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Our Eco-Schools board is updated regularly with the work we have been doing in school.

Hello and welcome to Plains Farm Academy’s Eco-Schools page. Please use this page to find out about what our school is doing to become more environmentally friendly.

Our current Eco-committee members are as follows:

Lacey and Ryan Y1

Dottie Y2

Tyler Y3

Steven Y4

Ryan Y5

Macie Y6

Mrs Stewart (Eco-schools leader)

Mrs Cowley (Eco-schools parent committee member)

In 2020 our Eco-committee completed an environmental review of our school. This review highlighted our first three eco-areas that the children wanted our school to improve upon. They decided that the first three areas that we should focus on were: recycling, saving water and saving energy.

Mrs Stewart and the children decided that our school should start to recycle. We contacted the local council and we were given quotes for bins and fortnightly collection. We spoke to Miss Cassidy and we chose the right recycling deal for us. We now have fortnightly collections for assorted recycling. When our classroom recycling bins get full up, our Eco-school committee members empty their classroom recycling bins into larger bins in the shared area.

Saving water was our second area. We do quite a bit of planting in our school, so we decided that a water butt would be an idea. This way, if any plants require water, we can keep them hydrated by watering them with the collected rainwater rather than using tap water, which is costly and not environmentally friendly.

Energy efficiency was our third area. We decided that the best way we could save energy was to switch off lights and projectors when they are not in use. Each breaktime, lunchtime and at the end of each day, our eco-school members make sure that when our teachers and teaching assistants are not in their classrooms that all electrical items that aren’t in use are switched off. Our committee also make sure that blinds are closed at the end of each day.

We received our Eco-schools Bronze award in March 2020. Our Eco-schools committee still meets regularly (at least once every half-term) and are now working towards obtaining their Silver Award.