.

Next week, we are starting our new topic but it’s top secret for now. All will be revealed on Monday. Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Friday 25th September


This week in Reception, we have had lots of fun learning all about each other. We started the week talking about our likes and dislikes and then we ended the week thinking about what makes us happy and sad.

We had a great day on Friday, as we took part in our first ‘Well Being’ day and to make it extra special we enjoyed cakes and juice to support the Macmillan charity.

In phonics this week we have started to prepare for learning our letters and sounds by learning the Read, Write Inc signals. These are, stop, my turn your turn, turn to your partner and 123. Please ask your child to share these with you.

In maths this week we have been working with numbers to 10, counting, matching numeral to quantity and beginning to write the numbers with correct formation.

The children have all brought home a home reading book this week. Please read with your child every night and write a comment in their reading diary. The book and diary need to come to school every day. Books will be changed once a week. Please encourage your child to look at detail such as characters expressions to read the story from the pictures.

Friday 25th September 2020- Nursery

What a fabulous week we have had this week! This week we have completed our mini topic ‘All About Me’. For this topic we have been learning all about each other, what our likes and dislikes are and who lives in our house. In the creative area we have been making our own junk modelling 3d houses and our own handheld mirrors. In the writing area we have been drawing pictures of our family and talking about who lives in our house. In key group we have been discussing why we are amazing and what we are good at doing.

In phonics this week we have been learning our RWI signs. These are STOP, Turn To Your Partner, 123 and My Turn, Your Turn. The boys and girls are fantastic at these signs and have impressed all of the teachers!

On Friday we had our Macmillan Coffee Morning where we donated money for cakes. We enjoyed sitting in a circle eating our cakes and even spoke about how the money helps lots of poorly boys and girls.

Next week we will be beginning our ‘Julia Donaldson’ topic. We cant wait to read her books and find out lots of facts!

Friday 18th September 2020


Another busy week of Nursery this week! Our Core Book this week was ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ so in the creative area we made our own bear masks using brown pain and collage materials. In the sensory tray we had lots of natural resources to represent the deep, dark forest that the characters walked through. In the play dough area we had green play dough, just like the long, swishy grass! Miss Burnett and Mr Thompson came back on Thursday and were so impressed by the children’s behaviour in and around the classroom.

Next week we will be learning about ‘All about me’, this is where we are going to discuss our likes, dislikes, family and interests. We will be creating our own self portraits and reading lots of books about ourselves and our families.

From next week the school dinners will also be changing, we will have a hot and cold option for the children to choose between. The new menus are on the website for adults to take a look at.

Take a look at our ‘Curriculum Newletter’ to see what we will be learning about over the coming weeks!

Friday 18th September


This week has been filled with activities linked to the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’. We have painted dotty spiral patterns using cotton buds, made snails with playdough and worked hard on our pencil control while we drew and traced snail patterns.

We have also spent a lot of time outdoors and as the weather has been so lovely we enjoyed splashing about in the pebble pit. Some of us were having to use our big muscles to pump out the water!

On Thursday we all came back together again which was lovely. Our teachers were so happy to see how well we had all settled into our classroom and were very proud of those children who returned from there home learning., with smiling faces.

Next week we will be starting our ‘All About Me’ topic. During this topic we will discuss our likes and dislikes, talk about our journey since we were babies, talk about our homes and families and also think about what makes us special.

From next week, the school dinners will be changing. We will have a hot and cold option for the children to choose between. The new menus are on our school website for adults to take a look at in advance.

Enjoy your weekend, from all the Reception staff.

Monday 14th September 2020-Nursery

I can’t believe that you have been in for your first week of Nursery already! I have been ringing and emailing the supply teacher every day to find out about all of the amazing things you have been learning about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. I am so proud of you all for coming into Nursery with big smiles on your faces because I know that sometimes it can be a little bit strange when your grown ups leave you, but you must remember that Nursery is a fun place to learn lots of new things and meet new friends, then at the end of the day you can run to your grown ups and tell them all about it! I know that you have been learning all about our school rules and I’ve heard that you are amazing at following them! I cant wait to see it for myself. I will be back on Thursday to see all of your smiley faces, I’ve missed them so much!

From Miss Burnett 🙂

Monday 14th September

Reception Home Learning 

Friday 11th September


Hello Everyone,

It has been a very strange week for me knowing that you all were coming into school for your first day in Reception and I was not there to see you in your shiny new shoes with huge smiles on your faces but I have been speaking to the adults that have been working with you and I want to say how proud I am of you all for coming into school so well and showing how grown up you now are.

I hope you all enjoyed the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. I know you have been making your own ladybirds and have practised your counting when giving them spots.

These first few weeks are very important in Reception as you learn all the rules and expectations of our classroom and you make friends but the most important thing is that you show all the grown ups how clever you are so remember to try your best and access all the different areas of the classroom. 

Miss Griffith is back on Monday and I will see you all again on Thursday together with Miss Oxberry. Keep smiling!

Wednesday 9th September



Monday 7th September

Good morning,

Please find attached a timetable for your remote learning to cover some of the activities you would have been doing in school this week. Fingers crossed we will all be back together again soon! 

Nursery – Monday 7th September

Nursery-4th September 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to your Nursery blog! We can’t wait to share all of our special and exciting memories with you throughout the year.

This week in Nursery, we have been welcoming our new Nursery children into the classroom. Miss Burnett and Mr Thompson have loved meeting each and everyone one and you and can’t wait to get to know you over the next few weeks. This week we have been exploring all of the areas in the indoor and outdoor classroom, including painting in the creative area and building towers with the blocks in the outdoor area.

Please can we remind all adults to stick to the new social distancing rules when in and around the school grounds in order to keep eachother safe!


4th September 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the ‘Reception Blog’,

The last two days we have welcomed our, new to the school, reception children to give them an opportunity to explore and settle into our classroom.

The children have enjoyed painting, building, playing outdoors and with playdough, but we have to say that their favourite part of the two induction days was meeting Colin, our class rabbit.

Next week, we will start to welcome back some of our previous nursery children who are all grown up now and ready to start Reception. We can’t wait to see their smiling faces again. We will also start out ‘All About Me’ topic, which will give the teachers a further insight into the children’s interests.

As a polite reminder, can all parents please adhere to the ‘one way system’ we have in place when dropping children off and collecting them again at home time. We also ask that you respect the property of those in our surrounding area and make sure that when queuing to collect children you only use the public footpaths.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you again on Monday.

Reception 2020-2021

Hello everyone,

Please watch the video to find out who your new teacher is and how you will come into school on a morning and leave at home time. Happy watching!!

Nursery 2020-2021

Hello Nursery,

This is a little video to show you who your teacher will be in September. Your new teachers also show you how you will come into nursery on a morning and leave nursery at home time. See you all soon!

Wednesday 3rd June – School reopening update


Important update regarding the reopening of school

Information regarding the possible return to school on 1st June

Please click on the link below for information regarding the possible return of Nursery and Reception children on 1st June.

EYFS Special Challenge – Monday 11th May

Please click on the link below to access an exciting challenge set by the EYFS Staff.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic Challenge

Monday 13th July 2020-Nursery

Hi Nursery! Well I can’t quite believe that we are moving into out last week of school. I know that we didn’t spend as much time as we wanted together and it has been a bit of a funny year this year, but I know that you are strong, independent and resilient and you are able to jump straight over the barriers and challenges that have been thrown at you. I want you to know how proud I am of you for making it through the past few months, because I know it has been a little strange and sometimes it can be hard to understand!

This week I have been tidying and painting our outdoor area, I know you are going to love it when you see it! We have got green chalkboards and pink mirrors now! Miss Burnett kind of went a little bit crazy with all of the colours. For your special homework this week, I would like you to make your own scavenger hunt, this could be a shape hunt, nature hunt, mini beast hunt or even a colour hunt. Once you have thought about which one you would like to do, you need to make your own guide with pictures of what you would like to find (don’t forget to label your pictures). You could ask an adult or sibling to play with you and see who can find everything the quickest!

I can’t wait to see you all back in September (even though you are going to be in Reception by then). Parents-your child’s report will be available to collect on Monday, please adhere to your allocated times. Thankyou!

Friday 3rd July 2020


Hello Nursery! I don’t know about you but here in school we have been very busy doing lots of learning! We have been joining the Reception children in their phonics lessons, learning how to recognise and form sounds. We have been completing our work packs and especially loved going on a walk around the school premises and completing the car survey. For maths we have been counting out objects and forming numbers to 10.

Miss Burnett has been busy getting our classroom ready for the new children in September and on Thursday I painted our mud kitchen a lovely green colour! I can’t wait for you to see it!

Next weeks activities are going to be based around dinosaurs, don’t forget to send me pictures of your hard work!

Friday 3rd July


Hello everyone! I’m really sorry that your work was added to our blog later than usual this week, we’ve been having a few IT difficulties but fingers crossed it’s all fixed now. It just means that next week you’ll have to work a little harder to catch up on this weeks work. Make sure you watch all of the phonics videos as some of this weeks videos are a revision of those you’ve already watched.

I’ve heard from Jacob this week and it was lovely to see that he has been doing lots of reading with his mammy and has been strawberry picking. I’ve never been strawberry picking before but it looked like so much fun, so I’m hoping to take Amalie and Phoebe over the holidays.

I’ve been in school again this week with all the key worker children and they have been helping me to tidy up the secret garden so it’s all ready for us to use in September. I managed to get lots of cut down tree trunks which are going to be amazing for den building.

This will be the last set of planning that I put on the blog. You’re very last pieces of Reception work! How has that happen! It feels like yesterday when you first walked into our classroom in your new school uniforms and shiny shoes. So, I thought it would be nice to do some work around ‘Summer’ as this is what we would have been doing in school.

Please find the planning attached to the link below and don’t forget to send me pictures of your work. There’s also an additional message from Miss Latimer so please have a read of this.

Love, Mrs Watson

We would like to record all our experiences of lockdown and gather them collectively into a book for Plains Farm pupils in the future – to become our very own small piece of history, but we need a little help from all of you.  We’d really love it, if each family could send in something to reflect their experiences, e.g. a photo, quote, work or anything that would sum up your lockdown experience as a family.  It might be something you are proud of or a new skill you have learned.  Lots of you have already sent in lots of photos, so you could select one of those and send it in again with a small message – grown ups can also send in their own memories and messages about lockdown. Thank you, Miss Latimer

Monday 29th June 2020

Hi Nursery,

Sorry there hasn’t been anything on the blog the last couple of weeks, the internet has been a little bit silly and wouldn’t let me get on! I hope you have still been keeping busy and doing lots of work in preparation for starting Reception in September. I have attached this weeks activities for you to complete, don’t forget to email me all your pictures.

Here are some pictures of how I have been keeping busy the past few weeks…

26 June 2020


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well and have kept yourselves safe in the sunshine this week. The weather has been so glorious, I can imagine that some of you have enjoyed some paddling pool time! I’ve been in school this week, with Miss Griffith, working with the key worker children. It’s been lovely to be back in the building and see the children’s smiling faces (I miss yours though). 

This week I have heard from Alfie and Jacob and I was over the moon to see that they have been doing the work I set for them last week. They’ve both been practising their writing and have also been creative too. 

This weeks work is attached in the links below. Please remember to take pictures and send them into me. 

See you soon 

Mrs Watson

Friday 19th June


Hi everyone

I hope you all managed to get onto the blog this week to access the work I planned for you. I haven’t had any emails to show me what you’ve all being doing so I hope that means you’ve all been really busy working hard. Please remember to take pictures of the work you’re doing and send them to me.

I did hear from Jacob last Friday and it looks like he’s been having a brilliant time camping and making orbeez.

This week, I’ve been busy planning more work for you to do next week as  well as trying to get fit! I went for my first ever run! You all make running look so easy but I found it so hard! Hopefully after a few more runs and lovely walks with my family I’ll be as fit as all of you.

Below are the links to this weeks home learning. Please remember to be as independent as possible and try your best.

Have fun, stay safe!

Mrs Watson

15th June 2020


Hello Reception!

I hope you are all safe and well. The weather last week was a bit of a change to the usual sunshine we have been having. We’ve gone from sandals to wellies overnight! I hope it didn’t stop you from getting out on some lovely walks though.

As we’ve been off school for quite a while now, the teachers have decided that you should get back to doing some more structured tasks, like those you do in school, so I have been working on planning some activities for you to try with your grown ups. I know that for some of the activities you will need a little help but I want you to try and be as independent as possible. After all, you are nearly Year 1 children!

Each day there will be seven small tasks for you to do. This is because in Reception we have seven areas  of learning and it’s important to continue accessing all of these as they help to prepare you for moving into KS1 in September.

Remember to try your best and take pictures of the work you do so I can see how you are getting on and share these on our blog next week.

Take care

Mrs Watson

Below are the links to the planning that you will need, together with any resources or hyperlinks to websites.

Reception Home Learning Planning Week 1

Phonics Week 1 – 15/06/2020

What is Social Distancing?

Remember to send your photos to plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk!

Friday 5th June


Hi everyone. I hope you all had a fabulous half term last week and enjoyed those lovely sunny days. I spent the week enjoying time in my garden, reading magazines but really I was out there supervising Mr Watson, making sure he was building my new plant pots right!

Colin has been a little tinker this week. He’s been eating my lovely flowers that have just grown. Talking about flowers, I hope all of your sunflowers are growing nicely. Nathan sent me a picture of his and I couldn’t believe how tall it was. That also brings me onto my first task I would like you to do next week. I want you to measure the height of your sunflower. You could use building blocks to count how many high it is or maybe your hands. Then see if you can right down the height making sure you form the numbers correctly. Do this on Monday and again on Friday to see if there is a difference. How much has it grown by?

Using the word ‘sun’ I want you all to think of a sentence that you can write. Your grown ups can help you but make sure you try your best to independently sound out the words. You may need to use a tricky word like ‘the’ to write ‘The sun is hot’.

Next Friday, it is important that you check the blog as I will be putting lots more home learning activities on for you to do at home. Your grown ups will be receiving some information about this next week but until then look back over the previous learning links I have provided as I would love to see more pictures of the work you’re doing.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Watson

5th June 2020


Hello Nursery! I hope you all had a fabulous half term. I spent every day at the beach or at Herrington Park with a picnic and getting a sun tan! It was nice to relax in the sunny weather before getting stuck back into all of my jobs. I haven’t had many emails this week, just one off Evie-Rose which made me smile SO MUCH! She has sent me a picture of her sunflower…and it was ginormous! It is wonderful to see how much it has grown and how much she has been looking after it since we sent them home. I would love to see everyone else’s sunflowers too!

For your challenge this week-

1.Can you draw a picture of your sunflower? Remember to use the correct colours!

2.Can you count how many leaves are on your sunflower?

3.Can you write the word sunflower? I know you wont be able to do this by yourself just yet but you can ask an adult to write it first, then try copy.

Don’t forget to send me lots of pictures! Love from Miss Burnett 🙂

Friday 22nd May
Hello everyone,
I hope you are all continuing to keep safe and well. I have been working at Farringdon this week, looking after all the children whose parents are key workers. I’ve been telling all the children about you all and how I’m missing you. It’s Mr Watson’s birthday today, so tonight we’re having a tea party in the garden for him to celebrate. I’ve left Amalie and Phoebe the job of making the decorations while I’m at work. Have any of you managed to get to the beach this week? My girls went on Wednesday and they had a great time jumping the waves and making sandcastles.

I’ve heard from Jacob this week, he has been busy baking cakes and building a McDonalds drive through! Oh how I am missing a McDonalds, I wish I could have come to your drive through!

Next week is officially a school holiday, so I would like you to take the time off from doing any school work and if you do want to do something then think about things that will help with your mental health as this week has been ‘Mental Health Awareness Week.’ Things you could do:
Help to make the dinnerDecorate stonesGive a member of your family a phone call to tell them you love themFeed the birdsMake a gift for the bin men, a simple picture would do
I hope you all have a lovely holiday and enjoy the nice weather with your family. Remember to access the blog again week beginning 1st June for more updates and work.
Take care and stay safe, Mrs Watson

Nursery Friday 22nd May 2020

Good Morning Nursery! I hope you have all had a fabulous week in the sunshine. This week I was very happy because I was able to see two of my friends, one day I went on a bike ride around Herrington Park and the other day I went on a picnic! I had to make sure I wasn’t close to my friend when I saw the just in case there was any germs, but that’s okay because when the germs go away I can give them big hugs.

