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Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter bellow:

Curriculum Newsletter Year 1

Our Year 1 Staff

Mrs Owen – Teacher

Miss R Griffith – Teaching Assistant

Friday 13th July

We may be nearing the end of term but this week the children have continued to work extremely hard and prepare themselves for year 2!

On Monday in maths we continued to learn about time. We discussed the meaning of the big hand and the little hand and learned how to read o ‘clock times. We talked about the importance of where the hands belong and how to draw the hands correctly. Then on Tuesday we had a go at drawing different o c’lock times. We found this quite tricky so we continued into Thursday’s lesson. Today we have solved some different o ‘clock problems working with our partner.

In Literacy this week we looked at past and tense tense words and how to use them correctly in a story. Then we planned out our story thinking about our title, main character, setting and plot. On Tuesday we all began to write our story openings. Today we completed an inspired write and we wrote a recount about our farm trip yesterday. We include lots of detail and tried really hard with our handwriting.

On Wednesday Year 1 and Year 2 spent a lot of time outside, it took quite some time to sweep away all of the rubbish and mess and then scrub everything down, but it was great fun. We then put signs up to say what each area was and as a treat for doing such a great job we all enjoyed ice pops in the afternoon!

IMG_2123 IMG_2122 IMG_2121 IMG_2120 IMG_2119 IMG_2117 IMG_2116 IMG_2101

Yesterday we all visited Hall Hill Farm. What a fantastic day it was! The children were extremely well behaved and showed everyone that Plains Farm children are fab! At the farm we were able to feed Llamas, Alpacas, donkey, goats and sheep. We loved looking at the female peacock sat on her eggs and seeing the male ppeacock showing off all of its amazing tail. After lunch we got to hold one day old chicks and stroke bunnies and ginea pigs. Then we were allowed to play on the park. After a short while it was time to watch the pig racing. Miss Griffith team won with sheep 4!

Here are some pictures from our fantastic day:

IMG_6166 IMG_6175 IMG_6177 IMG_6210 IMG_6216 IMG_6222 IMG_6220


Tonight all children received their school report, I am sure you will all agree they have worked hard this year and are ready now to move up into year 2!

Attendance: 97.6%

Minutes late: 76 minutes


Tuesday 17th July – Choir performance at 1.30pm

Wednesday 18th July – Class transition morning – a chance for your child to meet their new teacher in the morning

Wednesday 18th July – School fair at 1.30pm Children can be collected from that normal school door at 1.15pm

Friday 20th July – End of the school year – children to be collected at 1pm from their usual school door

Friday 6th July

We have enjoyed another fun filled week in year 1. We can’t believe we are moving into year 2 in only a few weeks and we have been working especially hard with our teachers to ensure we are ready for year 2.

In English this week Mrs Owen became an author and wrote a story for us all called ‘Eric the explorer’ On Monday we read the beginning of the story and then discussed different story openings and how we can link them to our own familiar settings, characters and plots. Also this week we have looked at pattered language and predicted the end of the story based on what we had read so far.

In maths this week we have started to learn about time. On Monday we have looked at before, after, later as well as morning, afternoon and evening. On Tuesday we started to look at dates and calenders. On Wednesday we learned the days of the week song and the months of the year song. We loved performing them and it really helped us secure our knowledge.


Also this week we have written about our favourite part of year one. We enjoyed thinking about the different things we had done this year and listening to everyone’s favourite part.

Today we took part in the race for life for cancer research. Well done everyone! You all tried so hard. Here are some photos:

IMG_2088 IMG_2087 IMG_2086 IMG_2085 IMG_2084 IMG_2083

Attendance: 94.5%

Minutes late: 205


Thursday 12th July – Trip to Hall hill farm

Friday 29th June

With only a few weeks left in year one the children are trying extra hard to improve their work across all areas so they are ready to move into year 2 and we are very proud of their efforts!

In English this week we have continued to develop skills to write a non-chronological report about the seasons. We have looked at technical vocabulary, sentence starters and appropriate adjectives. The children have written some really interesting sentences about each of the four seasons.

IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5996

In Maths this week we have been learning all about money. On Monday we learned all about the different coins and the value of each coin. Then on Tuesday we looked at notes and the value of each note. Als this week we have looked at how to count coins of the same denomination to make different amounts.

IMG_5997 IMG_5998 IMG_5999

Also this week in topic we have looked at weather symbols and the meaning of the different symbols and we continued with our weather charts. In History we created a fact file about Christopher Columbus and discussed the places he always wanted to visit.

IMG_6004 IMG_6002 IMG_6005

In RE this week we have looked at the importance of rules within a Buddhist temple and the various celebrations Buddhist people celebrate.

IMG_6001 IMG_6003

Attendance: 97.6%

Minutes late:5


Friday 6th July – Race for life

Friday 22nd June

What a wonderful week we have had in Year 1!

This week during Literacy we have been focusing on our topic ‘Where in the World…?’ We have started to use the technical vocabulary we identified last week to help us write about the winter. We have also used adjectives to make our sentences more exciting! We have worked really hard this week improving our handwriting and presentation dramatically. We need to keep this up! We enjoyed using our outdoor area today to do some of our writing too!IMG_5882[1]

IMG_5858[1] IMG_5859[1]

In maths this week we have been adding 2 one digit numbers using different methods. Some of us used concrete resources or pictorial methods to help us with our counting. But some of us were really clever and were able to work out the addition sums in our head, impressive!

IMG_5763[1]IMG_5766[1] IMG_5765[1]

This week in topic we have been discussing what the weather has an impact on during our daily lives. So we discussed what we would wear if it was a bright hot sunny day and we all agreed that we wouldn’t have to wear our coats and scarves!

In Science we have been keeping a daily chart of what the weather has been like this week. We were expecting to have lots of rain clouds on our chart but we were surprised to see some sun this week!


In Art we have been painting trees and what they would look like during the different seasons. We used a range of colours to represent this. They look fantastic.

