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Curriculum Newsletter Year 3

The staff in Year 3 are:

Miss A Pilkington

Mr R Thompson


Friday 11th January 2019.

Welcome back to you all.  We hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays.

We have been straight back to work in Year 3 and jumping head first in to our new topic ‘Steal my thunder’.

In Literacy we have been learning more about prepositions and we have been working on past, present and future tenses and we have begun to explore present perfect tense.

In Maths, we have began to explore fractions and equivalent fractions and this will continue next week as we develop our skills and understanding.

We have started our weather topic in Geography and have been looking at different places we have visited the weather we experienced.  In Science we have started our Light topic and have looked at sources of light.

More hard work again next week as we explore our topics further.

Enjoy you weekend!


Friday 21st December 2018.

Another busy but enjoyable week in Year 3.

We have been exploring place value in Maths, identifying the value of each digit in a 3-digit number, sorting numbers into different ranges and partitioning numbers to identify their value.

In Literacy we have looked at inverted commas for direct speech, wrote a setting description in preparation for our big writing next week and improved our vocabulary.

In History we have concluded our Iron Age topic and are about to move on to a local history study looking at shipbuilding in Sunderland.

We have also spent time making decorations for the Christmas tree in the school hall.

Attendance: 94.7%

Lateness: 99 minutes

Friday 9th November 2018


It’s the end of another busy week in Year 3.  In Maths we have been working on division of a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number and have progressed on to using more formal methods of division.  Our times table knowledge is developing and improving everyday.

In Literacy we have wrote our own explanation texts, creating a boat manual that included a lot of technical vocabulary as well as adverbs, expanded noun phrases and prepositions.

In History we have begun to explore the Bronze Age, looking at artifacts and sketching drawings of them in art.

Attendance: 90.3%

Lateness: 35 minutes

Friday 2nd November 2018

Welcome back everyone,

We hope you had a fantastic half term, and have been ready and raring to go for this next half.

In literacy we have been looking at explanation texts and their features.

In maths we have been working on number and developing our skills in column subtraction, deducting two digit numbers from three digit numbers with exchanging.

In this half term we are starting a brand new topic in Year 3, we are moving away from the Stone Age and moving onto the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Finishing the topic by learning about ships and ship building.

So far this week we have been learning a lot about forces and what they are, we even carried out an investigation to test how hard some things are to push or pull, we used rocks, toys and other items to see how much force was needed to move the objects.

We have also looked at magnets and how they act at a distance with certain objects. The children predicted the outcome, but were surprised by the results.

A huge congratulations to Brodie for her perseverance in column subtraction, Kirsty for great use of prepositions in her writing.

We hope you have a superb weekend.

Friday 19th October 2018

Year 3 have been working hard again this week.  You’ll be so impressed with the work they are producing.

Because we are practising handwriting every day, the joined up writing is amazing.

In maths, we’ve started to use the column method for subtraction and addition; and we’ll be doing more of this after the holidays.

We’ve written a newspaper report in literacy about a missing boy – there are a lot of children with very good imaginations in this class!

The child chosen for the Treasure Box certificate is Jaxon Gill for his excellent maths work.

We’ve learnt how to add tints to different colours and how to  mix primary colours to make secondary colours.


The attendance this week is…… 94.7% and minutes late: 48 minutes

We hope that you have a lovely half term holiday and look forward to seeing you in a weeks time.


Friday 5th October 2018

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children this week. They are an absolute credit to you all.

In Literacy we have been looking at Newspaper reports. We will be writing our own newspapers and you never know, we may have some future journalists in the making!

In Maths we have been learning how to read and represent data in bar charts, graphs and tables.

The handwriting in the class is really improving and well done to Kayleigh who was in the golden book this week for fabulous handwriting and literacy work.

Well done Year 3, you are all superstars!

Miss Orchard

Attendance: 92% – well below the national average, I am sure you can all improve this next week Year 3!

Lateness: 24 minutes

Friday 28th September 2018
This week we have been working our socks off. In Literacy the children wrote their own narratives using expanded noun phrases, adverbs and different sentence openers. We are so proud of what they have achieved. The children then transformed their narratives so they were written from the third person rather than the first person.

In Maths we have learned all about perimeter. We have discovered that perimeter is the total length of the outside of an object. We even walked the perimeter of the school yard.

We have also made some amazing things this week. For our MacMillan event, we made some fantastic cookies. Take a look at them.


Today we have designed and made some amazing Stone Age weapons.


The Star of the Week this week was Jaxon for being an incredible role model in and around school. Well done!

Attendance: 96.7% (Lets keep this up Year 3)
Lateness: 1 child was late this week resulting in 2 minutes of lost learning.

Upcoming Events
Beginning next week the children will be taking part in a daily walk on the field as we work towards the Daily Mile.

Friday 21st September 2018
It has been a great and fun packed week this week. In Maths this week we have been reading and writing numbers and solving problems related to this. In Literacy we have been writing setting descriptions and have learned how to use adverbs to express time as well as a range of sentence openers.

In Topic we have been creating our own cave paintings as Stone Age people which meant we could not rest on tables or chairs. The children loved it! Take a look:

IMG_3182 IMG_3183 IMG_3184 IMG_3185

We have also been learning about Christian symbols and on Wednesday the children made their own Christian symbol stones. IMG_3181

Today the children have also made bow and arrows out of paper, sellotape and glue. As you can see they are amazing!

IMG_3179 IMG_3180

The Star of the Week this week was Levi for always giving 100% in every lesson.

Attendance: 98.7% ( Well done Year 3. Lets keep this up!)
Lateness: 9 children were late this week resulting in 55 minutes of lost learning.

Upcoming Events
On Thursday 27th September we will be having a coffee afternoon in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support in the main hall. Children can be collected from the Year 3/4 exit doors from 1.15pm.

Friday 14th September 2018
What a fantastic start to the new year we have had. All the children have settled well into Year 3 and I am so excited and pleased by the enthusiasm of the children during lessons.

This week in Maths we have been practising our counting skills, counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100s as well as finding 10 more or less than a number. We have also discovered how to find 100 more or less than a number.

In Literacy we have begun our narrative writing and have focused this week on using expanded noun phrases in our writing. Today the children wrote their own character description and made sure they included expanded noun phrases. I was very impressed that some children were also adding similes in as well. Well done!

Brodie was the Star of the Week for settling really well into the school. Emmy and Amelia were in the golden book for always giving 100% in every lesson.

Attendance: Our attendance was 97.3% (Well done Year 3)
Lateness: 5 children were late this week resulting in 50 minutes of lost learning. The doors close at 8.50am so please ensure your child is prompt arriving to school.

PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children need to have their full PE kit, including suitable footwear, as lessons will take place outside (as long as it is dry). Reading books need to be brought into school everyday. Homework has been handed out today and needs to be returned by Wednesday.