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Welcome to our Year 4 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

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Our Year 4 Staff:

Miss K Charlton – Teacher
Miss S Grotz, Miss J Oxberry – Teaching Assistants

Friday 17th November 2017

Children in Need, Anti-Bullying Week, Family Learning… Wow!



IMG_0414Here are a few choice snaps from today, including a lovely class photo, our brand new ‘Good Friend Deed Box’, photos of our Family Learning afternoon, and our delightful ‘Dress Your Bear’ Competition!

Everyone in Year 4 has had a fabulous day, learning all about Children in Need, raising funds for children less fortunate than themselves, and coming up with new ideas to implement in our classroom, to show more kindness to one another.

During Literacy lessons this week, every child has worked collaboratively in a group this week to produce leaflets on Anti-Bullying. Children researched fabulous facts on combating bullies, choosing kindness and how to be a kind friend. We used examples of acts of kindness from our own class, our new good deeds box and suggestions for the future in year 4 to make our leaflets come to life!

Multiplication Madness has taken over mathematics lessons! Children have been securing their knowledge and understanding of times tables 0-12 this week, before putting them into practice by multiplying 1 digit by 2 digit numbers. Year 4 truly is a class full of geniuses, as some children completed all of the work, the challenge AND the super challenge of multiplying 3 digit by numbers! During Wednesday’s maths lesson, children were in sheer disbelief that they would be able to do a calculation such as 7 x 39. However, by the conclusion of the lesson… lo-and-behold…. using Dienne’s equipment and the grid method, they ALL succeeded!


Topic lessPOO!ons have been unsavoury, to say the very least! This week we have learned about the kinds of foods that Vikings used to eat. To do this, we all donned archaeologist’s overalls and dug through some organic human remains. That’s right… poo! Even our most squeamish children were able to hold their breath for long enough to dissect the samples and discover the true diet of a Viking warrior. Children were able to identify leaves such as spinach and spring greens, carrots, onions, oats, bread grains and seeds. Of course, we all washed our hands before lunch!






Extreme Read: all children were asked to complete an extreme read over the half term holidays – a photograph of them reading in an unusual place. An email address has been set up to send these photographs to – readingchallenge@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Readathon: Our whole-school Readathon started on Monday! In year 4, we have already read lots of books! We have 25 days to read 150 books, so far, there are 13 children who have read 10 books already and 8 children who have read 20! We will be at our target in no time at all. To help us along our way, we are promoting our choice of enthralling books in our school library, LKS2 reading area and in our classroom. I myself absolutely adore reading, therefore will take any excuse to give reading a higher priority in the classroom. We will continue to read our class novel How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, and I have even brought some of my own childhood favourites into the classroom to inspire children along the way. 

Star Reader: Tilly – for an outstanding understanding of play scripts, and true Thespian quality in her delivery of lines!

Star Writers: Holly and Georgia – for producing a brilliant Anti-Bullying Week leaflet.

Mathlete: Dylan and Harvey – for tremendous effort and really pushing themselves during maths lessons this week.

Community Hero: Scott – for really improving his attitude this week.

Star of the Week: Charlie – for already learning all of his lines for his solo performance in our upcoming C*****mas performance (we don’t use the C word until December)!

Lateness: 18 minutes 🙁

Attendance: 100% – We’ve finally done it!

Friday 10th November 2017

All of year 4 have shown true resilience and perseverance this week during our assessment cycle!

Maths and Literacy results have been absolutely outstanding across the board. There is still always room for improvement though, and children should strive for excellence in everything that they do both in school and at home.

This weViking Homes Snip 2ek we have put our problem solving skills to the test during mathematics lessons. Children have been solving practical problems, such as, how to build the cheapest and most effective Viking house!

Children were taIMG_0399sked with using methods of multiplication and repeated addition to find different variations of houses using the same amount of bricks. Each child had a different brief to fit, and some even challenged each other with outrageous prices!

Using this practical problem has allowed children to practice their times tables, logical thinking and working as part of a team – well done year 4!

Children have also practiced their skills in using concrete resources to boost their addition and subtraction knowledge.









