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 Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.
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Our Year 2 Staff:

Mrs J Owen – Teacher

Miss Hodgson  – Teaching Assistant

Friday 3rd July 2020

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe we are in July and only have a few weeks left of the school year. It has been a very strange year indeed and I can still say I am missing you all lots! I can’t wait to see you all back in September. I can’t begin to imagine how much you will have grown.

This week I have enjoyed another week in my key worker ‘bubble’. We have continued with our daily exercise, played some games and enjoyed the secret garden (although some days it was very wet out there). Also this week I have enjoyed more walks with my two little munchkins, Evie-Rose and George.

Miss Hodgson has also had a busy week in school. She has been busy cleaning out cupboards and drawers and doing lots and lots of shredding. As well as working hard supporting the year 6 children in their bubble. Don’t worry though she has made some time for fun including running a scavenger hunt for the year 6 children.

I hope you are enjoying completing the tasks I have been setting for you. Here is your work for next week. As always if you have any problems or issues please give the school office a ring and they will put you through to me.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Take care and stay safe.

Love Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 26th June 2020

Hello year 2!

I bet you have all been enjoying the weather this week, hasn’t it been lovely? Whilst in school this week we have been making the most out of the sun by using the secret garden, doing our work outside and other fun activities.

Miss Hodgson has been really busy in school this week planning a range of activities to entertain the children. In fact the children have renamed her ‘Activity Queen’. Miss Hodgson organized a bingo game (but I’m sure Mrs Quill cheated as she won twice). Then she organized an obstacle course on the field. I am not sure who enjoyed it more the children or the grownups. It’s been good to have fun whilst maintaining social distancing.

Also this week I have been having fun on more works and adventures with Evie-Rose and George:

I hope you are all accessing the work I have been setting and not finding it too tricky. Please feel free to email me with any queries or questions.

Here are your tasks for next week:

Miss Latimer is organising a COVID-19 book for the library. She would like to record all our experiences of lockdown and gather them collectively into a book for Plains Farm pupils in the future – to become our very own small piece of history, but we need a little help from all of you.  We’d really love it, if each family could send in something to reflect their experiences, e.g. a photo, quote, work or anything that would sum up your lockdown experiene as a family.  It might be something you are proud of or a new skill you have learned.  Lots of you have already sent in lots of photos, so you could select one of those and send it in again with a small message – grown ups can also send in their own memories and messages about lockdown

Have a lovely weekend. Take care and stay safe.

Love Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning year 2! How are we all? I haven’t had any emails this week, please get in touch and let me know how you are all doing, Miss Hodgson and I are missing you so much.

This week I have been in work in the key worker bubble. School is a lot different at the minute with the social distancing and not many children in but I can honestly say in my bubble this week (with Mrs Quill and Miss Griffith) we have had a ball! We have been in the secret garden, on the yard, making cards etc and participating in Macie’s HIIT workout every day. We are working hard but enjoying ourselves too!

Whilst I have been in school Evie-Rose and George have been having lots of fun with their Daddy. The weather hasn’t been as good this week but that hasn’t stopped us enjoying the outdoors. Full suit on and jumping in puddles! Also George got a new forward facing car seat this week. Not sure he is a big fan of it but Evie-Rose was super excited.  

Last week Miss Hodgson sent me this picture after I had uploaded the blog, it’s too good for you to miss so here it is:

Miss Hodgson loves sorting the new exercise books! Haha.

This week Miss Hodgson has been getting fit. Tiring workouts and still smiling:

I hope you have all had a go at the tasks I set for you last week. Charlie has been in my key worker bubble and I know he has given every task 100% effort. Remember you don’t have to do it in a particular order, just have a look and have a go. I know you are capable of completing all of the activities I have set.

Here are next week’s tasks:

Friday 12th June

Good morning everyone,

Another week has passed us by. This week we have spent a lot of time walking around Barnes Park searching for squirrels, rats and rabbits. We have also taken Evie-Rose’s dolly for lots of walks.

Also this week I have been in school. Whilst in school I have contacted all year 2 parents – It was lovely hearing your voices and listening to how everybody is getting on at home.

Miss Hodgson has also been in school this week, pulling down displays and putting new ones up ready for when you all return.

Unfortunately school is still closed to year 2 children at the minute but don’t think that means you don’t have to do any work! Over the next few weeks I will add work to the blog for each day. The tasks will include one reading, maths, writing and topic task for each day. If you would prefer the packs emailed please ring the school office and I will arrange that for you.

Here are your tasks for next week:

If you have any problems accessing any of the work or you have any other queries please email or ring the school office.

Take care and stay safe!

love Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 5th June

Good afternoon,

Hope everyone enjoyed a week off from work last week. The weather was lovely to spend time in your garden or enjoy walks with your family. As always Miss Hodgson has spent the sunny days in her garden. She is now a semi-professional gardener so we will have to keep her busy making the school grounds look amazing once school re-opens fully.

I have big flower news too: Evie-Rose’s sunflower has finally blossomed. Take a look:

Now we have to try our best to stop George trying to pull it all apart!

We also went for a long walk around the Angel of the North last week. Evie-Rose was adamant she was the leader which meant we ended up off the track and in the thick of the woods. We ended up walking round for quite some time before we finally made it back to the start. It was that long Evie-Rose ended up eating her picnic sandwiches whilst we walked!

This week I have been back in school look after key worker children. It has been lovely to see some familiar faces.

Next week I would like to see more of you accessing the online learning, if you have lost your education city, purple mash or timetables rockstars log in please email me and I will send them across to you.

Or you could log in to:


or any of the other links I have previously posted below. Next Friday I will be posting lots more new work for you to work through!

Take care, stay safe

Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 22nd May

Good morning everyone, I can’t believe we are already over half way through May!

School has now been closed for the majority of children for 9 weeks. That’s a long time for us to be away from one another and I can honestly say I am missing each and every person from our class. That said, I am super proud of you all for taking government advice by staying at home, staying alert and keeping yourself and your family safe.

I am sure by now you have worked your way through most of the learning packs you were given and are ready for some new challenges and activities but STOP!

Next week is half term – I want you to enjoy a week off! No online learning, no paper tasks. Enjoy being outside whilst keeping your distance from members not in your household. Enjoy playing with your mam, dad, brother, sister and pets and doing other things you love. There will not be a blog put on next Friday but I will be back in touch the following week and I will be setting you a range of new and exciting activities for you to delve into from a range of subjects.

This week we have really made the most of the good weather at my house. We have been on lots of long walks, splashed in littles rivers, walked the dolls, trekked through woods and even had an ice cream! (which as you can see was 100% George’s favourite part).

Whilst Miss Hodgson has been working hard at Farringdon looking after those children whose parents are key workers and of course topping up her t-shirt tan in the playground!

 You may have seen in the news about adult mental health week and the theme is Kindness.

Whilst enjoying your week off why not challenge yourself and members of your family to do as many kind things as possible.

Here is a list of some of the things that you could do:

  • Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while (always ask an adult’s permission first)
  • Post a card or a letter to someone.
  • Tell everyone in your family how much you love and appreciate them.
  • Wash and dry the dishes (without complaining!)
  • Make your bed and somebody else’s without even being asked
  • Feed the birds
  • Make a thank you sign for the dustbin men and the person who delivers the post.
  • Read a book to a younger brother or sister.
  • Spend some time with nature, which is good for your mental health.
  • Decorate some stones and leave them in the park.
  • Leave lots of thank you notes hidden around the house.
  • Help make dinner
  • Complain less (or not at all!)
  • Send someone you love or miss a hug voucher that can be used when you can see them again.

For your adults:

If would like some ideas on how to keep yourselves mentally healthy and to be kind to yourself, there are some nice ideas on this fact sheet.


Enjoy your half term, if Evie-Rose is lucky I might even let her have a rest! 🙂

Keep safe and we will catch up again soon!

Lots of love Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 15th May

Hello again everybody!
These Friday seem to keep coming back around. Last Sunday we heard from Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister who talked about schools starting to safely and gradually reopen. Unfortunately though this is not an option for year 2 children at the min! I know I can here the moans and groans from here as you can’t wait to get back and see my mush everyday and listen to Miss Hodgson’s beautiful singing in music! However, for now it’s the way it needs to be and I will continue to be here through the blog and emails to help you out!

