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Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter bellow:

Curriculum Newsletter Year 2

Our Year 2 Staff:

Mrs J Owen – Teacher

Miss T Hodgson – Teaching Assistant

Friday 17th November

What a busy busy week we have had!

On Monday we wore odd socks to recognise the start of Anti-Bullying week. It was lovely seeing all the different miss-matches.

IMG_4156[1] IMG_4157[1]

In Literacy we have been learning all about anti-bullying week. We have been discussing ‘What, if anything could we do to make our school a safer more inclusive environment’ On Monday we discussed this in our class and wrote our own opinion. On Wednesday we decided to ask the opinions of others in the school to make our discussion more interesting. We went in small groups to Year 3,4,5 and 6 and asked the opinions of the children and their class teacher.

IMG_4215[1] IMG_4213[1]

When we came back to class we chose some of the opinions and copied them into our Literacy books so we can use them when we do our writing next week. On Thursday we practised our anti-bullying poem which we also had for homework last week. After practising it we then performed it at the front of the class.

Of course we didn’t want you to miss it, so we filmed it:

In Maths this week we have been learning all about money. IMG_4162[1] We have made amounts within 10p using 1p coins.

We also matched amounts within 50p to the correct coins.

IMG_4204[1] IMG_4203[1]

Finally we made the same amounts in lots of different ways using various combinations of coins.

IMG_4240[1] IMG_4237[2] IMG_4234[1]

During our afternoon sessions we have created anti-bullying superheroes and created our class definition of bullying. Also we have continued our space topic and completed a timeline about Neil Armstrong.

Today is Children in Need, all the children made a fantastic effort dressing up in spotty clothes.

IMG_4245[1] IMG_4244[1] IMG_4243[1] IMG_4247[1] IMG_4251[1] IMG_4252[1]

Lets not forget the effort Miss Hodgson made too:


Thank you to everyone who came to the family learning afternoon – It was great fun!

IMG_4259[1] IMG_4258[1] IMG_4257[1] IMG_4255[1]

McKenzie.R had his name added to the golden book today for showing huge improvements within all aspects of school life. Melek was also added to the golden book for trying hard with her independent maths work.

Joseph received the celebration award for trying hard with his reading especially at home! Well done!

Attendance: 99.3% – Much better Year 2 well done~!!

Minutes Late: 80 minutes of lost learning this week year 2, we need to improve this please.


PE will be outside on a Wednesday – the weather is very cold now, please send suitable clothing.




Friday 10th November

So this week we have started our new topic:

‘Destination outer Space’

On Monday we read the story ‘Man on the moon’ We then answered questions based on information from an extract from the text. Also on Monday we wrote on post it notes what we already know about Space and what we want to know?

On Tuesday we talked about Remembrance day. We discussed who we remember and why especially at this time of year. We also talked about the significance of a poppy. After our discussion we then wrote some facts about remembrance day on some themed lined paper using a word bank.

On Thursday we retold the story of the Gingerbread man in our inspired writing books. The children acted out the story first:

IMG_4110[1] IMG_4121[1]

Emily was the Gingerbread man and kept running away from the cat, dog, cow, horse, boy and girl. However, when she needed to cross the river she trusted Cory the fox to carry her across.


But Cory the fox was very sneaky and gobbled her up!


After he had finished he licked his lips and said ‘mmmm lovely gingerbread man’

On Thursday afternoon we created fact sheets about Neil Armstrong. to go onto our new space display that we have started to create this week.


In Maths this week we have completed more work on subtraction we looked at how to work out the inverse so we can check out answers and discussed how addition can be completed 2 ways but subtraction can only be done one way.

We have also been learning our months of the year:

Today we have done some hot seating in English. Some of the children pretended to be Neil Armstrong and the rest of the class asked him questions.

IMG_4138[1] IMG_4139[1] IMG_4137[1] IMG_4147[1] IMG_4152[1]

This weeks maths wizards were Cory and Millie

IMG_4100[1] IMG_4101[1]

Next week:

Next week we are starting our whole school Readathon. We are extremely excited and I know year 2 are going to be the first class to read 150 books!! Please try to hear your child read this weekend and remind them to bring their reading book in to school on Monday morning. The 3 children who have their name on our rocket the most during the 25 day challenge will receive a special treat!

A huge well done to Maisie He, Kyra, Sophia, Emmy and Jaxon for completing your extreme read

Attendance: 94.3% – This is below our expected 96%

Minutes late: 38 minutes late- This is much better but could still be improved! 🙂



If you haven’t completed your extreme yet, please try and take a picture this weekend of you reading in a different/unusual place and send it to me at readingchallenge@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Monday 13th – Odd socks day

Nov 13th – 17th – Anti Bullying week  – Children will complete different activities throughout the week about anti-bullying

Friday 17th – Children In need – Children can wear spots. No football kits please. Children can bring money in to buy a cake from tuck shop.

