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Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter below:

Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Our Year 6 Staff: Miss Latimer and Mrs Quill

Friday 28th June

We’ve had a very exciting, adventure filled two weeks!

Last week the children dissected hearts as part of our science unit about the circulatory system.

They were extremely interested in the different parts of the heart and how strong a muscle it was.

Later in the week, all the children (and staff) put their hips to good use in a hoola hoop class.  All the children showed some great skills and are eager to have hoops on the yard at playtime.

As part of well-being work, the children worked in groups to create their own abstract art, by layering drawn around body shapes.  All the children worked extremely well in their groups and are looking forward to completing their pieces.

Some of the children went to Beamish Wild on Monday, as a big thank you for coming to booster classes and study groups in the spring and summer term.  The children were amazingly brave in tackling the high ropes course through the tree tops.  They then built some pretty fabulous dens in the forest before honing their archery skills.  We even survived the rain!

To finish the week all the children took part in the West Area Council event at Barnes Park on either Thursday or Friday.  They took part in a huge range of activities such as trampolining, climbing walls and free rides on the fun fair.  All the children were fantastically behaved and received lots of praise from the organisers across the days.

All the year 6 children will be going to Flamingo Land next Friday 5th July.  They need to be in school for 8am and will return to school for around 6pm (we are leaving Flamingo Land at 4pm).  All children will need a packed lunch, sun cream, hat and jacket in case of rain.  If children would like to use the water park while they are there, they should bring along a towel and change of clothes.

We’d like to wish all the children good luck on their transition visits to their secondary schools next week and look forward to hearing all about their experiences when they come back into school.

Friday 14th June

We did it!!!

This week the children completed the last of their assessed pieces of writing for their end of key stage 2 writing SAT – they all worked very hard and should be very proud of what they have achieved.

A huge well done from Miss Latimer and Mrs Quill!

On Tuesday we all enjoyed taking part in a hula hooping lesson with ‘Hoopstarz’, it was a great work out and loads of fun – pictures to follow soon!

On Wednesday next week (19th June) the children will explore the changes they will go through during puberty with the school nurse (rearranged from the spring term).

Even though we are approaching the end of the school year, the expectations for children to be in full school uniform are still in place.  Please ensure your child wears a white t-shirt, school jumper and grey/black school trousers or a skirt to school every day – thank you.

Attendance: 87.6%

Friday 7th June

After a well earned half term the children have come back full of energy and ideas for their year 6 SAT writing.  This week they completed their own, chapter seven of the class novel ‘Holes’ and we all think that our chapters were much more exciting than the actual chapter by Louis Sachar!

On Tuesday the children worked alongside year 5 to take part in a maths escape room – needless to say they all got out alive!

They applied all sorts of maths skills to a variety of weird and wonderful problems that even stumped some of the adults.

The fun didn’t stop there!

On Wednesday, the children took part in a ‘Hit the Surf’ session at Seaburn beach with RNLI lifeguards.  They had an amazing afternoon, body boarding and ‘saving’ each other.  Even the teachers got a work out from helping the children into their wet suits!

This week, all the children in year 6 were in school, on time, every day – well done everyone!

We look forward to seeing you all at the key stage 2 sports day, on Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm, on the school field.

Friday 24th May

Well done to all our Year 6 children for making a huge effort in all the SAT tests and finishing them with a smile and the confidence in knowing that they had tried their best – we know the bacon and sausage sandwiches must have helped!

All the children that went on the visit to London last weekend had an amazing adventure and were a joy to be with.  We even had a call from another passenger, who shared our train journey, who called school to praise the behaviour of the children and the hard work of all the staff.  We couldn’t be prouder.

We were also over the moon to see all 13, very tired London adventurers in school, bright and early on Monday morning.

Today we have enjoyed a well-being morning.  We spent time outside in the sun; drawing, reading, hunting for bugs and rolling down hills.

For the next couple of weeks the children will focus on completing their end of year 6 assessed pieces of writing alongside work on our class topic about North America.