If you are starting to run low on work (be honest) and you would like some more booklets or paper activities to work through. Please drop us an email to the school email address and I will happily prepare some for you to collect from school towards the end of next week.

Anyway, what’s been happening this week?
We have enjoyed a bbq in the sun, and generally just been enjoying more time playing together and sharing this time together. George finally fit into a coat which a family member bought for him last September! But still isn’t walking! 🙁
Evie-Rose has been enjoying picnics with her teddy’s and dolls.

This week Mrs Watson has kindly given you all a Forest school linked activity which you could try:

There is also some coastal school activities you could try now you are allowed to go out a little more – but remember to social distance from other households.

Or why not try a couple of these maths activities.

Hope you all enjoyed making nature looms and celebrating VE Day. Here are a few pics I received

Remember to keep in touch via the school email plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Stay safe and take care – Miss you all so much!

Love Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 8th May

Hello everyone and happy VE day!

Today is Victory in Europe Day also known as VE Day. On 7 May 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered and the Second World War in Europe was over. On 8 May, people in Britain and across the world celebrated Victory in Europe with street parties. It marks 75 years since this joyous occasion. Due to the social restrictions that are in place at the moment, most VE Day 75 events and street parties have sadly had to be cancelled or postponed. 

However, you may still want to be able to mark the occasion in by having a picnic in your garden, sharing your pride in our country and honour the men and women of WW2. You can make your own special VE Day 75 ‘Great British Bunting’ to display in your window at home. 

Follow the link below to see all the instructions you need to get started using any paper, cereal boxes, string, ribbon, sweet wrappers, felt pens, poster paint you have or whatever you can find.


What else has been happening this week? Well I was blown away by the video with all of your beautiful faces on. I did do an extra blog on Wednesday and attached the videos so scroll down to see them.

Rosie has been in touch this week, sending pictures of her fabulous fairy garden.

Charlie also emailed to say hello and sent a picture in of himself, Millie and his dog Bonnie camping in the garden!

And I also heard from Thomas who has been busy making a nurture loom in the garden.

My week has involved George climbing in and out of the block box and then knocking over my tower. George has also enjoyed sitting in his bath seat even when he isn’t in the bath. Whilst Evie-Rose has worn a different dressing up costume every day. Today we made VE posters and enjoyed our lunch outside.

Miss Hodgson has also been enjoying VE day with a social distancing street party. Her street had lots of bunting and everyone enjoyed some food, music and memories from their own front gardens.

Here is a reminder of some of the activities you could be accessing at home.


Phonics Play


(Username: march20 Password: home) Click on parents and then interactive resources to access phonics games for all phases. This is quite fun – children have to read the word and decide if it is a real or fake word (we call them ‘alien’ words in phonics lessons)

Phonics Bloom

https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/list/phonics-games-phase-1 https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/list/phonics-games-phase-2

Monster phonics

www.monsterphonics.com                                                                                            (Username: login   Password: homelearning)

Oxford Owl

 Just type this into Google and sign in using the log-in and passwords below – really good for reading and phonics.                                                                                                                      Year2pfa    Password: 1234

Maths                                                                                         https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Range of subjects

Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. These are online video lessons across a range of subjects and for children of all different abilities. (from Reception to Year 6)

https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/subjects/#subjects https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

These websites all have activities on which are suitable for all children in year 2 including children with SEND. If you children does have a SEN Choose a year group that you think is suitable for your child. If you are unsure of where to start or would like any advice on supporting your child at home, please contact Miss Orchard on Plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk and she will contact you asap.

Wednesday 6th May

hello everyone!
Miss Hodgson and I are absolutely blown away by your amazing videos! (Attached below) The effort and love you have all put in to make a video with all your faces and pics is amazing! We genuinely both cried, happy proud tears of course (as did lots of the other teachers when we showed it off!)
What a lovely thing to do! It’s lovely seeing those smiles and we can’t wait to see them back in the classroom.
lots of love

Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson x

Friday 1st May
How are we in May already?
Yesterday has got to be the best day I have had in lockdown so far. Why I hear you ask? Well I spent all day receiving your uniform pictures! From nursery to year 6! I absolutely loved seeing each and every one of you taking time to put on your uniform and say thank you to all the key workers who are working incredibly hard during this unusual time.
This week I have been busy sorting through Evie-Rose’s toys and organising her room a little. It stayed today for about an hour! We have also been working our way through Disney films whilst snuggled on the sofa when George is napping.

Miss Hodgson is still keeping busy in her garden. This week she has continued painting her fences and made some beautiful hanging baskets. I can’t wait for my invite round to her garden party once the lockdown is lifted!

What else has been happening?
I have spoken to Bobby today. It was great hearing about the work he has been doing and the fresh air he has been having in his garden while practising his football skills.

Joel also got in touch this week. He is enjoying spending time at home with his mam and brother and has adapted well to completing school work online and using his home learning pack. Joel has also been enjoying daily exercise walks and perfecting his football skills in the garden.

Don’t forget I have set some new activities for you to complete on education city. Well done again to the boys, Charlie R, Joel, Harley and Tyler who have all made a start with some of the activities. Keep going! I hope everyone else takes a look too.
Last week I gave you a lot of websites and activities for you to do. This week I thought I would bring it back to something simple:
Why not have a go at this fun, keeping fit activity.

Or celebrate National Wildflower week:
Make a nature loom. Collect all the things you need whilst out on your daily walk and then put them all together to create your masterpiece when you get home.

Or you could do some interesting Spring art activities set by Miss Davison:

Or finally, you could have a go at the activities I have put together for you on this page:

Tasks to do at home

Remember, we would love to see the work you are doing, so get in touch via the school email on: plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk
Stay safe, take care
Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 24.4.20

Hello boys and girls,
Another week has passed by, I hope you are keeping your brains ticking as well as enjoying some quality family time and daily exercise.

We must start this week’s blog by mentioning Isabella. Isabella sent me an email at the end of last week. It was lovely to hear from her telling me a range of things she has been up to including falling off her scooter! But the most important thing she told me was it was her birthday on Monday! A huge happy 7th birthday to you Isabella. For her birthday she received a new bike which she has been riding as part of her daily exercise.

Thomas also emailed this week, he and Rose had been busy completing my Plainsy challenge. Here are their entries:

Big shout outs to Ruby, Isabella and Rosie who have all accessed Education city this week. I have now set more work on there for you to complete so take a look!

This week Miss Hodgson has turned her hands to planting, see what you think:

In my house this week we have been entertaining ourselves with cardboard boxes which were buses, boats, trains and even aeroplanes (who knew one box could be so many things)

I hope you have all seen our staff video – We all miss you all so much and loved making a video that hopefully made you smile. If you haven’t seen it. Click on the main website page and its in the newsfeed section.

Finally below are various subjects we cover in school with websites you can access work on. Alongside the web address is an alternative activity you could complete if you don’t always have access to a computer or want something else to try.

Please email any work/pictures you do. I would love to see them


Activity idea:
A church is a special place for Christians what is your special place and why?
Draw it and write an explanation.
For example: My special place is at my mum’s house because


Activity idea:
Ask your children to raid the kitchen cupboards and see if they can figure out where the food products are from.
This activity can link to many areas of the curriculum, such as:
• Find the country information on the product packaging.
• Learn the names and location of different countries. Have you visited any of these countries, or do you have friends there?

Create a family tree. Perhaps you can use photographs of your family or draw pictures of them.

Science Sparks investigations https://www.science-sparks.com/science-experiments-for-kids/
More fun investigations https://sciencebob.com/category/experiments/

https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/codeclub (Coding projects)
https://www.j2e.com/j2data/ (Data handling)
https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/interland (Online safety game)

Art and design                                                                        https://www.tate.org.uk/kids (activities, games, quizzes)

http://www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob (A children’s illustrator has put together a collection of tutorials). 