IMG_0404Today, the class were delighted to learn about Armistice Day and discuss what it meant to each of them as an individual. Seemingly, we have a lot of children who could tell us a lot of stories about relatives who were alive during the war. Of course, we recognised our two minutes silence during class today, and we went on to design and make our very own poppies this afternoon to show our respect for those lost during the war.

During Reading Workshop this week, children have each completed reading comprehension questions about Remembrance Day, and their previous knowledge was absolutely astounding. We have a few children in our class who are eager to watch the parade on Sunday, and a few who mentioned they may even be involved in a local parade. Good luck everyone!

Extreme Read: all children were asked to complete an extreme read over the half term holidays – a photograph of them reading in an unusual place. An email address has been set up to send these photographs to.

Readathon: Our whole-school Readathon begins on Monday! In year 4, we have 25 days to read 150 books. We have a choice of enthralling books in our school library, LKS2 reading area and in our classroom. I myself absolutely adore reading, therefore will take any excuse to give reading a higher priority in the classroom. I cannot wait to undertake the challenge and help our children reach the goal!

Star Reader: George – for an outstanding score in the Reading Comprehension Assessment this week!

Star Writers: Dylan and Harvey – for retrieving and recording 36 fascinating Viking facts during Literacy lessons.

Mathlete: Georgia, Holly, Callum & Harry – for blowing me away with their scores across Arithmetic and Reasoning assessments over the week.

Community Hero: Jay R – for always thinking of others first and making great suggestions during community time

Star of the Week: Taiven – for filling his button chart for choosing the correct behaviour and acts of kindness

Lateness: 0 minutes! 

Attendance: 95.2% – parents, please remember that if your child is absent from school, you should contact the school office to inform us.

Friday 3rd November 2017

Our first week back at school has been a whirlwind!


We have completed our work on myths during Literacy this week, and we are eager to start a brand new unit of work next week… watch this space! Children have produced some absolutely fabulous work around the Ancient Greek myth of Medusa. Small group work resulted in some amazing vocabulary – soon to go into our brand new word bank which will be up and running next week. The children really put their skills to the test and produced some ‘deleted scenes’ and alternative endings for Medusa and Perseus. Well done!


During maths we have had our measuring sticks out! Monday’s lesson saw us scouting the LKS2 area for interesting things to measure! On Tuesday, we began converting our measurements from centimetres into metres, and on Wednesday we measured how far each child could jump. It has been lots and lotsof fun! Thursday and Friday have been full of challenges, involving finding the perimeter of 2d and rectilinear shapes.

Topic this week has extended our knowledge of the Viking traditions and beliefs. Children delved into the Viking ideas of the afterlife – rather fitting given the horrid Hallowe’en activities we have seen this week! All children were able to orally explaiSausagen what the Vikings believed – that Viking warriors who died in battle would be safely escorted to the wonderful hall of Valhalla, situated in the Gods’ city of Asgard across the rainbow bridge! Next came the extremely difficult decision, which five precious things would you take with you on your journey? I of course, would take my Harry Potter collection, some comfortable shoes, a nice blanket, some games to play and my lovely cat, Sausage!

Of course we had a fabulous afternoon on Monday, welcoming all of our lovely parents and carers into school to undertake family learning. Some parents were more invested than their children in the creative projects – it was wonderful to have everyone in our classroom and we hope to see you again during our next family learning session later in November. Additionally, we received 69 potential donors during our registration to help one of our young children in Year 3 who urgently needs a bone marrow transplant – fingers crossed, and thank you to all of those fabulous people that have registered.

Tuesday saw our dreadful disco! Terrifying tunes, freaky food and disgusting dancing were all had aplenty. The hotdogs were deeeeeeeeeelish!

‘This week’s superstars’ and ‘star of the week’ will be announced on Monday next week, as we have had such a busy week that the celebration assembly has been moved to Monday.

Attendance: 96% – let’s get this back on track everyone!

Lateness: 0 minutes – well done!

Friday 20th October 2017

“Looks like we’ve made it!”

