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Welcome to our EYFS page. We are looking forward to updating you on our progress and what we have been learning over the week.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter below:

Curriculum Newsletter EYFS

9th – 13th July 2018


This week in nursery our book of the week was ‘How Do You Feel?’. We discussed emotions and expressions. We focused on how we feel about the changes ahead as some of our nursery children are moving into reception in September. We also talked abut our new friends that will be joining our children that will be staying in nursery in September. We were lucky enough to meet our new friends and their parents on Wednesday.

We have been getting our classroom ready for the new year ahead. The children that are staying in nursery have been sharing their thoughts and ideas about what they would like in their classroom and what they would like to learn.

We have also been reflecting on our learning from the past year and remembering what topics we have covered, including the jungle and our trip to the farm. In phonics we have done some writing about this and drew pictures of our favourite things. We were so excited to let our butterflies out into the environment. We have cared for them and watched them grow from caterpillars into butterflies.

IMG_9076[1] IMG_9030[1]


This week in reception we have read lots of stories which have had a focus on change. We have been talking about change as we are starting to think about our move into year one. We are all feeling very excited about it! We have started to go out onto the big yard with KS1 for morning playtime so we can get year one ready!

On Monday we went into the hall with nursery to take part in a cosmic yoga session. We listened to the yoga teacher while she told us the story of Elsa and Frozen and we had to follow moves, which involved us stretching, bending and balancing, to retell the story. We all had a great time.

We had two special treats on Friday. the first was we shared a special celebration with our friend, Harley. Happy Birthday Harley!! We enjoyed the delicious cake he brought in for us and we sang happy birthday to him. The second surprise was a theatre show! We all went into the hall and watched the production of ‘Alice in Wonderland. ‘ We laughed, cheered and joined in with the show.

IMG_2256[1] IMG_2272[1]

Attendance-N- 93%  R- 98.1%

Lateness-N- 50 minutes  R- 60 minutes



2nd – 6th July 2018

In nursery this week our book of the week was ‘The mini beast bop.’ After receiving a parcel from the pet shop we discovered that the mini beasts had disappeared and we had to go on a mini beast hunt to find them. We hunted in the outdoor area as well as the indoor area and we captured lots of mini beasts. We now know lots of new mini beats names, facts and features.

In phonics we took part in squiggle while you wiggle. We had lots of fun moving to the music and developing our gross and fine motor skills. We used fly swatters to help us identify letters from our name. We wrote our names with chalk in the outdoor area and in maths we counted  mini beasts in the tuff spot and matched the amounts to the correct number.

We had fun making ourselves into butterflies in the creative area using napkins and pegs with photos of ourselves as the butterflies body. On the play dough table we created mini beasts using shells, pasta and pipe cleaners.

IMG_9034[1] IMG_9026[1] IMG_9029[1]


This week in reception our book of the week was ‘Spinderella.” This story is about a spider who wants to learn all about numbers. Over night, Spinderella came into our classroom and she made a huge web over one of our tuff spots. Under the web we had to put pegs on spider templates to match the number in the middle of the spider. We used language like add and subtract when we were making the numbers.

We are getting really good at writing sentences now so this week Mrs Watson wanted us to write 2 or 3 sentences to retell the story of Spinderella by talking about the main events. We are practising saying our sentences out loud before we write them down.

We were given black play dough this week so we made lots of spiders!!!! We also painted pictures of spiders and used black card and white wool to create lots of spider creations including their webs.

On Friday this week we all did something really special by running in the ‘Race For Life.’ We choose who we wanted to run for and we all did amazing with our running on the field.

IMG_2241[1] IMG_2203[1] IMG_2242[1]

Attendance-N-83.7%  R-94.4%

Lateness-N-45 minutes  R-75 minutes


25th-29th June 2018


This week in Nursery our book of the week was ‘The best big parade’.  The book has taught us lots of mathematical language in relation to size, like big , small, tall and short. In key group we have been looking at grasshoppers, we have found out what they eat and drink and how they move around (they can jump really high!).  We have also been watching our caterpillars make their cocoons and have moved them to the butterfly net in preparation for them transforming into butterflies.