IMG_5799[1] IMG_5802[1]

This week we have started our new reading chart. For every book read at home the child will receive a sticker next to their name and for every 5 stickers they will receive a prize. The first girl and boy to reach 20 stickers they will receive a voucher to spend in a shop of their choice. So remember to read at home daily if you want to be in for a chance of winning!

Attendance: 95.2%

Minutes late: 4

Upcoming events:

Tuesday 26th – Non Uniform Day

Friday 15th June

Well we have come to the end of another week and what a fun week we have had:

In Maths this week we have been learning about partitioning, counting in tens and comparing numbers. We have used lots of concrete resources to support our learning including tens and ones, straws, lolly sticks and counters. We have grouped together straws and lolly sticks and counted them in bundles of 10 and then recorded them pictorially. We have also used tens frames to make 2 different numbers compared them and explained our findings.

IMG_5623[1] IMG_5624[1]

In English this week we have started learning how to write a Non-Chronological report. Our report will be linked to our new topic ‘Where in the world….?’ On Monday we looked at factual and fake information and discussed the importance of only using factual information in a report. Then we discussed what we liked and disliked about each of the four seasons. On Thursday we read a paragraph about seasons and we identified technical vocabulary and discussed the meaning of our new words.

Also this week we have been reading the story Elmer and the wind. Today we retold the story in our inspired write books.

Also this week we have been looking at weather in topic and how our weather changes daily. We have also learned about the different types of weather we experience here in Sunderland.

On Tuesday afternoon we went outside onto the field and practiced for our sports day. We all enjoyed cheering each other on and trying our best to win. Today was a real sports day and it was lots of fun!


Yesterday was our reading family learning. Thank you to everyone that came it was great seeing so many people and the children loved sharing their learning with you.

IMG_5575[1] IMG_5570[1]


Attendance: 96.6%

Minutes late: 11



Tuesday 19th June: KS2 sports day at 1.30pm



Friday 8th June

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your week off!

This week we have been busy preparing for the phonics screenings which start next week. We have been working hard to remember all of our sounds and our teachers are very proud of us!

IMG_1962[1] IMG_1964[1]

In maths this week we have been learning about place value. We have been using concrete resources to support us with our learning. We used diennes to be able to show tens and ones. Miss Griffith was blown away with how fantastic we were.

IMG_1968[1] IMG_1974[1] IMG_1975[1]

In literacy this week we have been focusing on writing sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Sometimes we find this tricky but we have all tried so hard this week!

IMG_1976[1] IMG_1977[1]

In science this week we looked at some scientific equipment and what it is used for. We were able to name some of the equipment but we didn’t know all of them so we learnt all about those.

IMG_1978[1] IMG_1979[1]

Our assembly was on Thursday it was great to see so many faces there! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Family learning – Thursday 14th 9:15

Book fair – 11th June, the book fair will be open after school as well as break time.

KS1 Sports day – 15th June 1:30

Attendance – 97.9%

Lateness – 5 minutes


Friday 25th May

Wow what a busy week we have had in Year 1!

At the beginning of the week we turned into pirates to learn about position and direction. We had to make a prisoner walk the plank but first we had to give them instructions on how to get there! We used new vocabulary such as forward, backwards, left and right.


This week in Literacy we have continued to develop our story writing skills. We built upon our story maps by adding some actions. We really enjoyed watching others perform in front of the class!

IMG_2063[1] IMG_2064[1]

In Topic this week we have been discussing the weather. We talked about the different types of weather that we sometimes see here in Sunderland and we discussed weather that other cities have.

IMG_2067[1] IMG_2066[1]

After the half term holidays we are going to be creating a weather chart. We will post more information about our chart as it begins to develop!

This week the children have been having some final practises for our assembly which is fast approaching. The children are really excited to share with you what they have learnt this year so make sure you have the date in your diary – 7th June.

During the half term holidays it would be very beneficial for your child to practise their phonics. Along with your child’s homework they will have a phonics practise booklet that they can work with or you could play on a phonics game sorting real and non-sense words on Phonics Play – https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

We hope you all have a lovely week off and we look forward to hearing what you have all been up to!


Back to school – 4th June

Book fair – 11th June

KS1 Sports day – 15th June

Attendance –  97.6%


Lateness –  33 minutes


Friday 18th May

We had such a surprise when we came into school on Monday… our caterpillar had turned into a butterfly! We released the butterfly outside and watched it fly away!


At the start of maths this week we looked at finding halves and quarters of shapes. We coloured different shapes to show whether it was half or a quarter. Then on Wednesday we moved on to finding halves and quarters of quantities. This was much trickier so we did lots of practical activities and used a range of concrete resources to support us.

In literacy this week we have continued to learn about pirates. We are learning skills to help us write our own pirate story next week. So we created our own story maps and then we looked at a picture of a pirate and described him using interesting adjectives.

In science this week we have compared different animals based on their features such as how many legs, can they fly and their habitat. We have also looked at animals and their offspring, it was really interesting finding out the names of the mothers and their babies!

Also this week we have started practising for our end of year assembly. We hope you all can make it the children are working extra hard to make it fabulous!

Today we wore red, blue and white to celebrate the royal wedding which is happening at the weekend and we enjoyed some cake. Thank you Miss Cassidy!!

As you know year one children will be taking part in a phonics screening in June so we have decided to send home some phonics papers to help your child prepare. There is no expectation for the papers to be brought back to school, please keep them at home to practise. If you have any questions regarding the phonics screening please do not hesitate  to come and speak to us. Thank you.

Attendance – 93.1%

Lateness – 10 minutes


Friday 25th May – Break up for our half term holidays



Friday 11th May

We have had such a lovely week year 1!

A pirate came to visit our class this week and found a treasure chest in our yard! We investigated who it might belong to.

IMG_1726[1] IMG_1739[1]

It turns out, it was the captain of Pants Pirates Crew! We looked at the story that he was from, Pirates love underpants. It was a very funny story.