Year 6 have a very busy final half term.  Please check the diary of events that your child has brought home tonight to keep track of important dates and visits the children will be taking part in.

Our first visit is to Seaburn Beach on Wednesday 5th June to take part in a ‘Hit the Surf’ activity.

Have a lovely week off – fingers crossed that the sunshine lasts.

Friday 10th May

The children have worked extremely hard this week, working on some last minute revision before the SATs next week.  Needless to say, they enjoyed the break during pyjama day today!

We finished our first jigsaw at the year 6 jigsaw station!!  Ellie and Eliza worked their socks off to complete the trickiest parts.

The SATs will take on mornings as follows:

Monday – Grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2

Tuesday – Reading

Wednesday – Maths papers 1 and 2

Thursday – Maths paper 3

All the children are asked to arrive at school for 8am.  They will be provided with a breakfast – they’ve already chosen bacon or sausage sandwiches – then time to relax before their tests.

Please make sure your child in in school on time – any children arriving after the tests have started will not be allowed to complete the test.

All the children have received some unusual homework to complete over the weekend to make sure they are in the best shape possible for next week.

Whatever the outcomes of the tests may be, we want all the children to know how very proud of them we are.  Enjoy the relaxing weekend ahead.

Friday 22nd April

Welcome back after a sun filled Easter holiday.

Our first week back has been filled with activities around ‘Big Me’ week, with the children thinking about what they would like to do and achieve as they grow up.  Teachers were asked to share their childhood ambitions, however ridiculous (much to the amusement of the children) and explore how we arrived in the careers we’re in today.

To help the children better understand some occupations, we had visitors from many different organisations and careers, talking about their roles and how they got to where they are today.

One visitor in particular caught the children’s attention – Michelle Payne a Biomedical Scientist from Sunderland University.

She explained her job to the children and some of the more disgusting things she comes across in her day to day work.  We’ve never knew there were so many questions about puss and infections!

The children then took part in a hand washing task.  They were asked to rub ultraviolet gel all over their hands to simulate germs which are invisible to the naked eye; checking they had rubbed it in properly under a UV light.

They then had to wash their hands and check just how much UV gel remained to evaluate how effective their hand washing was.

All the children completed a piece of writing linked to their future ambitions, with many writing their own, future biography – we have a lot of Plains Farm millionaires in our future!

We are now only two weeks away from the year 6 SAT tests.  Please make sure your child is in school everyday and attends all the applicable ‘study groups’ to support their needs.

Year 6 attendance this week was 98% – well done all, keep up the hard work.

Friday 5th April

A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined us for Easter Family Learning this afternoon.  It was great fun to watch children and grown-ups joining in with our kick-boxing instructor.

All the children have thoroughly enjoyed our class topic about World War 1 – with some children choosing to take home a copy of the class novel ‘Private Peaceful’ to read over the holidays.

Next term the class topic will be about ‘The Americas’, beginning where the children left off in Year 5 with the Mayans, then quickly moving on to modern day Mexico and the rest of North America.

Of course, the SAT’s are just around the corner, so make sure your child gets plenty of well earned rest over the holidays so they are ready to make the most of the last three weeks before SATs when they return.

Your child has been given information about the booster and ‘study groups’ which will be taking place after the holidays.  All the children are welcome to come in for morning booster groups on Wednesday and Thursday and to attend an after school booster group on Thursday after school from 3:15pm to 4pm.

There are reading and maths ‘study groups’ on Monday and Tuesday after school, again until 4pm, but these are for identified children who have been given a letter to inform parents.

Year 6 attendance this week was 90.4% – we hope to see a massive improvement to this after the holidays.

Enjoy your Easter holidays.

Friday 29th March

Today we had our first ‘Wellbeing Friday’, in which the children throughout school spent time developing their understanding of their feelings and began to think about what makes them happy.

Year 6 created a feelings flower for the classroom, on which they will be able to display their current mood, so their friends and teachers can speak to them about their day and offer help where it may be needed.

This week’s winner of the Plainsy Platinum Pass was Lewis for his amazing attitude to absolutely everything.