In the creative area, we wrapped clingfilm around a table to use as a painting canvas, we painted different habitats and mini beasts onto the canvas.  In the outdoor area, we have been making mud pies and grass soup in the mud kitchen and exploring the garden for mini beasts.  In maths we have been looking at recognising numbers and matching the numeral to the correct amount of objects. In phonics we have been developing our cutting skills by cutting around worms.

On Wednesday we had our Early Years assembly where we got to tell all of our parents and carers what we have been busy learning about this year, we got to sing them lots of our songs, including ‘Alice the Camel’ and ‘Down in the jungle’. At the end of the assembly we showed everyone a presentation of photographs we have taken throughout the year. Our teachers are so proud of the children using their big voices!

IMG_9353[1] IMG_9324[1] IMG_9354[1]



18th June-22nd June 2018

In Reception this week our book of the week was ‘Owl Babies’.  We looked at the features of an owl and talked about words that we could use to describe an owl. We then wrote sentences using the words that we had talked about.  We are getting really good at writing independently.

In Maths we have continued to look at subtraction and addition and we are now focusing on the symbols that represent these methods (+ and – sings). We used number lines to help us count forwards and backwards.

In the creative area we have painted pictures of owls and have used different materials to make nests. We have really enjoyed playing in the construction and small world area this week. We are  working as teams, making plans and we are listening to each as we all share our ideas.

It was a special day for two boys in our class this week as we celebrated their birthdays with songs and cake!!!

IMG_2176[1] IMG_2163[2]


18th June-22nd June 2018

This week in Nursery our book of the week was ‘Superworm’. We have been learning all about worms, where they live and what they eat. We have enjoyed making worm crafts with junk modelling, string and even painting with mud in the creative area.  We have been using trowels and spades to dig the mud up in the outdoor area, we found worms, woodlice, slugs and snails!  In maths we have been looking at shape sorting in the outdoor area, we had to find shapes in the environment then sort them into the right shape group.  In phonics we have been reading ‘the crunching munching caterpillar’, listening and finding the rhyming words in the story.

We are still observing our five caterpillars, we’ve noticed that they’re eating lots more food and getting fatter and fatter! We don’t think it will be very long until they make a cocoon!

IMG_9066[1] IMG_9055[1]


Our book of the week this week was ‘Percy the park keeper-after the storm’.  This story introduced our new habitat, the forest.  In the story, we read about all the different animals that Percy looks after from the forest.  We read about animals, hedgehogs, mice, badges and a fox.  In key groups, we discussed the different parts of the forest that these animals live in and talked about how each of the animals are very different. We will continue to read more stories next week to introduce us to new animals that live in the forest.

In Literacy this week we wrote about Percy the Park keeper and described what he is like. Some of us spoke about the clothes he wears and others spoke about the job he does and the tools he has.  In continuous provision we wrote Percy the park keeper stories and made labels for our new role play area “Percy’s hut”.

In Maths this week our focus has been on subtraction and the language we use in relation to subtraction. We used practical objects such as cubes and stones to take away by counting back.  We also used a number line to 20 to subtract by making jumps back.

In the creative area we used leaves to print pictures of hedgehogs, we chose to use pointy leaves to make the spikes look really sharp.  In small groups, we have worked with Mrs Cowley to develop our role play area, making sure we have in it all the things we think Percy would need to look after the animals.

IMG_2118[1] IMG_2141[1]

Attendance-N-91.5% R-91.5%

Lateness-N- 35 minutes R-138 minutes


11th-15th June

This week in Nursery our book of the week was the ‘Hungry Caterpillar.’ We had 5 visitors to the nursery. 5 tiny caterpillars arrived for us to look after. We have been learning about the caterpillar life cycle and we are watching and waiting very patiently for the changes in the caterpillars so watch this space!!

In phonics we have been making some special cards to give out on Sunday for a special person in our life. We have practised our writing inside of the cards and Miss Lay is really impressed with how good our writing is getting. In maths we have been practising counting objects in the water tray. We have also been separating groups of objects and realising that amounts stay the same.