MAKE A KALEIDOSCOPE – https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/make/cut-paste/make-kaleidoscope

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button (Times tables)
https://mathsframe.co.uk/ (Maths games)

(Username: march20 Password: home) Click on parents and then interactive resources to access phonics games for all phases
www.monsterphonics.com (Username: login Password: homelearning)

These are available as well as the already shared link for Oxford Owl

Listen to a story! You could draw a picture and write a description about one of the main characters.
https://www.worldbook.com/wbblog/covidsupport (Access to a wide range of books)

https://litfilmfest.com/playlists/ (Releasing videos to inspire writing every day at 10:30am)

There is so much on here this week, take your time, work through activities at your own pace and remember stay home and stay safe.

Email me any work or pictures any time or even just drop an email to say hello. I will reply to you as promptly as possible

Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Plainsy challenge 14.4.20

Good morning,
The Oak National Academy launched today, Monday 20 April. This has been created by 40 teachers from some of the leading schools across England, backed by government grant funding. It will provide 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages, for every year group from Reception through to Year 10.

Use the hyperlink below to access year 2 lessons:


The best way to help children aged 4 to 7 learn is to:
• sit with them as they work
• do active and practical things, rather than trying to make them sit and listen for long periods
• try to break down the work into shorter periods, based on how long they can concentrate
• take frequent breaks
• praise or reward them when they do well
Talk with your child throughout the day and try to explain new words. For example, discuss everything you are doing and pick out words that might be new to them.
Reading together
When you read with your child try to:
• express the emotion in the story
• give colour to the characters using voices, tone and pace
• discuss the things you are reading
You can make a story more interesting and help your child develop their understanding of a book by linking what you are reading to their life. For example, while reading about Cinderella going to the ball, talk about how a ball is similar to a birthday party.
Ask your child questions about what you are reading as you go. For example:
• ask some questions that only need a short answer, such as what colour something is, or the name of a character
• ask some questions that need a longer answer, such as how a character is feeling
• ask them to tell you what has happened in the story so far
Libraries are currently closed, but you can find digital services they are providing at Libraries Connected.
Phonics is a method schools use to teach children how to read quickly and skilfully.
Contact your school, which will be working on ways to help you with this. Try to sit with your child and practise with them, following the advice you get from their school.
Try to help children to continue to practise their writing. This may include the formation of letters and familiarity with pens and pencils for younger children, or practising creative writing for older children.
Ask children to write about their day-to-day experiences of being at home, or to write letters to send to family members.
Practise counting and numbers. This does not always have to be a planned activity. For example, count things around the house while you are doing other things like cooking or cleaning.
For older children learning sums, ask your school for help or see a list of resources to help with maths recommended by teachers and school leaders.

Friday 17th April

Good afternoon everyone,
Hope you are all still safe and well. The Easter holidays (although different to usual) are coming to an end so I am hoping next week you will all be back to completing some of your home learning.

Over the past week I have continued to help Evie-Rose write her name (I know I never give her a break! Haha)

She has also been wearing her uniform as she misses nursery so much!

We have also been decorating biscuits, playing with the farmyard and building a unicorn castle. George still isn’t walking but fingers crossed it won’t be much longer. Also this week I have been in Farringdon Academy all week providing childcare for key worker children. It is very strange being in school with very little children. Luckily Miss Hodgson has been in with me so I have been able to see her happy face everyday.
Miss Hodgson has enjoyed being on the yard in the sun with the children this week and obviously preparing herself for our video to you!

A couple of weeks ago I set some work for you all on Education City. Well done to Ethan, Charlie R, Harry, Tyler and Bobby who have all been on and completed the tasks. There are still 21 children who have not yet logged on and completed it. Will you be the first girl to complete? Please please try and get on. The activities are fun and will get your brain ticking. If you need log in details just drop me an email.

What else could you do this week:
– Log on to timetable rockstars, oxford reading owl and purple mash
– https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-online-education-resources/coronavirus-covid-19-list-of-online-education-resources-for-home-education This website is really helpful for children of all different ages to access suitable activities.
– Using nature
“Planting seeds and watching them sprout and grow is always rewarding. And you don’t need a garden. Pop some multi-purpose compost in a plant pot, plastic cup or old yogurt pot, sprinkle the seeds in and cover with compost.
“Encourage your child to take responsibility for making sure the plant has enough water and sunlight, and challenge them to record what happens to the seed each day.”
Top tip: Fast growers include mung beans (2-5 days), cress (3-7 days), lima beans (4-7), sprouting seeds (4-12), radishes (7-14), pumpkin (7-21), nasturtium (14-21). Lettuce, basil, chives, mint and parsley are also relatively easy to grow

“YouTube is an endless source of great exercise and dance videos for young children. “
If you’re looking for something additional to Joe Wicks, there’s:
Dance ‘n Beats: for fun dance routines
Just Dance: more challenging videos for older children
Cosmic Kids Yoga: tie them in knots!
Jump Start Jonny: free high-energy workouts

This week my email inbox has been very quiet. I have only received a message from Harley.

He has been having lots of fun with his sister and keeping himself busy indoors.

Make sure you take part in the Plainsy challenge – It is at the top of the page!

Please send Miss Hodgson and I pictures of things you have been up to or messages as we are missing you so much.


Goof afternoon everyone. Happy Easter! How are we all doing?

This week we have been keeping busy in my house. Evie-Rose has continued to write her name everyday as well as learning her numbers and shapes. We have also enjoyed playing a game called smelly wellies which she got for her birthday. Speaking of smelly wellies on our daily exercise this week we found lots of muddy puddles. Of course we had to go back the next day with our wellies on so we could jump up and down.

Meanwhile, George’s favourite part of this week has been eating a delicious chocolate egg.

The only way to clean him down afterwards was to put him straight in the bath! haha.

Also this week I have loved opening my emails to see messages off some of you.

Rosie sent these pictures:

It was lovely to hear from you Rosie. Rosie told me all about the keepsake she has made for her and her family as well as an Easter card she made for a neighbour.
Then I received an email from Charlie R:

As well as doing his school work he has also been lucky enough to get a new puppy. I am sure the puppy will keep you busy. It was also nice to here Charlie had been helping out around the house doing some jobs.

Thomas also emailed:

It was lovely to see Thomas had been busy playing in the garden with his sister as well as doing some baking.

Thank you for getting in touch and I would love to hear from more of you. Send an email to: plains.farm@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Although it doesn’t feel like it this week would have been part of our Easter holidays so I am not setting you any extra school work. (ssshhh I can hear the cheers!) instead I want you to enjoy some fun times indoors with your family.

  • How about each member of the household decorates an egg – email them to me and i will pick a winner!
  • You could have a family bake off – one person is the judge and everyone else makes something to eat or drink and a winner is chosen
  • Pull out all your old board games and see who is the champion of champions on all of the games
  • Make your own Easter egg hunt – draw lots of eggs and decorate them, then hide them around your house with clues for someone else to find
  • If the weather stays nice, go in your back garden and make a den. If not make one indoors and get all cosy.

Most importantly Stay active and stay safe!

We miss you all lots and can’t wait to see you all soon.

Love Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 3rd April

Hello everyone, hope we are all safe and well still. Another week has passed us by and I am really missing seeing all of your smiley faces. This week it was Evie-Rose’s 4th birthday as she couldn’t celebrate with family and friends we had our own little tea party in the house with loads and loads of balloons. Well 29 to be exact, we did start with 30 until George got his hands on one and it went POP! We have been keeping ourselves active getting out for our daily exercise sometimes with skipping ropes, then a scooter, then a bike, then a Frisbee and finally roller skates (luckily the skates was just Evie-Rose!)

Miss Hodgson has also been keeping herself busy painting her fence and cleaning her messy car! J She has also very kindly been out shopping for her neighbour.

I would love to know/see what you have all been up to. Why not keep a diary of all the things you do during your time away from school (but remember to keep your handwriting neat!J). You could draw a picture to go with your writing too!

There are still a few children who haven’t logged onto the educational games sites such as education city, tt rockstars and purple mash. If you are having difficulty logging in or you have lost you log in please get your grown up to drop me an email and I will send your details to you. (email below)

Want some more ideas for this week:

1.    I have set up our class log in for reading books. There is an absolute load of books you can read at your level to your mams, dads, sisters, brothers, cats, dogs, fish etc all you need to do is log in to https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ then click on ‘My class log in’ at the top of the page. The username you will need is: year2pfa  and the password is: 4321 once you have logged in you will have a range of e-books to choose from.