I haven’t had very many messages this week, but it just means that you all must be very busy doing exciting things and I can’t wait to hear all about it when we go back to school. Freddie sent me some wonderful messages throughout the week telling me all about what he had got up to. At the start of the week he joined his brother George and camped out in the back garden. They made their own sausage, mash and beans on the camping stove and then they had smores for dessert! Later on in the eek he sent me some pictures of him practicing his number recognition and number formation using his ipad!

This week has been ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ but I would like for you to try some of these activities next week because it would have been half term so you need to make sure that you take time off doing work and enjoy the sunshine! Could you: draw a picture for the bin men and leave it for them to see, ring up your family and tell them how much you love them, help your parents with making your breakfast or dinner, feed the birds or read a book to a family member over video call?

I hope you all have a fabulous week ‘off school’, make sure you enjoy the weather and have fun! You’ve got to remember to stay away from other people just to make sure the germs don’t spread and we can go back to school sooner rather than later! I miss you all so much, Love from Miss Burnett x

Reception Friday 15th May 2020

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic!!!! Hello reception .. I hope you are all taking part in our teddy bears challenge today! I can’t wait to see the pictures . Thankfully it’s a lovely sunny day so I’m hoping to see many of you in your gardens . 

I hope you’re all well and keeping safe . I spoke to lots of your grown ups yesterday about what it’s going to be like when schools open again and we had a good chat about how you’re getting on at home. By what I was hearing you’re all coming on so much ! I was over the moon to hear that Freddie is reading lots of words from sight now and that Zac is practising his numbers through addition and subtraction . I even had a little chat with Ollie and it was lovely to hear his voice and know that he chats with his Nana everyday when she comes to the gate.

I saw some lovely photos from Lily this week who camped out in her garden ! You are brave Lily, I know I wouldn’t be so keen to camp out ! Nathan’s being playing dominoes which is great for his maths too.  I also saw the pictures you sent in for VE Day and the nature challenge. You can see everyone’s  pictures on our school website. 

In my house this week we have been making bath bombs and thankfully I decided to make the girls do it outside which I’m so pleased I did as there was glitter everywhere!! We’ve also been on a bike ride everyday to try and keep ourselves active. 

Below is a few links that you can access for some more activities to keep you busy next week.



HEALTHY LIVING – keeping active through meal choices and activities




I’ve also planned some forest and coastal school activities for you to do as I know some of you are going for woodland walks or down to the beach . Just remember to keep your distance from others that may be there. We must all still play our part in keeping ourselves safe. 

Well I’m off now to make sure my teddy bears are eating all of their picnic food!

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Watson

Nursery-15th May 2020

Hi Nursery, hope you are all staying safe and having fun! Well we had some good news this week that we might be able to see each other very soon if the silly germs go away. I hope that they do go away because I’m missing you all very much! As I’m writing this, I’m getting ready for our Teddy Bears Picnic, I’m making some yummy ham sandwiches and some fruit to eat with some of my favourite teddies ( I found it quite hard to find some teddy bears because I’m a little bit older than you so I don’t have as many). I hope the weather gets a little bit better because it is looking a little bit cloudy at the minute! I just want to say how proud I am of all of you for being so brave, smart and sensible when you are at home with your family, I know it can be hard and sometimes you really want to come to Nursery or you really want to see your friends but if you wait a little longer I’m sure we will be able to see each other and be able to play with our toys again.

I have had some fabulous websites and activities sent to me over the past week from all of your wonderful teachers so I thought I would show you them and you can have a try at home.

https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/activities – This website has some amazing healthy recipes that you can try to make with your adult at home. It also has some Disney activities that you can do to keep fit.

https://www.wwt.org.uk/discover-wetlands/home-learning-and-family-fun# – This website has lots of different activities and ideas that you can do when you’re outside such as bird watching, natural art and colouring in.

Just before I go for my teddy bears picnic I would like to thank you all for sending in your emails, they are really making me smile (especially when I get to see your smiley faces)

Love from Miss Burnett


Friday 8th May 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week at home and have kept yourself busy! I have had a wonderful email off Freddie who found a birds nest in his back garden and one off Rosa who has been making wonderful nature crafts and even found special books in the park when they went on a walk! I have been busy at Farringdon Academy this week, looking after and teaching some children all about VE day! After work I have been visiting the beach and going on walks and runs, the beach is one of my favourite places to visit! On my walk today I went walking along the rock pools to see if I could find any sea creatures but they must all be in lockdown too because I couldn’t see any! Me and my sister went to a secret part of the beach and saw some fantastic pebble structures that somebody had made so we decided to make our own heart. I hope you are all staying safe and I can’t wait to see you soon, love from Miss Burnett.

Ps. Don’t forget to check the blog on Monday for an extra special challenge that me and Mrs Watson are setting you! Get your Teddy bears at the ready!

Friday 8th May
Hello Reception !! Happy VE Day to you all … 
Today is a very special day as it marks a moment in history for our country . Today marks 75 years since the end of the Second World War. Lots of people will be celebrating this occasion with their families. Have you spotted anyone celebrating the occasion in your street ?? Even though we still need to keep our distance it’s would be nice of you to make something to decorate your house or have your tea outside in the garden . Here is a website link with things that you could do:https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4TrqYDyf4PMdLypxzyTwGDg/great-british-bunting

I hope you’re all still trying to do some of the things I’ve been setting you . It was lovely to see Jacob practising his subtraction skills using pencils . Well done Jacob ! 

I’ve enjoyed some more time in my garden this week and I’ve been writing down lots of memories that I have of you all .. I’ll be sharing those memories with your grown ups in a few weeks time. Thinking of you made me think about how much I’m missing you all and can’t wait to see your smiling faces . As I miss your lovely smiles I thought that you could paint me a self portrait of yourself with your biggest smile and send them to the school email address for me to see . 
I’ve another few things I would like you to do this week:

Also , Miss Burnett and I have put together a lovely challenge for the whole of EYFS to take part in as part of your home learning next week . We will be posting the challenge to the Blog on Monday so make sure you check !! All I will say is, “Get your teddy bears at the ready!”
I hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend . 
Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Watson


Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning Nursery! I cant believe it is May already, this year is going so fast! I hope you are all staying safe and having fun at home. This week I have been working hard writing your reports for your mammy’s and daddy’s and telling them all about how fabulous you are in Nursery. I have had some wonderful emails this week off Freddie, Evie-Rose, Harry and Alfie who have sent me lots of pictures of their busy week. Evie-Rose has been sending me lots of pictures of her sunflower, its getting so big now! Freddie has been telling me that he has been learning about how to grow lots of fruits and vegetables in his garden. Harry has been working very hard with his writing and cutting the grass in his back garden and Alfie has been on a wonderful walk around the lake where counted all of the ducks!

Now because I have been getting lots of emails about you learning in the outdoor environment, I’ve had some ideas… This week is National Wildflower Week, and as a way to learn all about this week I would like you to go out on a walk or go out to your garden and find some nature, it could be flowers, twigs or leaves. With this nature I would like you to try and make some artwork or make a nature loom, as you can see below. If you send me your pictures I will put them on the blog for everyone to see!

May 1st 2020


Happy May everyone! I can’t believe it is the beginning of May already! Although this lovely weather certainly lets us know spring is here and summer is on its way. I hope you’ve all continued to manage to spend some time outdoors. I know Alfie has been enjoying his garden as I received some lovely pictures of him watching the birds in his garden. He’s trying hard to look after the environment as he bought some bird feeders to hang from the trees.

I’ve also heard from Nathan, Adam and Lily C which is lovely. Nathan has been doing some more baking with his mam (wish I could try those scones), Adam has been busy drawing aeroplanes and Lily has been using paint to make pictures of rainbows! It makes me very proud of you all when I see the lovely things you’re doing at home.

It’s been a yet another lovely week spending time with my family. I’ve even been on a few bike rides which is something I haven’t done since I was your age! I forgot how much your legs can ache after going up so many hills. I’m missing you all very much though and I know you will all be missing your friends and our school so to keep your minds busy I’ve set some more activities for you to complete. Please remember to take pictures of everything you do and send them in to our school email.


Use objects from around your home to help you add and subtract. Try this with numbers to 10 first. Using the +, – and = symbols, write down the matching number sentence.


Make a list of things you miss about school. Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out the words.

Understanding the World

Next week is National Wildflower Week. I would like to see you make a nature loom, using sticks and natural things that you might find on a walk or in your garden. I attached a picture below of the type of thing I mean. Remember only to use things that have already fallen to the ground and the only man-made material you can use is string or wool.

Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Miss Davison put together some lovely art ideas for you to have a go at.

Moving and Handling

Make your own fitness cards. Draw pictures of things you have to do, for example, jump up and down, star jumps etc. Whichever card you chose from the pack you and your family have to do the action. Try to label the pictures too using your phonics knowledge.

Communication and Language

Talk to your grown up about your favourite TV programme or film. Tell them what you enjoyed about it and why it is your favourite. Have you ever watched anything you didn’t like? Talk about the reasons for this too.

Health and Self Care

Draw a picture of your favourite meal or a meal you have shared with your family. Can you label the healthy and unhealthy things on the plate?

Have a go, try your best and see what you can come up with.

Stay safe, stay indoors. I miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Mrs Watson


Friday 24th April 2020

Good morning Nursery, what a beautiful day it is today! I know lots of you are like me and want to be outside in this beautiful weather, getting as much fresh air and sun as you can! This week I have been very busy and been working very hard getting my special work done so I can enjoy the sunshine a little bit more this weekend. On a lunchtime I have been trying to do workouts to make my muscles bigger and go for runs to get some fresh air. I wanted to show you this picture I took of a beautiful blossom tree in my street, its gorgeous pink flowers have just started blossoming over the past week and its my favourite time of year when it starts to grow. I’ve had some lovely emails off Rosa and Alfie showing me what they have been getting up to this week and they’re making me very jealous! Rosa has been working hard writing her name and numbers, then having fun on her amazing bouncy castle! Alfie has been visiting his allotment and searching for minibeasts! I hope you are all staying safe and I cant wait to see you soon! Love from Miss Burnett

Friday 24th April 2020


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful sunshine! It’s been such a lovely week so I hope you’ve all managed to spend sometime outdoors. I know I’ve spent a lot of time in my garden enjoying the sunshine while planning lots of things that we can do when we’re all back at school. Colin has also been loving my garden! He’s been eating the plants that Mr Watson has just put in pots so he’s not very happy with him!

I’ve heard from Alfie, Jacob and Lily again this week which was great. I can see they are trying so hard with the tasks I’ve set as well as doing their own home learning.

As its going to be a little while before we are back at school the teachers have all been looking for good websites that you can access as well as planning activities that you can do without a computer. Below is a list of things I would like you to access. You do not have to do them all at once but try to look at one each day. They activities are linked to the different subjects we do at school and are things I know you can do.





(Username: march20 Password: home) Click on parents and then interactive resources to access phonics games for all phases


www.monsterphonics.com (Username: login    Password: homelearning)





Farmer Duck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gug6P8l1q6c

Listen to the story of Farmer Duck.  Today we are going to find out what jobs a Farmer has to do.

Watch again this time whilst listening to the story, talk to your child about the lazy farmer…

 Is the Farmer doing what he should be?

 What jobs is he making the duck do?

Explain to your child how important it is to be kind to other and help one another out. Challenge your child to help you do jobs around the house!

If you would like to extend your child’s learning on the jobs a farmer does, listen to the following song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr1sQ7kGYlY

 Ask your child – Would you like to be a farmer? Why/why not?






(Visit Edinburgh Zoo from home and watch the pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas live)


Activity- they could make a family tree with a handprint for each family member.



Tee and Mo: Our Little World

Tee and Mo love doing their bit for the environment! Use this fun game to teach your child about recycling, saving water and saving energy.

Activity – Composting

The ‘magic’ of watching food leftovers turning into soil might be just the way to keep your little ones active and foster their curiosity about the outdoor environment. Besides, what a great, hands-on recycling class it is! Later on, you can use the soil for planting activities


How have I changed since I was a baby? Read “Once There Were Giants” by Martin Waddell to the children/ watch the video version available on-line.

Use the language associated with time: then, before, now, next, soon.

Draw the children’s attention to how the main character gains new skills with the passage of time: sitting-up, walking, talking, running, starting school. Ask the children to look at the physical changes to the little girl on each page. What is happening to the girl? Why does the little girl think her mum and dad are giants? Do they look like gia​nts as she gets bigger? What is happening to her? Has she really become a giant?


Try making an actual family tree, or a wall display, or a photobook – any way you approach it will work so long as the little ones can feel connected with their home environment 


https://www.tate.org.uk/kids  (activities, games, quizzes)

http://www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob (A children’s illustrator has put together a collection of tutorials).


Make marbled paper with foam –  https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/make/paint-draw/make-marbled-paper-foam

There is so much here to keep you busy so enjoy. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your pictures next week.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Stay safe, stay indoors.  I miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Mrs Watson

Hello again Nursery, just a quick update for your parents at home. We have found some fabulous websites which gives you some great ideas as to what you can be doing with your children whilst at home. I hope this helps and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email me at


Websites and activities for Nursery

Monday 20th April


Hi everyone. There has been another great website published for you all to access. It has some great activities for you to do. Click on the link below to access the site.


Friday 17th April 2020


Hello again! I hope you all had an amazing Easter and got lots and lots of chocolate like me and my sister did! We had that much that we keep making chocolate crispy cakes to try get rid of all the eggs on top of the cupboards! My dad is happy we have so much though, except he keeps eating all my eggs and not my sisters! Other than making crispy cakes, I have been enjoying the sun shine in my back garden and I ran a 5k on Wednesday to raise awareness and money for the NHS (your parents might have seen it going around on facebook)… it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be but I loved doing something small to help all of the doctors and nurses who are doing a fantastic job looking after the poorly boys and girls!

I hope you are all still keeping busy and challenging yourself , just like you would in Nursery! I have received some lovely pictures of your sunflowers growing and I know the hot sunshine is helping them grow so tall! I would love for you to email me some pictures of them so I can show my grandad (through his window when I drop his shopping off)… he loves growing fruits, vegetables and flowers in his allotment so I’m sure he will be super impressed with your sunflowers! I have got some new challenges for you if you would like to try them-

1.Can you go bug hunting in your garden then try to draw the bugs that you find? (Extra challenge- can your grown up write the name of the bug and you copy it underneath?)

2.If you can find some stones on your next walk- can you paint your own story stones and then use them to create your own story to read to your grown ups?

3.Can you create your own fairy garden (remember its got to be very small so only fairies can live there)- you can use things like grass, flowers, sticks and stones for the house.

Send my your pictures and emails- I love reading them! plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk


Hi everyone! It’s Friday again! Where are these weeks going?! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and didn’t make yourselves sick from all the chocolate. I know I did! It was Amalie’s birthday on Monday, she had a lovely day, although it was very different to her normal celebrations. Oh, and you’ll never guess what?! Phoebe now has chicken pox!! To keep our minds healthy, we’ve been enjoying the lovely sunshine this week, by relaxing and playing games in the garden. I hope you all have too and have remembered to put your sun cream on and wear a hat.

I was watching a very important programme on the TV last night, I bet a lot of your grown-ups were too, and it said that the people who are in charge of our country, who are also the people who are trying to keep us safe, have decided that we need to stay at home for another 3 weeks. I know that this will seem like such a long time because you have already spent so long indoors but it really is the best thing for you to do, so keep yourselves busy with this week’s challenges.

1. Do a treasure hunt around your house and garden. Hide some treasure and give your adults clues on where to find it. Remember we learnt those positional words in maths such as, under, besides and over. Remember to use them in your clues.

2. Use some dried pasta, paper and glue and make a pasta masterpiece. Think about the shape of the pasta and how you could use this in a picture. You could also paint it once it’s all dry.

3. Learn the game ‘Hangman’. Ask your grown up how to play this game. It’s a really good game to help you with your reading.

It was so lovely to hear from some of you last week. I would love to hear from more of you though so remember to send me pictures of what you have been up to. I know that Freddie has been baking, Jacob has been practising his numbers and planting and Alfie was the only one who sent me a picture of his character egg, Horrid Henry! Well done to all of you!