In the creative area we have created caterpillar and butterfly prints. These are on display in our bug lab.

We have had some other special visitors in our classroom this week. Some of our parents/careers came in to take part in our reading family learning session. We looked at stories such as the Gruffalo, the Rainbow Fish and the Three Bears. We had lots of natural resources in the tuff spot and porridge in the sand tray. We hope our visitors had as much fun as we did.

IMG_9031[1] IMG_9045[1] IMG_8840[1]


11-15th June

We have continued with our minibeast topic this week and have been keen to find minibeasts in our outdoor area. We even found some that had made their way into our classroom so we made sure that we returned them into their natural habitat.

In maths this week we have been looking at mathematical language associated with subtraction. Words such as take away and minus. We used cubes to help us with subtraction number sentences. We found the answers to the problems by counting back.

Our writing this week was very special as we thought of our own words to write to describe a male family member that we could give a card to on Sunday. We used our phonic knowledge to write the words on our card as independently as possible.

On Thursday morning we enjoyed spending time with our parents/carers in the family learning session which was focused around reading. We dug down deep in the minibeast pit to find stones with words on that we could put into a sentence. We also created our own stories using the story cards on the writing table.

Friday was an exciting day as we took part in the EYFS and KS1 sports day! We had lots of fun and used many of our own skills in the races such as, balancing and jumping. Our parents seemed to have fun too as they joined in the final race!

IMG_2087[1] IMG_2082[1] IMG_2068[1]

Attendance-N-97.4%  R-98.1%

Lateness-N-25 minutes  R-52 minutes



4th-8th June

What a brilliant week in Nursery! This week our Book of the Week is ‘Slug needs a hug’, we looked at similarities, differences and patterns of change. We now know the difference between a slug and a snail.  We discovered woodlice in the indoor and outdoor area, we observed the woodlice and found out lots of facts about them. In the creative area we have painted pictures of woodlice, slugs and snails. These will be displayed in the setting and in our journals.

IMG_8959[1] IMG_8918[1]

In Maths we investigated shapes in the water tray and counted shapes in the outdoor area.  In Phonics we are practicing rhyming, we have been reading ‘Each peach pear plum’.  We have been looking at the structure of a story and print and illustrations in books.  We are really good at selecting our own books when entering Nursery on a morning. We now have two book monitors every morning to look after our books.


4th-8th June

In reception we are still looking at habitats and have now moved onto the garden and minibeasts!! Our book of the week has been ‘Bumble Bear,’ which is about a bear who really wants to be a bee because of his love for honey. This has taken us on a learning journey looking at bees including, where they live, why they are important and safety around bees.

We decorated some delicious bee biscuits and used the steps we followed to write our own instructions on how to decorate a bee biscuit. We have been looking closely at shapes this week in maths and have had a focus on using the correct mathematical language to describe shapes and their properties. We know that a hive looks like it is made from lots of hexagons.

Around the classroom we have been painting pictures of bees in the garden, and have been using the large whiteboard to write sentences about minibeasts. The sand pit has also been turned into a minibeast pit and we have had great fun using the scoops to dig for minibeasts in the mud. We also spent time in the outdoor area looking for minibeasts in their natural habitat.

IMG_2039[1]   IMG_2021[1]

Attendance-N-95.6%  R-94.8%

Lateness-N-75 minutes  R-41 minutes


21st May – 25th May

Our book of the week has been ‘The Very Greedy Bee.’ We have learnt lots of facts and information about bees over the week. We now know that they live in a hive, about the queen bee and that bees make honey. We then tasted some honey on toast which was delicious. We all had sticky fingers!

In the creative area we make bees using junk, plates and cups. We caught bees in the water tray and looked at flowers linked to nectar. In Maths we used hexagons to print bee hives and counted bees in the tuff spot as well as flowers in the water tray.

In the outdoor area we used chunky chalks to mark make and create bees on a large scale.

