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Friday 20th April 2018

Welcome back!  We hope that you all enjoyed the Easter holidays.

This week we sent home a letter about additional choir practices.  These will be held on a Thursday starting the 26th of April.  These sessions are to help the children with their skills ready for the summer performance.  This will be an idea time to practice solo’s, duets and small group work as also to practice any words that they may be struggling with.

This week myself and Miss Hodgson had a meeting with Miss Cassidy to put dates in the diary.

Here they are:

Wednesday16th May –  Matilda performance at the Sunderland Empire.  Children will recieve a letter on Tuesday.  This will be totally free of charge.  More details will be on the letter.

Tuesday 10th July – Pizza party.  We are having this slightly earlier this year and this will be to thank all of the children for their hard work, dedication and commitment.  Again this is free of charge as ticket sales will pay for this.

Wednesday11th July – Choir will be attending the Tall Ships Event at the National Glass Centre/St Peter’s Campus.  We will be contributing towards the world record attempt at 11 o’clock and delivering our own songs at 1:40.  Again, this is free of charge.  Letters will be sent out shortly.

Thursday 12th July – This will be the last after school choir practice 🙁

Tuesday 17th July – Our performance of ‘Through the Decades’.  Tickets will be on sale nearer the time and will cost £1.  Money raised will pay for the pizza party.

We are also hoping that the KS2 members of choir will be able to attend a Matilda Workshop at the Sunderland Empire but we are currently waiting on a date from the venue.

This week in choir we started to audition for solos and duets.  This was a fantastic opportunity for myself and Miss Hodgson to see the children standing at the front, singing confidently, showing off their talents.  So, this week we have decided that our Star Performer is:  Maisie Hedley.  Everyone was super impressed when she sang a track from the Greatest Showman.  Well done Maisie.


Friday 23rd March 2018

Our new song!

This week we tweaked an old classic and made it current to contain information about the tall ships.  What do you think? (To the tune of Rivers of Babylon)

By the river of Sunderland
Where we sit down
At st Peters camp
Where we watch the tall ships

By the river of Sunderland
Where we all sing
Yeah we will
To celebrate the tall ships

But the music carries us away creatively
Required from us a song
How can we sing the mackem song
In a strange land

By the river of Sunderland
Where we sit down
At st Peters camp
Where we watch the tall ships

By the river of Sunderland
Where we all sing
Yeah we will
To celebrate the tall ships

This week we also began our discussion about our summer performance.  We will begin auditions after Easter but if children have an idea they can practise their song ready.


Friday 16th March 2018

What a busy week!

The week started with announcing our competition winner for the front cover design for the CD.  Amelia was overwhelmed with pride and joy receiving her award in assembly.


IMG_0221Well done Amelia, your design is going to look amazing!

On Tuesday, each class recorded their class song with Chris the sound engineer.  As always, the choir did an amazing job and even reduced Miss Hodgson to tears. Chris commented on the use of dynamics the choir used in their songs and how impressed he was with their talents (Whoo hoo)!

Here are some photographs of the choir recording their voices:

IMG_0991 IMG_0993 IMG_0996 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004

The CD’s are still on sale and can be ordered from Miss Grotz.  They will also be available to pre-order at the Easter Fair on the 27th March.  Hopefully they shouldn’t take too long to arrive, but we’re sure that they are definitely worth the wait.

On Wednesday, Sunderland Music Hub mentioned Plains Farm choir on their facebook and twitter page and said how hard the children are working.  The link posted takes you to our blog (this page).  This was a pleasant surprise and the children were delighted that their progress has been recognised.

On Thursday the children brought home a letter about social media posts that could occur in the future, so if you have any objections to your child being photographed and used on social media posts by the Sunderland Music Hub or partner companies etc then could you please return the slip.  If children are used in any posts that we know of we will inform parents via this blog.

Here is a screenshot of their posts:

Screenshot_20180315-075505[1] Screenshot_20180315-075308[1]

Thursday also included a visit from Sally.  We knew that we had been working super hard on the feedback that she gave us last time and this time we didn’t fail to impress.