Remember, my email address is plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

I’ll look forward to seeing more of your pictures next week.

Stay safe, stay indoors. I miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Mrs Watson

 Friday 10th April 2020


Well you’ve definitely kept me busy this week reading all of your amazing emails that you are sending, except you are still making me jealous of all of the delicious food you are making with your families! All your emails keep me smiling and I hope you enjoy sending them, I make sure I reply to all of them because I miss you all so much! There is no challenge this week because I want you to have a fabulous Easter Holiday, make sure you give your family a big hug and eat lots of chocolate! Love from Miss Burnett


Hi everyone. I hope you’re all safe and well and have being enjoying doing the tasks I’ve been setting for you. I’ve received some lovely pictures from Alfie and Lily to show me the things they’ve been up to.

Alfie, you’re reading den looks amazing! I’m so pleased to see you’re doing some phonics work too. Let’s see if you can now develop those simple words into a sentence using the word ‘the’. Say the sentence, count the words and then write it down. Don’t forget to send me a picture too!

Lily, I wish I could have tasted one of your cakes. They look so delicious. I’m now going to set you a challenge. I wonder if you could draw me a picture of one of your cakes and label it with words to describe the cake. I can’t wait to see if you can complete my challenge.  

This weekend is Easter so I want you to spend time with your grown-ups, sharing stories and playing lots of games.  I’m sure you’re all going to be eating lots of chocolate Easter eggs. I know I will be! Your task for next week is to turn a hard boiled egg into a character from your favourite book. Send me a picture of your egg and we will have a little mini competition for the best designed egg. If you don’t have any actual eggs you could just draw an egg and design it that way using pens and pencils. I will judge the eggs during the week as you send me them and I will announce the winner on the blog next week!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter, stay safe!

Mrs Watson



Hello again! Another week down and hopefully another week closer to seeing you all again! You have helped me smile so much this week with your emails and pictures that you have been sending. I have loved finding out about everything that you are doing to keep yourselves busy and you’ve even made me jealous with all of your cakes that you keep making, you know how much Miss Burnett likes her cake!

This week I have kept busy by going on long bikes rides all around Sunderland. Shall I tell you something that I learnt this week? Well I was riding my bike along the River Wear next to my house and I saw a pirates ship, a real one! When I got home I told my dad what I saw and he told me lots of facts about the pirate ship. It was built a long time ago in Sunderland in 1919 and was made out of concrete! They called it Cretehawser and was made to carry special materials from Spain to England. I love learning new things and finding out new facts to tell you all about. Some of you have been sending me emails telling me that you are learning facts about animals, if you find any cool facts I would love to hear about them too!

This weeks challenge has come from inspiration from Evan and Alfie’s email telling me about their love of the outdoors, just like me! This week when you are on one of your daily walks, could you go on a nature hunt (adults, this will also help with their counting). Could you find me 6x leaves, 3x sticks, 2x flowers and 4x stones? When you get home you could use the sticks to create your own Stickman from the book or you could create your own ladybird from a stone like in the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.

Keep your emails and pictures coming, they really are making me smile at how grown up you are getting! plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Friday 3rdth April 2020


Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last spoke to you over the blog. I hope you’re all continuing to stay safe and you’re having lots of fun at home with your grown-ups, making lots of special memories. I would love to hear from you and see pictures of all the amazing things you’ve been doing at home. Ask your grown up to email me some pictures of things you’ve been doing. My email address is plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

You’re never going to guess what’s happened in my house this week…Amalie has come down with Chicken Pox!!! I can’t believe it. I know lots of you have already had Chicken Pox so you’ll know how itching they are. I’m trying to distract her from itching with lots of chocolate and sweets! Mr Watson has been really busy in our garden this week, cutting the grass, painting the fence and tidying it up, which I’m really pleased about because I’ll hopefully get to enjoy the garden this weekend as I hear it’s going to be lovely and sunny.

I have some things I would like you to try and do over the next week:

1. Make an Easter Card for someone who is special to you.

2. Learn an Easter song, there are lots on YouTube (you could send me a video of you singing it!)

3. Play a board game with your family. Remember, in Reception we learn that it is important to take turns and follow rules so remember to show your family how good you are at this.

4. Play ‘What shape is in the box?’ Find an empty box that you can cut a hole in, big enough for your hand to fit in. Ask your grown up to find a household object to put in the box without you knowing what it is. You have to feel the 3D shape and guess what shape it is. Remember the 3D shapes we were learning were, cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder. If you’re really clever you could guess what the item is too!

5. Access www.oxfordowl.co.uk and try lots of the different activities. I would like you to try the speedy green words slideshow and also have a go at reading some of the red ditty books. The details you will need are – Username: recpfa Password: 0123

6. Access https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/ and complete some of the maths activities. You could also have a go at some of the Year 1 activities to challenge yourselves.

Remember to keep checking in with me over email, by sending me pictures of all your fabulous work. Stay safe, stay indoors and remember to be good for your grown-ups.

I miss you all and I hope to see you soon! Mrs Watson


23rd-27th March 2020

Well hasn’t it been a very strange week this week for us all! I hope you are all staying safe and keeping busy at home with your families. At the start of the week I was in school keeping busy with some children, we decorated biscuits, had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and even had basketball competitions (which I wasn’t very good at). Towards the end of this week I have been in my house doing lots of school work and cleaning my room (which was very boring) but also going out for bike rides and runs whilst we have the beautiful weather! I would love to hear about all of the things you are doing to keep busy at home, maybe you could draw me a picture for when I next see you?

I have been noticing that some families have been creating their own rainbows for their windows so this weekend I will be making my own with my sister. If you would like to make one then maybe you could use paint (ask your adults first! and adults if you would like to paint your windows then add some washing up liquid into your paint to make it easier to wash off) or you could use collage materials, tissue paper, colouring pencils or even draw a colourful rainbow on the ground outside with chalks?

Speaking of chalk, I’ve thought of some more cool ideas to practice developing your numbers and name writing. Can you draw your own hop scotch with numbers to 5 and then shout the number out when you jump on it? Or you could ask an adult for support in writing numbers to 10! That’s a big challenge but I know you can do it! To practice your name writing I want to see if you can write your name on the ground really BIG so the aliens in space can see it!

I miss you all very much and cant wait to see how much you have grown next time I see you . If you can take some fabulous pictures of your amazing adventures and challenges I would love to see them! Ask your adult to send me them on the computer at plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Love from Miss Burnett 🙂

Friday 27th March 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and well. I’m missing seeing your little faces but I hope you know that I’m thinking of you all and can’t wait to see pictures of all the wonderful things you’ve been doing at home. I know that some of you will be wanting to play outside, go to the park, go for your weekly swimming lesson or even pop to Nana and Grandad’s house, but your grown-ups have a very special job to do and that’s to keep you safe. There’s a nasty bug going around that we can’t see with our eyes so you all need to become superheroes and make sure you fight off that bug with your special powers! It doesn’t like clean hands so remember to keep washing your hands!!

I’ve got a secret to let you in on too. You know how I tell you that I have special teacher powers… well, before we all broke up from school I made sure that I passed on some of my special powers to your grown-ups so that they can continue to help you learn from home. So, remember to show them how amazing you are when practising your reading, writing and numbers.

I also have two activities that I would like you to do for me,

1. Write numbers 1-20 on individual pieces of paper. Ask your grown up to shuffle them up and then peg them on the washing line. You need to work with your grown up to then put them in order, starting with the smallest number. If you can do that then challenge yourself and order them starting with the biggest number.

2. Write out your name. Taking each letter from your name, think of a word that starts with that sound and practice writing that word. If your name was Ben, it would look like this

B- bat E – egg N – net.

A final thing for you do to is to take care of yourself and help your grown ups out around the house as much as possible. Remember to give them a hug and draw them special pictures. Keep checking the blog because I will be updating it with more activities to do and I’m busy looking for some cool websites for you to access from home. 

Take care and I’ll see you soon


9th-13th March 2020

This week has been all about growing. We started the week talking about what grows and how things grow. We spoke about babies growing into children and children growing into adults. We then thought about the outdoors and spoke about how plants and flowers grow. After thinking about what could grow we thought about the things that are needed to help things grow. Using the plant pots we designed at home, we planted our own sunflower seeds and will care for them over the coming weeks to see how they grow. Our teachers are planning a ‘tallest sunflower’ competition for later in term.

This week has also been science week, and as well as planting our own plants we have investigated electricity and magnets. We had so much fun making our own circuits using wires, bulbs and batteries. We were so proud of ourselves when we got the bulb to light up.

In maths we have practised our number formation and focused on addition to 10. We started with 10 objects and split them into 2 groups, thinking about how many objects were in each group and how the total wouldn’t change. We then developed this into a number sentence using addition and equals symbols.

 Minutes late: 50 minutes

2nd-6th March 2020


The weather has been perfect this week for our mini topic ‘The Outdoors’ before we learn all about growing.  The children have been learning in the outdoor area, finding natural materials that grow, observing changes over time and discussing the frost.

On Thursday we had World Book Day where we discussed our favourite books in key group then in the classroom we had a Room on the Broom wand making station, No-Bot robot making station with junk modelling, Aliens love Underpants pants decorating station, Supertato stuck in the jelly and a Stickman making station! The children loved all of the world book day inspired crafts!

Our Book Fair will be open next week at 8:30am, 10:30am and 3pm in the hall. All £1 book tokens can be used here.


Thinking about Mr McGregors garden, we thought about the things that we might find in the outdoor environment, such as a garden. We all took an imaginary camera on a walk around Mr McGregors garden and snapped photos of things we might see. We then discussed our photos to find that people had taken pictures of flowers, trees, plants, woodlice, bees, clouds and many more things. We have discovered new words such as pollen and bark.

Our writing skills helped us to write a list of things a flower needs to grow. We are becoming super confident with initial and final sounds. We will continue to practise the sound we hear in the middle of a word.

In maths we have learnt the names of common 3D shapes and began to talk about their properties using the correct mathematical language.

On Thursday it was World Book Day in key group we discussed our favourite books. Around the classroom we had different book related activities. We had a Room on the Broom wand making station, No-Bot robot making station with junk modelling, Aliens love Underpants pants decorating station, Supertato stuck in the jelly and a Stickman making station! We had a blast!

Our Book Fair will be open next week at 8:30am, 10:30am and 3pm in the hall. All £1 book tokens can be used here.

Attendance: N: 92.5% R: 93.2%

Minutes Late: 45

24th-28th February 2020


We have started our new half term with the introduction of our new growing mini topic.  We had such a fun first day back because it was Pancake Day!  We enjoyed discussing ingredients and mixing up our own batter then adding chocolate spread, jam or syrup on top!  Throughout the week in key group we discussed healthy and unhealthy food and why healthy food is good for you. 

On Friday we Wellbeing Day where we discussed feelings and emotions through the use of emojis. The children loved discussing what each emoji meant and then making their own in the creative area.

Attendance: Nursery: 94.3% Reception: 96.9%

Minutes Late: Nursery : 0 Reception: 130

10th-14th February 2020


This week in Nursery began by reading two stories, The Gruffalo and Don’t Hog The Hedge!

After reading these stories we discussed where they were set and learnt a new word ‘woodland’. We asked if anyone had been to the woodland and what you would find there, throughout the week we enjoyed playing lots of games on the interactive whiteboard where we guessed which animals we were describing.

In the book ‘Don’t Hog The Hedge’, the animals went away for a big sleep which we found out was called Hibernation! In the classroom we have been creating our own owls using paper plates, designing our own woodland house in the tuft spot and drawing our own house in the writing area.

In the play dough area we have been incorporating maths by creating hedgehogs and counting out the right amount of spines for their back.


We have finished this term thinking about the habitat that Peter Rabbit lives in. We all decided that the best habitat for a rabbit to live in is a woodland and we discussed and shared our reasons for why we thought this.

“There are lots of trees so he can make a burrow under them.” – Freddie

We started to think about the other animals that would live in same habitat and said that we would probably find foxes in the woods. Then… to our surprise, Mr Tod turned up at our school!! Miss Latimer and the Year 6 children spotted a fox sitting on the grass at the front of our school. They took pictures and it and some of us went up to the Year 6 classroom to ask questions like…

“Did he have a green coat on?” Bradley

After listening to the Year 6 children we decided that it was definitely Mr Tod and we worried that he might be thinking Colin was Peter Rabbit, so we made some ‘Keep Out’ signs to hang on Colin’s cage.

This week in maths. we have been demonstrating our understanding of the language full, empty and half full by doing small investigations in the sand pit and with containers and water in the water tray. We learnt that it is not always the tallest container that holds the most, as we also need to consider the width.

On Friday, we ended the term with a fabulous Valentines disco. We danced until we couldn’t dance anymore and enjoyed some sweet treats too.

We return to school on Tuesday 25th February. Our teachers are so pleased with all the learning we have dome so far this term and hope we all have a relaxing break, ready to come back to school refreshed and ready to start our learning again!

Attendance: 97%

Minutes Late: 55 mins

3rd – 7th February


Another fun and exciting week in Nursery this week with Crazy Bingo, Number Day and continuing our Peter Rabbit topic!  Throughout the week we have been discussing rabbits, how to look after them and what we feed them. We looked at pictures of rabbits and discussed their features and why they have them, for example long ears to hear all of the other animals.  In the provision we have been making rabbit masks and creating our own burrows in the construction area.

On Thursday we had our Crazy Bingo, and it sure was CRAZY! The children had so much fun dancing to the party songs, winning inflatables and playing a game of bingo!

On Friday we had our Number Day where we had lots of activities linked to numbers, such as writing numbers in glittery salt, making shape pizzas, printing with numicon and racing cars down the numbered race track!


What a week……

This week has been amazing! We have had so much fun and learnt so much.

To start the week, we continued with our Peter Rabbit topic and thought about the differences between Peter and our class rabbit, Colin. We learnt new words such as ‘wild’ and ‘burrow’. We also discussed how to look after a rabbit and linked it to what we do with Colin.

In our provision, we have had lots of numbers activities out, including digging for numbers in the sand, rubbing coins at the creative area and sorting money out into purses. We have also enjoyed doing the laundry in our role play and reading in our tent.

Thursday was the most awesome day!!! We all went crazy at ‘Bonkers Bingo!’ This day showed how we can learn numbers through simply having fun. Amazing prizes were won and smiles were beaming. We also helped to raise money for the NSPCC through our kind donations.

Friday was also linked to numbers, again for the NSPCC Charity and we came in dressed in number clothes to support this.

Attendance: Nursery: 96.6% Reception: 99%

Minutes Late: Nursery: 20 Reception: 20

27th-31st January 2020

This week has been such an exciting week in Nursery! We started our Peter Rabbit topic on Monday when we came into the class on the morning and noticed that there was a small blue shirt in Colin’s cage! The children had a think and came up with the idea that Peter Rabbit is actually Colin’s best friend! Throughout the week we have been starting our Peter Rabbit activities by creating our own blue shirts in the creative area, making blue Peter Rabbit playdough and reading ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’. On Friday we had such an exciting morning when we visited Barnes Park! We climbed, ran and jumped around on the big park then went on a walk to the duck pond to spot ducks!

27th – 31st January 2020


We started our new topic this week, ‘Beatrix Potter’. We began the week by reading one of her most famous stories, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’. Before we read the story we discussed what we already knew about Peter Rabbit. Some of us had read the story and some of us had been to the cinema to watch the movie!

After reading the story in our key group, we discussed our thoughts and opinions of how Peter took no notice of his Mother and put himself in danger. We then thought about the consequences of his behaviour and took a vote for whether or not we agreed with him being sent to bed.

In key group on Wednesday, we looked at words that we could use to describe Peter and decided that words such as, naughty, greedy and fast were good words to use to describe him. We also learnt a new word, ‘mischievous’ and discussed how this would be a word that could be used to describe Peter.

On Thursday, we talked about the setting of the story and how most of it took place in a garden.  We shared our ideas of things that we could do in a garden and came up with things such as, plant flowers, lie on the grass, cut down trees and feed the birds. We are going to be turning part of our outdoor area into Mr McGregor’s garden so it’s important we know how to look after one.

