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Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information.

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Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Our Year 6 Staff:

Miss Latimer

Mrs Quill

At Home Message 2 – 2nd April 2020

Well done for making it through another week of learning at home; I’ve been over the moon to see so many of you logging in to your online tasks and revisiting things you may have found tricky.

It’s been busy around here. I’ve been looking over the tests you completed before school closed – well done to all of you for the huge effort you all made in such a strange week.

Of course, I’ve also been helping Annabelle with her homework and trying to squeeze in some fun stuff like playing in the garden and making crispy cakes – I wasn’t even allowed to decorate!

It may not surprise you to hear that Mrs Quill has been busy decorating her house – no doubt it won’t be the last time while we are out of school. 

As for Mr Thompson, he’s busy building a 144 foot fence around his garden!  We all wish him luck!

Things might all seem to be getting a bit repetitive at home at the moment, so to take care of your mental health and well-being why not have a go at one or more of the following little challenges:
• Keep active: Build an obstacle course in the house or garden and see who gets the best time
• Keep learning: Make yourself a cosy reading den to get away from all the noise and let a book take you to ‘a land far, far away’
• Connect: Start leaving notes/pictures of kindness around the house for your family to discover – we all need something to make us smile

Stay in touch while we’re off;  Mrs Quill, Mr Thompson and I would love to see some of the activities and things you have been up to while we’re away from school and also be able to respond to any questions about school work that you may have. You could write a quick email or send some pictures to our email addresses:



We’ll share as many of your adventures and stories as we can on the blog.

To help a little more with some maths concepts, please log in to:
There is a video lesson for each day of the week, followed by activities to practice new skills – and answers, no cheating! Week 1, ‘Ratios and Scale Factors’ is still available and something we all need a little more work with, so take a look at that first. The theme continues into Week 2, with more work on ratio, scale factors and proportion, before moving on to angles in lessons 3, 4 and 5.

In education city I’ve set some tasks in the My City, Class Work section, called ‘Home Classroom – Science’, the tasks will revisit your learning from our electricity unit.
If you haven’t already had a go, there are also tasks in the My City, Homework section, called ‘Year 6 at Home’. There is a mixture of reading and maths activities.

Remember, Reading Plus is still running and is a great way to read a wide variety of interesting texts. Please login and keep your word count rising – I’ll be checking to see who has read their target of five texts for each week.
We need to give a special mention to our top three readers, look how many words they’ve read so far:
Holly: 71,718
Georgia: 63,200
Harry: 59,223

Harry has been very busy this week; making corned beef pies and crispy cakes, designing an anti corona suit, creating rainbows for his windows and personally writing to Boris Johnson!  Thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to Harry, we can’t wait to see next week’s adventures.

Take care and stay safe – we’ll write again next week.

At Home Message 1 – 26th March 2020

Hello all of our lovely Year 6s – we miss you already!

Thank you to all of you hard working people that have logged into some of your online tasks – you knew I’d be keeping a close eye!

For those of you that haven’t had a look yet, there’s plenty to do to keep your amazing learning up to speed while we’re away from the classroom.

Purple Mash:  there is a newspaper report task about the blitz to continue our work on World War 2 and three tasks linked to our science topic about animal adaptation.

SPAG.com: there are 19 (sorry about that) tasks and tests for you to complete.

Education City:  I’ve set four maths tasks and five reading tasks to be completed by 10th April.

I’ll be checking daily to see how you’re getting on.

If you need any help or have any questions email school at:  plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk and I’ll get in touch as soon as I can.

Of course, it isn’t all about completing work while you’re at home, so make sure you are trying to fit in as many fun activities as possible.  You could join in with Joe Wicks every morning at 9am (I’m doing my best, I promise) or get painting a rainbow to add to one of the windows of your house to spread a little joy.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Year 6 blog without a message from our Mrs Quill, who wants you all to know that she is missing you very much and hopes we can end year six properly when all this is over.

Don’t forget to stand at your front door at 8pm tonight and join in the round of applause for all the hard working NHS staff out there, who are doing their very best to keep us well and safe.

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Friday 6th March 2020

First, the staff would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that attended our Year 6 SAT meeting on Tuesday night.  

