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Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter bellow:

Curriculum Newsletter Year 1

Our Year 1 Staff:

Miss L Wright – Teacher

Miss R Griffith – Teaching Assistant

Friday 17th November

Everybody looked so funny on Monday with their odd socks on! What a fabulous way of starting anti-bullying week!

This week has been Anti-bullying Awareness Week and the children have designed some really good anti-bullying superheroes to help us. Here is our winning design by Gracie!


We have also created our own definition of bullying:


We had lots of carpet time discussions about how we are all different but how we are all equal, this is a poster we made to show all of the things we discussed:


In maths we have been doing some work on addition. The children have worked really hard with me this week at understanding the concept of addition in greater depth.

IMG_0249 IMG_0233 IMG_0237

On Tuesday afternoon it was the movie afternoon. The movie was hilarious and the children loved it! They couldn’t believe it was home time, “already” when they came back. They loved the food and hot dogs that were served, I did too!

Friday was children in need day, thank you to all who donated money, it has gone to a really great cause and thank you to everyone who came to the learning afternoon on Friday too. The children love having their parents and family members come into school to work with them and show off their classroom so thank you again for attending.


Aaron made Pudsey out of playdough!


Gracie was adamant that everyone with Pudsey ears on got a photo together too…


Here are our top 3 dress the bear winners: Kiara in 3rd place, Gracie in 2nd and Amelia in 1st.


Leon was VIP this week, Aaron, Leighton, Niall, Olivia, were star sitters this week! Leighton and Kiara were in the golden book and Jackson get a dip in the box. We got some pompoms in the jar this week, lets get more next week so we are that little bit closer to our first prize. Well done this week year 1!

Attendance: 98.3%

Lateness: 91 minutes.

This is 1 and a half hours of learning lost year 1. We can do a lot better than this, lets try harder next week!



Friday 10th November

At the start of the week the children found a box of lost toys in our classroom. We had a lovely discussion about how they might have come to be lost. There were some amazing suggestions, some thought that someone must have forgotten to close the boot of their car and the toys had fallen out and been carried to our class. The children acted out what they thought had happened …

IMG_0212 IMG_0217

I guess we will never know how they got here but we now have a collection of lost toys to take care of.

This week we have completed some lovely PSHE work around friendships and how we can be a good friend to everybody. We are going to make a good friend tree with all of the green hands we have to complete for homework because we wanted our adults at home to be involved too!


We learnt 2 songs this week! These will help us with our days of the week and our months of the year because we needed lots of practise! But now, we are actually AMAZING!


Miss Wright brought in some very old pictures of toys from the past for us to investigate. We had to take so much care of them because they were very very old and special. We talked about what we knew about toys and what we would like to know about toys to introduce our new topic. We couldnt believe how boring some of the old toys looked!

IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0476 IMG_0475

In our DT lessons leading up to Christmas we are going to be designing and making a cup and ball toy. Today we investigated cup and ball toys that are already out there, we rated them out of 10 and talked about what we liked about these designs and what we would improve about these designs.


Today we had our 2 minutes silence for remembrance day. We also made some poppy wreaths and wrote letters to the soldiers. We thought about all of the soldiers who died in the war and all the soldiers who are still at war to keep us save and how much we thank them. Miss Wright is going to send our letters in the post.

Well done to Jackson, Alicia, Scarlett and Olivia who were our star sitters this week. Well done to Aaron who was our VIP this week too! Our pompom jar is ALMOST to the line for our first treat! Let’s keep working hard, we are doing so well!

Attendance: 96.3%

Lateness: 46 minutes

Upcoming Events:

  • Next week is anti-bullying week.
  • On Monday everyone must wear odd socks.
  • Friday is Children in Need.



Friday 3rd November

This Week has been lovely, we have done some fabulous learning around Halloween and bonfire night.

It was really nice to see parents on Monday afternoon and for you to be a part of your child’s education, they produced some really scary but amazing Halloween ghosts and Frankenstein’s! The blood bag designs were also amazing and I bet Chloe is really excited to see them all!

In maths we have been recognising numbers using Halloween and bonfire night pictures. All children produced some amazing work!

On Tuesday it was Halloween! You all looked so amazing and scary! I loved it! The disco was so much fun, I didn’t realise we had so many talented dancers in KS1! In literacy we drew ourselves and described our costumes!