That’s really made my day.  They’ve come such a long way in such a short space of time and they pick up what we’re teaching them really quickly – Sally

IMG_1022 IMG_1026 IMG_1027

Isn’t that fantastic!  Miss Hodgson and myself are super proud of each and every member of the choir and as always they give 110% when asked.  Well done!

Our Star Performers this week are:

EVERYONE!!!!! but a special mention has to go to Freya as Sally was super impressed when she got the notes spot on.  Well done Everyone.

Up coming events:

27th March –  Easter Fair.

Friday 12th March 2018

We hope that you all had fun last week in the snow and enjoying making memories.  Unfortunatly because of the Snow Sally was not able to make it last week but we have re-arranged and she will be working with choir on Thursday 15th, in the afternoon.

The CD recording will take place on Tuesday and the winner of the Cd cover design will be announced in Monday’s assembly.  The children are excited to find out who the winner is as they know it is a choir member.

Tonight the children took home the words to ‘Sing’ and we would appreciate if they could learn the words, just so that are more confident in the delivery on Tuesday.

CD’s can be ordered from myself (Miss Grotz) up until the end of March.  If you have lost your letter, dont worry, there will be another 2 coming out or you could just put the money in a bag/envelope with a note.

Friday 23rd February 2018

This week, choir have been practising the songs that we need to learn in preparation for next week and again in July.  We are going to be soooooo busy in the run up to the end of the summer term with lots of events upcoming.  Watch this space!

On Wednesday, Sally will be visiting and working with choir and we cant wait to show off our talents.  She was super impressed last time!  We look forward to her feedback this time too!

Orders for the school CD can be pre-ordered at any time from Miss Grotz.  The recording will take place on Tuesday 13th March.

The track list so far looks like this:

EYFS – Alice the camel

Year 1 – Rhythm in the way we walk

Year 2 – Hands, feet, heart

Year 3 – Three little birds

Year 4 – Stop!

Year 5 – Livin’ on a prayer

Year 6 – Happy

Choir – Jack he was a Sunderland lad

Choir – Heroes (We could be)

Choir – Something inside so strong

Choir –  Sing

Friday 9th February 2018

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of the children who took the time to design a cover for our school CD.   The competition is now CLOSED.  Its going to be a hard decision, but the winner will be announced after half term.

Each class is working hard on their class song and we have been practising in Tuesdays singing assemblies to make them sound even better.

This week we took our singing into the hall.  We worked on some warm up techniques and looked at some songs to deliver at the tall ships event in July.  We have decided on a couple of songs so if the children could learn the words at home that would help their performance.

The songs are:

  • Jack he was a Sunderland Lad
  • Three little Birds – Bob Marley
  • We could be heroes – Alesso
  • Reach – S Club 7
  • Sing – Gary Barlow and the Military Housewives
  • Something inside so strong

Here are some photographs from this weeks session.

IMG_0917[1] IMG_0915[1]

Enjoy your half term and don’t forget that you can bring a drink (preferably water or juice, not fizzy drinks) and a small snack.

Up Coming Events:

Sally from the voices foundation will be in school to see the choir on Wednesday 28th February.  We can’t wait to show her how much we’ve progressed as a choir.

Friday 2nd February 2018

Choir sessions every week appear to be getting more and more entertaining!  We laughed all the way through.


For some reason, the children love this song and every opportunity to sing it they will.

We also now have……..wait for it……. the Louie Challenge!

Then, if it wasnt enough that Miss Hodgson joined in, but most of choir did too!

We started to look at a song sung in different parts to learn, ready for when Sally comes back to visit, to show her that we have listened to her advice and we are aiming to knock her socks off.  ‘Something inside so strong’ is a lovely song and for a first practise it went quite well.  What do you think?  CXJU8849[1] (click link to listen)

Each week, we will decide on a member to be ‘Performer of the Week’.