In maths, we have been trying hard to embed our understanding of numbers to 20 by looking at missing numbers on a number line. For our special maths job, we needed  to use our knowledge of one more and one less to complete the number line by adding in the missing number.

For well-being Friday, we went on a walk to Barnes Park and we had an amazing time! We played on the slides and climbing frames and went for a walk around the park where we spotted lots of different types of wildlife and even saw a squirrel!

20th-24th January 2020


This week in Nursery we have been finishing off our mini Topic ‘People Who Help Us’ by looking into detail into several important people in our community including firefighters, police officers and doctors.  Throughout the week we have been creating junk modelling emergency service vehicles, police badges and reading lots of books relating to the topic.  On Friday we had our special ‘What I want to be when I’m older’ dress up day where we had lots of firefighters, doctors, vets, teachers, knights and even batman!

On Thursday we had so much fun exploring in the secret garden. We worked individually or in small groups to create houses for the wildlife using natural materials we could find. Miss Burnett and Miss Griffith were so impressed with them!

We cant wait to start our new big topic next week which is ‘Peter Rabbit’, we are going to be learning lots of things about growing, wildlife and how to look after our environment.

Don’t forget that we are visiting the park on Friday morning so make sure you are wrapped up and ready to get muddy!

20-24th January 2020


This week in Reception, we talked about those people in our community who might help us if we are in an emergency situation. We discussed the role of a police officer and a fire fighter. We also spoke about doctors and dentists and how they are the people who help us with our health. In key groups we shared our experiences of visits to the doctors and dentists.

Lola – ” The chair goes back at the dentist.”

Some children in our class have received their first reading book this week, and are now segmenting and blending words to read. These children must remember to read this book every night. Our teachers are so proud of how we are all doing with our phonics and sound recognition. 

In maths, we started the week by discussing what the phrase ‘positional language’ means and we now know these are words which describe the position of someone or something. For example, next to, behind, under etc. Later in the week we moved on to weight and have spent some time using the balance scales to compare the weight of different objects. 

We continued our maths at Coastal School by building towers of pebbles and placing the shell in the right position when given an instruction. We also took balance scales to the beach and weighed and compared different natural objects such as seaweed, driftwood and shells. The waves were amazing this week, so we spent some time counting seconds between the crashing of waves.

We ended the week, on Friday, by coming into school dressed as something we want to be when we are grown up. There were so many fantastic ideas and inspirational job ideas. We had fire fighters, nurses, paramedics, pilots, bus drivers and many more. 

Next week, we are moving onto our new topic, ‘Beatrix Potter.’ A famous author who wrote the most wonderful stories all about a small rabbit in a blue coat!  It is also our trip to the park next Friday, so we must remember to bring wellies as we are hoping to get muddy!!

13th-17th January 2020


What a creative week in Nursery this week!  Famous Artists has been our mini topic this week where we have focused in on the role of the artist, specifically Picasso but also Pollock and Kandinsky.  In key groups we have been discussing the meaning of the word ‘art’, researching Picasso’s life and finding out where he lives (Spain), what the weather is like in Spain and also been discussing his paintings. In continuous provision we have been recreating these artists work in all areas of the classroom. In the maths area, and for our maths outcome, we have been using the 2D shapes to recreate Kandinsky’s circle art by placing three circles on top of each other from biggest to smallest.  In the creative area the children have loved recreating Pollock’s paintings by splatting various coloured paints onto paper! Finally the children have been recreating Picasso’s art by creating funny self portraits using crazy colours!

The boys and girls are so excited for our Well being trip to Barnes Park on the 31st January. We would like to remind you to dress your children up in suitable clothing for our trip and if any parents or guardians would like to help then please speak to Miss Burnett or Miss Griffith! Thankyou!

Attendance: Nursery: 98.34%,  Reception: 96%

Minutes Late: Nursery 30 minutes,   Reception 130 minutes

6th-10th January 2020


In Reception, we started the week by sharing our news from over the Christmas holidays. Our teachers thought we must all have been on the ‘Good List’ by what presents we got! We then began our mini topic ‘People Who Help Us’ in our first key group. We discussed what it means to have a job and how we are all special in different ways, which might help us to choose what we want to be when we are older. We spoke about the people who help us in our community, such as police officers, fire fighters and vets. We also discussed those people who help us, who we might see every day, such as teachers, lollypop ladies and the school chef.

In literacy, we took the ideas that we discussed in key groups, to draw a picture of what we want to be when we are older and we used our phonics to help us label the uniforms. We are beginning to become independent with our segmenting to write, which makes our teachers so proud!

In maths we have been trying really hard with writing numbers to 20, making sure they are formed correctly and that we are not reversing the digits in our teen numbers. We will continue to practise every week. We have focused on one more than a given number this week and are doing so well with this that we will soon move onto one less than a given number. Please support us with our ‘one more’ homework but allow us to complete this as independently as possible.

Next week is planned to be a week of creative activities as we are going to be looking at the famous artist ‘Picasso’ and many more, as part of a whole school topic. Make sure you look at our EYFS blog next week for all our amazing masterpieces.

Well done to Riley this week for getting the Privilege Card. You have settled in so well into our school and have had a very positive attitude towards your learning.

Attendance: Nursery 98.9%  Reception  95.5%

Minutes Late:  Nursery 24 minutes  Reception 62 minutes


9th – 13th December

We started the week with our fantastic Nativity play, ‘Born in a Barn.’ Our teachers were so proud of all of us and how we were so confident to say our lines and sing our songs in front of lots of adults. They would also like to say a big thank you to all of the adults who came to watch us.

We have spent the week being very creative and have made lots of nice things to bring home with us (even though we can’t tell you yet what they are!)

On Friday, our Book and Bake sale was a huge success!!! It was so nice to share a festive treat and listen to a story that our grown ups read to us. This type of event would not be possible without the support of all our parents and carers and for this reason we would like to say another big ‘THANK YOU!’

Coastal School was so much fun this week , we went rock-pooling. It was so exciting and we found lots of things to talk about. We talked about how to keep safe in the rock pools and we used our hands to move seaweed and search for crabs. We didn’t find any crabs but we found lots of barnacles and on the way back to the bus we found lots of sea glass.

Attendance: Nursery: 94%  Reception: 94.7%

Minutes Late: Nursery: 0  Reception: 30

2nd-6th December

This week has been a busy week in EYFS, preparing for nativities, Christmas fairs and visiting the panto!

On Monday we started preparing for the Christmas Fair by making our very own reindeer dust! We mixed porridge oats, glitter and sequins in a big tub then scooped it into cellophane to wrap up!  On Tuesday we went to Washington Arts Center to watch the Jack Frost panto, we loved watching Jack Frost dance around the stage, blow snow into the crowd and sing along to Christmas songs! On Wednesday we prepared for the Christmas Fair again by baking and decorating our own snowman cupcakes, rainbow cake and marble cake!  On Thursday we finally had our Christmas Fair where the children were able to meet Santa and buy lots of goodies. On Friday the children worked so hard practicing their nativity for the very last time before our real play on Monday afternoon! We have been working so hard and cant wait to show all of the adults!

Throughout the week we have been introducing the mini topic ‘Winter’ and ‘Christmas’ to the children, we have been decorating the classroom and have started writing Christmas cards and writing lists to Santa! We cant wait for the next few weeks! 

Nursery Attendance: 93.4%

Reception Attendance: 98.9%

Nursery Minutes Late: 40

Reception Minutes Late: 50

25th-29th November


This week in Nursery we have been completing our learning about Africa by reading Handas Surprise. We spoke about the different fruits in the story, and even got to feel and eat them for ourselves in key group! We spoke about whether fruit was healthy or unhealthy and where we get it from.  We also spoke about the animals in the story and knew that it was set in after because it had giraffes, elephants and zebras in. 

On Tuesday we had special visitors into our Nursery! Reception and Colin are going to be moving into our classroom for a few weeks as we learn all about Winter!

On Thursday we created our own Christingles using oranges, tooth picks, sweets, raisins, a candle and red tape. We spoke to the children about why we make Christingles and what we are celebrating. On the afternoon we went into our Christingle assembly and lit our candles with the rest of the school.

On Friday we created our Christmas decoration for our whole school Christmas tree. Nursery decided to make Christmas trees so we used green felt and decorated with beads and sequins!

In phonics this week we have been recapping all our sounds learnt so far, the teachers are so impressed with all of the sounds we know! These are the letters we know so far…m-a-s-d-t-i-n-p-g-o-c-k-u-b-f-e-l-h-sh-r-j-v-y.

This week our Plainsy Pass is going to Freddie for being green all week and for being such a good friend!

Attendance: 76.3%

Minutes Late: 60

25th-29th November


In Reception, we started the week by thinking about the animals in our Percy stories. We looked closely at the hedgehog in the story. We then talked about what the word ‘fact’ means and discovered that this word means a truthful piece of information. We spent some time talking about where we could learn facts about hedgehogs and decided that a good place to start would be the library, where we could find an animal book. We spent sometime in the library and found a great non-fiction book all about hedgehogs.

Our teachers have noticed how much we enjoy using the playdough in our classroom and are getting really good at manipulating the playdough, so we have moved on to using clay. We had great fun working with the clay and made our own clay hedgehogs by using techniques such as, rolling and pinching. We also used tools to add texture for the spikes.

It was a special time in school on Thursday as we took part in a Christingle Service. We all made our own Christingles using an orange. We learnt about the significance of the orange and how this represents the world and the candle the light of the world. We talked about the importance of this time of year and how it is important to spent time with our families and friends.

In Coastal School this week, we experienced how the weather affects the waves as they were huge!!! It was windy at the beach and thoroughly enjoyed watching the waves crash onto the sand as well as over the pier onto the lighthouse. We used lovely language to describe the waves.

Friday was our wellbeing day where we made Christmas tree decorations for the big tree that goes up it the school hall. We will be adding our decorations to the tree next week.

Next week is planned to be another week of fun filled activities. We are off to the Panto on Tuesday and it is our Christmas Fair on Thursday. We will be making lots of yummy treats for our grown-ups to buy at the fair and look forward to looking around all the stalls.

Well done to Lily this week for getting the Privilege Card. You always follow the rules of the classroom Lily!!

Attendance: 87.4%

Minutes Late: 46 minutes

18th – 22nd November


This week in Reception, we have continued to look at stories from Percy the Park Keeper. We have spoken in depth about the feelings of the different characters at different points in the stories. We also labelled an image of a park, using initial sounds, after we read ‘The Treasure Hunt’, as we all said it would be helpful to know what things are in a park before we went on a treasure hunt.

In maths we have learnt all about the + and = symbol and what these mean. We have used language such as add and plus when we have read number sentences and also used cubes to help us find the answer.
This week we have all brought home a phonics flashcard wallet with the first 10 sounds that we have learnt in it. We have learnt more than this but our teachers want us to be really confident with these sounds. More sounds will be added in as the weeks go by.

We have also brought home a story from our ‘Friday Box’ to read throughout the next week with our grown-ups. We chose these books ourselves. It would be really helpful if you could write comments in our diary after each read about how we enjoyed the story or joined in.
Carlton was given the Privilege Pass this week as he has worked so hard in all areas of learning. Well done!!

Attendance: 80%
Minutes late – 45 minutes


11th-15th November


Wow! What busy bees we have been this week. On Monday it was Armistice Day, in key groups we discussed what this day means and why it is so important. We then created our own poppies, they were fantastic!

As it was Anti-Bulllying week we had an assembly with Mr Stewart on Tuesday morning to discuss what anti-bulling is. When we came back to class we discussed how we can be kind friends. In the creative area we made someone we love a friendship bracelet to make them smile.

This week as also been Maths Week. On Thursday we dressed up as rock stars and had our Maths family learning. We had so many exciting activities to do which included shape and number! We had so much fun and we hope you did too!

Then finally it was Friday, Children in Need day. We painted and coloured some Pudsey pictures and we also made some yummy Pudsey Biscuits. It was amazing to see everyone dressed up!

Our Star of the week this week was Alfie for always being so polite and friendly. Well done Alfie!

We have joined Step Up, a new challenge to encourage people who live, work and study in Sunderland to be more active. We have worked out that this week our class walked 280,710 steps while in school, which will be added to our school and the Sunderland total. You could take part in this too. It’s fun, free to register and everyone who takes part will get the chance to receive rewards. You can join in by downloading the Step Up Sunderland app from the App Store or Google Play, or by logging into the website www.stepupsunderland.com


Next week we are going to be learning all about African animals. For your homework can you create your own 3D model of an animal to show on Monday in class?

So far in phonics we have learnt… m-a-s-d-t-i-n-p-g-o-c-k-u-b-f-e-l-h-sh-r


Minutes late:

11th – 15th November


We have had a week full of learning this week in Reception. This week has been filled with lots of special events.

We started the week by discussing why we wear poppies and why the 11th November is such a special day. We watched a short movie on Cbeebies about a rabbit who found a field of poppies, after being in a loud dark field, and this helped us to understand why we wear them. We made our own poppies in the creative area and also took part in a whole school two minute silence.

Through the week we have also talked lots about how to show acts of kindness and what to do to be a good friend, as we have celebrated anti-bullying week. Reception have said that every day we are going to give each other a huge smile to brighten up our friends days. 

This week was also ‘Maths Week’ so we have spent a lot of time in our provision taking part in  maths activities associated with measure and shape. We have been learning how to tell the time and also how to sequence activities according to the time they happen. We enjoyed having our grown ups in the classroom on Thursday to help us with all the fun shape activities.

Friday was a special day as we raised money for Children in Need by coming into school dressed in bright colours. 

Our reading area has been developed into a campsite and we have loved reading in the tent with torches. Please remember to share our favourite stories with us at home as our teachers ask us about them at school. 

This week we have learnt the sounds ‘f’ and ‘e’. 

We have joined Step Up, a new challenge to encourage people who live, work and study in Sunderland to be more active. We have worked out that this week our class walked 554,249 steps while in school, which will be added to our school and the Sunderland total. You could take part in this too. It’s fun, free to register and everyone who takes part will get the chance to receive rewards. You can join in by downloading the Step Up Sunderland app from the App Store or Google Play, or by logging into the website www.stepupsunderland.com

Our Privilege Card went to Nathan this week for being an excellent role model in the classroom. Well done Nathan. 

Attendance: 84.2%

Minutes Late:  75 minutes

4th-8th November 



Imagine coming into Nursery on a Monday and jumping straight on an aeroplane, well that’s what we did this week! The children have been transported all the way to Africa!  We have decided to move from London and England to a hot country, where we have been comparing and contrasting families and the weather. We have focused mainly on Tanzania this week and have been reading the book ‘We all went on Safari’, in this week it counts all the way up to 10 whilst the tribe walks through the safari, past lots of wild animals.  In key group we have found Africa and Tanzania on a map, discussing tribes and even learning how to count to 5 in the Swahili language! In the creative area we have been creating our own traditional African masks using lots of bright colours.

On Monday a strange chair appeared in the hall, then in the corridor, then in the classroom; each time it appeared, it had a new clue on it!  The boys and girls were very curious as to why this chair was magic and who owned the chair. We discussed as a whole class where we thought it had come from then wrote our own speech bubbles for a whole school display.

In maths this week we have been following on from our Africa topic by looking at the patterns in their clothing.  At the start of the week we created our own pattern song, then looked on the internet at different African patterns. Then we went into the creative area to create our own patterns using pom poms and paint!

So far in phonics we have learnt m-a-s-d-t-i-n-p-g-o-c-k-u-b-f-e-l.

Attendance: 91.3%

Minutes Late: 100 minutes

4th – 8th November 2019


This week in Reception, we started our new topic ‘Into the Woods.’ We have been so excited to learn about rabbits since Colin arrived in our classroom, that our teachers decided to build our new classroom theme around this, as the woodland is the natural habitat of rabbits.

We started our topic by reading our first Percy the Park Keeper book, After the Storm. Please ask us all about it at home, as we have had lots of discussions around the story and are all able to retell it in great depth. Our role play area has been transformed into Percy’s Hut with the help of all the children.

In phonics this week, we have leant two new sounds, u and b. Please help us at home with the formation of these letters and remember to ask us how to write them with the matching rhymes.

We have been thinking about measure this week in maths and have been comparing heights of different objects, including Percy’s shovels and sweeping brushes. We all gathered twigs in the outdoor area and compared and ordered the length of the twigs from shortest to tallest. We then measured the length of the twigs using cubes.