In maths we have been investigating fractions, we are now know lots about halves.

In DT we investigated some real life underpants because we are going to be designing our own.

We had a lovely morning in the secret garden, making mermaid and pirate faces on the trees using natural materials and building pirate ships.

IMG_1889[1] IMG_1884[1] IMG_1885[1] IMG_1859[1] IMG_1858[1]

Some of us had a great time during golden time this afternoon too!


and a fab time in footy phonics

IMG_1918[1] IMG_1904[1] IMG_1900[1]

It was my last day here today and I am very sad to be leaving my lovely year one class. I will be looking at the blog every Friday to see what you have been up to and all of the fun you will be having! I have left a little surprise with Miss Griffith for you all on Monday. I had a great party this afternoon and thank you all for all the lovely cards and gifts. It has been a lovely last day here, I wish you all the best for the rest of the year in your phonics test and going into year 2.

IMG_1921[1] IMG_1922[1] IMG_1926[1] IMG_1925[1]

Attendance: 85.3%

Lateness: 50 minutes.



Friday 4th May

Great weather this week has made learning so much more fun, we have been able to get outside a lot more, and it’s supposed to be a lovely weekend too, I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

In maths we have been learning how to share objects out equally.

IMG_2036[1] IMG_2037[1] IMG_2038[1] IMG_2039[1] IMG_2040[1] IMG_2041[1]

In literacy we have been writing letters to Miss Cassidy asking her if we can get a pet fish and a pet snail to go with our story, SHE SAID YES! We must be really persuasive.

In geography we have been looking at all the different animals we can find in the sea in other countries, and what animals we have seen.

In RE we have been looking at what Buddhists believe in.


Unfortunately, 4 of our 5 caterpillars have gone to caterpillar heaven, our one remaining one is now in his chrysalis and we cant wait for him to transform into a butterfly.


Attendance: 95.5%

Lateness: 17 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • Bank holiday Monday, return to school: Tuesday 8th May.



Friday 27th April

A lovely week again this week year 1.

In maths we have been working on building arrays. They have been a huge challenge so we have had lots of practise.

In literacy we have started to write letters to Miss Cassidy trying to persuade her to let us get a pet fish and snail just like in the story we have been reading.

In geography we have been learning about the sea life that you might find in England. We drew our own rock pools.

IMG_1691[1] IMG_1692[1]

In RE we read the story of Buddha and we learnt about who he was. His name was really hard to pronounce.

IMG_1690[1] IMG_1689[1]

In Art we have been looking at Matisse and his collage, “The Snail”, some of us have created some lovely outcomes.

IMG_1684[1] IMG_1685[1] IMG_1686[1]

In PE we have been practising out balancing and jumping skills, I got some very funny action shots of some of us!

IMG_2005[1] IMG_2004[1]

In science we have been looking really closely at our caterpillars that we have and observing them. I can’t believe how much they have grown!!!!!

IMG_1688[1] IMG_1687[1]


Attendance: 94.3%

Lateness: 60 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • Parents evening, Monday 30th April and Thursday 3rd May.




Friday 20th April

What a great first week back, I have heard some lovely stories about what you all got up to in the Easter holidays, I’m glad you all had a lovely time!

In literacy we have been writing stories to enter into the young writers competition. We have been working really hard this week and have written some excellent stories. The competition is across the country and across all year groups, if your child wins, the prices are:

  • 1st place: A family trip to Disneyland!
  • 2nd Place: £500 worth of books to your school!
  • 3rd Place: A visit to school from David Walliams!


In our maths we have been learning all about equal groups. How to make equal groups, how to count equal groups and how to solve problems about equal groups. This has been very fun as Miss Wright brought in the cookie crisp cereal! Yum!


In Topic we have been learning all about the different everyday heroes in the world! Thank you for the homework projects that have been completed, they are very lovely and have been put onto display.

IMG_1959[1] IMG_1958[1] IMG_1957[1]

In our Art lesson we have been practising our sketching and shading.


In PE we are learning a new dance, a PIRATE dance!!!


Our caterpillars arrived this week!!! Look how much they have grown in 5 days, they were tiny little dots on Monday! In science this week we have been observing them and we built a butterfly garden in our outdoor area so when they turn into butterflies, they have someway safe to live outside. Have a look next time you pick your child up and watch the flowers that have planted grow into a beautiful garden!

IMG_1956[1] IMG_1944[1] IMG_1937[1]

Attendance: 93%

Lateness: 160 minutes. (I know it is hard getting back up out of bed after 2 weeks off, just remember, gates close at 8:50am on a morning.)

Upcoming events:

  • Parents evening appointment letters went out today. I apologise for having to rearrange them. I look forward to seeing you then. If you have any problems with dates or times please let me know so we can rearrange.

Notes from teacher:

  • Please make sure your child has a change of clothing for PE on a Thursday, especially in hot weather when children can get very sweaty.
  • On hot days like we have had this week, can you please make sure your child brings in a water bottle to school.




Thursday 29th March

Happy Easter!

Thank you to all adults who came to the family learning afternoon today!

IMG_1821[1] IMG_1813[1] IMG_1800[1]

The children have had a lovely week and have produced some lovely work so well done!

In maths we have been learning how to measure capacity and volume. We have had the challenge of knowing half and quarter of measuring in ml.

In literacy we have been writing our non-chronological reports on tigers.


In science we have been discussing what would be a good habitat for a fish to live in and what we would need to do to keep a fish healthy. Maybe just maybe… we might get one.

IMG_1829[1] IMG_1828[1] IMG_1827[1] IMG_1826[1] IMG_1825[1]

On Tuesday it was the Easter fair. Thank you to all parents who came to that, it was a very successful afternoon, the children had loads of fun.

Homework project: To complete one project linked to our writing theme, ‘Everyday Heroes’ which all the children will take part in after the holidays.


Attendance: 87.5%

Lateness: 15 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • Have a lovely Easter and I will see you all bright and fresh on Monday 16th April.