Thursday was World Book Day.  The children started the day by joining in with a live ‘draw along’ with author and illustrator Vashti Harrison on the Puffin website.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the step by step process and produced some excellent outcomes.

This was followed by a story planing session with author, Antony Wootten.  The children worked together to plan their own disaster story, which Antony then told to the class.

This afternoon the children started their preparations for Science Week early, by joining in with some fun and exciting science alongside Professor Onesmith.  


Our maths star of the week is Jay S, for the outstanding effort he makes in every lesson – well done!

Next week the book fair is in school all week open everyday at 8:30am, 10:30am and 3pm.  Children are able to use their £1 book tokens towards the cost of books from the fair.

Year 6 attendance this week is 95.6, with 29 minutes of learning time missed due to lateness.

Friday 28th February 2020

Welcome back after a well deserved half term holiday.

The children have quickly got stuck into a new writing unit, in which they will write a narrative from two different points of view.  The story they write will be based on the creepy, short film ‘Alma’ – click on the link below to take a peek:


On Wednesday afternoon the children had a visit from Mrs Maher for the ‘teacher read swap’.  They all enjoyed the non-fiction book she brought with her.

Today was our monthly well-being day, during which the children explored the history of emojis and the different feelings they represent, before trying to write a diary entry using as many emojis as possible to represent words in their writing – we quickly came to the conclusion that emojis won’t replace words completely!

Our star of the week and winner of the Plainsy Pass was Holly for being the only member of the class to log in and complete some reading revision over the half term holiday.

Our class attendance this week is 98.3%, with 69 minutes of missed learning due to late arrivals.

Next week, we will be holding a SATs meeting for parents on Tuesday (after school study group will go ahead as normal for the children) after school at 3:20pm, where we will discuss revision of key skills in the build up to tests, how the tests will be carried out, what tests there are and the timetable for the tests across the week.  Please come along if you can.

Over the coming weeks, please encourage your child to attend as many before and after school study groups as possible and to complete some online revision over the weekend.

Friday 14th February 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of Year 6

This week the children have been working hard this week to complete their persuasive writing.  They did a fantastic job of persuading parents during World War 2 to evacuate their children to the safety of the countryside.

They also worked their socks off to defeat long division.  They’ll continue to develop their skills after half term to be able to apply their calculation skills to problems.

The children had the opportunity to write their own 500 word stories for the Radio 2 competition.  If any children would like to have another go at home, all the details are on the Radio 2 website.

The Valentine’s disco on Thursday was fab – unfortunately there was no foam this time, but plenty of dancing.


Year 6 finally achieved 100% attendance for the week – we’re all over the moon.  Let’s hope this is the start of a run of much improved attendance for the class.  

Autumn was our writer of the week, for her very emotive letter as an evacuated child in history.

Our maths star award went to Amy for working hard to understand and use long multiplication.

Tilly and Dylan received the Plainsy Pass for their outstanding attitude to everything in school – well done.

Friday 7th February 2020

What a week!

I think all the children in Year 6 will agree that Thursday’s Bonkers Bingo was the highlight of the week even with the huge amount of terrible teacher dancing on display!  All the children got stuck in and danced to every song ‘DJ Thompson’ threw at them.


Of course, what every good party needs is foam!


Unfortunately, we haven’t played bingo all week.  On Monday, the children developed their archery skills in PE.  They all thoroughly enjoyed the new challenge and for those children who have been regularly attending archery club, it was an opportunity to further develop their own skills while demonstrating for the rest of the class.

Starting next week, Year 6 after school study clubs on Monday and Tuesday will be open to the whole class to improve their reading and maths skills in the run up to the Year 6 SAT tests at the beginning of May.  All the children have been given a detailed letter with a consent form to attend.  Please encourage your child to come along. 

Year 6 breakfast clubs on Wednesday and Thursday will continue to run as normal.

Year 6 attendance this this week is 95.8%.  Over the next few weeks the pace of learning in year 6 will continue, with children receiving support in breakfast and after school study clubs to address individual needs.   Please make every effort to encourage your child to come into school every day and on time.

173 minutes of learning time were missed by three children arriving late to school this week.