2.    Write a letter to me about something new you have learned to do whilst you have been off – this might be baking, riding a bike, learning to juggle, a new dance move, joining up handwriting anything you have learned that is new – write it in an email or get your mam/dad to take a picture of your letter and email it to me. I will reply!


3.    Make an Easter/Spring card for a loved one – or put it up in your window to make people smile as they go past.


4.    Why not help with some tasks around the house – you could wash your car with  a grown up, plant some new seeds/flowers in the garden, hang the washing out on the line


5.    Be the teacher – Write some calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) for a grown up or older sibling once they have completed them – you get to mark them as the teacher!! You could really show off by explaining how/why they are wrong if they get an answer incorrect.


If you want to get in touch please email me on:


I will try to respond on the same day to you! Take care, stay at home, stay safe.

Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson xx

Friday 27th March 2020

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well. It feels very strange writing this blog having not seen any of you for at least a week. But we wanted you to know Miss Hodgson and I are looking forward to welcoming you all back soon!

We may not be able to teach you for the next few weeks but every Friday I will still update our blog as normal. You know me, I like to check in with you all and give you more work and activities to do whilst you at home so you can keep your brains ticking!

I hope you have all been working through your home learning tasks and remembering to apply all of the skills you have been taught this year to help you answer the questions efficiently. Your parents know how clever you all are so don’t be trying to trick them! Instead impress them every day like you do me with everything you know!

I have been having a peak at who has been logging into timetable rockstars and I am pleased to say that almost everybody has. (There are only 2 children who haven’t logged in – if that is you try and get on it next week – it really is fun!!) Big shout out to Charlie R and Joel who are currently accessing it the most.

There are also lots of you accessing Education city and purple mash so keep it up! I have added some 2dos to everyone’s purple mash accounts to complete next week.

Remember you can get the apps on your ipad or tablet if you don’t have access to a computer.

Getting bored in the house – here are some more ideas:

·        Why not make a rainbow and put it up in your bedroom or front room window to cheer people up

·        CONNECT: Make a card or picture for a loved one you haven’t seen for a while – maybe gran/grandad/nanna. Make a new one everyday so you can overwhelm them with love when you do see them again

·        BE ACTIVE: Join Joe Wicks on youtube for a PE session every morning at 9am (Make sure you check with an adult first)

·        Scholastic and twinkl have some great resources available online – all resources are split into appropriate age groups

·        https://stories.audible.com/discovery – loads of free stories to listen to for a range of ages

·        TAKE NOTICE: Chat to your parents about your feelings and emotions

Take care and I will update again next week.

Mrs Owen and Miss Hodgson x

Friday 13th March 2020
Wow! What a busy week! Can’t believe it is Friday again already!
This week in English we have continued to develop our narrative skills looking at past tense, verbs and adverbs and creating our own story map. We loved creating our story map and reading it aloud to each other. We also thought of different actions to go with each part. Here it is:

See if you can read it to a grown up at home!

Also this week we have learnt about subtraction. We started the week by subtracting a single digit number from a 2 digit number. Then we subtracted any multiple of ten and then any 2 2digit number without crossing the boundary. The children were really good at using concrete and pictorial methods to help them solve various calculations. On Thursday we finished the week trying to subtract any 2 2digit numbers. We started by completing this altogether, making the starting amount with tens and ones, then subtracting the tens, then swap a ten for ten ones, then subtracting the ones, then counting up the total number left. Everyone was really good at using concrete resources and completing the calculations in small steps however when children were left to complete a few independently some children were still unsure what to do and kept forgetting to swap the tens. We will continue to work on this over the next few weeks.

This week is British Science week. We have celebrated this by completing a science experiment. As our current topic is plants we decided to conduct an investigation to see which plant would grow the tallest. We started the day by stating our aim and creating a list of equipment. We then got into small groups and planted our 3 seeds, one in each cup. After we placed them in three different places one in a cupboard, one on the window sill and one on the shelf with no water. Finally we made a prediction about what we think will happen and which one will grow the most over the next week.

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Rev Graham join us in class for our RE lesson, during the lesson we continued to learn about lent and the things Christians do during this time on the lead up to Easter. We talked about acts of kindness and how we can complete small acts of kindness daily without it costing any money or taking up much time. We then made slips and wrote an act of kindness on each slip and add it to a basket. The basket is now displayed in class and the children are encouraged to take an act of kindness from the box daily.

We took a break from skipping within PE this week and focussed instead on our throwing and catching skills with the hope this will also develop our co-ordination skills to help improve our skipping skills. Take a look at how we got on.

The book fair was a great success in school this week making over £450. I hope you all enjoy reading your new books.
Attendance: 94.9%
Minutes late: 44 minutes

Friday 6th March
Another week has passed by and it has certainly been busy but fun too!
In English this week we have continued to develop our narrative skills whilst reading ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ At the start of the week we planned our story opening using picture prompts and a word bank to support us. Then we learned more about expanded noun phrases and how to expand noun phrases in different ways. On Wednesday we began writing our story opening incorporating the skills we have recently developed.

In maths we have spent the week refreshing our addition skills. We started the week by adding a single digit number to a 2 digit number and then moved on to adding a multiple of 10 to a 2d number. Both of which we are very good at now. We then moved on to adding 2 2d numbers. We all started by using the concrete resources and securing our knowledge by physically moving the numbers around. Once we grew more confident some of us moved on to pictorial and abstract methods. Everyone was able to explain their thinking which is amazing!

On Wednesday we completed lots of maths activities linked to world maths day. Our favourite was the scavenger hunt. We worked in pairs to solve each calculation and find the missing letter. Finally, we worked out the phrase which was ‘Maths is the best’.

On Thursday we celebrated world book day. This year we were very lucky because we had an author coming into school to spend the day with us, his name was Antony Wootten. We loved working with him and listening to him read a story to us during the day. We also completed several book activities. We designed our own book cover, shared a book with a friend and created our own book characters. We also transformed our classroom door into a book cover. We got our book idea from the book ‘Diary of a Wimpy kid’ but with our Plains farm twist on it our new book is called ‘Diary of a year 2 kid’ take a look:

The book fair is coming to school. It will be here from Friday 6th March until Friday 13th March. The book fair will be open in the hall every morning from 8.30am (bagels will also be served) every playtime at 10.30am and after school from 3pm. Please come along and bring your book voucher which can be used!

Attendance: 96.4%
Minutes late: 65 minutes

Friday 28th February 2020

This week in English we have started our new narrative ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ The story is about two men who attempt to cut down a tree within the amazon rainforest. When they have a nap under the tree the animals speak to them about what the tree means to them. The story aims to help the reader see the importance of saving our natural environment. On Tuesday we looked at a rainforest scene and used a range of adjectives to describe what we could see. Then we ordered the story in four parts. Also this week we have written sentences to about the setting using our senses and a range of conjunctions.

In maths this week we have continued to learn about different measurements. This week we have focussed on capacity, volume and temperature. As well as learning about litres and millilitres we have also learnt how to correctly read and compare different scales.

On Wednesday we discussed the pancakes we had all eaten the previous day. As part of our lesson we learned about the true meaning behind pancake day and wrote some facts about Shrove Tuesday.

We also discussed the meaning of lent – Ash Wednesday. We talked about how lent is a time for sins to be confessed and forgiven and new promises to be made. Everyone wrote on a leaf template something they had done that they were sorry for. We then turned over a new leaf and wrote a promise.

On Thursday we all practised our skipping. I can not believe the progress te children have made with their skipping in such a short time.

Finally this week we have started our new rumble in the jungle display. We will keep you updated with the progress of it over the next few weeks.

This week our plainsy pass winner is: Darcey for a huge improvement in her attitude towards work.

Attendance: 100%

Minutes late: 20


World book day – Thursday 5th March 2020

School book fair – For 1 week from Friday 6th March 2020

Friday 7th February 2020
Only one more week to go until half term and my goodness we have worked our socks off this half term.
This week in English we have focused on the middle part of our story. We started the week by planning the story using pictures. We then added more detail to our initial plans by using adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Next we created story maps of the middle section. Finally we wrote the middle part of our story thinking about important details that the audience would want to read.