We’ve also been busy in the creative area this week, painting toadstools and pictures of Colin. Some of the boys in our class designed an amazing new park in the construction area and then built some of the things using the wooden blocks.

We would like to say a big well done who Adam got given our Privilege Card for putting 100% effort into all his learning this week! Amazing!

Attendance: 95.8%

Minutes Late: 31 minutes 

21st-25th October 


What a wonderful week we have had in Nursery! On Tuesday we met our new rabbit friend Colin Gucci, we have loved watching him bouncing around the classroom and think he is so “crazy cute”.  On Thursday we had our Halloween parent stay and play where we decorated candy apples, made our own witches and pumpkins and played in gloop! On the afternoon we put on our dancing shoes for our Halloween disco, we had so much fun!  

Throughout the week we have also been following our All around the World topic by looking at The World and talking about how we are all different and special in our own way.

On Friday we had our Wellbeing Friday, on the morning we went into the hall to play on our new ‘Box of Tricks’ climbing frame and in the afternoon we had footy phonics!

So far in phonics we have learnt m-a-s-d-t-i-n-p-g-o-c-k-u-b.

In maths we have been decorating pumpkins using 2D shapes.

Attendance: 90.5%

Minutes Late: 10

21st – 25th October 2019


What an amazing week we have had in Reception! We welcomed a new friend into our classroom. Our class rabbit, Colin! We were so excited when Miss Cassidy told us we were getting a rabbit. We have spent lots of time with him this week, getting to know him, learning how to ensure we are safe around him and how to keep him safe. We have made Colin some lovely pictures and cards to welcome him into our classroom.  

At the beginning of the week we thought about the difference between hot and cold countries in our world and looked at the different animals that we might find in a hot or cold country.

On Thursday we enjoyed spending time doing Halloween crafts at our family learning session and had a brilliant time at our Halloween disco.  We danced and played games until we were red in the face! 

Well-being Friday saw us taking notice of the changes that autumn brings. We spent time in the secret garden collecting a range of different items to bring back to class, where we then made art work using the leaves and berries. 

We have all worked so hard this half term and our teachers wish us an amazing holiday !

Attendance: 98%

Minutes late: 12 minutes


14-18th October 2019


We are continuing to learn and have so much fun in Nursery!  On Tuesday Nursery were taught all about ice cats. We first had to listen out for good and bad sounds using our listening ears, we then learnt that when an adult says ‘pat, pat, pat’ we have to pretend to be a hedgehog on the floor, then when they say ‘swoosh’ we have to pretend to be superhero’s on the floor!  Finally we learnt how to turn ourselves into a fast moving train by holding our partners shoulder and watching the adult in front. We had so much fun!

This week we have also been learning about the different types of transport that can take us around the country and around the world. In key group we have been discussing the difference between land, air and sea transport. In the creative area we have been making our own transport using junk modelling and decorating using creative resources.  In maths we have been practicing how to measure vehicles using counting cubes, the children blew Miss Burnetts socks off with their amazing counting skills!

So far in phonics we have learnt m-a-s-d-t-i-n-p-g-o-c-k-u.

Attendance: 97.9%

Minutes Late: 40 minutes

14-18th October


We’ve had another wonderful week of learning in Reception this week. We started the week thinking about London and the special person that lives in the palace in London! The Queen! We looked at pictures of the Queen and lots of us were shocked to discover that she does not always wear a crown. We thought about the questions we would want to ask the Queen if we were ever to meet her. Some of these were:

‘Do you have any pets?’

‘What biscuits do you like with your tea?’

‘Do you have a special tiara?’

As we all agreed we probably won’t get to meet the Queen anytime soon, we decided we would write her a letter to include all of our questions. We really hope she replies.

Continuing with our discussions around London, we looked at the history of London and how it was not always like what it is like today. We learnt about the ‘Great Fire of London,’ and discussed how things have changed since this happened.

This week in maths, we have been looking at 2D shapes, using their names and mathematical language such as, sides and corners to describe the properties of the shapes we are familiar with. We also used 2D shapes to spot and create our own repeating patterns.

We are continuing to work hard with our phonics by learning new sounds everyday and would love all of our grown ups to remember to help us with ‘Fred Talk’ at home.

On Tuesday, we had a special visitor come into our classroom to teach us all about keeping safe and listening to noises that we may or may not be familiar with. We are now amazing at turning ourselves into superheroes when our teachers use special words or actions. We had great fun playing games, putting our training into action, after our superhero training!

Attendance: 96%

Minutes late: 0 minutes

7th-11th October 2019


What a fabulous week we have had in Nursery this week!  We have followed on from our interest of London and this week we have been learning all about the royal family. 

On Monday we celebrated World Smile Week, we spoke about how to make other people smile and what makes us smile. We then decorated smiley faces, sang the smiley face song, made our own stickers to give to our friends and decorated biscuits and gave them out around the school.  On Tuesday we made crowns in the creative area using jewels, pom poms, sequins and glitter. In the writing area we wrote out invitations to the Queen to invite her to our tea party the next day. We then used those crowns on Wednesday when we had our very own Royal Tea Party! We had cucumber sandwiches, jam scones, fruit and orange juice just like the Queen!  On Thursday we raised awareness for World Mental Health Day by coming into school with bright coloured clothing. We played with spaghetti in the tuft spot, danced to music and decorated our own biscuits.

In phonics we have learnt letters m-a-s-d-t-i-n-p-g.

In maths this week we have been working on recognising numbers to either 5 or 10.

The Plainsy pass this week is Evan for being so brave!

The Star of the Week this week is going to Maddie, for blowing us away with her knowledge on London!

Attendance: 95.7%

Minutes Late: 10

7th – 11th October


This week we have learnt all about our capital city ‘London’. We looked at different landmarks in London and spoke about whether or not we thought London was a busy or quiet place. We all decided that we think it is a very busy part of our country! We imagined ourselves being on a London Red Bus and spoke about the places we would want to visit around the city. We showed great interest in the Queen and who she so our teacher told us that  next week will  learn all about her. 

We had a great day on Tuesday as we began the special day by sliding into school with a smile, for World Smile Day. We also painted smiley faces and said something nice to a friend for them to pass a smile back to us. As we often show our teeth when we smile, we thought about who helps us to look after our teeth and also about how we can help ourselves by making healthy choices. 

Thursday was World mental Health Day and we asked ourselves the question, ‘What will make today a good day?’ This helped us to start the day on a positive note. Our brightly coloured clothes helped us to smile too!

We are continuing to learn new sounds each day in phonics and will soon be getting reading books with word in!! We are very excited about this and need lots of practise at home when we get them.

In maths, we have continued with numbers to 10, counting, ordering and forming. We are getting good with this now and will be moving quickly onto numbers to 20.

Well done Zac for getting our Privilege Card this week!

30th September-4th October 2019


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about London! In key groups we have located London on a map of the UK, we have researched and discussed famous landmarks and we have discussed what transport we would use to get down into London.  The children have shown a keen interest in the Queen and Buckingham palace so we have decided that next week we are going to have a deeper look into the royal family, what their jobs are and where they live.

In the creative area we have been creating our own 3D Big Ben using our old bagel boxes and decorating with paint and a big clock face.  In maths this week we have been looking into recognising and describing 2D shapes. In phonics this week we have been trying so hard in our new Read Write Inc lessons and have currently learnt the letters m-a-s-d.

On Thursday we were invaded by Year 3 children who were carrying out research, the Nursery children beamed with confidence when answering the Year 3 children’s questions!

We have such a busy week next week with World Smiley Face Day on Monday and Parents Evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday, please try turn up for your appointment because we would love to show you how amazing your child is in school!

This week Evie is our Star of the Week, for blowing us away in phonics and blending some simple words independently!  Our Plainsy Pass this week is going to Alfie, for coming into school with a big smile no his face everyday!

23rd – 27th September 2019


We have had such a busy week in Nursery this week. We started the week by introducing the children to Sunderland, we spoke about what we have in Sunderland such as The Bridges shopping centre, Penshaw monument and The Stadium of light. We then looked at the map of the UK and spoke about where England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Sunderland was located on the map.  In the creative area we created our own maps, remembering to add buildings and roads.  On Wednesday we made our own Rocky Road cupcakes to sell for Macmillan, we spoke about washing our hands and making sure there was no germs on our hands before we baked our cakes.  On Wellbeing Friday we had so much fun learning in the hall with the hula hoops, footballs and playing ring games.

Next week we are going to be learning all about London, we cant wait to find it on the map and create our own landmarks in the creative area.

Our Privilege Pass went to Harry, for blowing us away with his knowledge of the world! 


This week in Reception we started our ‘All Around the World’ topic and began by thinking about how fortunate we are to have a home that is filled with the things we need for everyday living. We discussed the word ‘fortunate’ and what this word means. We then began to think about the things we actually need in a home compared to the things we want to have in our homes and spoke about the difference between the two. Next week we will be moving onto the location of our homes and where Sunderland is in comparison to the rest of the country. We will be looking at maps.

In maths, we are taking our time to think carefully about the formation of the numbers 0-9. We all now know a rhyme to say for every number to help us when we write the number. We have also ordered the numbers and are recognising the numbers both in and out of order. 

Coastal School was definitely wet this week!!!  But that did not stop us from having a great time . This week, we explored the different media and materials that are available at the beach and made our own art work using sand, seaweed, driftwood and pebbles. 

Friday was well-being day and we all enjoyed developing our turn taking skills by playing new games, as well as keeping active outdoors.

Our Privilege Pass went to Polly, for her attitude to learning and for the lovely smiles she gives her teachers every morning. Well done Polly!

Attendance: 94.3%

Lateness: 15 minutes


16th-20th September 2019-Nursery

This week in Nursery we have began out topic ‘All around the world’ by looking at homes and houses. We have looked at who lives in our home, what furniture we have in our home, what our home is made of and what it looks like.  We have been linking this weeks investigations with ‘The three little pigs’ and have been talking about building houses of straw, wood and brick and discussing why some are suitable building materials and some aren’t.  In the creative area we have been making our own houses using junk modelling and paint. In the sand area, we added water to create cement and used this to create our own structures. In the maths area we have been creating our own homes using 2D shapes such as squares for windows and triangles for the roof.  The children have loved exploring in our new ‘Plains Farm Airport’, pretending to be desk assistants and pilots in our aeroplane!

On Monday we invited the parents of our new children in for a dinner date, we had a fabulous time!

This week our star of the week is Breanna, for always making the teachers laugh and blowing us away with her name writing.

Attendance: 90.4%

Minutes Late: 2019

16th -20th September 2019


This week in Reception we looked at the changes we could see outdoors. We  all noticed that the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, as we are coming into the season of Autumn. We also spoke about other things that we might see or celebrate during Autumn. We took this opportunity to collect some of the fallen leaves and practised our printing skills. We had to think carefully about the colours we would use as the Autumn leaves are no longer green. 

We are continuing to practise our name writing each morning with our grown ups and already our teachers are noticing a difference with our pencil control. 

We have continued to develop our ‘Travel Agents Role Play,’ and spent some time talking about the things you might do or see in a travel agents. A small group of us then painted some large scale aeroplanes to display in the classroom.

Coastal School was great fun this week! We made up our own games using only the natural rescores from the beach. We had to think carefully about turn taking and listening to each others rules. Lots of us noticed a difference in the beach this week as the tide was all the way out. We could see some rock pools, which we can’t wait to explore in the near future. 

This week our Privilege Card was awarded to Lola! Well done Lola, you have had a great week doing lots of independent learning.

Reception Attendance: 91.9%
Lateness: 0 minutes!


9th-13th September – Nursery


This week in Nursery we have been settling into our school routine with our old and new Nursery children. We have been exploring all the new areas and resources that have been created for the children to learn with, we have been making new friends and learning all the school rules. The teachers have loved getting to know the new children’s interests and finding out what the older Nursery children have been doing in the six weeks holiday.

In the creative area this week we have been creating our own self-portraits using crayons and pencils. In the water area we have been practicing our motor control by pouring and tipping water in the various sized jugs. In the small world area, the children have shown an interest in cars and transport so we introduced a city floor mat and new vehicles for the children to learn with.

This week we have been preparing for our new topic by transforming the role play area into ‘Plains Farm Airport’ with our very own aeroplane! We can’t wait to start our new topic ‘All around the world’ next week where we will be learning all about local, national and international landmarks and cultures.

This week all of our children in Nursery are Star of the Week for having a fabulous first week back after the six weeks!

Nursery Attendance: 99.3%

Lateness: 0 minutes!

9th-13th September – Reception

‘This week in Reception, we have continued to reinforce the rules and routines of our new classroom. At the beginning of the week, we talked about what the word ‘bullying,’ means and how we can make sure we are a good friend, not a bully! Together with Nursery, we have made an anti-bullying charter, which is a promise that we have all made to each other to be a good friend.

We have also made our own ‘feelings’ display for us to show our teachers each morning how we are feeling. When we come into the classroom each morning, we will be encouraged to move our picture towards the happy or the sad cloud, depending on how we are feeling. Our teachers hope to see lots of happy faces!

Our first Coastal School took place this week and what a great time the children had! We learnt all about beach safety and then went on a scavenger hunt where we developed the things we had found into a wonderful story about pirates!

Since our first day in Reception we have made lots of creative pictures to remind us of our first week in our new class. We have made hand prints and painted self-portraits to see how much we grow by the end of the year.
Very soon we will be starting our phonics, maths and our new topic, ‘All Around the World.’ We will learn so many exciting things about where live and about other countries across the world. Our teachers are busy turning our role play area into a ‘Travel Agents!’

Our first week in Reception has been a very successful week. We have had great fun getting to know each other and our teachers are excited to watch us grow.


Reception Attendance: 94.3%
Lateness: 0 minutes!

5th-6th September

On Thursday and Friday in Nursery we have welcomed our 9 new children who have been settling into our classroom and getting to know the teachers. We have been exploring the school, learning with our new toys and exploring the outdoor area.  We cant wait to welcome back our old Nursery children on Monday and begin our ‘All around the world’ topic.

1st-5th July 2019

In Nursery this week we have been reading ‘Pirates love underpants’ for our book of the week. We have enjoyed creating our own patterned underpants in the creative area using paint, pencils and crayons.

Throughout the week we have been taking advantage of the sunshine by learning outdoors, we have been climbing the tree house, playing in the mud kitchen and exploring in the secret garden.  The children were very excited on Wednesday as we saw a birds nest with eggs inside!  We had to be very quiet and careful around the nest in case we scared the mammy bird.

1st – 5th July 2019


In Reception this week, we continued with our story ‘Pirates in the Supermarket.’ We talked about the different characters in the story and thought about words that we might use to describe the different pirates, based upon how they look. We then used these words in our independent writing, as we wrote sentences to describe the characters. 

In Maths we did some problem solving, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were able to apply our knowledge of ‘sharing’ to solve the problem we were given. 

Footy phonics was really fun this week! We worked mainly in teams and had to follow lots of different rules to ensure we played the games correctly. 

We have been talking a lot around changes and the changes which we are expecting to happen over the next few weeks. The biggest change is that we are getting ready to move into Year 1! Lots of us are very excited about this and can’t wait to meet our new teacher next week. 

It is also our Summer Fair next week and as a class we have decided to make lots of tasty sweet treats to sell at the fair. We hope you can all make it. 

Attendance: 97%

24th-28th June 2019


This week we had special visitors in Nursery… Pirates!  Peg Leg Polly and Barnacle Boris came into our Nursery, crashed our ship and lost their treasure! We had to follow the treasure map into the secret garden then hunt for the treasure in the trees and bushes.  We made our own treasure maps in the writing area using tea stained paper, made telescopes in the creative area, looked at floating and sinking in the water tray and painted sand pictures in the outdoor area.

On Friday we had our big assembly performance in the hall for our family! We were amazing!!

17th – 21st June 2019


We have had a fantastic week this week in Reception. On Monday we started the week by thinking about water safety and how we can keep ourselves safe around water, in preparation for our trip to the beach. We all now know to look for a life guard on the beach as well as looking to see if there are any red flags flying. 

On Tuesday we went on our trip to Seaham beach. We had an amazing time!! We enjoyed every bit about the day, from the ride to the beach on the double decker bus to building sandcastles, splashing in the water and eating our ice-creams.