In phonics we focused on cutting out mini beasts to further develop our fine motor skills and scissor control. We have enjoyed signing and dancing to action rhymes and songs and we have been experimenting with instruments and how sounds can be changed. Our favourite this week was the music man song. We will be learning new songs on a weekly basis to built up a repertoire of songs and dances.

IMG_8704[1]    IMG_8673[1]



21st May – 25th May

In reception this week our book of the week was ‘The Special Guest.’ This story is about a nasty lion who tries to trick the zebra into coming to his party because he wants to eat him for his dinner! This story has led us to talk a lot about friendships in our key groups.

In our writing this week we have written apology letters and tried hard to use our phonic knowledge to help us with our spellings. We have also had a focus on letter formation. In maths we have been using the numicon to support us with adding two single digit numbers by counting on.

On the playdough table we have used stones, twigs and broccoli to create our own jungles. Some of us then painted our jungles at the easel. We have also enjoyed transforming ourselves into jungles animals by using masks and fabrics. while dressed up we had fun singing ‘down in the jungle.’

A parcel arrived in our class this week and inside was a magic fairy and elf post box. Mrs Watson read a letter to us which said if we write a letter and post it in the box a special reply would follow. We were all amazed when Sienna got a reply to her letter from a fairy!

IMG_1989[1]  IMG_1966[1] IMG_1995[1]

Lateness-N- 50 minutes R-102 minutes

Attendance-N-91.9 % R – 94.8%



This week our Nursery Book of the Week has been ‘Arghh Spider!’ after the children showed an interest in spider webs and spiders in our outdoor area. We have enjoyed finding out lots of different facts about spiders, for example we now know that spiders have 8 legs and can have up to 8 eyes too!

Nursery have also enjoyed searching the secret forest for all sorts of mini beasts. We now have 3 ladybirds (called Ted, Fred and Ned),1 beetle and a worm in our classroom for the children to observe. We have been doing our research to see how these animals live and have made a home for them in our reading area.

In phonics we have been practicing our name writing and letter formation, Miss Burnett and Miss Lay are amazed at how good we are getting!

On Friday we explained to the children about the Royal Wedding which will be happening on Saturday. We made our own union jack crowns, flags and bunting.

IMG_8691[1] IMG_8677[1]


This week in Reception we have been learning all about the Jungle. We have made some fantastic pictures for our display. Rosie made a spiralling snake out of a paper plate. We learnt that all jungle animals have their own habitats within the jungle. Example a crocodile lives in the water. We listened to different jungle sounds and tried to identify them and we talked about what we would take into the jungle if we ever went.

We celebrated Joseph’s birthday this week and he was 5. He brought in a lovely chocolate cake to share with his friends and teachers. Thank you.

We are also celebrating the royal wedding by coming into school dressed in red, white and blue.

IMG_1907[1] IMG_1905[1] IMG_1919[1]

Attendance-N-84.4% R-95.2%

Lateness-N-26 months R-29 minutes


8th – 11th May

This week in nursery our book of the week has been ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird.” We have found out a lot of facts about ladybirds this week , including that we now know a ladybird has 6 legs, 2 wings and up to 20 spots.

We have two special visitors that have come to visit us in the nursery this week and they will be staying with us for a little while. Their names are Ted and Fred and they are our class ladybirds. We have a ladybird home for them where we can observe what they are doing and help look after them.

We have had great fun in the outdoor area where we have spent our time looking for mini beasts in the garden. Alfie found a giant spider! We made our own mini beasts on the creative table and we have a bug lab where we can investigate and find out facts about mini beasts. Dottie collected lots of woodlice at home and then brought them in for us all to look at.

In phonics we have been practising our listening skills and copied the beats of the instruments we could hear. We have also used our IT skills and made mini beasts on the computer.

IMG_8516[1] IMG_8517[1] IMG_8432[1]


8th – 11th May

Our book of the week has been ‘The Snail and the Whale.’ We thought about if we could go on an adventure to any habitat where would we go. Harry said he would want to visit the jungle so that he could swing from the trees with the monkeys!