In maths this week we have been learning all about length and weight. We started the week learning about cms and how to measure accurately using a ruler. On Tuesday we learnt about metres and how to measure bigger objects efficiently. Within our maths meeting we looked at previous SAT questions that have been asked involving measuring length. On Wednesday we moved on to look at weight and how to weigh accurately. We read scales using grams, jugs for capacity using mls and thermometers using Celsius . We also weighed different items to find out if they were heavier or lighter than 1kg.

In Computing this week we continued to develop our basic computer skills. After we had successfully logged on to a computer and opened a word document independently we then wrote our names using lower case and capital letters for initial letters. We wrote our name 5 times to practice our new skill.

In PSHE this week we have finished off learning about our VIPs and why they are so special to us.
In RE we have continued to learn about how we all belong. This week we focused on one the stories which Jesus told in the Bible called the Good Samaritan.

On Thursday we all took part in the school Bonkers Bingo event as part of the NSPCC number day. It was a blast. Here are some pics:

This week’s Plainsy pass is going to Kaiden L for his positive attitude to learning.

Attendance: 95.8%

Minutes late: 75 minutes


Valentines disco – Wednesday 12th Feb

School breaks up for half term on Friday 14th Feb

Friday 31st January 2020
Another week has passed us by and as always year 2 have been extremely busy!
This week in English we have started our new genre, narrative. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at a story called My Snowy day. The children will become the main character and will retell the story in first person using their own experiences of snow to help them add detail to their story. On Monday we read and ordered the story into three parts. On Tuesday we created our own characters and described them using a range of adjectives. Later in the week we discussed how the character in the story might feel at different parts of the story. Finally we planned our opening using the pictures as guidance before adding in more detail.

In maths this week we have been learning all about multiplication and division. We started the week looking at ways we can multiply and divide and we identified and discussed how we can solve multiplications in a range of ways but how division calculations must always start with the largest number. Also in maths this week we have been developing our classroom display to ensure it supported us with our learning throughout our maths lessons.

This week we have completed a range of well-being activities. Firstly we all designed our own musical note to add to our display in the hall ‘Each of us a single note… together we create a masterpiece’. Then we looked at how we are all different and how this should be celebrated. We drew a picture of ourselves and wrote some key facts about us, then we did the same for our friend before comparing our similarities and differences. Later in the day we each wrote two sentences of kindness about different people in the class. We put all the notes of kindness together to create a ‘bucket of kindness’ and Mrs Owen read them aloud to the class. It was a lovely feel good task and everyone had something lovely said about them. Finally we created friendship cards for someone else in the class telling them what we like about them and why.

For PE this week we had our sports enrichment afternoon. During the afternoon we teamed up with the year one children. Firstly we discussed the importance of exercise and why people need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Then the year 2 children became the teachers and modelled how to skip using the speed and double bounce skip. Throughout the afternoon year 1 and year 2 paired up to practice and coach each other on improving their skipping skills. We finished the afternoon with a bit of yoga and relaxation.

Minutes late:

– Homework, library book and reading book is due in on Wednesdays
– Friday 7th Feb – NSPCC number day

Friday 24th January 2020
This week I am so incredibly proud of the commitment each child has made to improve their work. We have definitely come back from the Christmas holidays ready to hit 2020 rocking!
In English this week we have completed our instructions. I have been blown away with the amount of detail and structure that the children have put in to them. The year one children will definitely know how to make a paper penguin! Here are some of the outcomes:

In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We counted in 2s, 5s and 10s and discussed how when we multiply a number it gets bigger. We also looked at how we can use our times table knowledge to solve division facts. We have also looked at a range of SAT questions relating to multiplication and division that have come up in previous SAT papers.

In computing this week we worked independently. We have practiced how to switch on a computer, log in and open a work document. We also spent a lot of time learning how to correctly close down a computer. We now all have a good understanding and hopefully we will be more efficient in the future.

In music this week we carried on learning our new song ‘I want to be in a band’. This week we included different actions and discussed listening to the beat.

We finally finished our art work on Pieter Bruegel. I think we definitely interpreted his paintings in various ways.

On Thursday we went on a mini trip to our local church. Whilst we were there Rev Graham made us feel extremely welcome and told us lots about baptism ceremonies.

Finally in PE we have continued to learn about different skipping techniques to prepare ourselves for the yea.r 2 skipping festival.

The plainsy pass this week has been awarded to

Attendance: 94.8%
Minutes late: 23

Homework, Reading books and library books should be brought in every Wednesday.

Friday 17th January

We have reached the end of another busy week.

This week we have continued to learn about Instructions within English. We have focused on the use of time connectives and imperative verbs, negative commands and the use of subordination. We have also discussed the importance not to over use different imperative verbs. We also decided what information we wanted to include in instructions and formed an introduction and what you need section.

In maths this week we have been learning how to tell the time. We began the week focusing on o clock times. Then we read half past, quarter past and quarter to times. As well as reading the times we have solved problems involving the different times. Finally we learned how to draw rhe hands on the clock showing quarter past and quarter to times.

On Monday in PSHCE we focused on which of our family members are VIPs and why they are important to us. We drew pictures of our family and wrote information about why they are special.

In Geography we have continued to look at the world map, recapping what we have already learned about the continents and oceans. We then compared the different animals you would find in each polar region and discussed the similarities and differences between the two regions. On Wednesday we focused the artist Pieter Brugel who was born in the Netherlands. We located the Netherlands on the world map and compared its location. Finally we found similarities and differences between the two countries.

In PE this week we have continued to practice our skipping skills. This week we have practiced out single and double bounce, speed bounce and partner bounce. Skipping ropes are available during playtime and dinnertimes for children to practice and perfect their skills.

On Wednesday, we had our second library visit. The children enjoyed visiting the library, discussing the book they had read last week and choosing a new one to take home.

In music, we continued to learn our new song ‘ I want to be in a band’

This week’s Plainsy Pass winner has been given to Amelia for her huge effort with letter formation and size.

Attendance: 100% – well done Year 2!
Minutes late:  42 minutes

Friday 10th January 2020
Welcome back! It is lovely to see everyone back safe and well from the Christmas holidays and it has been a pleasure hearing all about everyone’s magical Christmas.
Since Monday the children have settled straight back in to school and have been working their socks off.

In Maths, we have been learning all about money. We started the week recognising coins and discussing their value. Then we represented different amounts using pounds and pence. On Wednesday we made different amounts using a range of coins. Finally we made the same amount using different coin combinations. The children were great at recognising coins and making particular amounts but we need to continue to work on making the same amount with different coins.

In English we began our new genre, instructions. We started the week by reading a range of different instructions and identifying the purpose. Then we looked at the different features that instructions should include and discussed the meaning of each one. On Wednesday we read a set of instructions about a paper penguin and complete a reading comprehension to retrieve information from the instructions. On Thursday we made our own paper penguin by carefully following a set of instructions. Finally we wrote an introduction (statement of purpose) for our own set of instructions.

In Geography this week we have been learning about our world. We started by identifying the different continents and thinking of mnemonics to help us remember them. We then looked at and named the oceans. On Tuesday we talked about the shape of our world and learnt about the equator, northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. On Wednesday we moved on to look at the climates within each continent and labelled them on a world map. We have spent a lot of time looking at globes, atlases and maps as well as identifying and discussing the polar regions. Finally we discussed different animals you would find in different continents.

In PSHE this week we began our focus on our VIPs. We discussed the meaning of VIP and what traits a person might have to make them a VIP. We then made a crown with our VIP inside.

This week we had our first visit to the Library. We spent time perusing the books and enjoying chill out time with a interesting book/comic/magazine. At the end of our session we chose a book to take home and read for pleasure. These books should be returned by Wednesday 15th January.

In PE we began our new focus, skipping. After warming up we learned how to correctly hold a skipping rope and discussed timings so we can jump at the correct time. We then spent time learning two types of skip. The speed skip and the double bounce.

This week the plainsy pass winner is Tyler for his huge improvement in attainment and effort in maths
Attendance:  98%
Minutes late: 85 minutes

– Reading books will be given out every Friday. They should read the book three times at home and their record should be signed 3 times before returning the following Thursday.
– PE is now taught on a Thursday and Friday
– New library books have been given out these should be returned by next Wednesday(15th)
– Interventions begin Monday 13th January – if your child has been invited to an intervention it is vital they attend so they remain on track for the end of year two.