Our writing skills have come on so much since we started in Reception . After discussing water safety we wrote our own sentences about how to keep safe at the beach. We are really trying hard with our capital letters and full stops and some of us are starting to use words like ‘and’ and ‘because,’ to help to improve our sentences. 

In maths this weeks we have focused upon one less than a given number. We made ourselves into a human number line and then played a game where we had to sit down if we were holding the number that was one less than a given number. 

This week our Privilege Card has gone to Alfie for his fantastic behaviour at the beach. He listened to every word the adults said, making sure he kept himself safe at all times. Well done Alfie!


17th-21st June 2019

This week has been such an exciting week in EYFS! On Tuesday we went on our trip to Seaham beach, we had such a wonderful time!  The weather was lovely and sunny so we were able to dip our feet in the sea, eat ice creams and build sandcastles with our friends.  We would like to thank you all of the staff and parents who came and helped on this trip.

Throughout the week in key group, we have been discussing ways in which to look after the beach and the sea creatures; we spoke about litter and how it can be harmful for the sea creatures. When we were at the beach we made sure that we took all of our litter home and put it in the bin so it didn’t go near the sea!

This week our Plainsy Pass is going to Bradley, for being such a good boy on our trip to the beach!

10th-14th June 2019


This week in Nursery we have been looking at all of the big sea creatures that live under the sea such as sharks, whales, dolphins ad octopus.  In the creative area we worked together with Miss Oxberry to create a large scale whale pictures using paint and tissue paper. In key group we have been learning about what the sea creatures eat, looking at the different types of whales and sharks and comparing them together.

We have also had My Money Week in Nursery where we have been looking at the different types of coins and notes we have in this country, making our own money boxes and talking about what we spend our money on. In maths this week we have been spending our pennies in the Penny Shop, where we used 1p coins to pretend to buy the toys in Nursery.  In phonics we have been talking about if we were inventors, what would we make; we had to draw a picture and either writ our name on or use phonic knowledge to label it.

Our Plainsy Pass this week is going to Archie H for coming into school with a smile every day this week!

10th – 14th June 2019


This week, across school, it has been ‘My Money Week.’ In Reception we started the week with a money hunt. We had to search all around the classroom to find as many different coins as we could. We then discussed the value of each coin and talked about its appearance. After discovering all the coins we then thought about what we could do with the money. We decided to have a ‘Plainsy Pirate Shop!’ This is a shop where a pirate can go to buy all the equipment and things they might need. The shop sold eye patches for 20p, cutlasses for 50p and treasure chests for £1. Before we could buy anything at the shop we needed to decide what coins we would have to use to make our purchases. 

In our key groups we discussed the importance of money and how it is important to save money. We made posters, to put up around school, that would help our school to save money. We said things like, only using a little bit of paint in the pots instead of filling them to the top and flushing the toilet only once would help to save money.

We also thought about machines that we have seen that need money to be put into them to make them work or to give us something out. We made our own machines using, junk modelling, that required money to make them work. Kayden designed a water bottle machine where you put 10p into the machine and a filled water bottle came out.

On Monday we had a visit from Hoopstarz. During this session we learned how to hula hoop, jump while hula hooping and how to dance with a hula hoop. We had so much fun!

Our Privilege Card this week went to Harry for remembering lots of tricky words in his reading group. Well done Harry!

Attendance: 77%

Minutes Late: 40 minutes

3rd-7th June 2019

This week in Nursery we have been looking at all of the small sea creatures that live under the sea. We have been looking at how sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand and how sometimes, the daddy fish carry the eggs!  In the creative area we have been making our own jelly fish using paper bowls and different coloured tissue paper. In maths we have been matching numeral to quantity by fishing out the different sea creatures in the water tray to match the correct numeral.

On Friday we got a delivery of strawberries for snack, we enjoyed cutting them up and preparing them for our friends.

Our Plainsy Pass this week is going to Maddie, for trying so hard with her numbers!

Next week we are going to be learning all about the big sea creatures that live under the sea!

Attendance: 89.5%

Minutes Late: 90

20th-24th May 2019


In Nursery this week we have moved from ‘Down by the Seaside’ to ‘Under the Sea’. We started the week by watching some of David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ and discussing what we could see. We spoke about what we would have to wear if we wanted to go under the sea and looked at the various names for the fish.  On Thursday we had our teddy bears picnic which had a fabulous turn out! We enjoyed eating cakes, sandwiches and crisps in the sun with our family and teddy bears.

After the holidays we are going to be looking at the small sea creatures such as jellyfish, seahorses and crabs!


Another busy week in Reception is over and what a fun week we have had! We started off the week with a ‘maths day.’ Our focus for that day was the number 10. We looked at number bonds to 10 as well as different ways we can represent the number 10. Then at 10’o’clock we had a 10p tuck shop. We then had to choose right amount of money from a range of coins to be able to pay Mrs Watson the shopkeeper for our pick and mix.

We have also looked closely at pirate ships this week. We have looked at what the different parts of a pirate ship are called and we have used our new vocabulary to be able to write some interesting sentences. 

On Thursday we had our teddy bears picnic with our families. The sun was shining and we all had an amazing afternoon. It was lovely to see everyone there. Congratulations to the raffle winners, Evie (nursery), Chase (reception), Emily (reception), Amelia (reception) and Alfie F (reception). Well done to Jake in nursery for guessing the correct amount of carebears.

From all of the EYFS staff we would like to say a massive thank you for your donations, thanks to you the picnic was a huge success. We managed to raise a huge £161.30 to go towards our end of year trip.

13th-17th May 2019


This week in Reception we have been learning about ‘what is science?’ We have been pirate investigators and have looked at materials that would be best for a pirate ship as well as materials that would make the best pirate underpants. We made our own pirate ships and tested them outside in the tuff spot to see if the materials we had chosen would let water through. We learnt all about how to make an experiment fair and also how to record our findings. 

In maths this week we have continued to focus on 3D shapes and have been looking closely at the properties of 3D shapes, including faces, corners and edges.

We have enjoyed being outside, especially as the weather has been so hot! We have had plenty of fun in the sun and made sure we kept ourselves cool by cooling off in the sprinkler.

Miss Cassidy treat us all to an ice lolly and as they began to melt in our hands we spoke about changes and why melting happens.

Minutes late: 0

Attendance: 91%

13th-17th May 2019


In Nursery this week we have moved from occupations down at the seaside to rock pools. We have been watching videos of rock pools on the computer and talking about the animals that live in rock pools, we have also been talking about what we would have to wear and take with us if we wanted to go to a rock pool.

In key group we sorted the animals into rock pool animals such as starfish, hermit crabs and mussels and under the sea animals such as sharks, dolphins and whales.

We enjoyed exploring and pretending to fish in our tuft spot rock pool in the investigation area, we have been making star fish and crab handprints in the creative area and in the play dough area we have been making star fish and decorating with sequins.

On Wednesday it was so hot outside for our Forest School afternoon in the secret garden, that Miss Cassidy bought us all an ice lolly! We enjoyed eating them whilst playing in the sun!

We look forward to moving ‘Under the Sea’ next week, learning about the small sea creatures such as seahorses, fish and jelly fish!

7th May – 10 May 2019


In Reception, we have been exploring our ‘Pirate’ theme.  Mrs.Reed brought into school a very special blue bottle which she found when she was at the beach.  We soon discovered that there was a ‘message in the bottle’ from a pirate known as ‘Pirate Pants’.  We thought of different ways that we could help ‘Pirate Pants’ to find his missing treasure.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Reed asked us what we thought pirates love best.  We shared lots of interesting ideas, but little did we know what pirates love the most are their ‘UNDERPANTS’.  Mrs. Reed read ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ to us in spotty underpants and a real pirates hat.  We also had a special visit from a pirate called ‘Captain Raggy Beard’ who shared exciting pirate stories with us.  We all received a special ‘mermaids tear’ to take home and look after.

In Maths, we have explored both addition and subtraction.  To practise and apply our ‘takeaway’ learning, ‘Pirate Reed’ recruited a pirate crew and some she sent away and were made to walk the plank for not scrubbing the deck.  We also used a number line to help us to visually add and subtract.

29th April-3rd May 2019


This week in Nursery we have been looking at all things to do with the beach! In key group we have been talking about suitable clothing, how to keep ourselves safe in the sun with sun cream and sunglasses and talking about what we can smell, hear and see down at the beach.

In maths we have been learning lots of new words such as tall, short and round. We have been using these words to describe objects that we might find down the beach such as a beach ball, surf board and lighthouse.

This week we have also been working so hard to tidy up our outdoor area and make a garden for the children to plant flowers and vegetables. The Nursery children have had so much fun digging up the dirt using spades, rakes and trowels and on Friday we got our big delivery of top soil which we helped to move! We loved finding lots of minibeasts running around in the soil!

Our Plainsy Pass this week goes to Ollie, for being such a fantastic friend and always making the teachers smile!

22nd-26th April 2019


Our first week back after the Easter holidays has been a busy one in Nursery! It has been ‘Big Me’ week throughout the school, where we have been talking about what we are good at and we even came into school dressed up as what we would like to be when we are older. We had lots of police officers, vets, pilots and teachers!

We have also been very excited to meet our 6 new Nursery friends who have joined our class this week. We hope they have a fabulous time in our Nursery!

We also had Wellbeing Friday this week where we watched a whole school film in the hall with hotdogs and sweets then in the afternoon we played football with Nathan and then went out into the garden for some gardening.

Next week we are looking forward to starting our topic ‘Down by the Seaside’ where we will be learning all about the beach, the sea animals and the occupations relating to the seaside.

Attendance: 95.7%

Minutes Late: 35 minutes

23rd – 26th April


We started our new term with a “Big Me Week.” During the week we spoke about the word aspirations and talked about what the word means.  In key groups we talked about what we like and what we are good at and how this can help us decide what we want to be when we’re all grown up. We have high aspirations in reception as lots of us want to be, police officers, teachers, artists, astronauts and many more fantastic occupations. We even had a visit from a nurse to talk to us about her job and what we need to do to become a nurse. We ended the week by coming into school dressed up as want we want to be when we are older.

Literacy we used our ‘Big Me,’ theme for our sentence writing, as we wrote a sentence about what we want to be when we grow up. We focused on remembering to use our capital letter, fingers spaces and full stop. 

In maths we used stones to talk about how objects can be sorted into groups according to size, shape and colour. We then weighed the stones using the balance scales to see which stone out of them all was the heaviest.

We have spend a lot of time in the outdoor area this week as we are starting to make an EYFS reading garden in replace of the wooden stage. We needed to turn the soil over before we could put down the new grass and while doing so we found deep roots of an old tree. We were fascinated by the roots and how big they were. We tried to pull them out and ended up falling over!!! We couldn’t stop laughing. 

Attendance: 94.7%

Minutes Late: 110 minutes 

1st-5th April 2019


With it being our last week in school before the Easter holidays, Nursery decided to look at Easter as a mini topic. We have been looking into different traditions, tasting hot cross buns and the Easter story in key group. In the creative area we have been designing our own Easter eggs using paint and a range of creative materials such as collage, sequins, feathers etc. In the sand area we have had a mini egg hunt with shredded paper and tweezers to pick up the eggs!
In maths this week we have been recapping all of the shapes we have learnt so far by playing shape snap, going on shape walks and singing shape songs!
On Thursday we had our Easter Fair on the afternoon so we had to make chocolate crispy cakes to sell! We worked in small groups to mix rice crispies and chocolate then added mini eggs to decorate!
On Friday we had our Easter stay and play where our parents and carers came into Nursery to support us with Easter arts and crafts. We enjoyed making cards, eggs and bunny rabbit masks!
We hope that you have a relaxing Easter break and cant wait to come back and learn all about ‘Down by the seaside’.

1st – 5th April 2019


We’ve had a lovely week in Reception this week, and what a brilliant surprise we got on Friday to end the term on a high. We won the whole school attendance treat!  We love to come to school so much that we had the highest overall percentage of all the classes in our school, this term, and to celebrate this we were allowed to watch a movie and enjoy sweet treats! Our teachers were so pleased and thankful to all of our parents for bringing us into school everyday. This is definitely the reason why we are doing so well and are progressing with our work the way we are!

We enjoyed tasting some yummy hot cross buns this week and talked about words that we could use to describe the buns. We then wrote our own sentences using these words. 

In maths we have continued to look at one more and one less to make sure we fully understand the concept and can apply this in our maths problems. 

On Friday we enjoyed making Easter crafts in family learning, which was great as we were able share our learning with our families. 

We have had a fantastic term this term and have enjoyed taking part in lots of great activities. Our teachers are proud of each and every one of us and hope that the Easter holidays is filled with fun and chocolate!

When we come back to school we’re going aboard a pirate ship to discover mermaid coves and much more! 


25th – 29th March 2019


As the lovely weather is fast approaching, we have been noticing changes in our outdoor environment. For this reason, we thought it a good opportunity to look at all things related to the season of Spring. We talked in our key groups each morning, about what changes we can see around us and discussed why these changes are beginning to happen. 

In literacy we chose four things of spring that we to draw a picture of and then we had to label them. To further our learning even more we then had to write a full sentence about one of the things, making sure we used a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. 

In maths this week have being doing one more and one less than a given number. It would really help us if at home we practised this with our grown ups as it’s a tricky concept to learn. 

Friday was a fun, chilled day! At Plains Farm Academy we are very aware that mindfulness is the key to good success. Throughout the day we did some yoga, listened to stories, enjoyed time in the outdoor area talking to our friends, listened to music and played some ring games. We had a great day!

Our Privilege Card this week went to Harper! Well done Harper for being so amazing! 

Attendance: 98.9%

Minutes Late: 0


25th-29th March 2019

This week in Nursery we have been looking at Spring!  We have been talking about the changes that happen to plants and animals at Spring time, talking about the role of the farmer and even went on a Spring walk around our school!  We cant ait to move onto Easter next week and learn all about traditions and the Easter story.


On Friday we had a mindfulness day where we did yoga, ring games, football and colouring in with Reception… it was so much fun!

This week our Plainsy Pass winner was Jake, for being so brave with his broken arm!

18th-22nd March 2019

We have had such an exciting week in Nursery this week! On Wednesday we came into school to find a tiny door in the corner of our classroom, we decided that it must have been a door to a fairy or elf house!  We spent the rest of the day building houses for the fairies in the construction area.  On Thursday morning we came into Nursery to a CRIME SCENE! All of our houses were smashed on the floor and there was a giants footprint next to it! We checked the CCTV cameras to see if we could find the giant but we ended up seeing the fairies playing around in our classroom!    On Friday we had our fairy tea party, we eat sandwiches, cakes and crisps then played party games with our friends.

In the water tray we made our own fairy soup with petals, leaves and glitter. In the writing area we made our invitations to invite the fairies to our fairy tea party on Friday. In the play dough area, we had to make cupcakes for our tea party, using gems and sequins to decorate.  In the sand pit our sand turned green! We had to use the tweezers to pick up the teeth, just like the tooth fairy!

Our winner of the Plainsy platinum pass this week is Alfie, for being so enthusiastic about our new topic!

Our Hero of the week is Luna, for her increased attendance!

Attendance: 88.5%

11-15th March 2019


This week in Reception we read the story, ‘Winnie the Witch.’ In key groups we talked about what we know about witches and stories that we have read with witches in them. We read spells and thought about what spells we would make if we were a witch. We noticed that often in spells there are lots of rhyming words. We also talked about the type of things witches might put into potions and then some of us wrote our own potions at the writing table.

We then received a letter from Winnie asking us to help her find the best material for a new hat. We tested out lots of different materials in the water tray and learnt words such as, waterproof and lightweight. We all decided that plastic would be the best material as no rain could get through and it’s nice and light to wear.

As we did such a good job with the material testing, we then received a further letter from Winnie telling us about a problem she was having. All the objects she was putting in her potions were bubbling over the top and so from now on she only wanted to use objects and materials that would sink to the bottom of the cauldron. We tested out different objects in the water tray to see if they would sink or float and we then spoke about the materials that all the sinking objects were made from and what was similar about them.  

In maths this week we looked at the concepts of halving and sharing.

Friday was a fun day, as we joined in with Red Nose Day by coming into school in non-uniform.