THERE WAS EVEN A MINI ME! That’s the last thing year 1 want, 2 Miss Wrights!


On Friday we talked about safety on Bonfire night, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to hear about what you do on Sunday.

Erin was VIP this week, and we have had, Myla, Kiara, Li and Sam as our star sitters this week! We got lots of pom-poms in the jar today so we have had a good week year 1, well done! I am so proud 🙂

Attendance: 98%

Lateness: 32 minutes




Friday 20th October

You will never believe it but the everywhere bear had a birthday party and when we had a look on the CCTV, no one came to it!!!! So year 1 thought it would be a great idea to help him write out invitations to all his friends. When we came into our classroom after play time, the everywhere bear had left party hats and party bags for us as a thank you for helping him write invitations.


In maths we called upon our crocodile friends to help us and the everywhere bear work out more than, less than and equal to with all our favorite party foods.

In science we looked at lots of different animals and how they were different to us. We wrote some amazing descriptions, some of us even created some bizarre beasts!


In Art we looked at the artist Andy Warhol and his very colourful pop art pictures! Then we created our own using chalk and oil pastels! Some of the work looks amazing! Andy Warhol could have done them himself!!!

IMG_4048[1] IMG_4047[1] IMG_4046[1]

Today was our investment assembly to improve our outdoor area, THANK YOU all who came and all who donated money, we have raised so much and every single one of us in Key Stage One is looking forward to improving our learning environment outside and getting outside to actually do some learning!

Blake was VIP this week, and Gracie took home the everywhere bear, so well done everyone! This half term has been so much fun and we have all (including me) learnt so much! Lets all get rested, enjoy our week off and start the new half term refreshed and ready to learn again!

Attendance: 91.7%

Lateness: 44 minutes (Remember, the school gate closes at 8.50am, I know we can do better!)



Friday 13th October

We have had such a fun week of learning this week!

In literacy we have been learning all about questions and what we could ask the Everywhere Bear if we got the chance to interview him. We also had fun retelling the story by drawing a story map. It’s Miss Wright’s birthday this Sunday and she wanted to have a party but didnt know how to write an invitation so we all helped her write her invitations and we gave her some good ideas, like to invite the Everywhere Bear and his friends to her party!

In maths we have done lots of work on numbers, looking at more than and less than and equal to. We met Miss Wright’s friends, the hungry crocodiles that like to eat the biggest number! They were very greedy!

In science we investigated lots of different mammals, birds and fish and we tried to group them. Some of us knew a lot about animals, Miss Wright was very impressed.

In our geography lesson we went on an adventure around the school, experimenting with our different senses. We met the Detective Dog who is amazing with his sense of smell.

In art we looked at some more of Picasso’s paintings. This time we looked at his abstract faces work. Then WE MADE OUR OWN! They are so colourful a looks really strange.

On Friday we went to Seven Stories, we met all of the Everywhere Bear’s friends. It was so much fun!


IMG_0132[1] IMG_0124[1]

The Everywhere bear loved watching us work!       

IMG_0099[1] IMG_0089[1] IMG_0071[1] IMG_0081[1]

This week, Amy was VIP and Jenson got to take home the Everywhere Bear for the weekend! Well done Year 1!

10 minutes

Our lateness has improved! Well done Year 1! Now lets improve our attendance.

Upcoming events:

  • Year 1 and 2 assembly on Friday to improve our outdoor area. Letters will be handed out soon.
  • Individual school photos on Tueaday, make sure you look super smart 🙂
  • School breaks up for half term on Friday! 🙂



Friday 6th October

This week has been so eventful! In literacy we have been learning a poem and today we got to perform it in front of the year 2s! It was so much fun, we all brought in our teddy bears and they made friends with the Everywhere Bear!

In maths we have been working on our addition and subtraction. Look at some of the amazing work we have done…

IMG_3717[1] IMG_3657[1]

In our Geography lesson we did some field work and went on a walk around school, we took some great pictures and talked about the building and our local area.

In art we looked at some work by Picasso and we studied the different colours he used to portray emotion. We then drew our own portraits using similar colours and wrote about how we were feeling in our drawing.

