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Monday 11th May

Hi everyone,

I wanted to come on to make sure you are all safe and well and update you on how I’m getting on at Mrs Watson’s house. 

I’m so pleased it’s been such lovely weather while I’ve been living here because I’ve been able to play in her garden all day with Amalie and Phoebe. I’ve been getting so many kisses and cuddles from them and they let me join in their games too. I love to play barbies with them because their barbie house is just like a big pink and purple plastic hutch for me to climb into. Mind I was a little naughty a couple of days ago and I had a bite of one of the barbies! Oops!!

I’ve got some exciting news too! I’m getting a new hutch for when I come to stay here. It’s going to be great . Amalie and Phoebe are busy helping Mr Watson to build it . It’s going to have two floors with a long set of ladders for me to run up! Watch this space and I’ll keep you updated of how it’s coming on.

Well I’ve just been given my dinner, a bowl of strawberry tops, bananas and apples! Yum! So it’s bye from me for now. 

Stay safe everyone and I’ll see you all soon. 




Monday 30th March

Hi Everybody!

I do hope you are all well and staying safe. I am currently staying with Mrs Watson and making sure I stick to what Boris is telling us. Even though I am missing you all, I know that we will have the biggest party when we are back in school.

I do hope you are all keeping your minds active and hands busy. As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed my first outdoor exercise session at Mrs Watson’s house and I hope the weather stays nice so I can enjoy more fresh air.

Please stay safe and stay indoors and remember this won’t go on forever.

Lots of love

Colin Gucci

Thursday 23rd January:

The Bunny Buddies have created a vlog talking about how to clean out Colin’s cage. We hope you enjoy it!

Friday 10th January:

The Bunny Buddies have made a vlog showing us how to pick up Colin safely. As you can see, our Colin is a wriggly bunny!”

Friday 20th December:

Well, it’s that time of year again and I am ready and waiting for the big man to slide down my chimney. I can almost taste the carrots and sprouts on my Christmas lunch.

I want to say a huge thank you to the Bunny Buddies for looking after me this term and to the staff who have looked after me on weekends.

Have a fabulous Christmas and a safe New Year”

Colin Gucci

I had another lovely weekend at Mrs Watson’s house. Phoebe had been feeling under the weather so I cheered her up and made her feel much better.

Throughout the weekend, I played in my pen with the girls and had lots of treats.

On Tuesday, I had my second visit to the vets. This time, I had a needle which protects me from pesky fleas and the infections they can carry.

The Bunny Buddies got to have a Greggs sausage roll and I had my broccoli for being a brave bunny.

I have been moved to the nursery classroom this week. All of the boys and girls have been super kind to me and it’s a nice change of scene.

This weekend I am off to Miss Orchard’s house.

Lots of bunny hugs and leaps,


I had the most amazing sleepover at Mr Byers’! I was so spoilt with treats and cuddles from Rosie and Emily that I could have happily moved my hutch there permanently. Emily played with me all the time and made sure that my cage was kept clean and tidy.  I want to say a huge thank you to Emily’s Mam and Dad for helping to look after me. After all, I’m not your average bunny!

When I came back to school, Miss Latimer had been shopping and bought me a huge bag of my favourite kale. Green online pharmacy for klonopin vegetables are especially good for my tummy and teeth.

The Bunny Buddies have been working hard creating information booklets for the younger children. Mrs Watson has displayed all of their hard work beside my hutch for everybody to see.

Remember to log on next week and read all about my weekend adventures and my next trip to the vets.

Bunny hugs and jumps


Wow! What a busy bunny I have been this week.

Firstly, I had the best ever weekend at Miss Latimer’s house. When I arrived, Annabelle was waiting for me and had lots of yummy, delicious treats ready. After I got settled in, Annabelle told me everything I needed to know about our solar system and then I heard all about the Great Fire of London, it was so interesting. As you can see by my photo, I was one chilled bunny.

Annabelle made sure I had plenty of healthy greens and I ate them all up like a good bunny.

I waved Annabelle and her daddy goodbye on Monday morning and got myself settled back in my hutch for my next adventure.

On Tuesday, I had my first visit to see the Vet. Miss Cassidy, Mrs Cowley and the Bunny Buddies made sure I wasn’t frightened for my first visit. I even had a piece of broccoli for the journey.  The Vet was super impressed with me! She said I was a very happy and healthy bunny. I was very brave for my needle and now I know I won’t get any nasty illnesses.  We even got to have a look around see where the animals are cared for.

The Bunny Buddies even got a treat from Greggs.

This weekend, I am off to Mr Byers’s house and I already know I will be visiting Emily to meet her family. Come back next week and see the fun I have over the weekend.

Bunny hugs and jumps

Colin Gucci

Colin’s Blog 7/11/2019

I have had a fantastic half-term with Mrs Watson and her family. As you can see from my photos, I got spoilt by Amalie and Phoebe with lots of bunny treats. I met all of their friends and played lots of new games. Mr Watson was very sad to see me leave, but I will be back

Even though I had such an amazing time at Seaham, I did miss all of my friends from school. As you can imagine, when I returned home the children were shocked at how much I had grown and I got lots of cuddles from my Bunny Buddies. The Buddies make sure my cage is kept clean and tidy and that I have plenty of water and other healthy treats. They are busy researching how best to look after me and keep me healthy.

I was kept safe and sound at Miss Cassidy’s house on Bonfire night and I was so pleased to be with Ralph Lauren again.

This weekend, I am off to Miss Latimer’s and I can’t wait to have lots of playdates and snuggles with Annabelle and her hamster. I hear they are already planning my snacks! 

Tune in next week to find out about my weekend adventures and my trip to the vets.

Lots of bunny hugs

Colin Gucci

My name is Colin-Gucci and I am the Plains Farm Well-being Mascot. I used to live at Pets at Home until Miss Cassidy spotted me, all alone, in my hutch.

I spent a few days with Miss Cassidy and her fur-babies. You can see me playing with Ralph Lauren in the video below!

I have settled very well in my duplex hutch and I am loving exploring my new surroundings.

Mr Byers has been looking after me as well and making sure I have my morning run in the hall. He has also been buying me lots of delicious treats.

Next week, I am going on my holidays to sunny Seaham and spending time at Mrs Watson’s house. I cannot wait to meet Amalie and Phoebe.

Tune in after the holidays to read all about my adventures!

Lots of bunny hugs