This week our Privilege Pass went to Dottie, for always giving 100% in everything she does. Well Done Dottie !!!


Attendance: 97.9%

Minutes Late: 0

11th-15th March 2019

In Nursery this week we have been looking at Dragons. On Monday we had a surprise waiting for us in our classroom… an egg! We had to find out what kind of egg it was and what we thought was inside.  Throughout the week we have been doing lots of dragon activities. In the water tray we have been using the fishing nets to catch the floating eggs. In the sand pit and construction area, we have been making our own nests using sticks and wooden blocks. In the creative area we have been using watercolours to paint pictures of dragons.

This week has also been Science Week throughout school. We have been taking part in 3 different experiments to do with eggs! For our first experiment, we used vinegar to dissolve baking soda eggs, we loved watching them fizzle and pop!  For the second experiment, we watched frozen eggs melt in the water tray and spoke about why we thought the ice was melting.  Our last experiment was looking at floating and sinking, we used 3 different types of eggs (plastic, polystyrene and a chickens egg) and guessed whether they would float or sink before testing them out for ourselves!

On Friday we celebrated Red Nose Day by having a ‘dress down day’ to raise money for Comic Relief.

This week, Mia has been given our Plainsy Platinum Pass for trying so hard with her numbers… well done Mia!

Next week we are so excited to continue our Mystical Creatures topic and learn all about fairies!

4th-8th March 2019


Nursery have had another fun and busy week this week! On Monday we started to look at witches as part of our topic ‘Mystical Creatures’; with ‘Room on the broom’ being our book of the week! In the creative area, we have been making room on the broom pictures using watercolours for the sky and practising our cutting skills by cutting out the characters from the story. We also pretended that spaghetti was a broomstick and used it to make marks with the paint (that was very messy!).  We changed the water area into a mud pit where we had to save the characters who were getting stuck by using tweezers to pick them up.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day, on the afternoon we baked our own pancakes by mixing flour, eggs and milk then we were able to choose chocolate spread, jam or syrup to put on top! We spoke about the different toppings we could put on pancakes and decided if they were healthy and unhealthy and why.

On Wednesday afternoon the children went out to the Secret Garden for their weekly visit. This week we have been investigating all the mini beasts. We found spiders, woodlice, worms and even a centipede!

On Thursday we had World Book Day where the children came into school dressed in their pyjamas and a bedtime story. Throughout the day, we shared all of the books with the rest of the class.  On the afternoon we had our parent ‘Stay and Play’ which was World Book Day themed. We had lots of activities like word hunts, caterpillar crafts and reading areas for the children to share with their parents.

Attendance: 92.6%

Lates: 68 minutes


4th -8th March 2019

We have been so busy in Reception this week, with lots of different things happening.

On Monday we continued with our book of the week, Zog! He’s a big, orange dragon (but don’t worry, he’s really friendly). In the story, Zog goes to Dragon School, so we thought about the type of things he might learn about. We said in our key groups, he would  learn how to fly.  This led us on nicely to our writing for this week, which has been writing a set of instructions. Together, in our key groups, we wrote a set of instructions on how to teach a dragon to fly. We had to think really carefully about what we said in our sentences, as well as remembering all of our punctuation we now use. Our teachers then challenged us to write our own instructions in the classroom.

Tuesday was a yummy day, as we all went into breakfast club to make some pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We spoke in our key groups about why this was a special day for lots of people. While we made our pancakes we talked lots about doubling the ingredients as well as saying out loud what we were actually doing as when we got back to class we all wrote our own set of instructions on how to make pancakes.

Thursday was another busy, fun day, as we celebrated World Book Day, by coming into school in our pyjamas and we all brought in our favourite bedtime stories, which we shared in our key groups. We also enjoyed a family learning session on the afternoon by doing lots of different book related activities, like making the Hungry Caterpillar by threading and doing a word hunt within our favourite books.

In maths this week we have been looking at how to double a set amount of objects and a given number. We read a story about a doubling machine which helped us to understand what this meant. We then used dominoes to sort them into doubles and none doubles. Next week we are going to looking at problems involving halving numbers and objects.

We have thoroughly enjoyed playing in our new role play castle this week, as well as making up our own stories in our new Woodland Village tuff spot.

This week our Privilege Pass went to Kayden for his lovely manners and always being there to help a friend. Well Done Kayden !!!

Next week we will be looking at another type of mythical beast………witches!!!


Attendance: 97.4

Minutes Late: 80 minutes

25th February-1st March 2019


This week we have started our new and exciting topic ‘Mystical Creatures’. We have kicked off the topic by reading the book ‘Princess and the Wizard’ by Julia Donaldson. We then got a letter from the postman, which was off the princess… she asked for our help to save her from the castle!

We have made our own wands using sticks, glitter and sequins in the creative area, designed our own wizards hat in maths and even made our own potions in the role play area (which has now turned into a witches workshop!).  On Wednesday, we went out into the secret garden to find the wizard. We found lots of different clues like footprints and a big wizard wand… we couldn’t find him so we set a trap using tyres!

Next week we are going to be reading ‘Room on the broom’ and finding out all about witches!

We also have Pancake day on Tuesday and World Book Day on Thursday, so we are going to be very busy!

Attendance: 90.4%

Lates: 30 minutes

11th-15th February 2019


This week, Nursery have been learning all about love, kindness and friendship just in time for Valentines Day. In key groups we have been talking about who we love, how we show we love someone and the different types of love (family, friends, objects). We have been making and writing Valentines cards for our friends and family in the creative and writing area, using name cards for support. 

On Wednesday we had our EYFS Clown school day where all of the children came into school wearing clown costumes or bright outfits. We had lots of fun activities set up indoors and outdoors for the children and adults including stilt walking, bean bag throwing, biscuit decorating and puppet making. When we were finished with all the activities, we went into Reception for some yummy hot dogs and popcorn!


On Thursday afternoon we had our Valentines disco where we dressed up in our best outfits and danced until we couldn’t feel our feet!

Attendance: 92.5%

Minutes Late: 5

11th-15th February


WOW! What a fun filled week it has been in Reception this week. To end our circus topic, we enjoyed a clown school day on Wednesday, where we dressed up as clowns and took part in activities such as mask making and acrobats. On the afternoon we invited our grown ups into school to continue our learning with them, both indoors and outdoors. With our grown ups we enjoyed biscuit decorating, puppet making, juggling, stilt walking and splatting our teachers, all before we enjoyed popcorn and hotdogs.

On Thursday we came into school all dressed up in our fancy clothes to take part in our Valentines disco. We spoke on the morning about who is special to us and why they are special. We talked about how we can show someone how special they are, by giving them a big smile or doing something nice to help them.

We looked at a special book this week called, ‘The Sidewalk Circus.’ It’s a picture book that has no words, so we made up our own sentences to match the pictures. We discussed the type of words that might be used a story.

In maths we have been investigating, using the language full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We did a lot of problem solving around this in our large outdoor sandpit.

We can’t believe it’s the end of another term! Our teachers are so proud of us and are very pleased with the progress we are making. After the holidays we are going to continue with developing our sentence writing and also working hard on solving problems in maths.

Our new theme after the holidays will be, ‘Mythical Beasts.’ We will learn all about, wizards, witches, goblins, dragons and castles and much more!

Have a great holiday everyone! We look forward to hearing about your adventures when you return to school on Tuesday 26th February.


Attendance: 98.0%

Minutes Late: 5

4th-8th February 2019


We have had an interesting and exciting week in Nursery this week; we have been learning all about Chinese New Year!  In key group we have been talking about where China is located on a map and what transport we would use to get there, we looked at the different traditions in China and how they celebrate this event. We have been making our own Chinese dragon masks and fans, practicing to use chop sticks in the tuft spot to develop our fine motor skills and even writing our own Chinese words such as ‘pig’ and ‘dog’. We learnt all about the history of the celebration and now we know that they wear red and have loud parades to scare away the monster that came into the Chinese town a long time ago.

In maths we have been looking at developing our counting and number recognition skills and also our number formation up to 5 and some children are now able to do this up to 6! 

Next week we are going to be looking at ‘Love’… just in time for Valentines day! We are going to talk about who we love, and how we show that we love someone.

Attendance: 93.6%

Minutes late: 12 minutes

4th – 8th February


This week in Reception we have learnt all about Chinese New Year and how Chinese people celebrate the coming of a new year. We started the week by learning to write our names in Chinese and each morning our grown ups have been coming into our classroom to help us. By the end of the week we were very good at writing our names in Chinese.

We learnt all about the story of the twelve animals that took part in a race for the Emperor and how this led to the Chinese believing that each year is named after an animal that took part in the race, in the order in which they came. This year is the year of the pig. This helped us with our maths this week as we have been ordering numbers and looking at the language first, second, third and so on.

We showed everything that we have learnt this week in our writing, as we had to write about the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year, such as, giving money in a red envelope, the brave and powerful dragon, new clothes and cleaning the house to get rid of the bad and welcome the new. Some of use had to label Chinese pictures, things like chopsticks and noodles, using the sounds we know.

We finished off all our fantastic learning this week by tasting some Chinese food. Some of us have already experienced the taste of spring rolls. noodles and prawn crackers, but to some of us this was a brand new tasting experience!


Attendance: 99.0%

Minutes Late: 17

28th January-1st February


This week in Nursery we have been looking at the different animals in a circus, including tigers, lions and elephants. In key group we have been talking about where they live when they are in the circus, where the animals have come from and then we also watched videos of the animals performing. After watching the video, we went into the hall and practiced our own circus skills using the climbing apparatus, dancing ribbons, beanbags and hula hoops.

In the creative area, we have been turning ourselves into lions and tigers using card, tissue paper, string and buttons.  We even made elephants, using loops of card for the trunk.  In the play dough area we have been creating our own circus animals using feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and beads.

This week we have also noticed that it has gotten very cold outside! Our tuft spot and water pump turned to ice! The children enjoyed painting the ice various colours and even brought it inside to watch it melt!

Next week we have a special celebration that we cannot wait to learn about… Chinese new year! We are going to be learning lots of amazing things about China and the celebration.

Attendance: 93.4%

Minutes Late: 45

28th January-1st February


It’s been a cold week this week but that hasn’t stopped us from having lots of fun learning!

We  continued with our circus theme this week and looked at the animals that sometimes take part in a circus show. We spoke in our key groups about whether we thought it was right or wrong for animals to be doing tricks in a circus. We had lots of different opinions within our groups.

We were also introduced to a new phrase this week when we looked at an aerial picture of a circus. We now know that when a picture is taken from up above us it is called a ‘birds eye view.’

In maths this week we have focused on shapes, to make sure we are confident with naming all common 2D shapes as well as talking about the properties that each shape has.

In literacy we are still working hard on developing our sentence writing. We are always reminding ourselves about using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We are still continuing to learn new sounds and tricky words so that we can apply these in our sentence writing.


21st-25th January 2019


This week in Nursery we have continued to look at our topic ‘The Circus’. In key group we have been linking this to the 5 senses, what we can hear, smell, taste, touch and see in the circus tent. We even got to taste popcorn and candy floss!

In the creative area we have been making our own popcorn and circus tent pictures using collage materials. In the water tray we have been playing a game of hook the ball where we had to try and catch a ball with a fishing net then tell an adult what number they could see o the ball. In the circus we have been playing a game of ring toss using numbered bottles.  In the sand tray we have been making our own pretend refreshments for the circus.

In phonics this week we have started to look at alliteration and what it means. We noticed that all of the characters in Peppa Pig have alliteration in their names!

We look forward to moving onto circus animals next week, starting with elephants and tigers!

Attendance: 94.4%

Minutes Late: 0

14th-18th January 2019


This week in Nursery we have started to look at our new topic ‘The Circus’ following the children’s interests. We have been creating clown masks, face painted, created our own acrobatic obstacle course and even made our own Circus!  In Maths this week we have been creating our own 2D shape picture using squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. In phonics we have been visiting the library and looking at all the different book on offer.

On Thursday we had our first snow fall! The children in Nursery wrapped up and went outside to play in the snow then came in for a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows.

14th – 18th


Roll up! Roll up! Come to our circus! We have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing our classroom this week with all things circus related. We were so surprised to see our very own big top in the corner of our classroom and have really enjoyed acting out our parts in the circus under the big top. We have been walking on stilts, juggling bean bags and selling tickets to our audience.

In  literacy this week we have been writing sentences about what you can expect to see at the circus by using the phrase, ‘I can see….’ Our letter formation is improving each week and our teachers are so proud that we are now beginning to write independent sentences.

In maths we have been focusing on positional language and to do this we looked at images of clowns and where they were stood in relation to other circus objects around them. We used language such as, ‘next to,’ and ‘behind,’ to describe the clowns position.

We have enjoyed making clown faces, using paper plates, as a way of displaying our tricky words, which will help us when we come to write at the writing table.

A special treat this week (that our teachers had nothing to do with) was snow that arrived on Thursday. We all went outside to play in the snow and enjoyed throwing snowballs at each other, as well as talking about where the snow was coming from and why it was falling.

17th-21st December 

Nursery and Reception

We’ve all had a wonderful, festive week in EYFS this week. All of the EYFS staff would like to wish all of the children and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please take a look at our whole school Christmas video to see all of the Christmas activities the children have taken part in!

See you in the new year!

10th-14th December


What a busy week we have had !! On Monday it was our Christmas Nativity performance and we were fabulous! We showed all of our grown ups just how confident we are with speaking and singing in front of an audience. We all worked so hard to learn our lines and  practise all of the songs and it really paid off!

On Thursday we enjoyed a magical day . It even snowed in our outdoor area! We came into school dressed in our pyjamas and dressing gowns, already for our Polar Express day. On the morning, we made our own train tickets in readiness to climb on board the movie afternoon that afternoon. We also made play dough hot chocolate and did some snowmen maths. Our adults came into school on the afternoon to watch the film with us and we all enjoyed our hot chocolate and biscuits.

Friday was yet another fun filled day. It was Christmas jumper day. We all looked brilliant in our festive jumpers and we enjoyed our Christmas dinner at school with our friends and teachers. We have also started to make lots of special things to bring home with us next week, but for now they are a secret!!!!

IMG_3755[1] IMG_3746[1]


Lateness-60 minutes

10th-14th December


We have been so busy in Nursery this week! On Monday we had our Christmas Nativity performance for all of our family and friends, we dressed up in all of our costumes, read our lines and sang our songs for the audience. We were AMAZING!  On Thursday we had our Polar Express day were we had hot chocolate play dough, designed our own train tickets and decorated our own Christmas jumper in the creative area. On the afternoon, we all went down to Reception to watch the Polar Express film with our mams, dads, nana’s and granddad’s. We had a snow machine, hot chocolates, biscuits and even a bell to take home to remember the day! On Friday we had our Christmas jumper day and even had our Christmas dinner with the teachers! We have even started making our Christmas cards and Christmas baubles to take home!  We’ve had such a busy week at Nursery and we only have one week left at school until we break up for Christmas, we’re all so excited!

IMG_2010[1] IMG_2051[1]


Lateness-15 minutes

26th-30th November


In Reception this week we have learnt lots about people who help us, and have discussed the different types of transport they use. We began the week by looking at a picture of a fire engine and we all shared our ideas about who we thought used this source of transport. We all agreed it would be firefighters!! We then looked at ambulances and police cars and spoke about the people who use these sources of transport to help us.

In writing this week we labelled a fire engine. Our teachers are so impressed with how we are becoming independent writers, as we are using the sounds we know to help us with our writing. We have also learnt more new sounds this week including, oa, ar, oo, and or.

In maths we have started to use the language associated with adding and we have used lots of practical objects to begin to add two groups together. We were introduced to the + and = sign so we can begin to write our own number sentences.

In the small word area our wooden house was on fire!!!! We used the fire station and the fire engine, together with our imaginations to put the fire out! The wooden blocks in the construction area were transformed into large flames and we used these to build our own burning buildings. We then thought about what we would need to put the fire out and if we were real firefighters, what protective clothing we would need to wear.

Christmas has slowly started to arrive at Plains Farm Academy and we have helped to decorate the main tree in the school hall, by making our own Christmas decorations to hang on it. We are also working really hard to practise our nativity for and can’t wait to show our play to our grown ups on the 10th December 2018.

