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Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.
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Our Year 2 Staff:

Mrs J Owen – Teacher

Miss Graham  – Teaching Assistant

Friday 20th September

This week has flown by! We have learned so much we are ready for a few days off.

In English this week we have continued to develop our story writing skills around the book “George and the Dragon” On Monday we looked at some new vocabulary and we learnt actions to help remember them. We used words like colossal, ferocious and even hideous! On Tuesday we developed our sentences using conjunctions and on Wednesday we developed our knowledge on past tense in relation to our text. Also this week we have use used expanded noun phrases and put all our learning back in the classroom.

In maths we have been learning to write and read numbers to 100 in words. We tried hard with spelling and completed some reasoning around number as well. We have answered true or false questions and worked on our reasoning skills to explain why an answer is false.

On Monday in PE we moved to different around the room on different levels again and then began to practise our throwing and catching skills. We discussed different ways we can throw a ball and counted how many times we could throw and catch with our partner without dropping it!

This week we were extremely lucky to take part in a reading and maths escape room activity. We went into the hall and were given different challenges to solve to crack a code. It was so much fun!

Also we have developed our sliders in design technology. We discussed how a slider can be used to make an object appear or disappear. Then we created a scene from our story using a dragon and some high high mountains.

In computing this week we learned more about being safe online and how to search for information on the web efficiently and safely.

Well done Ruby for doing some extra writing at home linked to our topic!

Huge well done to those children bringing their reading book in regularly – you are doing a fab job!!

This week’s Plainsy Platinum Pass is Teagan for always giving all activities 100%. Well done!

Attendance: 90.8%
Lateness: 0 minutes

Interventions start next week. Please ensure your child attends.
Monday – writing club and phonics club
Tuesday – maths club and reading club

Friday 13th September 2019

Welcome back! It is great to see everyone back from the holidays and we have loved hearing all about the fun packed summer everyone has had.

We spent our first few days in year 2 setting our class rules, getting familiar with our new classroom and expectations and making our classroom a bright and welcoming environment. We chose our school council and anti-bullying team as well as creating our well-being display and anti-bullying charter.

On Monday we started our new topic ‘Once upon a castle’. In English we read the story ‘George and the Dragon’. After reading the story twice we then sequenced pictures into three sections, beginning. Middle and end. Once we had sequenced the story we worked together to create a story map. Our story map was made up of lots of pictures to help us remember the story and re-tell it fluently. On Tuesday it was time to act it out. We split into two groups and used the story map to create actions to go with the story and act it out. Once we had practised a few times we then performed it to each other. Mrs Owen was so impressed with how well all the children could remember the story that she told nearly every adult she saw for the rest of the day! On Tuesday afternoon we focused more on the main character, the Dragon. We looked at a large picture of him and then as a class gathered lots and lots of adjectives. We then wrote sentences about the dragon including at least one appropriate but adventurous adjective. On Wednesday we created more adjectives but this time it was for the mouse and again we wrote more creative sentences. Finally on Thursday we looked at the Dragon again. We created a spine using the dragon’s main features and discussed how the writer uses the features to highlight the power of the dragon.

Here is our story map – have a go at reading the story at home!

In Maths on Monday we used concrete resources to find 10 more and 10 less than numbers within 100. Some of us were so good that we could work out the answers using only a 100 square. On Tuesday we learned how to count forwards in 2s from any number within 100 and thought about what resources we wanted to use to support our learning. On Tuesday afternoon it was time to count back in twos. Again we took ownership of our learning by selecting resources to support us ourselves. On Wednesday we moved on to counting in 5s and finished with counting back in 5s on Thursday. Although everyone has tried really hard this week in maths we still need lots of practise at counting in our 2s, 5s and 10 times tables as well as counting from any number in sequences of 2,5 and 10 to consolidate this learning.

Also on Monday we had our first PE lesson with our coach. We learned how to create different shapes at different heights with our body. These included a star, pike, straddle, tuck and stretch. We enjoyed playing different games that involved moving around the hall in a range of ways.

On Wednesday we started to learn our new song ‘Hands, feet, heart’ We listened first to the music and tapped the beat on our fingers and then we discussed rhythm and timings within songs.

On Thursday we started our DT for this half term. We looked initially at moving storybooks and why moving pictures are used within books. Then we discussed the use of a slider. After watching how to make one it was our turn and we had a go at creating our own dragon sliders and used them alongside reading our story map.

This week’s Plainsy Platinum pass went to Bobby Well done!!

Lateness: 2 minutes
Attendance:     97.3% – A great start year 2 keep it up!

PE is on a Monday and Friday – please ensure PE kits are in school all week.
Reading books should be brought in daily.
Homework is handed out on a Friday and must be returned by Wednesday.