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Welcome to our Year 3 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 3 Staff:

Miss L Smith – Teacher

Miss S Grotz – Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Newsletter 2017

17th to 21st  July 2017

Year 3 have had a lovely final week in class.  They got to meet their new teacher for September, Miss Charlton – the children were really keen to show her tricks, tell her jokes and get to know her.

We all enjoyed the carnival fayre on Tuesday afternoon, lots of sweets, ice pops and pop corn were enjoyed by all!

The class had their own celebration assembly where each child was given a special certificate celebrating their unique talents.  On Friday, we had an end of year assembly, with Jay being awarded a special award for his continued bravery and enthusiasm when coming to school.  The whole class have been stars throughout the year, and Miss Smith will miss them all in September when school resumes.

Special messages:

From Miss Smith: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you all this year!  I’ve loved every minute and will miss each and every one of you.”

From Miss Grotz: “Hope everyone has a safe and happy summer, and I’ll see you all in September.  You can’t get rid of me that easily!”

And a special message from your new class teacher: “I can’t wait to start teaching you all in September in Year 4!”


10th to 14th  July 2017

This week has been very busy in Year 3.

Firstly the school choir took to the stage for their ‘Musical Madness’ performance.  They performed for the whole school on Monday and then to parents on Tuesday.  They were lots of lovely comments from everyone who watched and even Mrs West was having a good old boogie at the back.

Here are some pictures of our talented Y3 choir children:

Piper and Lacey singing 'It's a hard knock life' from Annie

Piper and Lacey singing ‘It’s a hard knock life’ from Annie


Charlie performed 'A whole new world' from Aladdin with Amy from Y4

Charlie performed ‘A whole new world’ from Aladdin with Aimee from Y4


On Wednesday, Chris Little and his band ‘The Academics’ came into school to perform for us.  We all had lots of fun dancing and singing along, especially to Ghostbusters and Shaun Mendes – ‘Stitches.’

'The Academics.'

‘The Academics.’

Thursday was our story telling afternoon.  We enjoyed sharing stories with each other and playing games related to reading.  It was lovely to see parents come along and taking part in the activities with their children.

Today, we all wore football strips and sports clothes to raise money for the ‘Bradley Lowery Foundation’ in memory of brave Bradley Lowery who sadly lost his battle with neuroblastoma last Friday.  At 11:00 we all went outside to release balloons with lovely messages from the children attached to them.




Hand writer of the week:

Dip in the box: Keaton for having a fabulous attitude towards improving his attendance.  We are so proud of you Keaton, well done and keep it up!

Golden Book: all of the children from year 3 who are in the choir.  The showed us their skills and talents on stage and I’m sure we will see them on TV in the future!

Attendance: 87.8%  (This is below our target of 96%, let’s see if we can improve this next week.)
Lateness: 25 minutes

Upcoming events in Year 3:

Monday will see the children find out who their new teacher and teaching assistants will be in September and they are all very excited.

Tuesday is our carnival afternoon.  We have been working hard to create lots of things to sell throughout school.  The carnival will start at 1:30pm, children can get picked up from their key stage doors to be taken to the carnival.

Friday will be non-uniform day and the children will be able to go home at 1:00pm after lunch.  They must be collected by a parent/guardian or a named contact.  Any children getting collected after 1:30 can be collected from the school hall/fire exit doors.

3rd to 7th July 2017

It’s been a busy week in Year 3 with lots of choir rehearsals for our children taking part in next week’s performance.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, there are a few left.

Year 3 have been learning to tell the time this week and are getting more and more accurate each day.  They’ve been asked to keep practising at home too, especially looking at the difference between the analogue clock and the digital clock they are all familiar with on phones, tablets and laptops!


Hand writer of the week: Lacey for beautiful handwriting.

Dip in the box: Lewis for fantastic effort during choir rehearsals.

Golden Book: Keaton for a brilliant attitude towards attendance and work.

Autumn for overcoming her fears during choir rehearsals and showing everyone how fab she is!

Attendance: 92.9%
Lateness: 39 minutes

Upcoming events in Year 3:

We have so much to look forward to next week!

We will be celebrating storytelling week all week with a range of story telling activities throughout school.

Monday and Tuesday are choir performances for our children that take part: – Tuesday afternoon is for parents to come and watch so don’t forget your tickets.

On Wednesday, Chris Little’s rock band will be performing for the whole school on the afternoon.

Thursday afternoon gives parents and carers the opportunity to come into school to enjoy some storytelling.  Please arrive at your child’s door for 1.30pm.  Children may go home with their parent or carer afterwards.

26th June – 30th June 2017

This week we have been continuing to read the spider and the fly.  We started by making predictions about the book after our class was taken over by a huge spider web!  Today we have been having a debate about whether or not the spider was right to trick and eat the fly.  The children came up with some great arguments for and against.

Here are some pictures of them debating and some of their comments:

IMG_0311 IMG_0312


“He’s guilty, it’s not fair that she should die so that the spider can survive.” – Holly

“The spider had lots of food already in his pantry so he didn’t need to eat the fly.” – Harry


“But he needs food to survive.” – Georgia

“It’s part of the food chain” – Liam



Hand writer of the week: Gracie for beautiful handwriting.

Dip in the box:  Holly for being a role model with her behavior and attitude.

Golden Book: Asheton for showing maturity.

Harry for improved handwriting and being a good friend on sports day to his peers.

Attendance: 96.3%
Lateness: 35 minutes

Upcoming events in Year 3:

Next week the whole school will be taking part in ‘Carnival Week’ which the children are excited about.  They do not need anything extra than normal.

Raffle tickets and Choir performance tickets are on sale.  If you would like to purchase any, please send money and slips into school in a clearly labelled envelope to Miss Grotz.

19th June – 23rd June 2017

It’s been a busy week in Year 3! Monday afternoon saw the whole class taking part in a Mini Olympics Tournament at Farringdon Academy.  It was a great afternoon, with everyone taking part in the 50m and 400m races, long jump and the howler (this confused us too, but it’s like a javelin!)

This week’s certificate winner is Ruby – for always trying so hard in her literacy lessons.  Tilly and Lewis are in today’s golden book both for displaying lovely attitudes towards friendships this week.

Attendance: 94.4%
Lateness: 3

Upcoming events in Year 3:
Movie afternoon on Tuesday 27th June 2017 – Tickets are £2.50 each.  Please send the reply slip and money into class in a named envelope.