Year 6’s attendance was 97.6% – above the target of 96% – with no-one late for school this week.  Well done!

Booster and Study Groups will be changing slightly after the Easter holidays – watch our for letters coming home to check which sessions are applicable to your child.

Next Thursday is our school Easter fayre, followed by our Easter Family Afternoon on Friday.  The Year 6 children would like to invite their parents to come in an join them for music and martial arts lessons – make sure you com along dressed for the occasion!

Friday 22nd March

We completed our science unit exploring electricity – and even blew some bulbs along the way!

Last week we tested the effect of different voltages within a circuit on components such as bulbs and motors.  This week we moved on to testing the effect of longer wires within a circuit and started making connections to the previous investigation, by moving on to altering the voltage within a circuit to counteract the extra wires.

Jake and Nathan’s lunchtime circuits training is gaining popularity in year 6 – leading to lots of energised children coming back into class after lunch.

We’re coming to the end of our topic about World War 1 and are hoping to wow you with some food inspired by World War 1 at the school Easter Fayre, on Thursday 4th April at 1:30pm.

Well done to all the children who returned their homework this week – we set a new record!  Keep up the hard work.

Last week’s winner of the Plainsy Platinum Pass was Aimee for the narrative she wrote in literacy.

This week’s winner was Daniel for always performing to the best of his abilities in lessons.

Daniel was also our writer of the week with his outstanding narrative, which was packed with mood and atmosphere.

Ellie was our reader of the week, for always using evidence from texts within her answers.

It’s our last fencing lesson on Tuesday next week so make sure your PE kit is in school.

Friday 8th March


This week we had the first of four fencing lessons in school, it was great fun – even Miss Cassidy joined in!

We also had a lovely afternoon for World Book Day, especially when some of our relatives came in to join in some of our World Book Day activities.

Thank you to all the family and friends that made the huge effort to come along and join in.

Attendance: 99.2%

Minutes Late: 25

Friday 1st March

On Tuesday this week we had some upsetting news – the prospect of the trust selling our beloved MUGA.  Of course the children were horrified at the news (and seeing the Peter Heron ‘for sale’ sign) and set about contacting the trust to explain why it must not be sold and persuade them to change their minds.  Some children even painted a protest banner to add to the MUGA!

Today we had a visit from the Executive Head and Head of Financing to share the excellent news that the children’s outstanding letters had been received, read and changed the minds of the trust – the MUGA is staying!  Well done everyone!

We had even more good news today when we discovered that for the very first time since September, Year 6 had achieved 100% attendance for a week in school – amazing!

Image result for animated round of applause

We’d love to see this every week so please keep making huge efforts to get into school everyday!

The children completed a set of practice SAT tests this week and performed well.

Please take the time to support your child in completing their homework to further embed skills developed in class during the week.  We would also like to remind children and parents to read as often as possible as some of the children would benefit from a faster, more fluent pace of reading.

On Tuesday, the children will have the opportunity to take part in the first of four fencing classes which have been made available to school.  In order to take part, the children must have a full PE kit in school.

Thursday is World Book Day, for which the children have been asked to come into school in their pyjamas – ready for a bedtime story.

Our very first Plainsy Pass recipient was Charlie this week.  He was chosen for his outstanding attitude to everything and will receive ongoing rewards throughout the week as a pass winner.

Friday 15th February 2019

We’ve had another busy week, with some outstanding final pieces of writing produced for the end of our persuasive writing unit, in which the children were writing letters and newspaper reports to gain support for posthumous medal awards for unsung heroes of World War 1.  Here are some examples from Aimee and Ellie:


The class completed the science unit about light, which means we will be moving on to Electricity after the half term holidays.  While we’re exploring electricity we will take a break from learning about World War 1, to come back to it at the end of the half term to learn about food during the war and the roles of women.

Daniel was our hand writer of the week, for making huge improvements to his joined writing.

Monday 25th February is an INSET day so we’ll see everyone back in school on Tuesday 26th February.