Next week, the children will have their Valentine’s disco on Thursday afternoon, along with years 3, 4 and 5.  They should bring a letter with further details home with them tonight.

A huge well done from all the staff in year 6 for all the children’s hard work this week – keep it up!

Friday 31st January 2020

The children started their week with an exciting PE lesson with their regular PE coach.  They created some weird and wonderful body shapes, while improving their balance.

Later in the week, the children further developed their understanding of electricity by experimenting with different battery voltages in a circuit and observing the effects.  Needless to say a couple of bulbs went an interesting shade of black – all in the name of science of course!

Today, as part of our well-being activities, the children explored what it means to be ‘me’.  They created collages to reflect as many aspects of themselves as possible with some outstanding, thoughtful and hilarious outcomes.


Thank you to all the children who worked hard on their research homework last week – the outcomes were amazing.  We’ve chosen a small selection to add our class display about World War 2.

Next Thursday is our Bonkers Bingo event.  For a £2 donation the children will take part in a bingo game to win all sorts of fantastic prizes.

Friday 24th January 2020

This week the children ventured into the ‘secret garden’ for an RE lesson; our current topic is to explore why religious people often feel that they have a responsibility to look after the planet.  The children considered how and why this applied to Christians, after reading an extract from Genesis.  They then created seed balls in the garden, to feed local birds and consider how they might help in looking after living things.


Earlier in the week, the children completed the Aspirations Program, which they had been working through with Mr Cook from Sandhill School.  They have learned how university can play a role in achieve certain aspirations, which universities were best for which course, how to find a place at university and the fun that can be had while attending.  They discovered that universities deliver courses on everything from being a DJ to a doctor and everything in between.

Please support your child in completing their homework and returning it to school on time.  We do offer support during play times in year 6, for children who may find their homework difficult or who may find it hard to find time to complete it at home.

On Thursday, next week, the children will be taking part in a sports enrichment day – please make sure your child has a full indoor and outdoor PE kit in school so they are able to take part.

Friday 17th January 2020

It’s been yet another action packed week in year 6 – this time the children  started the week with a visit to Beamish.  While there, they took part in workshops to reflect upon what they had learned about World War 1 and to begin to develop their understanding of life during World War 2 and what it may have been like to be evacuated as a child.  As a result of their outstanding behaviour, commented upon by the Beamish staff, all the children were treated to hot chocolate by Miss Cassidy.


Through art this week, the children have continued to explore the work of Roy Lichtenstein, using it as an inspiration for their own pop art word explosion.  I think you’ll agree that the outcomes are fab!



The class continued to work with Mr Cook from Sandhill View school as part of the Aspirations Programme.  During the lesson, the children began to explore what courses are available within universities all over the country and how they might go about choosing a course to suit their future career.

Our breakfast clubs started this week, with a great turn out – well done to all those pupils who made the effort to get into school early.

Scott was our star of the week for his outstanding attitude to learning and everything about school life – he gets to use the Plainsy Pass next week.

Please remember how important your child’s attendance is, particularly in Year 6, when catching up before the SATs in May becomes increasingly difficult.

All children need a full indoor and outdoor PE kit in school everyday.

Attendance: 95.8%

Minutes Late: 35 minutes

Friday 10th January

Welcome back to a brand new year – 2020

The children had a great start to the week with a visit to Nissan.  They had an action packed day; building their own Lego cars after setting up their own production line, visiting the Nissan training centre, watching a robot at work and trying out some of the small tools.  They were also very well looked after with freshly baked cookies and goody bags to take home.



This week, the children started a two week mini-topic exploring the work of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.  They have evaluated some of his work, explored when and how he fits into art history and continued to explore colour mixing in the build up to create their own word explosion, inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein.


In literacy the children started a new narrative unit, exploring stories with flashbacks.  They have read extracts from ‘Private Peaceful’ and had a go at writing a short narrative with a flashback based on their own experiences.  In the next two weeks, the children will develop their skills further and explore the short video ‘The Piano’, which they will use as a stimulus for their own writing.

On Tuesday next week, the children will go on their class visit to Beamish, where they will take part in workshops based around World War 1 and World War 2.  Please make sure your child bring a packed lunch on the day.  They will also need a very warm coat and sensible outdoor shoes.