In science we went on an investigation, we explored our 5 senses. Miss Wright set up lots of different stations for us to investigate! It was so much fun!

In music we experimented with pulse and rhythm. That was fun! We had a turn at banging on the drum and the class had to copy by clapping out our pulse.

This week Leighton was VIP, Amelia and Taylor were in the Golden book and Dominic got a dip in the box. Well done Year 1! 🙂

Attendance: 96%
44 minutes

Remember the gate closes at 8:50am, lets improve our lateness year 1.

Upcoming events:

  • Trip to Seven Stories on Friday 13th October. Slips must be returned ASAP if not already.



Friday 29th September

This week we’ve been doing some fabulous work on adjectives in literacy! We described the everywhere bear from our story, we thought of some really good ones, brave, strong, fluffy, soft and beautiful! We then created rainbow clouds to describe ourselves, they are going to be hung up in the classroom so that everyone can see what amazing people year 1 are.

In maths we have been doing addition this week and we are absolute superstars at it!

In our topic this week we have been making messy maps of our classroom. They look amazing! We worked together as a team and created some amazing maps.



On Thursday we made rice crispy cakes for the Macmillan coffee afternoon on Friday! They were delicious.


This week Gracie was VIP this week for always being ready to learn and Olivia was hand writer of the week. What a superstar class, WELL DONE!


Year 1 attendance: 94.3%
Year 1 lateness: 42 minutes

Let’s work on this together year 1, I know we can do better! 🙂


Homework is handed out on a Friday due back the following Wednesday. The majority of you have been handing your homework in and WELL DONE! If you are having trouble with your homework please tell me and I can help you. 🙂

Upcoming events:

  • Parents Evening on the 4th and 5th October



Friday 22nd September

What a week!

When we walked into our classroom on Monday there was a huge bear cave in our reading corner, with a bear and a book, “The Everywhere Bear“! We couldn’t believe it!

We read some of the story and predicted where The Everywhere Bear had been before it arrived in our classroom. There were some amazing ideas, from Sainsbury’s to the Zoo to the Jungle, he must have had a crazy journey to get here!

untitled   IMG_3594[1]

In maths we have been working really hard with our number bonds to 10 by making some wonderful ladybirds! They have been put on display and will help us with our adding.

Our Topic, ‘all about me’ started on Monday with us looking at ourselves in the mirror and drawing our self portraits. We also had a look at maps of our local area and tried to find Plains Farm Academy, we also tried to see if we could find our own homes on the maps too! In science we started looking at the human body, we identified all of the body parts; hand, arm, hair, finger, thumb etc. then used our labeling skills in our books, we did this independently too!

This week in assembly, Detami and Blake received a badge and their name in the Golden Book for being superstars all week! Jenson got a certificate and a dip in the box for his hard work! Sam was VIP this week for always being ready to learn. What a superstar class, WELL DONE!

You may have noticed your child talking about Dojo points at home. This year in class we have been using ClassDojo as our reward system. At the start of the year, the children came up with the things that they should get points for such as, good sitting, good listening and trying hard. I will be organising a meeting with parents soon to talk about this and how you can view how amazing your child is doing.

Today was Jeans for Genes day, thank you everyone who donated! 🙂

Year 1 attendance: 88.6%
Year 1 lateness: 28 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • Macmillan Coffee Afternoon


Friday 15th September

Welcome to year 1! We have been learning about safety this week. On Monday we went to Silksworth park. We talked about potential risks to our safety on the way. When we got back to school we looked through the pictures we had taken and had a safety discussion.

We have been exploring our new learning environment. There are lots of new and exciting activities for us to do in year one. This week we have been learning how to use all the areas effectively.

Alicia was chosen to be our VIP for this week because she was on green all of our first week. Next week’s VIP is Sam.

Lillyrose achieved our handwriter of the week award. Well done Lillyrose!

Our celebration certificate went to Gracie for helping around the class.

Courtney and Logan were added to the golden book for being superstars.


Year one will have PE on Wednesday and Friday. Children should bring their PE kit in on a Monday morning and leave in school until Friday. Year one children can use the MUGA on Thursday lunchtime. They must have a spare pair of shoes to go on the MUGA.

Next Friday is Jeans 4 Genes day.

Attendance: 96.9%

Minutes late: 9


Miss Wright