Attendance: 93.3%

Minutes Late: 0



This week Nursery have reading Jack and the Beanstalk. In Key Group we planted our own beanstalks using compost, broad beans and water. We have placed them on the windowsill and have been waiting for them to grow all week!  In the water area we have been making our own magic beans by mixing food colouring and glitter to butter beans. In the creative area we have had so much fun painting magic beans with marbles!

In maths this week we have been looking at comparing different sized footprints from our Jack and the beanstalk story. We have been learning the new mathematical words ‘big, medium and small’

In phonics we have been working to improve our pencil grip and pencil control. To do this we have been drawing lines, circles and zig-zags with the chalks on the floor outside.  After that, we wrote our names really big so the giant could see them from all the way up in the clouds.

IMG_1902[2] IMG_1867[1]

Minutes late- 0

12-16th November 2018


We have been very busy in Reception this week! We have continued with our topic, ‘Transport,’ with a focus on cars and it has also been Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need.

At the beginning of the week we looked at images of the very first car that was built in 1769! It looks nothing like the cars we ride in now. We then looked at cars through history, which we really enjoyed, right up to the modern day cars that we see all the time on our roads. This led us onto our Literacy task which was to label the features of a car.

In maths we have been consolidating our number recognition and have been matching numbers to the correct quantity. We are becoming good at recognising numbers 1-10 and are beginning to work within numbers 1-20.

On Thursday we spent key group time talking about what makes a good friend and we all made a promise with a green handprint that we would always use kind words and kind hands when we are playing with our friends.  On Friday we celebrated Children in Need and made Pudsey faces with play dough and decorated pictures of Pudsey.


Lateness-85 minutes late

12th-16th November 2018


This week has been Anti-Bullying Week in School. Through the week, Nursery have been talking about how to be kind to our friends. We made our own rules for Nursery that the children and teachers must follow to make sure we are all kind; We also shared our treats that we made with the other teachers in our school, learning that ‘Sharing is Caring’.

Through the week we have also been learning about the ‘Gingerbread man’ story. We have been creating gingerbread men collage pictures and on Thursday we made our own gingerbread men to eat! They were so yummy!

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need. The children wore brightly coloured clothes to raise awareness for the charity. We enjoyed painting Pudsey faces and making our own Pudsey biscuits!

In maths this week we have been learning to match numeral to quantity. So when we noticed that our gingerbread man didn’t have any buttons, we had to put the correct amount on for him to be happy again.

IMG_1256[1] IMG_1283[1]


Lateness-0 minutes late

5th-9th November 2018


In Nursery this week we have been celebrating lots of events! On Monday and Tuesday we spoke about Bonfire Night. We enjoyed creating firework pictures in the creative area with paint and used a variety of tools to create amazing firework effects.  On Thursday and Friday we spoke about Remembrance Day, the children watched a video that told us all about WW1, poppies and the soldiers who got hurt in the war. We created our own versions of poppies in the creative area using collage materials and even using balloons to print our poppies with paint!


In maths this week we have been looking at the number 5, we practiced recognising the number, counting to 5 and even writing the number 5!


In phonics this week we have been looking at rhyming words! The children are very excited to go to the Beacon of Light on the 21st for our Nursery Rhyme afternoon.


Lateness-0 minutes late


In Reception this week we have been learning about why we have Bonfire Night. We enjoyed creating firework pictures in the creative area and outdoors with paint and used a variety of tools to create amazing firework effects. We splatted paint everywhere!! On Thursday and Friday we spoke about Remembrance Day, the children watched a video that told us all about WW1, poppies and the soldiers who got hurt in the war. We created our own versions of poppies in the creative area. We also made a poppy wreath using our handprints as the leaves around it.

We have started our new topic ‘Transport’ – we are exploring what transport is and the different types there are. This week we are learning about cars and have read the story ‘Mr Grumpy’s Motor Car’ as a stimulus. We have had toy cars with pens attached to the back for us to practise writing our tricky words. This week we also talked about what a list is and how we write one. We wrote our own lists of all the animals in our story.

In Maths we have being practising one more, looking at a given number and then using counters and number lines to help us find one more. We are going to continue to work on this.

IMG_3408[1]  IMG_3410[1] IMG_3381[1]


Lateness-5 minutes

29th October- 2nd November


We’ve had a spooky time in Reception this week! We’ve been doing all things Halloween with our story ‘Room on the Broom,’ as a focus.

We have been looking at the author Julia Donaldson and how all her books rhyme and are written in a similar style. We shared with each other the Julia Donaldson stories that we are familiar with and enjoy.

We have been doing some amazing writing this week as we labelled the different characters and objects from our story using the sounds we know. We wrote words such as, cat, hat, dog and cat.

In maths this week we made magic wands by collecting long and short sticks and then we put them all out to order them all by height.

In creative this week we used apples and orange paint to print pumpkins and then added faces to the shape with black pen once they had dried. We had fun investigating the insides of a pumpkin and used the seeds as counting material. We are getting really good at counting beyond 10.

Our favourite part of this week was sharing our learning with our families during the family learning session and then we burnt off all our energy by doing some amazing dancing in our EYFS Halloween disco!!

29th October- 2nd November


We have had such a fun filled week this week in Nursery!

We have been learning about Halloween this week and we have had a Halloween Disco. All the children made a fantastic effort with their costumes and they all looked amazing! We had some party food after dancing lots at the disco. We had a Halloween Family Learning morning and some of our grown ups came in to see what we get up to in Nursery. We decorated biscuits, made spiders out of clay and made some bubbling and fizzing potions. We loved it!

Our book of the week this week was ‘Room on the Broom’ we have started to look at rhyming words and were looking for them in the story. We also used a ‘Goblin Snot Rhyming Pot’ to identify rhyme.

The star of the week this week in Nursery is Lily C for trying so hard with her number work. Our Hero of the Week this week is Alex. Well done!


Lateness – 

Nursery: 5  minutes

Reception – 5 minutes

15th-19th October


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about Autumn, we have made some amazing autumn pictures using the leaves we collected ourselves from outside. We also made some gorgeous watercolour pictures of leaves.

We have been learning about the season Autumn and finding out what usually happens in Autumn. We have been reading the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and we actually made our own pumpkin soup and ate it!

In phonics this week we have been learning and practicing a range of nursery rhymes we are getting very good at this! In maths we have been focusing on the number 3 this week our number of the week.

We also celebrated Freddie and Charlie’s birthday this week they are both now 4 years old!

The star of the week this week in Nursery is Lacey for trying so hard with her number work. Our Hero of the Week this week is Charlie. Well done!

I would like to wish all of our Nursery children a happy and safe half term and I hope you have lots of fun! While you are out and about keep an eye out for the numbers 1, 2 and 3!


This week in Reception we have focused on where we live. We have talked about our own houses and used language such as, ‘semi-detached’ and ‘bungalow’ to describe what our house looks like. We also thought about the environment of where we live and used language such as, ‘busy’ and ‘quiet’ to describe our streets. We looked at local landmarks that are close to our homes, including Penshaw Monument, Queen Alexandra Bridge and The Angel of the North. Some of us have visited these landmarks and were able to talk about our first hand experiences.

In phonics we used the large outdoor sandpit to help us develop our letter formation by using our fingers to write in the sand. In maths we have learnt all about shapes including 2D and 3D shapes. We created pictures by printing with 2D shapes and then described the shape to the adult working with us using language such as, points and sides.

We had fun with the indoor sandpit this week as the sand was very wet!!! We were able to manipulate the sand to build houses and castles. In the creative area with used brick printed wallpaper to make our own houses.

Over the holidays our teachers would like us to practise our sounds and reading but most of all they would like us to have fun outdoors!!! If we ride a bike or slide down a slide or collect some leaves, it would be great if we could bring some photographs into school to show our friends.

Have a great holiday!

IMG_3201[1]  IMG_3184[1]

Attendance – 

Nursery -%

Reception- %

Lateness – 

Nursery:   minutes

Reception – 45 minutes

8th – 12th October


In Nursery this week we have been learning about daily routines. We have been talking about our daily routine at Nursery and our morning and bed time routine at home. We have had lots of fun we read the story ‘Peace at Last’ and had some hot chocolate with marshmallows in while discussing our bed time routines, it was very yummy!

In Maths this week we have been looking at the number 2, we have learnt what the number two looks like, how to count out 2 objects and some people have been practicing to write the number 2!

We have spent lots of time exploring outside this week and have enjoyed making potions and gloop using shaving foam, food colouring and flour. We love exploring new textures and getting our hands dirty in Nursery!

Our Hero of the week this week is Jake and our star of the week this week is Lily W for being an excellent role model. Well done!

IMG_9437[1] IMG_0752[1]


This week in reception we have been learning all about the importance of good hygiene and why we should keep ourselves happy and healthy. We have had lots of fun learning all about why our heart is important to our bodies and how it works. We have also been learning about why we need to wash our hands and have even carried out an experiment to observe germs growing with pieces of bread which became green and mouldy. Yuk!

In our phonics this week we have been learning even more new sounds! We have learned, ss, ll and ff. We have also been learning how to write a sentence using two or three words and we were really good at this! We continue to practise recognising and writing our high frequency words such as I, the, no and go.

In maths we have been learning about money and have practised recognising the different coins. When asked what the children thought ‘money’ was they gave responses such as ”it comes out of the machine” and ”you have to go to work to get money”. To do this we have been looking at different coins, looking at the different colours and sizes they are and what their numbers mean. We have also been continuing to practise forming our numbers and we are becoming a lot more confident with this.

In creative this week we have been using fresh vegetables to print pictures to make fruit baskets, we have also been making models of our teeth using the white playdough.

We have had an amazing week this week and have learned so much!


Attendance – 

Nursery -82.3%

Reception- 93.2%

Lateness – 

Nursery:  5  minutes

Reception – 0 minutes

1st-5th October


This week in our Reception Class we have been learning all about how to stay healthy and happy! We have had lots of fun taking part in all of our different learning activities. We now know that to be healthy we need to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and we also need to exercise to keep our bodies fit and strong.

In our phonics this week we have been learning even more new sounds! We have learned, e, u, and r. We are now getting really good at blending our sounds together to read words which helps us with our reading at school and at home.

In maths we have been learning about ”more” and ”less”. To do this we have been looking at two groups of objects and comparing them, looking at which group has more and which group has less. Some of the children said ”they knew which group had more because that group was bigger”. We have also been practising forming our numbers and our teachers were so impressed with how well we did.

On a Friday we have footy phonics which all of the reception children love! We use our sounds which we have been learning in phonics whilst playing football!

We would also like to say a big thank you to all of our parents and children who brought in a model of their home. We were so impressed with how brilliant they all were!

IMG_2431[1] IMG_2369[1] IMG_2423[1]

1st-5th October


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about ‘Senses’. We have enjoyed going on listening and looking walks around our school grounds, tasting lots of new food and using feely bags in key group. We have also really enjoyed reading, listening to and carrying out activities linked to our book of the week this week the ‘Hungry Caterpillar.’

In Maths this week we have been looking at the number 1, we have learnt how to count out 1 object, write the number 1 and count to number 1.

On Monday we completed our first Daily Mile. On the first day we ran around our school yard twice but since then we have been running around three times as we are getting faster!

Our Hero of the week this week is Polly and our star of the week this week is Lola for trying so hard in phonics. Well done!



24-28th September

This week we have had a fun filled week in our Reception class, learning all about our five senses. We now know that we use different parts of our bodies for sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. To test out our senses we have tried different foods, listened to music, smelt different things (good and bad) and we even got to play in beans and spaghetti to help us talk about how different things feel and look.

In phonics this week we have learnt more new sounds and are starting to become really good at using the sounds to build words. Our letter formation is developing really well and all of our teachers are so proud of us!

In maths we have continued with our counting within 10 this week, making sure that we count aloud and accurately. We were also introduced to the word ‘estimate,’ and we now know that this means a sensible guess. Our families can help us with our estimating skills by using simple questions and every day objects like, how many sweets do you  think are in the packet?

On Friday it was a very special day for one of our friends, it was Dottie’s birthday ! Happy birthday Dottie! We all hope you have a fabulous time celebrating your birthday with your family and cant’ wait to hear all about it on Monday.

IMG_3019[1]  IMG_3009[1]


24-28th September 2018

This week we have been learning lots more about our friends through our ‘All About Me’ bags the children filled the bags with 4 items from home and brought them in to share with the rest of the class.

We had lots of fun making crispy cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. The children stirred the chocolate into the crispy cakes, spooned them into bun cases and decorated them with sprinkles. We even tried some to check they were okay first!

We have started to learn about our senses and have been discussing two of the five senses touch and hearing. We have been working really hard on our listening skills and have even been on a listening walk around school.

Our Hero of the week this week is Carlton and our star of the week this week is Mia for outstanding behaviour. Well done!


Attendance – 

Nursery – 94.3%

Reception- 90.5%

Lateness – 

Nursery:  0  minutes

Reception – 15 minutes

17th-21st September 2018

This week in Reception we started our new topic, ‘All About Me.’ We started the week by talking about the things that we are really good at. We said things like, ‘being a good friend,’ ‘good at painting,’ and ‘sharing.’  All of these are good skills to have and we are working on becoming good at others things too.

We also told our friends in our key groups about what we want to be when we are older. Harry wants to be a train driver and Layla wants to be a teacher.

It’s been a really windy week this week and we have loved spending time in the outdoor area investigating the wind. We threw leaves up into the air and watched to see what direction they flew in. We then worked together to build a den to protect ourselves from the wind.

We have learnt more new sounds this week including i,n,m and d and together with the sounds we have learnt so far we are now beginning to write some words independently.

This week in the creative area we used clay to make our portraits. We learnt lots of skills and techniques like rolling, squeezing and joining.

IMG_2945[1]  IMG_2933[1] IMG_2184[1]


This week in Nursery we started our new topic ‘All About Me.’ Myself and Miss Burnett have really enjoyed getting to know lots more about the children. We started the week off by sharing our All About Me homework which told us about our families and our favourite things.

We have been very creative this week, the children have completed self-portraits of themselves and were able to talk about some of their features. Lily said she had ‘golden hair.’ We have also made mirrors and drew pictures of our family members.

We had dinner date this week, our new starters were able to share our lunchtime routine with a family member, we all had a lovely time.

Our star of the week this week is Jake for being a ray of sunshine everyday. Our hero of the week this week is Sophie and she has taken Fire Engine Bear home for a weekend of fun at her house. We can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!

Attendance – 

Nursery – %


Lateness – 

Nursery:    minutes

Reception – 37 minutes

10-14th September 2018

Hello and a big welcome back to all of our children, including all of our new children who have started with us this year. The children have all started the year with big smiles and have settled back into the rules and expectations of the classrooms very well.


This week in Reception we have been focusing on the rules and expectations of the classroom. The children have had a lot of time to explore their new environment while showing us what they can already do.

We have welcomed our parents into the classroom this week to support us with our name writing as we are all trying hard to write our name independently.

This week we have started our phonic lessons and we have learnt  the new sounds s,a,t and p. These sounds have also been sent home this week as part of our homework. It is important that we also learn the matching rhymes which help us with the formation of our letters.

On Friday we took part in our first footy phonics session. During our first session we practised our gross motor skills by kicking a ball and running in different directions. We also had to bounce the ball over to the sound flashcards that were on the floor. Before we placed the sound under the cone we had to say it out loud.

We love exploring in the outdoor area and have had fun this week in the nature garden where we have climbed up ladders and swung on ropes.

IMG_2795[1] IMG_2841[1]


This week in Nursery we worked together to agree on rules for our classroom. We have spent lots of time exploring our routine and learning how to tidy up. The children have enjoyed exploring their new environment while showing us what they can already do.

Parents have started to come into the classroom this week to support us with our name writing as we are all trying hard to write our name independently.

This week we have started exploring stories and songs in Nursery our favourite so far is five little speckled frogs!

Fire Engine Bear has gone to Alfie’s house for the weekend as he has displayed outstanding green behaviour all week. We can’t wait to hear what they have been up to!

The children have been given homework this week to introduce our new topic for the coming week. Our new topic is ‘All about me.’ We are looking forward to learning more about the children.


Attendance – 

Nursery -94.1 %


Lateness – 

Nursery:  0  minutes

Reception – 0 minutes


Curriculum newsletter spring 2017 EYFS