Reminder:  We are holding a Year 6 Parents Meeting on Thursday 28th February at 3:30pm to discuss and answer questions about the SATs tests and writing assessment, the timetables for the tests themselves and the expectations for children in the run up to, during and following the assessments.  Please come along, even if you’ve had another child take part in the Year 6 SATs recently.

Our Year 6 breakfast clubs will continue to run on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15am to the start of the school day.  We are already planning our day out of school for those children making the huge effort to try and get into school a little earlier.

Please ensure your child is in school and on time every day and attends any after school ‘study groups’ they have been invited to.  

Friday 8th February 2019

We’re coming to the end of our science topic about light; this week the children created their own optical illusions to prove Newton’s theory of there being separate colours within the light spectrum.

They were all stunned to find that when spun fast enough the colours on the wheel (those of the rainbow) mixed to create white.

As part of our continued work about World War 1 the children explored some art work depicting scenes from the war, then used them, alongside their colour mixing skills to create their own paintings.

Next week is the end of our persuasive writing unit, when the children will be composing their own persuasive letters to the government to persuade them to award posthumous medals to forgotten heroes from World War 1, including some of the children’s own relatives.

Our reader of the week was Ethan for his fantastic use of inference and deduction when reading ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen.

Leighton received a certificate for his much improved handwriting.

Eliza was added to the Golden Book for her huge efforts in topic writing and Rhys was added for much improved concentration in the classroom.

Nathan received a huge round of applause and a ‘dip in the box’ for his excellent observations in science.

There’s been some improvement in Year 6 attendance this week: 94.4%.  This is still a long way off what it should be.

On the first Thursday back after half term we will be holding a parents meeting to discuss the SAT testing and writing arrangements for this year and the work the children will be doing up to and during the SATs.  Look out for a letter which will be coming home with your child next week.

Friday 25th January 2019

It’s been a busy two weeks in Year 6.

Last Monday we visited Safety Works in Newcastle where the children (and adults) learned about fire and road safety, staying safe on Metro Stations, first aid and what it feels like to be arrested!

She really didn’t do it!

The children were taught how to put unresponsive people into the recovery position then had the chance to practice their new skills on each other.

During Science the children used balls of wool to demonstrate how light travels in straight lines and reflects off objects in order for us to be able to see them.

They continued their work with light this week, exploring the laws of reflection and refraction.

Last week were also treated to a surprise snowfall . . . and of course we had to go out while it lasted.

This week the children have completed writing their own non-linear stories with excellent results.  They also applied their skills to writing as though they were in the trenches of World War 1.

Last week Charlie received a certificate and award for his very moving and emotional World War 1 diary entry.

This week Ashton received a certificate and award for his World War 1 letter home, Kieran received the award for most improved handwriting and Aimee received the Reader of the Week certificate for her fantastic use of inference and deduction.

Callum was added to the Golden Book for making a huge effort in all lessons and Charlie was added for his fantastic explorations and debating about issues from World War 1.

Friday 11th January 2019

Happy New Year!

All the children came back to school this week, full of wonderful Christmas stories and eager to get back to work.

We have started a new literacy unit based around non-linear stories (stories with flashbacks) which we are linking to our class novel Private Peaceful.  The children are already sharing plenty of their own flashbacks of silly stories and incidents from their early days at Plains Farm.

Out topic for this term will remain as World War 1 as there is still so much more that the children want to learn and explore.  We will also be learning about light and electricity in science.

This week, we took part in a Zumba workshop.  Despite some co-ordination problems we had a great time!


The children also had their first martial arts lesson today, where they were taught and practiced some basic kick-boxing moves to develop their co-ordination and strength.  All the children enjoyed the lesson and can’t wait for next weeks.

Well done to our hand writer of the week:  Eliza

This week Rosie was the ‘Star of the Week’ for persevering in maths.

Laylan was added to the Golden Book for an excellent, Monet inspired, drawing.

Hudson was also added to the Golden Book for his awesome attitude towards everything.