Friday 23rd March

Great week year 1!

We have been looking at measuring in maths this week, measuring weight and capacity.

IMG_1269 IMG_1273

In literacy, we have been building on all of our animal learning from last week and we are non researching tigers so we can write a report all about them. You could call us tiger experts.

IMG_1275 IMG_1276 IMG_1299 IMG_1286

In science, we designed our own crazy pets. There are some very funny but good creations.

In RE we have been learning all about the Easter story.

In PE we had so much fun pretending to be icebergs in the North Pole. We are going to build up a dance routine about the animals that we would find there.

IMG_1772 IMG_1760


IMG_1745 IMG_1741

This group was an iceberg that was slowly melting away…


Attendance: 95.3%

Lateness: 42 minutes… this is not our best year 1. Remember our learning starts at 8:50am.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 27th March: Easter Fair, please collect your children at 1:15pm.
  • Thursday 29th March: Family learning afternoon, starting at 1:15pm.
  • Thursday 29th March: Break up for Easter after family learning afternoon.



Friday 16th March

What a busy week we have had in year one!

This week we have been looking at animals from the story Rumble in the Jungle. The children have wrote some fantastic sentences using adjectives to describe the animals. The children also painted their favourite animal from the story to go up on display, they look awesome! Some children also built some houses out of lego for the animals.


In maths we have been using rulers to be able to measure. We have been measuring different things that we found around the classroom. We even measured each others arms!

IMG_1639[1] IMG_1637[1] IMG_1640[1]IMG_1638[1]

We have also looked at weight in maths today. We used scales to decide which objects were heavier or lighter. We had lots of fun doing this!

IMG_1667[1] IMG_1665[1]

We have had some special visitors in KS1 this week. On Monday 10 eggs arrived and throughout the week we have watched them hatch and grow into fluffy yellow chicks! We were very lucky to see 2 of the eggs hatch, we were amazed!


Attendance – 95.3%

Lateness – 24 minutes

Remember to look on Year 2’s blog to see the chicks on Monday!


Friday 9th March

It was lovely to hear about what you all got up to during the snow days!

This week a witch stole our pom pom jar! She told us that if we wanted the pom pom jar back we would have to crack a code. We had to measure different sized wands to be able to crack the code. After dinner, our jar was returned, it was Mrs Owen that had took it!!

In literacy we have been learning to write instructions on how to make gingerbread men so your children should be experts now!

On Wednesday we were able to finally have our movie morning and we were very excited to watch Captain Underpants! We enjoyed eating hot dogs, crisps and sweets while we watched the movie!


When we came into school today there was a crime scene in the library! The library had been taped off and the police had left some suspect records and clues. The cameras had been broken and someone had broken into school during the night and stole Mrs Owen’s golden pen! The police needed the children to help them solve the mystery by using all of the information left in the library to work out which of the three suspects committed the crime. The suspects were: The dodgy dinner lady, the cunning caretaker and the crooked cleaner. The children made some fantastic wanted posters!


Erin said “look I’m very shocked!”

(Don’t worry the children will be told on Monday who committed the pretend crime)

Attendance – 93%

Lateness – 15 minutes. Lets see if we can get this number down to 0!

Remember that on a morning the gates open at 8:45am and closes at 8:50am, so please ensure that you are on the yard for 8:45am. At the end of the school day the gates open at 3:15pm and close at 3:20pm, any children that have not been collected will be put into after school club and charged for half an hour.


Tuesday 13th March – Children will be producing the CD


Friday 23rd February

I have heard all about the fun things that you have all been up to during half term, it sounds like you have all had a fun time.

This week a giant broke into our classroom! We found letters from Jack too, he asked us to measure lots of different things to help him build a trap for the giant.

IMG_1590[1] IMG_1592[1] IMG_1594[1]


It was Chinese New Year during half term so we celebrated it this week, we all tried prawn crackers, some of us found them delicious, some of us were a little bit unsure.

IMG_1520[1] IMG_1515[1]

We also attempted to make Gingerbread Men! They didn’t turn out so good, we might have to try again next week.

IMG_1612[1] IMG_1610[1]

Erin and Lillyrose loved the smell of the ginger.


Our role play area has been inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been encouraged to act out the story. It looks like Goldilocks had a lot of fun in the bear’s house.

IMG_1427[1] IMG_1428[1]

Then Goldilocks had a meeting about her break in with her friends from other fairy tale stories,


Our NSPCC day this week was very successful, we have raised a lot of money for the charity, thank you to all of the parents who donated.

Attendance: 99.7%

Lateness: 24 minutes. Remember that on a morning the gates open at 8:45am and closes at 8:50am, so please ensure that you are on the yard for 8:45am. At the end of the school day the gates open at 3:15pm and close at 3:20pm, any children that have not been collected will be put into after school club and charged for half an hour.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 28th: Movie morning for KS1, 9am – 11am.
  • Thursday 1st March: World Book Day and Family Learning Morning, 9.10am – 10am and Italian themed lunch, YUMMY!



Friday 9th February

It was family learning this week, thank you to all the parents who came, it was a very successful morning.

IMG_1137[1] IMG_1127[1] IMG_1134[1] IMG_1130[1]














In Literacy this week we have been putting all of our new acquired skills into writing a letter to the wolf to try and persuade him to say sorry for eating Little Red Riding Hood’s cake.


In maths this week we have been working really hard on our counting skills and we have also been working hard at completing our maths tests. We have made so much progress since Autumn term. Well done year 1! Amazing effort!


In PE this week, we put our jumping skills into practise and we jumped from one mat to another, trying to avoid the river in between us.


In music we have been working really hard at practising our song for our CD.

In art we looked at the artist, Delaunay and we created our own paintings in his style.


Kiara and Scarlett had fun planting beanstalks.


Courtney, Erin and Joshua had fun building a brick house for the 3 Little Pigs.


Attendance: 89.3%

Lateness: 8 minutes


Have a lovely half term, I look forward to seeing you on the 19th February, all bright and smiley after your week off .