Children have been absolutely outstanding this week! We have had some very important visitors in school and we have had nothing but good feedback about our wonderful year 4 class!

During maths this week we have consolidated our knowledge of place value and really put our skills to the test! On Tuesday night, an anonymous thief came into our classroom to steal all of our lovely Viking artefacts… Children had to work in small grouMathsps to solve a clue each, which took us one step closer to unmasking the mischievous thief!

Each group had their own clue to solve, and suspect by suspect, we were able to rule people out of our investigation. It wasn’t until all five teams of investigators had solved their clue that we were able to find the real perpetrator…

We found that the culprit was in year 3, wore size six shoes, was a female, their favourite drink was water, and that they were on the green team.

With all of this information, we were able to deduce that it was Miss Latimer who stole our things!

During Literacy lessons we have focused on finishing our Viking myths. Children have used different methods to make their writing very exciting! We have practiced our work with thesauruses, freeze frames and synonyms all week to ensure that our writing is the best it can possibly be! We have some budding actors and actresses in Year 4!


(Click image to make larger)

This week, our lovely Year 2 teacher, Mrs Owen, has hatched a plan to raise some funds to purchase some new books for school. Over the holidays, children have been set homework projects all to do with reading and books. Upon our return to school, each class has been set the challenge of reading 150 books! This may sound like an impossible feat, but we are absolutely determined to reach our target. During school, we will include each book read in Reading Workshop, each book read at the end of the day, and each ‘Free Choice Library Book’ that each child reads. Letters have been sent home today to give parents more information, and hopefully inspiration! All children and staff have been asked to complete an ‘Extreme Read’ and take a photo of themselves reading somewhere unusual. I cannot wait to undertake an adventure this half term! To inspire children further, Years 3/4 have created a ‘Readathon Challenge Tracker’ in the shared area. The more books a child reads, the further along the space-themed tracker they will move! It is truly… out of this world!

Readathon Challenge

This Week’s Superheroes are:

Star Writer: Georgia

Star Reader: Holly

Mathlete: Harry

Community Hero: Jay R

Attendance: 98.4%

Lateness: 7 minutes

We wish everyone an extremely restful holidays and hope to see you wearing red, clutching a fabulous homework project bright and early on Monday 30th October.


Friday 13th October 2017

This week has been the quickest week so far!

A huge happy birthday to Miss Grotz today! All of Year 4 enjoyed a slice of cake this afternoon – yummy!

Year 4 have worked extremely hard this week and have produced some absolutely wonderful work! We have worked together this week to develop our understanding of the Viking way of life, paganism and the different realms that the Vikings believed in, Mitgard (Earth), Asgard (home of the Gods) and Jutunheim (home of the Frost Giants).

During LiteIMG_0702racy lessons, we have discovered Viking myths and sagas – stories that were passed down orally from generation to generation. We have discussed the features of myths – heroes, villains, quests, long and arduous journeys, mythical creatures and extremely descriptive vocabulary. After watching Odin Creates the World and hearing Thor and His Stolen Hammer, children worked in groups to create mindmaps about Norse mythology.

Our Reading Workshop sessions this week have been centred around Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon. Children have discussed the characters and made inferences about their personalities using evidence from the text! They have also written a letter to Gobber the Belch – head of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe’s Initiation Programme and designed an Initiation badge each.



We think that all of the children in Year 4 would make excellent members of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe!Children could join characters such as Hiccup, Stoick the Vast, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Dogsbreath, Tuffnutt and Toothless on wild adventures on the Isle of Berk!


Topic lessons have also focused on Viking life. We have looked at some Viking artifacts from the local library service. We discussed each item and what it could have been used for before drawing each object using our sketching and shading skills. We have been extremely arty all week in Year 4 – children have even drawn some Viking gods, practicing their sketching skills even further.

The progress is amazing!


Drawings depict (L-R) Thor – God of Thunder, Hel – Goddess of the Underworld and Loki – God of Mischief.


Our fantastic ‘Vicious Vikings’ Working Wall is well underway! Of course, there is always more room for improvement, and we welcome absolutely all outstanding work! The children strive to have perfect presentation, and all work is checked by our lovely Quality Assurance Team before being displayed in the classroom.