Our Year 6 breakfast club begins next week and will take place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15am to 8:50am.  If you would like your child to attend, please ensure you have returned the consent form by Tuesday of next week.

Attendance: 91.7%

Minutes Late: 95 minutes

Friday 13th December

The children have all enjoyed another week filled with pre-Christmas highlights!

Thank you to all the family members and friends who came to support the year 5 and year 6 children in their Christmas production ‘Silent Night’.  All the children were outstanding and sang beautifully.  A special mention must be made for Scott, who surprised us all with his wonderfully hidden talent – an amazing solo.

On Friday morning some of the year 6 children supported the nursery and Reception children in their book sale and reading morning.  They made great reading buddies for the younger children.  Well done Tilly, Lacey and Alix.


Of course, the children have also been working hard this week; producing detailed non-chronological reports about World War 1.


After Christmas, the children will begin to explore the reasons for World War 2, compare the event to WW1 and begin to understand the impact of both wars on Britain today.

Next week the children will attend the panto at the Sunderland Empire with the rest of school on Wednesday morning – please ensure your child has returned their consent form.

Year 6 will join Year 5 for their Christmas party on Thursday afternoon.

Attendance in year 6 was a disappointing 91.3% this week.  Children are still busy in school, despite all the Christmas excitement, so please ensure you encourage your child to attend school every day.

46 minutes of learning time was lost to lateness this week.

Almost forgot . . . things are looking good for a white Christmas!

Friday 6th December

The Christmas build up has continued this week.

On Tuesday, Year 6 joined the rest of the school in a visit to St Mary and St Peter’s Church for a carol service led by the school choir. All the children did a fantastic job in raising the roof with their fantastic singing. Some of the year 6 children supported younger pupils in preparing the nativity scene – well done!

Following the visit to the church the children began their baking for the school fayre – of course the children were encouraged to taste everything they made, as any decent chef would!


They sold almost everything at the school fayre on Thursday, helping to raise funds towards school visits.

Next week the children are looking forward to performing in their Christmas production ‘Silent Night’. The children will perform twice – 10am and 2pm – we hope to see you all there.

Friday 13th December is Christmas Jumper day and the day the children get to enjoy a Christmas dinner with their school family.

Please remember to return your child’s consent form to attend the panto at the Sunderland Empire on Wednesday 18th December (the last week of school).

Year 6 attendance this week was 97.5% – keep up the hard work.
Year 6 are still missing a lot of learning time due to lateness – this week it was 62 minutes. Please make sure your child is in school, on time so they make the most of all the learning time available.

Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school for the full week (including outdoor clothing). Too many children are missing out on PE lessons and fantastic opportunities with our sports coaches because they do not have appropriate kit/footwear in school.

Friday 29th November 2019

We’ve officially started to ready ourselves for Christmas!

At the beginning of the week the children read through our Christmas production for the first time – ‘Silent Night’.  The play is based around how the song Silent Night was first created.  All the children in years 5 and 6 have a part in the play and may have brought a letter home asking for your help in getting the children to look the part.  If you have any problems in finding specific items, please speak to a member of staff and we’ll try to lend a hand.  There will be two performances on Thursday 12th December –  10am and 2pm – with each family allowed two tickets for each performance.

This morning all the children made their own Christmas bauble for the school Christmas tree which is due to arrive next week.


We think they look fabulous and can’t wait to add them to the tree!

There are a couple of exciting events that we’d like to share with you before next week.

On Tuesday year 6 will accompany the rest of school to St Mary and St Peter’s Church, to take part in a Christmas carol service.  We’re inviting all parents along to join us.  If you would like to accompany your children to the carol service, simply join us on the walk, leaving school at around 1:15pm.

On Thursday afternoon, at 1:30pm, it is our annual Plains Farm Christmas Fayre.  All the children in school will be making delicious goodies to buy alongside our raffle, tombola and many other stalls.

This week’s writer of the week is Dylan for his great choice of language in his writing to create atmosphere.

Piper is our star of the week and so earned the Plainsy Pass for her positive attitude and supportive manner around everyone – well done Piper!