In the creative area we painted stones, changing them into the different animals that the snail and the whale saw in the story. In the investigation area we have been looking at patterns that we would see on jungle animals and number. We have been repeating the pattern and talking about how many objects we have used. Ethan said, “I have used 23 circles but I don’t have a 23 stone so I’ll use 20 and 3.”

In maths we have been looking at the language we use when we talk about money. Mrs Watson was so impressed with our understanding of money. She was blown away when we started to add amounts of money together independently.

Our learning this week has taken us into the jungle and we are excited to start looking at a new habitat next week.

IMG_1891[1] IMG_1893[1] IMG_1881[1]

Lateness-N-80 minutes R-155 minutes

Attendance-N-87.5% R – 91.2%


Our mud kitchen is open for orders!!! We have had lots of fun creating a variety of muddy delights.


30th – 4th May

This week in Nursery our book of the week has been “What the Ladybird Heard.” This has sparked lots of interest in our classroom about our garden and the creatures that might live in our gardens.

In maths we have used ladybird stones to match numerals to quantity. We have enjoyed looking after the seeds that we planted and have watched them grow throughout this week. The cress we grew is starting to bloom and we are using the various leaves  we have grown, in the investigation area as habitats for the ladybirds. In phonics we have focused on speaking and rhyme and we will be continuing to look at rhyming strings over the next few weeks.

We have turned ourselves into farm animals by making our own animal masks in the creative area and have then used them in our play in the role play area. We also painted pictures linked to the story. Emily created the most amazing picture of the ladybird!!!

IMG_8390[1] IMG_8355[1] IMG_8331[1]


30th – 4th May

We have continued this week with our story “Tiddler,” and have done a lot of writing about the character, Tiddler. We are really trying hard to write our own independent sentences.

We had lots of fun making jellyfish in the creative area while looking at the habitat of sea creatures. On the play dough table we have spent time making our own under the sea habitat using stones, shells and sticks.

In maths we have been talking about the language we use when we talk about time. We used words like, morning, early, second, dinnertime, night and late. We looked at a clock and spoke about what we would be doing at certain times of the day and spoke about what hour it would be.

Some of the boys in our class are very interested in the role of a policeman and have spent a lot of time in the construction area making their own jail with an office for the police officers to sit in.

IMG_1859[1] IMG_1829[1] IMG_1799[1]

Lateness-N-18 minutes R-5 minutes

Attendance-N-88.9% R – 99.3%


In the EYFS outdoor area we have been developing our mud kitchen. We can’t wait to start making mud pies and writing recipes for all things mud!


23rd-27th April

Our book of the week this week has been ‘The Scarecrow’s Surprise.’ We have learnt about a lot of new animals that like on the farm. We got a lovely surprise when we realised that the kittens were in the scarecrow’s tummy! We had great fun in the outdoor area this week, planting carrots and cress. We have looked after our seeds by watering them and we now know that seeds need water, sunlight and warmth to grow. We are looking forward to eating our carrots and cress in the coming weeks.

We have been on a number walk in the environment this week and had fun spotting lots of numbers. We also practised writing our names using whiteboards, pens and chunky chalks.

Our new friends thoroughly enjoyed their parents/carers coming in for dinner with them on Friday.

IMG_8258[1] IMG_8250[1] IMG_8134[1]


23rd – 27th April

This week in reception we have started our new topic, habitats! Mrs Watson was amazed by how much we already know about lots of different animals. We have been focusing on under the sea and read the story of Tiddler to support our learning.

In the sand tray we have been investigating real seaweed and pieces of driftwood. In the creative area we have used paper plates to make our own under the sea habitat using paint and various materials.

In maths this week we have been looking at how we can weigh different objects and have  talked about comparisons between the two. We have used balance scales to weigh lots of different sea pebbles.

IMG_1737[1]  IMG_1723[1]

Lateness-N-9 minutes R-4 minutes

Attendance-N-92.1% R – 92.2%


Welcome back after the Easter holidays. This week we have ran a mini topic ‘everyday heroes.’


16th – 20th April

We started the week by talking about everyday heroes and how they are different to fictional superheroes. The children shared their ideas of who they think is an everyday hero.