This Week’s Superheroes are:

Star Writer: Jay S

Star Reader: Liam

Mathlete: Dylan

Community Hero: Autumn

Lateness – 0 minutes!

Attendance – 97.8%

Friday 6th October 2017

Once again, year 4 have had another extremely busy week!

During IMG_0330 1Literacy and Topic lessons, children have been focusing on developing their narrative and description skills. We have concentrated on writing fantasy stories this week, and children could certainly put the writers of Doctor Who to shame!

As a class, we have deconstructed the narrative structure of short stories. We have started to focus on writing exciting opening paragraphs including interesting vocabulary alongside character and setting descriptions… watch this space!

IMG_0325 1

Children produced some absolutely outstanding work this week. We looked back to our trip to the Danelaw Centre last week, and children were able to describe the setting perfectly. They included sights, sounds, smells and the setting really came to life!  During Topic lessons, we learned all about the Vikings’ journey from Scandinavia to their new settlements in Britain. The children were able to name the three countries that made up Scandinavia and plot out their 534 mile journey!

IMG_0326 1

IMG_0329 1

Even our mathematics lessons have been all about Vikings – both fictional and historically accurate accounts of Viking life! Children have been learning about addition and subtraction this week. They have expanded their knowledge to include 4 digit numbers and carrying digits across columns. Next week, we will really put our knowledge to the test by moving away from the partitioning method entirely and concentrating on formal methods of addition and subtraction. The children really enjoyed our Viking themed questions today!

In other news, we are wishing farewell to our tidy role-play area next week… Our lovely book corner is soon to be replaced by an ALMOST life-sized Viking hut… Pictures to follow!

IMG_0323 1

Last, but certainly not least! Our raffle ticket shop has opened this week! Children have been waiting for this day very patiently… Children work very hard all week to collect the most raffle tickets possible, then each Friday afternoon during golden time, they are allowed to exchange their raffle tickets for prizes, if they so wish. The shop has been extremely busy this week, and will need to be restocked in time for next week’s opening hours!IMG_0331 1

A huge thank you to all of the parents that were able to attend this week’s parents’ evening. It was lovely to meet you all, and I look forward to sharing more fantastic news with you all in the future.

This Week’s Superheroes are:

Star Writer: Gracie

Star Reader: Harvey

Mathlete: Dylan

Community Hero: Tilly

Dates for your diary: Tuesday 17th October, we are hoping to invite parents into our class for a very special performance at 3pm. There will be more information available nearer the time!

Attendance: 98.8%

Lateness: 50 minutes

Friday 29th September 2017

Year 4 have truly taken on the Viking spirit in all of their learning this week!

During Topic lessons we have explored the Viking timeline, infamous members of Viking royalty – Kings Alfred and Athelstan, and the day-to-day lives of Viking sailors, raiders, traders, foragers, hunters and craftsmen. All of our learning has been reinforced by our phenomenal educational visit to The Danelaw Centre in York.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Gunthilde, a true representation of a Viking woman! IMG_0196

Gunthilde led us into the Danelaw Centre where she began to teach us all about Viking families, clothing and traditions. Next, we all got dressed up as Vikings and began our authentic experience as a Viking for the day. We met the Lord of the village, and we had one day to convince him that we could work hard enough to be granted a home in his village! Children undertook workshops in farming, pottery, bread-making, guarding, and took on the roles of Viking children and adults… with the teachers as their slaves for the day! The children were very sad to leave at the end of the day.


All of the staff, parents/carers and children had a fantastic time. We could not thank the staff from The Danelaw Centre enough!

During Literacy lessons, we have completed our journey to becoming journalists – each child wrote their very own newspaper report about Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. We have focused on using different sentence starters and descriptions to make our writing much more exciting!

During mathematics lessons, we have continued our work on place value and the number system. Children have consolidated their learning so far before beginning to look at negative numbers and Roman Numerals this week.

Our Superheroes this week are:

Star Writer: Tilly

Star Reader: Neve

Mathlete: Asheton

Community Hero: Gracie

Attendance: 98.8% – well done!