Friday 20th December 2019

Only 5 more sleeps till Santa….

This week we have felt extremely festive. On Monday we finished off all of our Christmas cards, calendars and snowmen. The children were so excited to take them home and I am sure you will all agree they all did a fabulous job!
On Tuesday everyone came to school in their party clothes. Everyone looked amazing! During our party we played lots of games including hot potato, corners and musical bumps. We also gave out prizes for fabulous dancing!
Here are some pictures:

On Wednesday we went to the pantomime at the Sunderland Empire. This year the show was ‘Cinderella’
We were not allowed to take pictures inside the theatre but we did manage a before picture and a few after photos.

On Thursday we had some time to choose different festive activities these included making cards, writing letters to Santa, colouring Christmas pictures and writing our own Christmas stories. Whilst we were getting on we listened to lots of different Christmas songs.
We have now reached the end of the autumn term. All the children have worked incredibly hard throughout this term and I hope this continues into the spring term.

All that is left to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas filled with love and joy and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 6th January and finding out all about your Christmas holidays.

Attendance: 98.8%
Minutes late: 85

Friday 13th December 2019

12 more sleeps till Santa!
This week the children took part in our nativity performance called ‘A miracle in town’. I am sure you will all agree that they were all fabulous and absolutely blew our socks off! I am super proud of the effort they have put in not just on the day but throughout all the performances.

Also this week we have been making our Christmas cards and calendars – no pictures yet though as we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

In English we have completed our recount writing on our London workshop – we used pictures and word banks to support our writing. In Maths we have focused on number and place value. We looked at the greater and less than symbols and use them to compare numbers within 100. We also learned more about partitioning numbers in more than one way.

Next week is our final week before Christmas and there is lots on:
Tuesday: KS1 Party – children can come to school in their party clothes
Wednesday: Pantomime – Morning performance – please provide a packed lunch
Friday: Last day before Christmas holidays

Attendance: 100%
Minutes late: 40

Friday 6th December

We are getting very excited for Christmas now only 19 sleeps till Santa..

This week has been hard work but fun filled, we started the week by making treats to sell at the fair. This year we decided to make hot chocolate reindeers. We enjoyed filling each cone and were tempted with the chocolate smell.

Also on Monday we learned how to find 1/3 of different lengths and shapes as well as completing more gymnastic movements within PE.

On Tuesday we continued to learn about different aspects we need to include within our recounts next week. We started the morning looking at conjunctions and how we will include them correctly. Then we learnt about time adverbials and thought about the order we would use these words in. On Tuesday afternoon we went to the church for our carol service. The children were extremely well behaved walking to the church alongside their peers and parents. Once we arrived at church we enjoyed a fantastic service with Rev Graham talking to us about the Christmas story and listening to our amazing choir.

On Wednesday we continued learning about fractions. We looked at how to find half and quarters of quantities. In the afternoon we went in the hall to practice our nativity. Here are some sneaky peak photos:

Yesterday we had our Christmas fair, thank you to everyone that came. The children had a lovely afternoon.
Today we have finished the week learning all about the United Kingdom within our Geography lesson. We looked firstly at what the British Isles is and then we identified the nations within the UK. Then we looked at the nations flags and discussed how they together create the union flag. Finally we enjoyed our weekly wind down yoga session.

Our plainsy pass winner this week is Amelia for her commitment and determination within after school interventions.

Attendance: 95.2%
Minutes late: 53

Friday 29th November 2019

This week started with a fabulous workshop about the Great fire of London. To start we talked about what we already knew about the fire and what we wanted to find out. Then we listened to David, our workshop leader, who told us how we have art, objects and diary entries that tell us about the fire. We looked at some different objects and discussed how they would have been used. Before break the children enjoyed pretending to live in a wooden house in 1665 and throwing their feces out of the window. After playtime the children stood very close together and pretended to be the wooden houses setting on fire then David came past and started to pull houses down to stop the fire spreading. After that the children had the chance to use a leather bucket and pass it along the long line to try and put the fire out. Finally, we went back to class and attempted to write items we would save in a fire using a quill.

On Monday afternoon we had our PE lesson. We continued to learn different gymnastics techniques, this week focusing on ways to move onto and off a mat.

On Tuesday we started practicing our nativity ‘A miracle in town’ we gave out the speaking parts and practiced the songs with the year 1 children. So we will be amazing on the day this weeks’ homework is to learn our lines and practice our songs at home. Tickets are now on sale at £1 each. Some songs are at the end of our blog.

On Thursday we spent time making Christingles. We talked about what each of the different parts represent and the Christian meaning behind a Christingle. On the afternoon we all went into the hall and enjoyed our Christingle service.

Our step count this week is:
The Plainsy pass winner is Joel for his fantastic progress within Maths and reading.
Attendance: 96.4%
Minutes late: 47
Tuesday 3rd December – Carol service at church at 2pm – if you would like to come with us please arrive at school for 1.15pm
Thursday 5th December – Christmas fair

Out Of The Ark – Theres A Razzle And A Dazzle

Out Of The Ark – Little Grey Donkey

Out Of The Ark – A Miracle In Town!

Friday 22nd November 2019

Here we are, at the end of another week!

This week we have taken part in PE. Within PE we began learning about gymnastics and looked at a few simple movements. We will continue to develop this over the next few weeks.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have found half of shapes, lengths and quantities using concrete resources and pictorial methods. We have also been learning about 1/4s and 3/4s.

In English we have written our own versions of Goildilocks and the three bears called Goldilocks and the Queens palace. At the start of the week we created a plan then we wrote out stories. There were some fabulous ones. We printed some and created our own book in our reading area. On Wednesday we learnt how to contrast a character. We looked specifically at Goldilocks and discussed things she could do in the story instead of eating the porridge, breaking the chair and sleeping in the bed. Yesterday we created a new story map and worked in pairs to think of simple actions to help us remember the text then we wrote our edited version of the story with Goldiliocks as a good character.

Our classroom reading area is now ready. Throughout this week we have enjoyed reading in there and completing some of the activities. The children have all said it is lovely to have a readng area to enjoy a book or two.

In RE we have continued to learn about the Bible this week we looked at the ten commandments and discussed what we thought about them then we wrote ten of our own commandments that we believe would make the world a better place.

On Wednesday it was time for our teachers to swap classes again. This month we had Mr Stewart. He brought along a Julia Donaldson book to read to us! We loved it!

This week Isabella won our Plainsy pass for her fantastic retell of our story and enthusiasm to improve her work!

We have worked out that this week our class walked ? steps while in school, which will be added to our school and the Sunderland total.

Minutes late: 69 minutes
Attendance: 91.9%

Monday 25th – Great fire of London workshop
Thursday 28th November – Christingle service at 2.30pm (children only)
Friday 29th November – Well-being day

Friday 15th November 2019

This week we have enjoyed celebrating anti bullying week. Within our class we focussed on verbal bullying. We talked about what verbal bullying is and how it makes people feel. We then watched a video on the Literacy shed website called ‘For the birds’ we discussed what happened in the video as well as the message which the video was telling us ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’.

After watching the video we then brainstormed words we could say about someone else to make them feel good about themselves. We then wrote these ideas into thought bubbles before choosing someone in the class to say the nice things to.

Also this week in Literacy we have developed out skills ready to write our narrative next week. We have learned about sentence types, tense and key vocabulary. Finally we created a vocabulary window with our key topic words on to support our learning over the next few weeks.

To make our classroom resemble London, which is our current topic, we worked together to create a soldier for out door. Take a look:

Today is children in need so everyone could come to school in their own clothes and bring a £1 donation for children in need. Earlier on in the week during assembly we were lucky to meet the actual Pudsey Bear, who is the children in need mascot.

This week we have enjoyed taking part in Maths England. Throughout the week we have focused on different shape activities within our maths meeting lessons. On Thursday we held a maths family learning. The children loved creating crown using shapes, lines of symmetry and Diwali rangoli patterns. We also went up to the computer suite with our grown-ups and showed them how to use timestable rockstars. As part of our celebration on Thursday we all dressed up as rock stars to reinvigorate timestables rockstars.
Here are some pictures from our family learning:

In art we have continued to develop our drawing skills. This week we have used sandpaper to establish what it is like to draw on different materials.