Friday 2nd February

Can you believe that it is February already? It only seems like yesterday when we came back from our Christmas holidays. We have had such a good week this week year 1, well done!

In maths, we have been looking at missing number problems, on Monday, Little Red Riding Hood left a right mess in our classroom, cakes, marshmallows, flour everywhere! She had spilt food and smudged her recipes and needed our help to finish making the cakes. We were a great help, of course!


BUT when we came back from our break time, the WOLF had been in and he has EATEN HALF OF THE CAKE! Can you believe it? Then, as if eating the cake wasn’t enough, he wrote, “Yummy” on the table in WHIPPED CREAM!


We decided that we needed to write to the wolf and persuade him to say sorry. We have been learning lots of different persuasive techniques this week to put in our letters.

In science we looked at the different parts of a plant and we labelled them.


In geography, we created a map for Little Red Riding Hood to guide her through the woods to avoid the wolf with her basket of goodies for Granny.


In Art we created our own paintings experimenting with colour and blending. I have been so impressed with the children’s art work this half term that we decided to make an art gallery in our classroom to showcase some of their work.


In PE we had a go at perfecting our balancing skills, this was very fun!



Attendance: 99.3%

Lateness: 22 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • 6th February: Family learning morning 9.10am – 10am.
  • 9th February: Break up for half term.


Friday 26th January

We have been playing lots of games in maths this week, practising our adding and subtracting skills.

IMG_1020[1] IMG_1013[1]

We have been writing a discussion piece in literacy this week. Was it a good idea for the elves to help the shoemaker? There are some lovely outcomes.


In science this week we have been looking at evergreen trees and deciduous trees. 3 weeks ago in science we planted beanstalks, look how much they have grown!


In Geography we have written our own key so that next week we can start making a map to guide little red riding hood through the woods.

In Art we have been looking at colour and abstract artists. I can’t believe how amazing the outcomes are.

IMG_1099[1] IMG_1098[1]

In RE this week we discussed the story, the Good Samaritan. The children came up with some lovely discussion points.



  • Spelling homework is handed out on a Friday, can you please practise with your child for the spelling test the following Thursday.
  • Homework is handed out on a Friday, to be completed and handed in before the following Wednesday.

Attendance: 97.3%

Lateness: 65 minutes.


Friday 19th January

It has been a lovely week of learning this week, back into the swing of learning.

Fun in maths this week, we have been practising our taking away skills and our additional skills.

IMG_0796[1] IMG_0794[1] IMG_0848[1] IMG_0850[1] IMG_0851[1] IMG_0853[1]

In literacy this week there was a break in in school! Can you believe it!


We could see:

  • some shoes
  • 2 hammers
  • safety goggles
  • paper shoes
  • police tape
  • tiny footprints
  • police report

Today, a police officer came into school, he came to tell us that thanks to our wanted posters, they have managed to arrest 2 little elves. Apparently, all they wanted to do was help the shoemaker make some shoes but they didn’t know that breaking in was bad.



IMG_1007[1] IMG_1003[1]

Attendance: 96.3%

Lateness: 105 minutes.


  • ALL CHILDREN need a change of clothes for PE on a Thursday morning.
  • Gates CLOSE at 9:50am, please make sure your child is through the gate and lines up BEFORE this time.



Friday 12th January

It has been so lovely to see all of you again, all bright and refreshed from our Christmas break. I hope you all had a lovely break and Santa was good to you.

As our topic this term is going to be traditional tales, we set up and made puppets and a puppet theatre:


With the new arrival of our puppet theatre, it has allowed the children to learn how to use the IPads and record their shows:



We have had lots of different writing opportunities this week. We have written all about what Santa brought us:

IMG_0973[1] IMG_0974[1]

We have been looking at the artist Andy Warhol this week and we wrote about the colours he used in his pictures and how these made us feel:

IMG_0944[1] IMG_0945[1]

During Maths, we have been looking at counting on from any given number this week and our number bonds to 20.

IMG_0976[1] IMG_0975[1]

In Science this week, we planted beanstalks! I hope they grow!


During our Geography lesson, we looked at the UK and all four countries that make up the UK. We also have looked at an old traditional tale from China, which we located on a world map and we also looked at where Andy Warhol lives in America and located that on a map too!

IMG_0978[1] IMG_0977[1]

In PE this week we have been practising our jumping skills…

IMG_0868[1] IMG_0862[1]

I love this action shot!



Lateness: 85 minutes! I know it is hard getting up for school after the Christmas holidays but lets make this better next week!


  • Please ensure your child has a change of clothes for PE on a Thursday morning.




Friday 22nd December

Only 3 sleeps until SANTA!!!!!!!

It has been a crazy week this week year 1! Well done for all of your efforts when I know its so exciting that Santa is coming very soon!

When we came back from the Pantomime on Friday our elf Stanley was MISSING! He left us some clues to find him on Monday morning…

  1. IMG_0885[1]

(Our class advent calendar was clue No. 2)

       2. IMG_0884[1](In our reading corner was clue No. 3)

     3. IMG_0883[1] (In Nursery was clue No. 4)

    4. IMG_0882[1]And… On Nursery’s Christmas tree was…


We have been learning all about the Nativity story this week. Here is a website link that we have been using in school that you could use at home…


In maths we have been working on our shapes, we have been playing a matching game and seeing how many we could name!

IMG_0889[1] IMG_0891[1]

In art this week we practised our observational drawing skills by drawing a tree. We first drew it on a whiteboard to practise and then we sketched them on art paper using shading techniques. Miss Wright was really surprised at how good we were!

IMG_0879[1] IMG_0866[1]

Today is our last day of term and pj day at school. I know I loved wearing my pjs to school! We had some impressive outfits!

IMG_0888[1] IMG_0887[1]

Attendance: 95.7%

Lateness: 10 minutes.

Upcoming events: CHRISTMAS!

  • PE this term will be first thing on a Thursday morning, please make sure your child comes into school with suitable PE clothes to change into.