Lateness: 60 minutes – let’s try to get this back down next week!

Friday 22nd September 2017

Year 4 have been extremely busy this week!


In maths lessons, we have learned all about the number system and place value up to ten thousands.

We have learned how to identify, represent and estimate numbers in different ways, including using Base 10, number lines and part-whole models.

Today, we honed our super spy skills in preparation for our future careers as secret agents – we concentrated on code breaking!


During Literacy, we have put our creative minds to the test! Each child has designed and described an electrical invention of their own before writing a newspaper report to persuade people to buy it in their local shops!

Children have studied and described the key features of newspapers, discussed the correct use of inverted commas and implemented different sentence starters throughout their work! We have some extremely talented children in our class.

In Topic, Art and D&T lessons we have focused on our class topic of Vicious Vikings! We have studied the Viking timeline, armour and shields and some traditions. Our class novel, How to Train Your Dragon has had children making predictions, and we even have a special visitor in the classroom – our very own Toothless!


Our Superheroes This Week Are:

Star Writer: Georgia

Star Reader: George

Mathlete: Harvey

Community Hero: Amelia

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 28th September is our class trip to the Danelaw Centre in York. If you have not yet returned the permission slip for your child, please try to do so ASAP! We are all very excited about our upcoming adventure.

Friday 29th September is our whole-school Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. During the week the children and I will put our baking skills to the test to create something delicious for everyone!

Attendance: 94.6%

Lateness: 23 minutes

Friday 15th September 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back to a brand new school year! We hope everyone has had a fabulous summer and is ready to come back to school to learn all sorts of fascinating facts. Miss Grotz, Miss Oxberry and I are all very excited to be working in Year 4 this year, and we are absolutely certain that we will have a blast!

The first two weeks back have been extremely busy! We have been learning all about Safety – how to keep ourselves safe, safety at school and in the community, people who help keep us safe, road safety and e-safety. The children have produced some fabulous work, as well as learning steps to ‘Safety Dance.’


IMG_0464We are trying our hardest in Year 4 to be Superheroes! At the end of each week, one child will be chosen for showing outstanding work, effort or progress in one of four areas – Reading, Writing, Maths and Community Hero. We have added ‘Community Hero’ to show recognition to children who always abide by our class agreement, represent our school vision and are continuously trying their best!

This week’s Superheroes are:

Star Writer: Holly

Star Reader: Harry

Mathlete: Autumn

Community Hero:  Lewis

Upcoming Events:

This month we have some exciting activities planned!

Thursday 28th September is our class trip to the Danelaw Centre in York. Here we will explore what life was like as a Viking!

Friday 29th September is our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. As a class, we will be baking some sweet treats to be sold during our coffee afternoon.

Attendance: 93.1%

Lateness: 3 minutes

Miss Charlton


Year 4 Newsletter 2017

Friday 21st July 2017
This week has been very busy! On Monday the children met their new teacher and teaching assistant who are Mr Stewart and Mrs Walker. The children are very excited to see what September brings.

On Tuesday we had our fantastic carnival where we sold lots of our bracelets and cakes which the children made. The day was a great success and we raised lots of money for the school.  Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. On Wednesday the children had their own awards assembly where they received their own personalised certificate of achievement. Thursday was a fun day where the children were able to choose what they wanted to do.

On a final note, I wish everyone a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back in September.

Miss Wilkinson

Friday 14th July 2017
This week has been full of treats and fun. On Monday we were very lucky to watch the choir perform to the whole school before they performed to parents on the Tuesday. The Year 4 children in the choir certainly did the class and the school proud and I was very impressed with the children’s confidence and singing voices. Well done! Take a look at some pictures!

IMG_0363 IMG_0365

This week we have also worked as a team to make our class flag ready for the carnival. The children can’t wait for you to see it.

On Wednesday we were lucky to see Chris Little and his band perform. We certainly all enjoyed dancing and singing along with them. Take a look!


Thank you to all the parents who came to join in our storytelling afternoon on Thursday afternoon. It was lovely to see you all.