This week’s Plainsy pass winner is Teagan for making great progress across the curriculum but particularly with reading and writing. Well done!

We have joined Step Up, a new challenge to encourage people who live, work and study in Sunderland to be more active. We have worked out that this week our class walked 604344 steps while in school, which will be added to our school and the Sunderland total. You could take part too. It’s fun, free to register and everyone who takes part will get the chance to receive rewards. You can join by downloading the Step Up Sunderland app from the App Store or Google Play, or by logging into the website www.stepupsunderland.com

Minutes late: 165 minutes
Attendance: 99.6%

Friday 8th November

Welcome back! It has been lovely to see everyone back safe and well this week and we have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your half term holidays, Halloween celebrations and bonfire/firework fun.

On Monday we watched a video of something peculiar outside our school gates, we were unsure of what or who it was but we did notice that it had left a chair in the middle of our school hall. Throughout the week different clues were added to the chair and it was moved around the school whilst we tried to locate the owner.

We were so baffled as to who it belonged to and where it had come from we decided to write a character description of the person on one of the clues who we believed was the owner to try to find him.

In English this week we started to look at different traditional tales. After a discussion on Monday about what a traditional tale is we then highlighted what the key themes within various traditional tales are as well as discussing the similarities within different tales. On Tuesday we shared our personal responses including likes and dislikes about some traditional tales and we read the story Goldilocks and the three bears. On Wednesday we discussed how our new topic is London, then we created a story map for our own version of Goldilocks called ‘Goldilocks and the Queen’s Palace’

Ask us to read it to you, we are very good!

Finally we acted out the story using the story map to support and adding simple actions to help us remember the story.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to multiply. On Monday we identified that the children were fantastic at chant counting in 2s, 5s and 10s but could not apply this skill to a multiplication calculation. So throughout the week we have worked really hard on developing our skills to enable us to solve 2s, 5s and 10s calculation in any order as well as looking at some reasoning and problem solving skills.

In RE we all brought in books from home that are special to us. On Wednesday we shared our books with our friends and discussed why they are important to us then we wrote about what happens in our chosen story, why they are special and drew a picture of our favourite character. Finally we discussed how everyone’s books were different but unique to them and related this back to the bible and the importance to Christians.

In art this week we have experimented with different grades of pencils to create lines of different shapes and thicknesses. We then applied these skills using pastels to create a fireworks picture.

This week’s Plainsy pass winner is Leighton for trying really hard to be considerate of other children’s feelings.

Attendance: 99.2%
Minutes late: 11

Monday 11th – Anti Bullying week and Maths week
Tuesday 12th – Odd socks day
Thursday 14th – Maths family learning from 9-10.15am

Friday 25th October

I cannot believe it is half term already! These last few weeks have flown by and all the children are well and truly settled in to year 2 now.

This week has been magical, on Monday we received a golden ticket from Mr Willy Wonka. It had a note with it saying it was for our amazing work. He told us there were 5 to collect to receive a special prize. After school on Monday we received our second ticket for sending fantastic emails to Barnaby bear. We must have worked super hard on Tuesday as received another ticket in the morning for excellent noun work and a forth ticket in the afternoon for the fabulous detail we had put into our dragon eyes. Alongside our forth ticket Mr Wonka also sent a selection of sweets and chocolates from his factory for us to taste.

In maths this week we have been learning all about 2D shapes and their properties. We started the week by naming shapes. Then we counted the amount of sides and vertices different shapes had. Finally we have looked at repeating patterns using 2D shapes.

Within our DT lessons this week we created our dragon eyes. On Monday we moulded and shaped our clay into the shape of our design criteria. Then we sculpted different patterns using the tools. Once they had dried on Tuesday we painted them in bright colours. Finally we evaluated our end product and discussed if we found it easy or difficult and if our end outcome was how we had planned.

In English this week we have focused on a range of GPS skills. We started the week transforming our non-chronological reports to ensure they included a range of adjectives. Then we learnt about proper nouns and common nouns and how to use them within our sentences. Finally we combined our skills and learnt about expanded noun phrases. To receive our final ticket Mr Wonka set us a challenge to try and create a new room for his factory. We came up with some fantastic ways to describe what our classroom would look like in his factory using some interesting and appropriate expanded noun phrases.

On Thursday it was our Halloween family learning and disco. Here are some pictures:

Finally we have finished the week with our well-being day. We have enjoyed thinking about our positive qualities and discussed how we can bring out positivity in those around us. After play we went into our yoga session and enjoyed spending quiet time reflecting and relaxing whilst moving our bodies in different ways.

This weeks Plainsy pass winner is Sienna for always being helpful, polite and cheerful to adults and children alike.
Next week is half term – school re-opens on Monday 4th November

Attendance: 99.2%
Minutes late: 52

Friday 18th October
Here we are at the end of another week.
This week we have written our non-chronological reports about castles and I have been so impressed with the factual information that the children have remembered and included within their reports. Once we had written our first draft we then found a partner and read our work to them. They gave us tips and hints on how we could improve our work linked to our success criteria.

In maths this week we have been learning how to subtract. We started the week by subtracting a 1d number from a greater 1d number. Then we subtracted a 1d number from a 2d number. Some of us used concrete resources and some used pictorial representations to help us to solve each calculation. Once we were more confident subtracting ones we then moved on to subtract 10 and multiples of 10 from a 2d number. We found subtracting multiples of 10 fairly tricky and we will continue to practice this over the forthcoming weeks.

In PE on Monday we practised our throwing and catching skills.

Today we had another yoga session we enjoyed learning new yoga positions and having time to relax and take in our thoughts.

In art this week we have been looking at various dragon eyes and discussing the appearance of various eyes. We then designed our own dragon eye. We thought about what colours and patterns we would like on our dragon eye. Next week we will begin creating our eye using clay.

Within PSHCE lesson we have been looking at how we can show people we love that we are grateful and thankful for the various things they do for us.

Finally, in RE we have created our family trees. It was interesting to celebrate how different everyone’s families are and discuss who is in their family and why they are important to them.

Here are more pictures of things we have been up to this week:

This week’s Plainsy pass winner is Milenna for always being a positive and friendly class member.

Our head boy George, has come up with a fantastic idea to raise money for the Year 6 trip to London in May. He asked staff to donate Halloween goodies in order to make up a hamper. Raffle tickets will be sold next week in school at £1 a strip. The raffle will be drawn next Friday. Here is what you could win:
Sweets and chocolate
Halloween books
£25 cinema voucher

Attendance: 98.8%
Minutes late: 134 minutes

– Thursday 24th October: Family learning 9.15-10.30am
– Thursday 24th October: Halloween disco 2-3pm
– Friday 25th October: Break up for half term. Back to school on Monday 4th November

Friday 11th October 2019

Another fun week full of smiles, laughter and learning.
This week we have celebrated world smile day. All classes across the school have completed activities that involved making/creating something that would make one person smile. One kind action – can shape another life!
In year 2 we made ‘Just because’ cards. We chose different people to give them to and enjoyed seeing them smile when they received them.

Also this week we have celebrated ‘mental health awareness’ by wearing bright yellow or bright colours on Thursday. During the day we discussed the importance of talking and speaking out. We also talked about the adverts used during Britain’s Got Talent, to get Britain talking. Finally we took some quiet time for ourselves to think about our good qualities and what other people like about us.

Every day this week we have also written a sentence to say what is good about today.
In English we have continued to learning about castles and build our knowledge to enable us to write a successful non-chronological report next week. We started the week by linking related points together and discussing the importance of flow within our writing. We then focused on factual adjectives to ensure our writing was full of facts. Finally, we developed a picture map and worked on conjunctions and how to use them to add detail to a range of sentences.

In maths we have been learning about addition. We have spent a lot of time using concrete resources and becoming secure using pictorial representations.

In Art this week we manipulated some clay. We looked at a powerpoint on different ways to ‘play’ with clay and then we experimented moving the clay in different ways. We also used the cutters and carving to add more detail to our design.

This week Macey received the Plainsy Platinum Pass for always being a good friend and role model to others in class.