Attendance: 96.7%

Minutes Late: 55

Friday 22nd November 2019

This week the children have worked hard to develop and organise the classroom and year 5 and 6 reading areas – they’ve done an amazing job in creating a place that the children love to sit and enjoy a good book.

In art lessons this week the children continued to develop their shading techniques by shading a small area of a sketch of a World War 1 artefact.  We’re looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

The children have continued their very enthusiastic work into World War 1, producing their own ‘Front Page Stories’ about the break out of war.  The children ahve also begun to identify other areas of the war they would like to learn about.

The children will be continuing their work about the World War 1 next week by using images of soldiers to create descriptive spine poems and by beginning to explore the emotions surrounding family members and loved ones leaving to go to war.

This week George received the Plainsy Pass for his outstanding attitude and determination in absolutely everything – well done George!

Year 6 attendance this week is 95.8%.

Children late for school this week lost 109 minutes of learning time in the classroom.  Please make sure your child is on time for the start of the school day – they really do start lessons at 8:50am as they enter the classroom.

Friday 15th November 2019

It’s been yet another busy and fun filled week in Year 6.

This week our school took part in Maths Week England and Anti-Bullying week.

As part of Maths Week England all the children took part in an online Times Tables Rock Stars tournament – with some pretty amazing progress and results being recorded.  All the children will bring login details home as part of their homework book this week, so they can continue to practice at home.

On Thursday it was amazing to see so many relatives of children come in to school and join our maths family learning morning.  Of course, we were over the moon to have so many celebrities also join us for the morning!


The children have spent the week completing a variety of maths activities, including working alongside other classes to solve a whole school problem for the Maths England team.

As part of anti-bullying week the children in year 6 made their own ‘personal pledge’ and designed their own anti-bullying super heroes.

Along with the rest of the school Year 6 have joined Step Up, a new challenge to encourage people who live, work and study in Sunderland to be more active.  We have worked out that this week our class walked 415,224  steps while in school, which will be added to our school and the Sunderland total.  You could take part too.  It’s fun, free to register and everyone who takes part will get the chance to receive rewards.  You can join by downloading the Step Up Sunderland app from the App Store or Google Play, or by logging into the website www.stepupsunderland.com

Attendance: 95.8%

Minutes Late: 18

Friday 8th November 2019

We’ve had a very successful and very fast first week back at school.

This week, we saw the arrival of ‘the chair’!  A mysterious new piece of furniture appeared in the centre of the school hall on Monday and made it’s way around school.  As the week went on pictures of a magical location and character were added.  On Friday, the children wrote their own stories about the chair, with most of them choosing a sinister theme.

This week, as part of a whole school assembly, the sports leaders received the bronze Great Sports Sunderland Charter Mark.

It will be proudly displayed in the reception area of school.

Next week we all the children in year 6, along with the rest of the school, will be taking part in both Maths Week England and Anti-bullying week.

We look forward to seeing you at our Family Learning morning on Thursday, when the children have been invited to come in as their Times Tables Rock Stars avatar.

Our attendance this week is 97.9%, just above the target of 96%.

Next week, please try to ensure that your child arrives to school on time – this week 130 minutes of learning were lost by children arriving late for school.

Friday 25th October 2019

On Wednesday this week the children enjoyed their ‘teacher story swap’ with Miss Davison, while Miss Latimer spent the time reading to Year 4.

Thank you to all the relatives and friends that joined us for our Halloween Family Learning morning. All the children ‘enjoyed’ trying to guess what was in ‘The Box’. We had guesses from meatballs to eyeballs! Of course the staff aren’t that mean . . . honestly! The children also demonstrated some fantastic apple bobbing skills.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the school disco – we got to witness some amazing moves on the dance floor.

During today’s well-being time the children redesigned the classroom reading and role play area to have a World War 1 trench theme to go along with our next class topic. They are looking forward to filling it with artefacts and books to further their learning about the topic.

Liam is our writer of the week for his amazing diary entry in the role of Stanley Yelnats from the class novel ‘Holes’.

Our reader of the week is Alix for reading a phenomenal amount at home.

Keaton received the Plainsy Pass and all the privileges that accompany it for the huge amount of effort he makes in all his learning.

Year 6 attendance this week is 95% – we need a huge effort after the holidays to get back up above 96%.

