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School Clubs

Extended School

Breakfast club and Afterschool club

Our breakfast and afterschool club are run on a pay in advance system, which is non refundable if not attended. The reason this applies is due to staffing and food quantities required for each day.

New charges per hour:

Our breakfast club runs from 8:00am until 8:50am in the morning at a charge of £1.50 a session.

Our afterschool club runs from 3:15pm until 5:15pm at a charge of £3.00 per hour and includes a snack

Booking in advance:

While the club recognises the need for emergency admissions we would request all parents/carers to book their children into the club the week before their child’s visit enclosing payment at time of booking, to help us organise appropriate requirements.

Extended School deeply appreciates parents/carers support in administering the above guidelines and wish to extend our gratitude to your contribution, which enables the extended school to operate successfully.

Lunchtime Clubs

Club Name Days
School Council Tuesday
Fitness Training Tuesdays and Fridays
Football Every lunchtime

Afterschool Clubs



Selected clubs for identified pupils





Selected clubs for identified pupils

Choir (KS2 only) – 3:15pm till 4:15pm




Football Training (Years 5 & 6) – 3:30pm till 4:30pm





Selected clubs for identified pupils