Attendance: 98.1
Minutes late: 72 minutes

– Homework must be returned by Wednesday – Homework returned late will not be marked
– PE kits should come into school Monday and stay in school till Friday

Friday 4th October
Can you believe we are in October already? Time certainly does fly when you are having fun and this week in year 2 we have had so much fun!

Let’s start with our castle workshop, on Wednesday we were lucky enough to have some visitors come into school from Sunderland’s only castle, Hylton Castle. Before school began I worked hard preparing the classroom to look like a banquet. When the children came into school the door was closed and everyone had to wait outside until we were all ready to go in. When we opened the classroom door the children were so excited to see the banquet set up and were keen to choose their place at the banquet table. Our workshop started in the hall where we learned all about objects and people you would have found within castles in the olden days. We also got to hold and look at several artefacts. Then we went back to the classroom and discussed the etiquette of a banquet. Some children got dressed up in medieval costumes and other put on entertainment for the guests at the banquet.

Linking to our castle workshop, in Literacy this week we have started learning about non-chronological reports. We have discussed what non-chronological means as well as identifying key features of a report and the importance of factual information. On Thursday we gathered interesting facts about castles using a range of different sources. Next week we will begin organizing the facts we have found under specific sub-headings and making other links.

In maths we have focused on addition. We discussed what addition means and other words that may be used that also mean add. On Monday we add 3 single digit numbers using our fingers. On Tuesday we added a 1d number to a 2d number which was a little trickier. On Wednesday we added 10 to a 2d number and then on Thursday we moved on to adding any 2 2d numbers – we did a lot of this practically at first.

In PE this week we completed more work on body posture and movements.

For DT this week we have completed our final moving pictures using sliders linked to our Castle and Dragon story.

On Wednesday afternoon we did some PSHCE. Within this lesson we looked st how to deal/cope with negative emotions without getting hurt or hurting someone else. From this we created our own coping toolkit.

This week Tyler has achieved our Plainsy Pass for always trying his best and participating 100% with year 2 objectives.

Attendance: 99.2%  Much better this week year 2 but we need to keep above 96% every week
Lateness: 60 minutes

Wednesday and Thursday – Parents evening

Friday 27th September 2019

Another busy week has passed. This week we have enjoyed doing some baking ready for our Macmillan coffee afternoon. We decided to bake lemon drizzle cakes. We made a mess but they turned out fab, I hope you managed to get a slice!

In English we wrote our ‘George and the Dragon’ story. Everyone included some fantastic vocabulary using our class working wall. Here are some of the end outcomes:

After we wrote the original story we then changed the characters and made the story opposite to the original. Our new story was called ‘Georgina and the mouse’. In the new story the mouse was the main character and he was afraid of the Princess. We created a new story map and looked at comparative adjectives. Later in the week we then transformed our story writing our new version.

In maths we have been looking at number bonds to 10 and 20. We looked at how we can answer these questions using concrete and pictorial resources. We then looked at how we can use these facts to help us solve calculations in multiples of 10. We have done lots of work this week on 1 ten being the same as 10 ones and the importance of counting in tens when using the dienes.

In PE this week we looked at ways we can skillfully move around. We moved on three levels, floor, middle, high. He also moved at different speeds and discussed how these moves can be useful when playing team sports.

We have continued to practice our hands, feet, heart song in music and added in more actions. We also learnt a new song called ‘the smiley face’ song.

Thank you to everyone who has been coming to our interventions this week, they are a really good opportunity for the children to embed their skills and make good progress. Another huge thank you for the commitment to listening to your child read. So many children have been changing their books daily which is fab!

This week Harry received our Plainsy pass for always trying 100% with his work!

Attendance: 93% Come on year 2 this should be over 96%
Lateness: 135 minutes

Wednesday 2nd October – Hylton Castle project
Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th – Parents evening

Friday 20th September

This week has flown by! We have learned so much we are ready for a few days off.

In English this week we have continued to develop our story writing skills around the book “George and the Dragon” On Monday we looked at some new vocabulary and we learnt actions to help remember them. We used words like colossal, ferocious and even hideous! On Tuesday we developed our sentences using conjunctions and on Wednesday we developed our knowledge on past tense in relation to our text. Also this week we have use used expanded noun phrases and put all our learning back in the classroom.

In maths we have been learning to write and read numbers to 100 in words. We tried hard with spelling and completed some reasoning around number as well. We have answered true or false questions and worked on our reasoning skills to explain why an answer is false.

On Monday in PE we moved to different around the room on different levels again and then began to practise our throwing and catching skills. We discussed different ways we can throw a ball and counted how many times we could throw and catch with our partner without dropping it!

This week we were extremely lucky to take part in a reading and maths escape room activity. We went into the hall and were given different challenges to solve to crack a code. It was so much fun!

Also we have developed our sliders in design technology. We discussed how a slider can be used to make an object appear or disappear. Then we created a scene from our story using a dragon and some high high mountains.

In computing this week we learned more about being safe online and how to search for information on the web efficiently and safely.

Well done Ruby for doing some extra writing at home linked to our topic!

Huge well done to those children bringing their reading book in regularly – you are doing a fab job!!

This week’s Plainsy Platinum Pass is Teagan for always giving all activities 100%. Well done!

Attendance: 90.8%
Lateness: 0 minutes

Interventions start next week. Please ensure your child attends.
Monday – writing club and phonics club
Tuesday – maths club and reading club

Friday 13th September 2019

Welcome back! It is great to see everyone back from the holidays and we have loved hearing all about the fun packed summer everyone has had.

We spent our first few days in year 2 setting our class rules, getting familiar with our new classroom and expectations and making our classroom a bright and welcoming environment. We chose our school council and anti-bullying team as well as creating our well-being display and anti-bullying charter.

On Monday we started our new topic ‘Once upon a castle’. In English we read the story ‘George and the Dragon’. After reading the story twice we then sequenced pictures into three sections, beginning. Middle and end. Once we had sequenced the story we worked together to create a story map. Our story map was made up of lots of pictures to help us remember the story and re-tell it fluently. On Tuesday it was time to act it out. We split into two groups and used the story map to create actions to go with the story and act it out. Once we had practised a few times we then performed it to each other. Mrs Owen was so impressed with how well all the children could remember the story that she told nearly every adult she saw for the rest of the day! On Tuesday afternoon we focused more on the main character, the Dragon. We looked at a large picture of him and then as a class gathered lots and lots of adjectives. We then wrote sentences about the dragon including at least one appropriate but adventurous adjective. On Wednesday we created more adjectives but this time it was for the mouse and again we wrote more creative sentences. Finally on Thursday we looked at the Dragon again. We created a spine using the dragon’s main features and discussed how the writer uses the features to highlight the power of the dragon.

Here is our story map – have a go at reading the story at home!

In Maths on Monday we used concrete resources to find 10 more and 10 less than numbers within 100. Some of us were so good that we could work out the answers using only a 100 square. On Tuesday we learned how to count forwards in 2s from any number within 100 and thought about what resources we wanted to use to support our learning. On Tuesday afternoon it was time to count back in twos. Again we took ownership of our learning by selecting resources to support us ourselves. On Wednesday we moved on to counting in 5s and finished with counting back in 5s on Thursday. Although everyone has tried really hard this week in maths we still need lots of practise at counting in our 2s, 5s and 10 times tables as well as counting from any number in sequences of 2,5 and 10 to consolidate this learning.

Also on Monday we had our first PE lesson with our coach. We learned how to create different shapes at different heights with our body. These included a star, pike, straddle, tuck and stretch. We enjoyed playing different games that involved moving around the hall in a range of ways.

On Wednesday we started to learn our new song ‘Hands, feet, heart’ We listened first to the music and tapped the beat on our fingers and then we discussed rhythm and timings within songs.

On Thursday we started our DT for this half term. We looked initially at moving storybooks and why moving pictures are used within books. Then we discussed the use of a slider. After watching how to make one it was our turn and we had a go at creating our own dragon sliders and used them alongside reading our story map.

This week’s Plainsy Platinum pass went to Bobby Well done!!

Lateness: 2 minutes
Attendance:     97.3% – A great start year 2 keep it up!

PE is on a Monday and Friday – please ensure PE kits are in school all week.
Reading books should be brought in daily.
Homework is handed out on a Friday and must be returned by Wednesda