After half term the class topic will begin their new topic about World War 1. Over the holidays children have been asked to think about what they would like to learn and to collect together any information, artefacts or books they can find.

Don’t forget – PE kit, including trainers, should be in school all week to ensure all children can take part sporting activities both inside and out.

As the weather gets colder please make sure your child leaves for school with a warm coat.

Have a wonderful half term holiday – we’ll see the children back in school on Monday 4th November 2019.

Friday 18th October 2019

This week the children used their recount skills to write a diary entry of letter in the role of Stanley Yelnats from the novel ‘Holes’.  They worked hard to get to include plenty of emotion and descriptive detail to really bring their writing to life.

All the children and staff took part in ICECATS training this week.  All the children listened carefully to information about how to keep safe in different places and will continue to practice their safety skills throughout different lessons in the coming weeks.

We’re half way through our fitness program in PE.  This week the children focused on developing muscle strength in their arms and legs.  We’ll be ready for out next fitness test in no time!

Harvey is our writer of the week for his well organised writing in Science.

Our reader of the week is Tilly for demonstrating fantastic stamina to continue to read a very long novel.

Piper is this week’s maths star for demonstrating outstanding perseverance in problem solving and reasoning.

Our head boy George, has come up with a fantastic idea to raise money for the Year 6 trip to London in May. He asked staff to donate Halloween goodies in order to make up a hamper. Raffle tickets will be sold next week in school at £1 a strip. The raffle will be drawn next Friday.

Here’s what you could win:
Sweets and chocolate
Halloween books
£25 cinema voucher

Year 6 attendance this week was 97.9%, an improvement on last week.

Don’t Forget!

Next Thursday is our Halloween family morning starting at 9:15am.

Thursday afternoon is Year 6’s assembly, from 3:15pm to 4:15pm.  Children must have returned a signed consent form in order to attend the disco and walk home without an adult at the end of the disco.

Friday 11th October 2019

We two weeks of news to catch up on this week!

Last week, the children all got to grips with calculating the internal angles of shapes in maths – what started off as something completely new and tricky ended up being a great success across the class.  Well done all!

The children brought their study of the Maya civilisation to an end last week, by studying the different uses of masks for different events within the Maya society.  They then designed and made their own, using traditional patterns and colours to reflect the event they had chosen to design their mask for.

This week the children moved on to exploring the geography of different parts of North America, with all the children surprised to discover that the USA makes up only a small proportion of North America.

It was all about smiles this week!  The children explored the smiley face symbol created by Harvey Ball in 1963, made connections to the modern day emojis they use, then designed their own versions for people they thought needed an extra smile.

Of course, Thursday was World Mental Health Day.  The children discussed the need to think through their decisions and consider the consequences of their choices to support their own and others well being.  They were also introduced to the idea of ‘talk time’, which we’ll make time for within the classroom each week.

Across the last two weeks, Lacey and George were our star readers for always using evidence from within a text to explain their answers – keep up the hard work.

Amy was our writer of the week last week for much improved selection of vocabulary and sentence structure in her writing.  She was followed by our star writer this week, Gracie, for her outstanding, detailed recount- well done both of you.

Last week Keaton received the Plainsy Pass for making a huge effort to work independently across the school day.

Gracie received the Plainsy Pass for her fabulous attitude to absolutely everything this week!

Our whole class attendance was 95.8% this week – a little under the government target of 96%.  Please remember to make the effort to get your child into school every day, we will always call home if children are feeling under the weather during the school day.

Year 6 have PE twice a week, Monday and Tuesday.  It is vital that all children have a full PE kit in school, including appropriate footwear.  We advise the children to bring their PE kit on Monday and leave it on their peg until Friday to allow for extra PE activities which they might take part in throughout the week.

Remember to complete and return consent forms for photographs and the Halloween Disco.

Friday 27th September 2019

It’s been a very busy week this week, with plenty of fun and adventures to tell you about.

On Wednesday, Year 6 teamed up with Year 5 for a full day of well-being activities.  The children started the day by exploring how to help themselves and others be happier, by identifying ways to be kind to themselves and others.  They created ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ challenges for other children to complete.

