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Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter below:

Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Our Year 6 Staff: Miss Latimer and Mrs Quill

Friday 20th September 2019

This week the children took part in a maths escape room.  They took the role of World War 2 spies and worked in teams alongside children in year 5 to defeat a German bombing plan.  They worked exceptionally well in teams to solve different maths puzzles involving their knowledge of place value, calculating, co-ordinates, mass and shape, among other things.

They of course stopped the bombing!

On Tuesday, the children then applied their reading skills to different problems within a reading escape room, which was based around different stories such as Sherlock Holmes, Skellig and Macbeth (which the children were of course already experts in because of their writing work).

The children were successful in solving the clues and escaping Castle Crow.

Scott was our star of the week, earning the Plainsy Platinum Pass for his outstanding attitude and fantastic art work.

Autumn was named reader of the week for her great success in guided reading lessons.

Our writer of the week was Neve, for her amazing description of the witches from Macbeth.

We have 100% attendance this week – well done everyone, keep up the hard work.

Next week, we have our well-being day on Wednesday (instead of Friday due to calendar clashes).  The children will spend the morning baking and taking part in other well-being activities.  In the afternoon, we’re hoping for dry weather so we can take a nature walk through Barnes Park and create some natural art.  Children will bring a letter home today.

On Friday next week, year 6 will spend the day as a Maya in the classroom.  This will be led by a theatre company, with actors taking the role of Mayas.  We look forward to sharing our experiences next week.

Attendance: 100%!!! Well done Y6

Minutes Late: 65 minutes

Friday 13th September 2019

A big welcome to our new, year 6 class!!

The children have settled fantastically into their new class and are already knocking our socks off with their hard work and fantastic attitude to learning.

The children all wrote a campaign speech to become part of our school council team and we were over the moon and very proud of the number of children who stood in front of the whole school to read their speech.

All the children voted for their choice, with the roles being awarded to:

Head Girl: Neve

Deputy Head Girl: Holly

Head Boy: George

Deputy Head Boy: Harry

Anti Bullying and Play Leaders: Amy and Alix

Sports and Health Leader: Jay S

Sports and Health Team: Jay R, Liam, Autumn

Well Being Leader: Scott

Attendance Team: Piper, Georgia, Gracie and Charlie

Well done to you all!

Our topic this half term is focused around the Maya Civilisation – which the children are already enthusiastic about – then a further study of the geography of modern day North America.

On Friday 27th September the children will be fully immersed into the world of the Maya people when our classroom is transformed for the day by Maya specialists.  They will of course learn plenty of new facts and information, be able to ask a heap of questions and spot interesting aspects of Maya life to use as a stimulus in art and design work in the following week.

This week Georgia was our writer of the week for her amazing handwriting, full marks in a spelling quiz and excellent description of the witches from Macbeth.

Harvey received the Plainsy Pass this week for his amazing attitude to absolutely everything.

We need a big shout out to . . .

Neve, who came first in a big dance competition in Blackpool, along with her very talented dance crew.

Holly for guessing the winning name of the Southmoor bear and bringing him home for a cuddle.

Jay and his football team for winning a huge football competition in York over the summer holidays.

Autumn and Keaton for their much improved attendance.

Attendance: 94.8%

Lateness: 7 minutes