Friday 17th Afternoon – Family learning afternoon from 2pm

Friday 3rd November

Welcome back Year 2, we hope you had a wonderful week off!

On Monday we had our Halloween Family Learning afternoon where parents and carers joined us for activities such as making skeletons, pumpkins and bats.  We also enjoyed sharing our homework projects which was to design or create an idea from their favourite book.


On Monday we also had a DBA Awareness Day where the children and staff wore red to support Chloe in finding a suitable donor.  In the school hall we had a DKMS drop in where the public could provide a sample of their DNA through swab tests to try and find a match for Chloe. If you missed this opportunity and would like to provide a sample then please contact https://www.dkms.org.uk/en

On Tuesday we dressed up in our Halloween costumes for the school disco, after dancing away with our friends we sat down with some party food which included hot dogs, crisps, juice and a packet of sweets.


In Maths we have been learning how to subtract and partition two digit and one digit numbers using concrete resources and with pictorial representations.

IMG_4072[1] IMG_4074[1]

On Friday the whole school joined KS1 for the raffle draw which was set up to support the Investment Assembly which we had on the 20th of October to improve our outdoor area in KS1.



Lateness-47 minutes

Friday 20th October

I can’t believe we have come to the end of our first half term in year 2 already. We have had such a busy few weeks and we have definitely ended on a high note today.

So on Monday Macie received a letter from the farmer addressed to her and all of year 2. The farmer had sent us some turnip seeds to plant outside. We really enjoyed going into our outdoor area and planting the seeds.

On Tuesday as soon as the children came into school they were keen to go outside and see if the turnip had grown but unfortunately nothing had grown. We decided to water the seeds and hope that would help them grow. Then we created story plans for our own version of the Enormous Turnip using our own characters.

IMG_4038[1] IMG_4037[1]

Joseph used a magnifying class to  help him see:IMG_4039[1]

On Wednesday we were all shocked when we went to look at the turnip. It was ENORMOUS!


The farmer sent us a challenge to use our plans to write our stories using our own characters. All the stories were fab and really funny using teachers and peers as characters in their story.

IMG_4040[1] IMG_4041[1]

Also this week we have finished our topic work on harvest.


In Maths we have been completing more addition work. We have used a range of resources to support our learning.


Today we had our investment assembly. The children were so excited this morning. Thank you to everybody that came along, we had a fantastic turn out and I am sure you will all agree  that the children were excellent. A credit to the school and their parents. Miss Hodgson and I are really proud of them all. After the assembly the local businesses came down to our classroom and looked in our outdoor area.

A special thank you to Crisp Clean Carpets, The Hollymere, The Creation station and Silksworth tennis and  wellness centre who all made huge contributions today. Also thank you to Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Barnes Toby Carvery, Sunderland Beauty salon and Halfords for their fantastic raffle contributions.  Also thank you to Mrs West and colleagues for your contribution from the trust.


The Sunderland Echo also came along to our assembly and were very impressed. Some children had their photos taken and will hopefully be in the paper in the next couple of days, so make sure you buy yourself a copy!

The children will be writing thank you letters after the holidays.

This week’s handwriter was Kirsty – What a fantastic improvement!

Joseph was added to the golden book for making a huge improvement with his work and Sophia was added to the golden book for being a good role model at all times around school.

Mia received the celebration certificate this week for trying hard with her presentation and concentration. Well done!

The Maths wizards this week were: Lexie, Leah and Kyle

IMG_3932[1] IMG_3955[1] IMG_4020[1]

This week’s English wizards are Sophia Macie and Mia

IMG_3954[1] IMG_4021[1]

Readathon Challenge.

After the holidays we will be completing a whole school reading challenge. Each class needs to read 150books in 25 days. Children have all received letters today with more information on. Children have also been given pledge forms to collect sponsor money for reading 150 books. In class we have made a readathon rocket chart to fit with our space topic after half term.


Let’s try to be the first class in the school to read 150 books!

Attendance: 97.9%

Minutes late: 75 minutes – More than 1hour of lost learning this week year 2. We need to improve this!


Have a super and safe half term break year 2. You really do deserve it!!


Next week is half term – Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October

Homework Project: To kick start our Readathon challenge the homework projects across school are to make, create or design anything to do with reading.




Friday 13th October

It’s been another fun week in year 2! On Monday we read the story of The Enormous Turnip again. We discussed new vocabulary and used dictionaries to find out the meanings of different words. In Maths we used practical resources to make number bonds to 20.

IMG_3784 IMG_3781 IMG_3786

On Tuesday we sequenced the story and then on Wednesday we acted out the story in groups. The children really enjoyed playing the different characters and could remember and recite the correct order of the story. The children performed their acts to the rest of the class.