Across the morning the children also worked in small groups to make chocolate chip shortbread to sell at the McMillan Coffee Afternoon.


The children then spent the afternoon creating natural art in Barnes Park with ‘forest treasure’.  They collected natural items, created an image in a spot of their choice and gave it a title.


The children will follow this up in school with some linked writing next week.

Today the children welcomed ‘Big Nose’ (we’re not being rude, it really is the translation of his Mayan name!) into the classroom, to further their knowledge and understanding of the Mayan Civilisation. They learned to count in ten, write Mayan numbers and explored many other elements of the Mayan society.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to making their own Mayan masks and head dresses next week.

Neve received the Plainsy Pass this week for her exceptional attitude towards absolutely everything – you really are a star Neve!

Charlie was our writer of the week for his well researched and organised information text about Mayan gods.

Holly was our reader of the week for using evidence from the text in her longer answers.

Gracie was our Maths Star for her outstanding stamina in solving Mayan number problems.

Attendance: 96.4%

Lateness: 30 minutes

Well done to the whole class for an amazing week!

Friday 20th September 2019

This week the children took part in a maths escape room.  They took the role of World War 2 spies and worked in teams alongside children in year 5 to defeat a German bombing plan.  They worked exceptionally well in teams to solve different maths puzzles involving their knowledge of place value, calculating, co-ordinates, mass and shape, among other things.

They of course stopped the bombing!

On Tuesday, the children then applied their reading skills to different problems within a reading escape room, which was based around different stories such as Sherlock Holmes, Skellig and Macbeth (which the children were of course already experts in because of their writing work).

The children were successful in solving the clues and escaping Castle Crow.

Scott was our star of the week, earning the Plainsy Platinum Pass for his outstanding attitude and fantastic art work.

Autumn was named reader of the week for her great success in guided reading lessons.

Our writer of the week was Neve, for her amazing description of the witches from Macbeth.

We have 100% attendance this week – well done everyone, keep up the hard work.

Next week, we have our well-being day on Wednesday (instead of Friday due to calendar clashes).  The children will spend the morning baking and taking part in other well-being activities.  In the afternoon, we’re hoping for dry weather so we can take a nature walk through Barnes Park and create some natural art.  Children will bring a letter home today.

On Friday next week, year 6 will spend the day as a Maya in the classroom.  This will be led by a theatre company, with actors taking the role of Mayas.  We look forward to sharing our experiences next week.

Attendance: 100%!!! Well done Y6

Minutes Late: 65 minutes

Friday 13th September 2019

A big welcome to our new, year 6 class!!

The children have settled fantastically into their new class and are already knocking our socks off with their hard work and fantastic attitude to learning.

The children all wrote a campaign speech to become part of our school council team and we were over the moon and very proud of the number of children who stood in front of the whole school to read their speech.

All the children voted for their choice, with the roles being awarded to:

Head Girl: Neve

Deputy Head Girl: Holly

Head Boy: George

Deputy Head Boy: Harry

Anti Bullying and Play Leaders: Amy and Alix

Sports and Health Leader: Jay S

Sports and Health Team: Jay R, Liam, Autumn

Well Being Leader: Scott

Attendance Team: Piper, Georgia, Gracie and Charlie

Well done to you all!

Our topic this half term is focused around the Maya Civilisation – which the children are already enthusiastic about – then a further study of the geography of modern day North America.

On Friday 27th September the children will be fully immersed into the world of the Maya people when our classroom is transformed for the day by Maya specialists.  They will of course learn plenty of new facts and information, be able to ask a heap of questions and spot interesting aspects of Maya life to use as a stimulus in art and design work in the following week.

This week Georgia was our writer of the week for her amazing handwriting, full marks in a spelling quiz and excellent description of the witches from Macbeth.

Harvey received the Plainsy Pass this week for his amazing attitude to absolutely everything.

We need a big shout out to . . .

Neve, who came first in a big dance competition in Blackpool, along with her very talented dance crew.

Holly for guessing the winning name of the Southmoor bear and bringing him home for a cuddle.

Jay and his football team for winning a huge football competition in York over the summer holidays.

Autumn and Keaton for their much improved attendance.

Attendance: 94.8%

Lateness: 7 minutes