Thank you for making this term such an enjoyable one! We have achieved so much with our learning, so well done for all of your hard work! I can’t wait for our next term together after Christmas. I hope you enjoy your Christmas holidays and have a happy new year!





Friday 15th December

Only 5 more school days until Christmas!


On Tuesday it was our Christmas play! We did so well and all of the staff are so proud of our performance and I know that the parents who came were so proud too!

IMG_4491[1] IMG_4493[1] IMG_4492[1] IMG_4496[1]














Today we went to see Jack and the Beanstalk at the Pantomime! IT WAS AMAZING! The children absolutely loved it and were so enthusiastic!

IMG_0640[1] IMG_0641[1] IMG_0643[1]


On Thursday it was Christmas jumper day, we all looked fabulous and so full of Christmas spirit!



Aaron won a selection box for 100% attendance and no lateness as part of our 10 days of Christmas prize raffle draw. Well done!



In literacy this week we have been building up to writing instructions. On Wednesday we tried to give Miss Wright instructions on how to make a butter sandwich. She had no idea what she was doing so we had to be very clear with our words.

IMG_0608[2] IMG_0612[2]


Lillyrose was our VIP this week and we have had Amy and Charlie as our star sitters so well done!


I will be attaching a sheet with year 1 spellings to the back of all homework books. Please take the time when completing homework to practice two or three of the spellings from that sheet every week.

Attendance: 95.3%

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 20th December: Christmas party – children can come to school in their party clothes
  • Thursday 21st December: Christmas treat morning – For working so hard this term we are going to have a festive morning with treats and fun. Children do not need anything just themselves and a smile
  • Friday 22nd December: Children can be picked up at half 1pm.



Friday 8th December

8 days down, 16 to go!

We went for an explore around the secret garden this week. We had a look at how things have changed since Autumn and talked about the differences between Autumn and Winter.


In maths we have been partitioning tens and ones. We used lots of different resources to help us with understanding what we are doing.

IMG_0762[1] IMG_0763[1]

We have also been practicing our spelling of different numbers, we surprised Miss Wright with how good we were:

IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583


In Literacy we have been building up to writing instructions, we have been practicing our, “Shouty Sentences” after reading the book, “Don’t let the Pigeon stay up late!”.


Amelia won the best dressed bear on Children in Need day, she was very happy with her prize!


Kiara was VIP this week and Detami was our Head Elf and Olivia was Santa’s little helper. Stanley the Elf appointed them to be in charge of our classroom because Santa heard that it was a mess! Oliver got a dip in the box and Olivia and Myla were in the Golden book this week. Well done year 1, Santa will be so impressed by the week that we have had!

I will be attaching a sheet with year 1 spellings to the back of all homework books. Please take the time when completing homework to practice two or three of the spellings from that sheet every week.

Attendance: 95.3%

Lateness: 60 minutes!

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 12th: Christmas Play
  • Thursday 14th: Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas dinner
  • Friday 15th: Pantomime




Friday 1st December

Today is the 1st of December and the start of our Christmas countdown!

We have had such a good week year 1!

In maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have had lots of fun building and making rockets, snowmen and other amazing things with the shapes.


We have also been using the playdough that we made together to make some shapes too.

IMG_0407[1] IMG_0422[1]

In literacy this week we have been practising our capital letters for names, people and places. We have done some lovely writing.


On Thursday we had a lovely surprise out of our window when it started to SNOW! We went outside and had a snowman building competition, we tried to make lots of 3D shapes in the snow to help us!

IMG_0721 IMG_0722 IMG_0725 IMG_0727 IMG_0731

Today SANTA wrote us a letter! We couldn’t believe it!


He said that he had sent his trusted friend Stanley to watch over us BUT we couldnt find him!

IMG_0745[1]IMG_0746[1] IMG_0747[1] IMG_0748[1]

The cheeky elf was sitting on top of the projector! Can you believe it!


We made some Christmas baubles this week to go on our school Christmas tree!

IMG_0759[1] IMG_0748[1]

Today we helped decorate the classroom, Aaron found some funny things in our Christmas box!


Olivia was VIP this week so well done! Amy and Dominic were in the Golden book and Olivia was dip in the box, so really well done!

Attendence: 90.7%

Lateness: 51 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 5th December: School Christmas Fair.



Friday 24th November

What a week! Absolutely full of amazing learning!

During our Literacy lessons we sequenced the events of our story, “Toy’s in Space”, your handwriting is coming on really well.


We also made predictions about what we think will happen next in our story after the spaceship appeared. There were some really good ideas, really well done, you all have a fabulous imagination!

In maths we have been working on our independence and our adding skills. We have used lots of different objects to help us count and we have completed some tasks independently, we even took our own photographs for evidence!


In our topic lessons this week we have been investigating old toys and new toys and comparing how they are different. We came up with some really good ideas!

IMG_0659 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0657

We have also been designing our own toy from the past, we have decided to make a cup and ball toy.

We have also started our Christmas Play! Lots of us have lines to say, make sure you practice at home so that our nativity is the best that it can be! We have done lots of singing practice in school and we are getting really good already.

Li was VIP this week, Brandon and Lillyrose were in the golden book and Erin was dip in the box so well done! We also got some pompoms in the jar this week which is fabulous!

Attendance: 98.7%
Lateness: 40 minutes.



Friday 17th November

Everybody looked so funny on Monday with their odd socks on! What a fabulous way of starting anti-bullying week!

This week has been Anti-bullying Awareness Week and the children have designed some really good anti-bullying superheroes to help us. Here is our winning design by Gracie!


We have also created our own definition of bullying:


We had lots of carpet time discussions about how we are all different but how we are all equal, this is a poster we made to show all of the things we discussed:


In maths we have been doing some work on addition. The children have worked really hard with me this week at understanding the concept of addition in greater depth.