We had some special visitors come into school to talk about their roles and experiences and how they are everyday heroes as they help people with acts of kindness and bravery. Our visitors included a nurse, a guide dog and members of the RNLI. We asked the heroes questions and talked about them back in our key groups.

Thinking about who was our hero we wrote stories about them and shared them with the rest of the class. We wrote stories about nurses, firefighters,policemen and mams.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine this week and have had lots of opportunities to take our learning outside. On Friday we had our phonics lesson in the sandpit and wrote words containing the new sounds we have learnt in the sand.

We also had a special celebration on Friday, ‘Happy Birthday Isabella.’

 IMG_1631[1] IMG_1655[1] IMG_1659[1]


16th – 20th April

This week we have been learning all about heroes. We talked about our own heroes which included our mams, dads, nanas and teachers.

We then painted and drew pictures of our heroes. We did some writing about them in speech bubbles and we also learnt about Florence Nightingale. We now know lots of facts about Florence including, where she was born and why she carried a lamp.

We had great fun making lamps and painting pictures of Florence Nightingale and we sang a song about her which we thought was lots of fun.

We welcomed some new friends into nursery this week. We love to make new friends and are looking forward to getting to know them. It was special for the new starters to invite their grown ups into the setting. On Friday our new friends stayed with us for their dinner

We also had a special celebration on Friday, ‘Happy Birthday Oliver.’

IMG_7983[1] IMG_7975[1] IMG_8088[1]

Upcoming events

Friday 27th  – Nursery dinner date with parents for new starters


Lateness-N-0 minutes R-17 minutes

Attendance-N-95.2% R – 98.5%



26th – 29th March

As part of our topic, down on the farm, we had a great day out at Hall Hill Farm. We meet all of the new spring animals, including new born lambs and baby chicks. We had a fun time having a ride on the farmer’s tractor as well as feeding the baby lambs with a bottle of milk. After lunch we enjoyed ourselves on the soft play.

This week we have also enjoyed the Easter Fair and the Family Learning afternoon where lots of our parents came in to make Easter crafts with us.


IMG_7688[1]  IMG_7723[1]



26th -29th March

This week in reception we have been talking about what we do with our families to celebrate Easter and why we celebrate Easter. New life has been the focus of our week this week. We have thought about new animals that we might see in the fields as well as the new flowers and leaves that are beginning to appear.

Not only have we been busy in our classroom with making painted Easter eggs, play dough chicks and doubling chocolate eggs, we have enjoyed the Easter Fair and the Family Learning afternoon.

We have worked so hard this half term.  We are looking forward to our Easter Holidays so we can spend time with our families and tell our friends and teachers all about it when we return to school!


IMG_1582[1]  IMG_1588[1]

Return to school – 15th April

Lateness-N-31 minutes R-32 minutes

Attendance-N-93.8% R – 94%


19th -23rd  March

This week we have been down on the farm. Our book of the week has been ‘Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat.’ We have had great fun making our own wholemeal bread and observing the changes over time from the ingredients to the baked bread. In the creative area we have had fun making handprint hens for our classroom display. In maths we used eggs to order items according to size after having looked at the life cycle of a chick in key groups.

We are looking forward to developing our knowledge next week during our visit to the farm. We have been talking in class about the different things we might see at the farm.

IMG_7599[1]  IMG_7487[1]   IMG_7481[1]


19th – 23rd March

In reception this week our book of the week has been ‘Aliens Love Underpants.’ We really enjoyed listening to the story and found it very funny!

After reading the story together we have all individually written a letter to the aliens asking them to return the underpants. In the creative area we have made alien hats and designed our own underpants that the aliens may want to steal! Some of us have even written our own story but changing the title to something else that the aliens might love. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the water tray this week as there was a washing line with underpants hung on it for us to wash.

In maths this week we have started to learn about how we double a number using songs and practical resources.


Upcoming events

27th March-Easter Fayre 1:15pm onwards

28th March – Nursery Farm trip.