Also this week we have tasted different fruits that would be harvested at this time of year. We created a class tally chart of our favourite fruit and typed them up in the computer suite.


Today we wrote a persuasive letter to the farmer from The Enormous Turnip book to ask him to send us some seeds. The children were really excited about sending their letters off and are hoping the farmer will have replied by Monday. Fingers crossed year 2!

IMG_3928 IMG_3929

Within our learning environment this week we have been working on improving our Maths area. We decided to create a ‘magic maths area’


To link in with our magic theme since yesterday we have chosen a Maths wizard and Literacy wizard during each lesson.

This weeks Maths wizards are Jaxon and Kayleigh:

IMG_3925[1] IMG_3897[1]

This weeks Literacy wizards are Jessie and Kyra


We have continued to practise our assembly. This week all of the children who wanted speaking parts have been given there lines to practise. Please encourage your child to learn them over the weekend and continue practising the songs. We are all so excited about  our assembly next Friday.

Macie’s name was put into the golden book for trying hard to finish her work on time. Leah was also added to the golden book for always doing smart sitting on the carpet and joining in with class discussions.

Brenden received the celebration award for getting all of his spellings right this week. Well done!

Attendance: 97.9% – Well done year 2 this is much better than last week!

Minutes late: 33 minutes – Huge improvement Year 2! Lets keep this up!


PE: Tuesday and Wednesday – Earrings should be taken out or covered with plasters and all children should bring in  their PE kit with appropriate footwear for outside.

MUGA – Children can go on the MUGA on Friday providing they bring a change of footwear.

Tuesday 17th October – Individual photo day

Friday 20th  October @ 9.15am – Year 2 class assembly

Friday 20th October – Half term from 3.15pm



Friday 6th October

So, it’s the end of another week in Year 2. It was lovely to meet all the parents and carers this week at parents evening. I have shared your child’s targets with them and I look forward to seeing them progress and achieve their goals.

This week we have made huge progress with our ‘watch this space topic’. On Monday all the children wrote letters to their parents and carers to invite them to our assembly. After photocopying them all the children excitedly took their letters home to give to you. We really hope you can all come to the assembly on Friday 20th October. The children will receive their lines next week and I would really appreciate you taking time to help them become confident reading them at home. We have also been practising our songs daily.

Here is one of the songs ‘When it’s a sunny day’ if your child would like to practise it at home.

Also this week we have worked in groups of 4 to write up our outdoor area designs. The children chose one resource which they would like outside and wrote up a detailed plan for that resource.


This afternoon the children have then drawn up and labelled their designs. We have discussed the benefits each resource will have on the children’s learning and why it is important to them to have one outside.

We have continued our work about Harvest festival. In English we have started looking at traditional tales. We played a game on Tuesday where the children were given small bits of information about a story setting and characters and they had to guess which traditional tale it was. Then on Wednesday we read the story of the Three Little Pigs and children completed a cold write to retell the story. Yesterday we read The Enormous Turnip. The children really liked the part where the cat, dog and mouse helped out.

In Maths we have completed our final week on place value. The children have been using practical resources to make different amounts and completed an end of unit assessment. All the children have worked really hard within their maths lessons over the last few weeks and are now ready to move on to addition.

IMG_3762[2] IMG_3760[2]IMG_3766[2]


Jaxon was added to the golden book this week for always being helpful and polite. Mckenzie.S was also added to the golden book for his huge improvement with his handwriting.

Melek received the celebration award for always doing good listening.

Our handwriter this week was Emmy. What a huge improvement Emmy, Keep it up!

Attendance: 94.1% – This is below the expected percentage. Come on Year 2 we can do much better!

Minutes late: 106 minutes – This is much better than last week but still nearly 2 hours of lost learning time. Let’s try harder for next week.


Homework should be handed in by Wednesday each week.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday with homework. Spelling tests will be on a Thursday.

Friday 29th September

Another busy but great week in year 2!

On Monday whilst we were in assembly we had a delivery off Little Red Riding Hood.


Inside the basket was the story of Little Red Riding Hood and some delicious biscuits. Mrs Owen read the story to the children. After reading the story we decided to stick it into our Literacy books so we asked Miss Hodgson to photocopy it for us BUT

IMG_3599 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3604

Miss Hodgson accidently dropped the whole story and it was covered in paint. The children thought it was hilarious until they realised they now couldn’t stick the story into their book.

The children thought about what they could do and then

Jessie said “Why don’t we write the story instead?”IMG_3605

All the children agreed and so they wrote the story into their inspired writing book.

On Tuesday we started learning about harvest festival. We looked at how it is celebrated in the UK and why we celebrate it.