IMG_0249 IMG_0233 IMG_0237

On Tuesday afternoon it was the movie afternoon. The movie was hilarious and the children loved it! They couldn’t believe it was home time, “already” when they came back. They loved the food and hot dogs that were served, I did too!

Friday was children in need day, thank you to all who donated money, it has gone to a really great cause and thank you to everyone who came to the learning afternoon on Friday too. The children love having their parents and family members come into school to work with them and show off their classroom so thank you again for attending.


Aaron made Pudsey out of playdough!


Gracie was adamant that everyone with Pudsey ears on got a photo together too…


Here are our top 3 dress the bear winners: Kiara in 3rd place, Gracie in 2nd and Amelia in 1st.


Leon was VIP this week, Aaron, Leighton, Niall, Olivia, were star sitters this week! Leighton and Kiara were in the golden book and Jackson got a dip in the box. We got some pompoms in the jar this week, lets get more next week so we are that little bit closer to our first prize. Well done this week year 1!

Attendance: 98.3%

Lateness: 91 minutes.

This is 1 and a half hours of learning lost year 1. We can do a lot better than this, lets try harder next week!



Friday 10th November

At the start of the week the children found a box of lost toys in our classroom. We had a lovely discussion about how they might have come to be lost. There were some amazing suggestions, some thought that someone must have forgotten to close the boot of their car and the toys had fallen out and been carried to our class. The children acted out what they thought had happened …

IMG_0212 IMG_0217

I guess we will never know how they got here but we now have a collection of lost toys to take care of.

This week we have completed some lovely PSHE work around friendships and how we can be a good friend to everybody. We are going to make a good friend tree with all of the green hands we have to complete for homework because we wanted our adults at home to be involved too!


We learnt 2 songs this week! These will help us with our days of the week and our months of the year because we needed lots of practise! But now, we are actually AMAZING!


Miss Wright brought in some very old pictures of toys from the past for us to investigate. We had to take so much care of them because they were very very old and special. We talked about what we knew about toys and what we would like to know about toys to introduce our new topic. We couldnt believe how boring some of the old toys looked!

IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0476 IMG_0475

In our DT lessons leading up to Christmas we are going to be designing and making a cup and ball toy. Today we investigated cup and ball toys that are already out there, we rated them out of 10 and talked about what we liked about these designs and what we would improve about these designs.


Today we had our 2 minutes silence for remembrance day. We also made some poppy wreaths and wrote letters to the soldiers. We thought about all of the soldiers who died in the war and all the soldiers who are still at war to keep us save and how much we thank them. Miss Wright is going to send our letters in the post.

Well done to Jackson, Alicia, Scarlett and Olivia who were our star sitters this week. Well done to Aaron who was our VIP this week too! Our pompom jar is ALMOST to the line for our first treat! Let’s keep working hard, we are doing so well!

Attendance: 96.3%

Lateness: 46 minutes

Upcoming Events:

  • Next week is anti-bullying week.
  • On Monday everyone must wear odd socks.
  • Friday is Children in Need.



Friday 3rd November

This Week has been lovely, we have done some fabulous learning around Halloween and bonfire night.

It was really nice to see parents on Monday afternoon and for you to be a part of your child’s education, they produced some really scary but amazing Halloween ghosts and Frankenstein’s! The blood bag designs were also amazing and I bet Chloe is really excited to see them all!

In maths we have been recognising numbers using Halloween and bonfire night pictures. All children produced some amazing work!

On Tuesday it was Halloween! You all looked so amazing and scary! I loved it! The disco was so much fun, I didn’t realise we had so many talented dancers in KS1! In literacy we drew ourselves and described our costumes!


THERE WAS EVEN A MINI ME! That’s the last thing year 1 want, 2 Miss Wrights!


On Friday we talked about safety on Bonfire night, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to hear about what you do on Sunday.

Erin was VIP this week, and we have had, Myla, Kiara, Li and Sam as our star sitters this week! We got lots of pom-poms in the jar today so we have had a good week year 1, well done! I am so proud 🙂

Attendance: 98%

Lateness: 32 minutes



Friday 20th October

You will never believe it but the everywhere bear had a birthday party and when we had a look on the CCTV, no one came to it!!!! So year 1 thought it would be a great idea to help him write out invitations to all his friends. When we came into our classroom after play time, the everywhere bear had left party hats and party bags for us as a thank you for helping him write invitations.


In maths we called upon our crocodile friends to help us and the everywhere bear work out more than, less than and equal to with all our favorite party foods.

In science we looked at lots of different animals and how they were different to us. We wrote some amazing descriptions, some of us even created some bizarre beasts!


In Art we looked at the artist Andy Warhol and his very colourful pop art pictures! Then we created our own using chalk and oil pastels! Some of the work looks amazing! Andy Warhol could have done them himself!!!

IMG_4048[1] IMG_4047[1] IMG_4046[1]

Today was our investment assembly to improve our outdoor area, THANK YOU all who came and all who donated money, we have raised so much and every single one of us in Key Stage One is looking forward to improving our learning environment outside and getting outside to actually do some learning!

Blake was VIP this week, and Gracie took home the everywhere bear, so well done everyone! This half term has been so much fun and we have all (including me) learnt so much! Lets all get rested, enjoy our week off and start the new half term refreshed and ready to learn again!

Attendance: 91.7%

Lateness: 44 minutes (Remember, the school gate closes at 8.50am, I know we can do better!)



Friday 13th October

We have had such a fun week of learning this week!

In literacy we have been learning all about questions and what we could ask the Everywhere Bear if we got the chance to interview him. We also had fun retelling the story by drawing a story map. It’s Miss Wright’s birthday this Sunday and she wanted to have a party but didnt know how to write an invitation so we all helped her write her invitations and we gave her some good ideas, like to invite the Everywhere Bear and his friends to her party!

In maths we have done lots of work on numbers, looking at more than and less than and equal to. We met Miss Wright’s friends, the hungry crocodiles that like to eat the biggest number! They were very greedy!