This week was very tough as we had so much fun.  However after some deliberation, we could only narrow it down to 4:

So, our Star Performers this week are:

Rosie, Freya and Rhianon for their contribution to ‘Something inside so strong’.


and the whole group decided that Lewis should be too for his fab dance moves.


Just a reminder that children can bring a little drink and a snack to rehearsals if they would like to.

Up coming events:

Entries for the CD cover deadline is Friday 9th February

Sally from the Coral Leadership team will visit on Wednesday 28th February

Sound engineers will be in school to record the school Cd on Tuesday 13th March (don’t forget that you can pre-order copies from Miss Grotz)


Friday 26th January 2018

Well, choir was very entertaining this week!  The children have decided that their theme for this years summer performance will be ‘through the decades.’

So….Miss Grotz spent a looooonnnggggggg time on you tube and the internet looking for entertaining and appropriate songs to learn.

The children especially loved The Witch Doctor –

Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing …

 Go Lewis!!


If you have any ideas of songs that we could learn from any decade from the 50’s – current,  that are appropriate please let us know.

We also like to hear from you if you know of any songs about the sea, rivers or Sunderland that we could rehearse, ready for Sally’s next visit.



Friday 19th January 2018

This week we had some exciting news to share with the children.  In March we will have a sound engineer coming into school to record a cd with the children.  Each year group, and choir, will have a song based on our ‘Charanga’ Music program, to learn ready to record on the day.  Cd’s will be available to buy for £7.99.

In singing assembly, the whole school looked at the song that Sally asked us to learn in preparation for the ‘Tall Ships’ event.  The song is called ‘Jack he was a Sunderland Lad’ and the children are picking it up really well.

Here are the lyrics:

Jack he was a Sunderland Lad, a Sunderland lad, a Sunderland Lad

Jack he was a Sunderland Lad, a Sunderland lad was he.

He worked up on the keelboats, the keelboats, the keelboats

He worked up on the keelboats upon the River Wear.

He went and joined the Navy, the Navy, the Navy

He went and joined the Navy, then sailed away to sea.

He did his deed of bravery, of bravery, of bravery

He did his deed of bravery, then came back home again

He went back to the keelboats, the keelboats, the keelboats

He went back to the keelboats – upon the River Wear

He sadly died of fever, of fever, of fever

He sadly died of fever, but we think of him today

Jack he was a Sunderland Lad, a Sunderland lad, a Sunderland Lad

Jack he was a Sunderland Lad, a Sunderland lad was he.

In choir we looked at lots of other songs that Sally taught Miss Grotz and Miss Hodgson, they included the very funny ‘Who stole my chickens?’ song.

Our music room in coming on fabulously as you can see:

IMG_0928[1] IMG_0927[1]IMG_0929[1]

I’m sure that the wall will be overloaded with musical achievements very quickly!

Children can bring a drink of water or juice and a little snack if they would like to choir practice.

Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome back!  We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

This week Miss Hodgson and Mrs Cowley attended a session with Charles from the Coral Leadership team.  They learned some warm-up techniques and looked at some conducting skills which they will be using with the children.  This was the first session Mrs Cowley attended and she found herself laughing constantly and thoroughly enjoyed it.

During the holidays Miss Grotz and Miss Hodgson worked hard in the music room to set it up and arrange it a bit better so that it looks more inviting.  We will add some photographs next week when we have put up the display so that you can see for yourself the changes that we are making.  The children often spend time performing in here when we have rehearsals for performances during school time and when Sally from the Coral Leadership Team visits.  We are sure she will be super impressed with the changes that we have made to our music room.

Choir will be up and running again from Tuesday 16th January.  Children do not need to return the club membership letter that went out this week as their place is safe throughout the year and there are currently no spaces at the moment.


Friday 22nd December

What a busy week we’ve had! On Monday and Tuesday we performed at Sainsbury’s for the shoppers.  The choir did an amazing job singing their songs and performing, even though we decided to add in a few extra at the last minute!  A huge well done to George, for using the drums to make ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ sound even better and the Year 5 and 6 girls for using the jingle bells.