The attendance in Year 6 is well below the expected standard of 96%.  It is vital that children attend school everyday, more so now that they are in their final year of primary school and approaching the end of year tests which will take place in May.  Please encourage your child to make an extra effort to get in when they can.

Monday 21st January is the class visit to Safety Works in Newcastle.  Please make sure your children returns their consent slip for the visit.

All children must have a water bottle in school to use during the day.  This should be taken home every night to be cleaned and then brought back into school the next day.

Attendance: 89.2%

Minutes Late: 40 minutes

Friday 30th November 2018

A big well done to all the children in year 6 for their hard work across the curriculum this week!

On Tuesday the children knocked the socks off all the adults by applying their perimeter and area skills to calculating the land won and lost in fictional battles on the World War 1 front line.  The children formed their own war room cabinets; adding the land won to maps of the front line.


We’ve added the maps to our classroom ‘trench’ and topic display.


In literacy the children have further developed their skills for writing non-chronological reports, which they will apply to their own writing about animals in World War 1 next week.

Well done to our hand writer of the week:  Hudson.

This week Ava was the ‘Star of the Week’ for her outstanding maths skills.

Leighton was added to the Golden Book for making huge efforts in every part of the school day.

Daniel was also added to the Golden Book for not giving up during some pretty tricky maths lessons this week.

Next Friday is our school Christmas fayre, where the children will be selling some wonderful Christmas items, which they have created.

Attendance: 90.4%

Minutes Late: 255 minutes

Friday 16th November 2018

This week the children in year 6 took part in anti-bullying week along with the rest of the school.  Our class focus was ‘online/cyber bullying’, during which the children focused on the different kinds of online bullying and how to manage and prevent them.

They created their own ‘Online Commandments’:

IMG_1197[1] IMG_1198[1]

The children also created their own year 6 Anti-Bullying Charter, which we now have displayed in the classroom and which all the children will sign up to.  Please click the link below to see the children’s hard work:

Year 6 AB Charter

Well done to our hand writer of the week, Ava.

This week Jake received the ‘dip in the box’ for his much improved behaviour.

Gabriel was added to the Golden Book for his excellent spooky story writing.

Rhys was also added to the Golden Book for his outstanding fractions, decimals and percentages work in maths this week.

All the children have received their weekly homework today.  Please ensure that your child completes all their homework and returns it to school by Wednesday morning.  We now have a maths homework club every Monday and Tuesday lunchtime for any child who needs support or simply wants to complete their homework in their lunchtime.

After school study groups continue to run.  Please encourage your child to take part if they have been invited to attend.

Attendance: 95.6%

Lateness: 66 minutes

Friday 9th November 2018

This week began with a visit to Beamish where the children spent time in the pit village and town, exploring what life was like before and during World War 1.  During the visit the children were employed by the Home Office to investigate why a 14 year old boy had lied about his age to join the army.  They interviewed ‘witnesses’ around the pit village to better understand the motivations for young boys to lie about the age to join up and fight in the war.


Of course we made time to visit the sweet shop, where the adults were just as excited as the children!

Well done to Charlie for his outstanding investigative skills at Beamish – you’ve really earned your ‘dip’ in the treat box!

A huge pat on the back for Kieran for being added to the Golden Book for his excellent recount.

Well done Jaydon for being added to the Golden book for making a huge effort in maths lessons.

All year 6 children brought a letter home tonight with information about a proposed visit to London in May of next year.  If you would like your child to join the visit, please complete the slip at the bottom of the letter and return to school with a £20 non-refundable deposit by Friday of next week (16th November).  In the case of the trip not going ahead all deposits will be returned.

Next week is national anti-bullying week which are taking part in.  Throughout the week year 6 will be writing their own anti-bullying charter and further developing their understanding of what cyber bullying is and how to deal with it.  As part of the week and as it’s Children in Need on Friday, children will be having a non-uniform day.

After School Study Groups

Monday: Handwriting

Tuesday: Spelling

Thursday: Maths

All Study Groups run between 3:15 and 3:45.  Your child will bring a letter home if they are invited to join any of the year 6 study groups.


Minutes Late: 17 minutes