In science we investigated lots of different mammals, birds and fish and we tried to group them. Some of us knew a lot about animals, Miss Wright was very impressed.

In our geography lesson we went on an adventure around the school, experimenting with our different senses. We met the Detective Dog who is amazing with his sense of smell.

In art we looked at some more of Picasso’s paintings. This time we looked at his abstract faces work. Then WE MADE OUR OWN! They are so colourful a looks really strange.

On Friday we went to Seven Stories, we met all of the Everywhere Bear’s friends. It was so much fun!


IMG_0132[1] IMG_0124[1]

The Everywhere bear loved watching us work!       

IMG_0099[1] IMG_0089[1] IMG_0071[1] IMG_0081[1]

This week, Amy was VIP and Jenson got to take home the Everywhere Bear for the weekend! Well done Year 1!

10 minutes

Our lateness has improved! Well done Year 1! Now lets improve our attendance.

Upcoming events:

  • Year 1 and 2 assembly on Friday to improve our outdoor area. Letters will be handed out soon.
  • Individual school photos on Tueaday, make sure you look super smart 🙂
  • School breaks up for half term on Friday! 🙂



Friday 6th October

This week has been so eventful! In literacy we have been learning a poem and today we got to perform it in front of the year 2s! It was so much fun, we all brought in our teddy bears and they made friends with the Everywhere Bear!

In maths we have been working on our addition and subtraction. Look at some of the amazing work we have done…

IMG_3717[1] IMG_3657[1]

In our Geography lesson we did some field work and went on a walk around school, we took some great pictures and talked about the building and our local area.

In art we looked at some work by Picasso and we studied the different colours he used to portray emotion. We then drew our own portraits using similar colours and wrote about how we were feeling in our drawing.

In science we went on an investigation, we explored our 5 senses. Miss Wright set up lots of different stations for us to investigate! It was so much fun!

In music we experimented with pulse and rhythm. That was fun! We had a turn at banging on the drum and the class had to copy by clapping out our pulse.

This week Leighton was VIP, Amelia and Taylor were in the Golden book and Dominic got a dip in the box. Well done Year 1! 🙂

Attendance: 96%
44 minutes

Remember the gate closes at 8:50am, lets improve our lateness year 1.

Upcoming events:

  • Trip to Seven Stories on Friday 13th October. Slips must be returned ASAP if not already.



Friday 29th September

This week we’ve been doing some fabulous work on adjectives in literacy! We described the everywhere bear from our story, we thought of some really good ones, brave, strong, fluffy, soft and beautiful! We then created rainbow clouds to describe ourselves, they are going to be hung up in the classroom so that everyone can see what amazing people year 1 are.

In maths we have been doing addition this week and we are absolute superstars at it!

In our topic this week we have been making messy maps of our classroom. They look amazing! We worked together as a team and created some amazing maps.



On Thursday we made rice crispy cakes for the Macmillan coffee afternoon on Friday! They were delicious.


This week Gracie was VIP this week for always being ready to learn and Olivia was hand writer of the week. What a superstar class, WELL DONE!


Year 1 attendance: 94.3%
Year 1 lateness: 42 minutes

Let’s work on this together year 1, I know we can do better! 🙂


Homework is handed out on a Friday due back the following Wednesday. The majority of you have been handing your homework in and WELL DONE! If you are having trouble with your homework please tell me and I can help you. 🙂

Upcoming events:

  • Parents Evening on the 4th and 5th October



Friday 22nd September

What a week!

When we walked into our classroom on Monday there was a huge bear cave in our reading corner, with a bear and a book, “The Everywhere Bear“! We couldn’t believe it!

We read some of the story and predicted where The Everywhere Bear had been before it arrived in our classroom. There were some amazing ideas, from Sainsbury’s to the Zoo to the Jungle, he must have had a crazy journey to get here!

untitled   IMG_3594[1]

In maths we have been working really hard with our number bonds to 10 by making some wonderful ladybirds! They have been put on display and will help us with our adding.

Our Topic, ‘all about me’ started on Monday with us looking at ourselves in the mirror and drawing our self portraits. We also had a look at maps of our local area and tried to find Plains Farm Academy, we also tried to see if we could find our own homes on the maps too! In science we started looking at the human body, we identified all of the body parts; hand, arm, hair, finger, thumb etc. then used our labeling skills in our books, we did this independently too!

This week in assembly, Detami and Blake received a badge and their name in the Golden Book for being superstars all week! Jenson got a certificate and a dip in the box for his hard work! Sam was VIP this week for always being ready to learn. What a superstar class, WELL DONE!

You may have noticed your child talking about Dojo points at home. This year in class we have been using ClassDojo as our reward system. At the start of the year, the children came up with the things that they should get points for such as, good sitting, good listening and trying hard. I will be organising a meeting with parents soon to talk about this and how you can view how amazing your child is doing.

Today was Jeans for Genes day, thank you everyone who donated! 🙂

Year 1 attendance: 88.6%
Year 1 lateness: 28 minutes.

Upcoming events:

  • Macmillan Coffee Afternoon


Friday 15th September

Welcome to year 1! We have been learning about safety this week. On Monday we went to Silksworth park. We talked about potential risks to our safety on the way. When we got back to school we looked through the pictures we had taken and had a safety discussion.

We have been exploring our new learning environment. There are lots of new and exciting activities for us to do in year one. This week we have been learning how to use all the areas effectively.

Alicia was chosen to be our VIP for this week because she was on green all of our first week. Next week’s VIP is Sam.

Lillyrose achieved our handwriter of the week award. Well done Lillyrose!

Our celebration certificate went to Gracie for helping around the class.

Courtney and Logan were added to the golden book for being superstars.


Year one will have PE on Wednesday and Friday. Children should bring their PE kit in on a Monday morning and leave in school until Friday. Year one children can use the MUGA on Thursday lunchtime. They must have a spare pair of shoes to go on the MUGA.

Next Friday is Jeans 4 Genes day.

Attendance: 96.9%

Minutes late: 9


Miss Wright