IMG_0754IMG_0766 IMG_0767

We managed to raise £400.54 in total.  WOW!!!!.  The money raised will be spent on the choir to attend trips and have parties etc.

Lots of shoppers made lovely comments and told the children that they were doing a fantastic job and to keep it up. One shopper also commented on how well behaved the children were.  She said they were a credit to our school.

Mrs Hedley also bought the children some yummy treats and we really enjoyed eating those on the way back. 🙂 We were so hungry after all of that singing, it was a much needed (and well deserved) treat.

So, to celebrate, we had to throw a party!

Here are some photographs of our fantastic dance moves and celebrations.

IMG_0786 IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0798 IMG_0807 IMG_0809 IMG_0814

Last, but not least, Miss Grotz, Miss Hodgson and Mrs Cowley would like to say a huge thank you to, not only every single child in the choir but also parents for their support.  Together we will continue to make choir a fun place.


From us all, Merry Christmas, stay save and enjoy every minute with your loved ones.

Up coming events:

Choir will not be on the first week back, but will be up and running again on Tuesday 16th January 2018!

Friday 15th December

A huge thank you to everyone that attended the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ last night.  We didn’t expect as many people to attend as they did.  The children were delighted, so thank you.


Here are some photographs from the performance.

IMG_1091[1] IMG_1098[1] IMG_1089[1] IMG_1087[1] IMG_1086[1]

The children did an amazing job.  Well done once again.

Up coming events:

Monday 18th December and Tuesday 19th December – Carol Singing at Sainsbury’s

Please feel free to come along and support the children if you wish.

Choir will still be on this Tuesday (19th December).  We thought it would be a good idea to have a little party to celebrate what we have achieved this term.


Friday 8th December

What a busy week!  Our Christmas performances are getting closer so we’ve squeezed in practises where we can.

IMG_0741[1] IMG_0740[1]

We have listened to Sally’s advice and looked at how we can improve our voices and abilities to deliver the best performance.

Up coming events:

Thursday 14th December – Carols by Candlelight. 3:30pm

(Please make sure all children have returned their permission slip)

A little message from Year 2 choir members:



Friday 1st December

In choir this week, we have been practicing our carols ready for our performances.  All children who attended on Tuesday have received a letter and this should be returned to Miss Grotz A.S.A.P if you haven’t already done so.

Up coming events:

Thursday 14th December – Carols by Candlelight. 3:30pm

Monday 18th December and Tuesday 19th December – Carol Singing at Sainsbury’s


Friday 24th November 2017

Welcome to Choir’s first blog!

Choir staff:  Miss Grotz, Miss Hodgson and Mrs Cowley.

This week we had a visit from Sally, who works for the Coral Leadership Program.  She will be working with ourselves and the children to make our singing even better ready for the ‘Tall ships’ event in July.  This is where the Sunderland Music Hub are aiming to get as many children singing the same song at the same time.  (Keep watching this blog after Christmas for more information on this.)

The children really enjoyed working with Sally.  We sang some of our songs that we have been rehearsing, ready to deliver them to the school and the shoppers at Sainsbury’s.

“I enjoyed it when we did the tongue twisters to warm  up our voices.  Red lorry, yellow lorry was the trickiest one.” –  Holly Year 4

“It was nice to show Sally the songs that we have been learning.” – Georgia Year 4


After Sally’s visit, it was lovely to recieve an email with some feedback.  Within it, there were some lovely comments that we would like to share.

“The choir is clearly an aspirational element of school life and all the children are happy to be there.  The choir makes a lovely, unforced sound.”

Well done everyone, we are so proud of your talents and you all clearly impressed our visitors too!


Up coming events:

Thursday 14th December – Carols by Candlelight. 3:30pm

Monday 18th December and Tuesday 19th December – Carol Singing at Sainsbury’s