This week we have continued with our topic ‘Watch this space… ‘ After sending out our letters on Friday inviting local businesses to our assembly on the 20th October. We received our first response on Monday. We are so lucky as we have now had replies from several businesses to say they will be attending. We have also heard back from some VIPs which we invited and are delighted to say they can come along too. On Wednesday we heard back from the Sunderland Echo and they have confirmed that they will also hope to attend.

With our assembly only being 3 weeks away the children have been working hard preparing their work. Every day we have been practising our 2 songs and we have began make a fundraising pot for our class display. In DT we have created initial plans looking at specific areas the children would like to improve.

IMG_3689 IMG_3690 IMG_3691

All the children have got some fabulous ideas and I can’t wait to see them develop these next week. The children will be writing to parents on Monday to invite you along to the assembly too.

This week we have also done some baking for the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. We made flapjacks and 2 lemon sponge cakes. Yummy!!


IMG_3701[1] IMG_3699[1]

Our handwriter of the week was Millie. Super work Millie!

Our achievement assembly is on Monday this week so I will post the golden book and achievement certificates then.

Attendance: 97.7%

Minutes late: 223. Over 3 hours of lost learning this week year 2! Please try to arrive to school on time.


Homework must be handed in by Wednesday each week.

Please encourage your child to read at home and sign in their purple diary when they do. We are having a big push on reading at the minute in year 2 where the children are trying to complete the reading challenge.

Our MUGA day is Friday. Children must have a different pair of shoes to wear.

Wednesday’s PE lesson will be outside. Please make sure your child has suitable outdoor footwear with their PE kit.


Friday 22nd September

Well, what a fantastic week we have had. On Monday, we had a special delivery letter off Miss Cassidy. She told us how proud she was of our safety work and set us a challenge to buy, create and make resources for our year 1 and 2 outdoor space. After having a look at the space we decided to write back to Miss Cassidy to persuade her to give us some money to make the improvements.

On Monday afternoon we discussed ways we could raise the money to create an exciting outdoor learning environment. After lots of discussion the children have decided to hold an assembly (dragon’s den theme) for all parents and local businesses in the hope that they can help us achieve our goal to improve our outdoor space. Miss Cassidy came down to our class again and kindly gave us a contribution to start us off.

The rest of the week in English we have been learning skills to help us write persuasive letters to local businesses and all our parents to persuade them to come to our assembly. In design technology we started to think about what resources we would like, materials we would use and how we could create or buy them.

Yesterday (Thursday 21st) we came in to a trashed classroom! Somebody had been in our classroom over night. We decided to ask Mr Byers for the camera footage and found out that it was the Maths wizard.

The wizard STOLE our cheeky monkey prize box!!

Luckily he had sent us an email apologising and set us some challenges to retrieve our prize box. The children worked really hard to measure in cms different wands and successfully completed the challenge! Well done year 2!

IMG_3577[1] IMG_3568[1] IMG_3571[1] IMG_3564[1]

Maisie received an achievement award today for reading her home reader every night. Keep it up Maisie.

Lexie’s name was added to the golden book for learning and remembering her 5 times table. Sophia was also added to the golden book for always trying hard in lessons.

Our handwriter of the week is Jessie. Well done!

Finally a huge well done to: Leah, Mia, Kyra, Emmy, Kia, Harry, Jessie, Melek, Amelia and Macie. They have all read 5 books and received their certificates.

A special well done to Kyle and Maisie He who have both read 10 books. They have had a certificate and a dip in the cheeky monkey box.

Attendance: 100% – Fantastic year 2!

Minutes late: 84 minutes


Homework should be handed in by Wednesday every week.

Please try to hear your children read regularly.




Friday 15th September

Welcome to year 2! It has been lovely meeting all the children properly this week and getting to know them. We are looking forward to the year ahead and helping them learn and grow.

We have had a busy week. This week our topic has been ‘Safety’.

On Monday, in the poor weather we went on a trip to Silksworth Park. On the way there we discussed potential safety issues we could see. The children were really good at identifying potential risks and could explain how to avoid them.

In school  we made a list of potential dangers at the park and we also explained to an alien ‘how to cross a road’ safely. Yesterday we designed safety posters to put up in school to show other children how to keep safe.

Our handwriter of the week this week is  Amelia.

Kyle’s name was added to the golden book for always trying hard in maths and Amelia’s name was added for being the first person to read 5 books.

Our celebration certificate this week went to Kayleigh for  putting 100%  effort in to every lesson.


Year 2 will have PE every Tuesday and Wednesday. PE kits should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday. The children can use the MUGA on a Friday. Children must have a spare pair of shoes to wear on the MUGA.

Attendance: 98.3%

Minutes late: 124

Mrs Owen