Today was a very special day. To celebrate the short life of Bradley Lowery the children joined in a minute clap at 11.10am and we also released some blue balloons (Bradley’s favourite colour) with special messages that each class wrote attached. Take a look at some of the pictures of this special time.

IMG_0615 IMG_0639 IMG_0636

Dip in the box this week is Daniel for always having a positive attitude to everything he does. The whole class was in the gold book for their team work in creating our class flag. Freya was our Hand writer of the week for always producing high quality work. Jayden also celebrated his birthday on Tuesday and the cake he brought in was delicious.

Weekly attendance: 94.3% (This is good but still below our target of 96%)
Lateness: 32 minutes. (Let’s try to get this down for our final week)

Forthcoming events
On Monday morning the children will have a transition morning when they will meet their new class teacher and teaching assistant. We have our carnival on Tuesday and children can be picked up from 1.30pm. On Wednesday we have our Year 4 awards and on Friday we will be having a non-uniform day and children can be picked up from 1pm from the year 3/4 doors. However, if you arrive after 1.30 you will need to pick up your child from the hall fire exit doors.

Friday 7th July 2017
This week has certainly been packed full of fun. The children have been learning about carnivals in preparation for the school having our own carnival on the last week. They have been researching on the computers and beginning to write about what we have found out. We were also lucky enough to have a taster session of swimming at the Puma Centre on Wednesday. Everyone was brilliant and everyone tried hard whether they can swim or not.

IMG_0033 IMG_0032

IMG_0031 IMG_0030

This week’s Handwriter of the Week is Ellie who always produces beautiful pieces of work in all of her books. Here is an example of her work.

Ellie Murray year 4 Handwriting

Dip out of the box this week is Bailey for trying really hard with his maths work. Well done! You are a superstar Bailey!

Aimee and Jessica were also in the gold book for conquering their fears when we went swimming on Wednesday. You were both fantastic! Aimee even felt comfortable enough to put her head down when she tried swimming backwards.

Weekly attendance: 93.6% (This is good but still below our target of 96%)
Lateness: 10 minutes. Well done, this is a vast improvement on last week.

Forthcoming events
We will be going to Farringdon Academy on Monday afternoon to play some rounders. Please remember your child needs to have their PE kit and a water. Those children in the choir will be performing to the rest of the school. Parents are able to purchase tickets if they want to see the choir on Tuesday afternoon, just see Miss Grotz.

Raffle tickets are also on sale. If you wish to purchase any, bring money in a clearly labelled envelope and hand it to Mrs Douglas or Miss Grotz.

Friday 30th June 2017
This week we have been continuing to learn about France. We made some beautiful French inspired biscuits which tasted delicious!!!

Have a look at some of our baking skills!!


We were also lucky to have a movie afternoon on Wednesday which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

This week Sophie was our handwriter of the week after impressive everyone with the huge improvement she has made in her presentation. Kieran received a treat out of the treat box for writing an incredible acrostic poem about France. Jessica was in the gold book for working really hard in every lesson and Rosie was in the gold book for always giving 100% and having a fantastic attitude to learning!

Weekly attendance: 95.7 (an improvement from last week but still not our target of 96%)
Lateness: 98 minutes (this is something we MUST improve)

Forthcoming events
We will be having a taster swimming session on Wednesday afternoon at the Puma Centre. Please ensure your child has a swimming costume (no bikinis)/trunks (shorter than your knees), a swimming cap and towel.

Raffle tickets and choir performance tickets are on sale. If you wish to purchase any, bring money in a clearly labelled envelope and hand it to Mrs Douglas or Miss Grotz.

Friday 23rd June 2017

This week has been sports week across the school and the children have been practising for their sports day. They have also created some healthy meal options for our new school menu.

This week Lewis received a treat out of the box as he always gives 100% in everything he does. Delta was in the gold book for being a great friend and Aimee for being a fantastic role model to the rest of the class and school.

Weekly attendance: 88.9%
Lateness: 11 minutes

Forthcoming events
We are extremely lucky to be participating in a movie afternoon on Wednesday. Please ensure your child has returned their permission slip and contributions.