29th March-Family Learning 1:15pm onwards and Last Day of Term

Lateness-N-31 minutes R-25 minutes

Attendance-N-96.3% R-95.6%


12th -16th March

3…2…1…BLAST OFF!!!!

This week have started our new topic, Space. On Monday we talked about all the things that we know already about space and then we asked each other what we would like to know about space. Some of the things we want to know are, “Why do astronauts wear space boots?” and “Why do some of the planets have rings around them?”

During the rest of the week we have been reading the story “Whatever Next.”  This story is about a bear who imagines that he has travelled to the moon. Lots of our learning this week has been about our story and using our own imagination to pretend we are heading to space.

In the different areas of the classroom we have been painting pictures of aliens and writing lists of the things that Baby Bear took to the moon. Our role play area has been transformed into a space station!

IMG_1479[1]     IMG_1482[1]

In Nursery this week we have been learning all about farms and the role of the farmer. We discussed what we would like to be when we grow up. Our book of the week was “Farmer Duck,” and we have learnt lots of new songs including, “There was a farmer who had a dog his name was Bobby Bingo.”

We are looking forward to our trip to the farm on the 28th March.

In the Classroom we have also started to transform our animal arch into a farm. We helped our teachers to make a large red tractor. We explored compost and hay in the sand tray and looked at the different habitats of farmyard animals as well as counting eggs in the water tray for maths.

In EYFS we had a little visitor in our classrooms this afternoon………a 2 day old chick! We enjoyed giving the chick a gentle stroke.

IMG_7473[1]  IMG_7463[1]

27th March-Easter Fayre 1:15pm onwards

28th March – Nursery Farm trip.

29th March-Family Learning 1:15pm onwards and Last Day of Term

Lateness-N-5 minutes R-19 minutes

Attendance-N-97.9% R-97.0%

5th-9th March 2018


In Reception this week, we had some special visitors to the class who left us secret messages during the night for us to find the next morning. These messages could only be read by using secret UV light pens.  We had to work together to read the messages and come up with a plan or write a letter to catch the villains and save the superheroes.  We have had to use our maths skills to help free the superheroes locked in a spider web, and have enjoyed creating superhero shields in the creative area.  In the playdough area, some of the boys decided that they wanted to make their own superhero models.

IMG_1345[1] IMG_1359[1]

‘The tiger who came to tea’

What an amazing week we have had in Nursery. On Tuesday we had a special letter delivered from a girl called Sophie. Sophie asked if her friend Tiger could come to tea as it was his birthday.  We had lots of fun making food and drinks ready for the party, we wrote shopping lists and letters to Sophie telling her that we would love the tiger to come to tea. The tiger came today (Friday), we had a lovely party and all sang happy birthday when we gave the tiger his birthday cake.

IMG_7394[1] IMG_7402[1]

We have also been observing our seeds that we have planted, we now have a better understanding of how things grow and changes over time. We take turns to water the seeds as we look after living things and take care of our environment.

We have been making something very special to bring home on Sunday, which I’m sure you will all love!

On Friday we had World Book Day in school, were we took part in a whole school investigation about who stole the Golden Pen!  We examined the crime scene then went away to write letters to the robber to ask him to return the pen.  We also drew and labelled traps that could be used to catch the robber.

We also had a book swap in the afternoon where we could bring old books from home and swap them with friends.

Upcoming Events-

12th,13th,14th March-Parents Evenings

13th March-School CD recording takes place

27th March-Easter Fayre 1:15pm onwards

29th March-Family Learning 1:15pm onwards and Last Day of Term

Lateness-N-5 minutes R-8 minutes

Attendance-N-94.2% R-95.9%

26th-2nd March 2018

Our Book of the Week this week is Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes, through reading the book we have learnt that we always need to be kind and helpful to our friends.  We have also had a baking week in both Nursery and Reception. On Monday we spoke about what ingredients you need to make pancakes and what toppings you could put on top. On Tuesday and Wednesday we made our pancakes with our teachers and added our own toppings. We spoke about what toppings were healthy and what toppings were unhealthy.

IMG_7794[1] IMG_7103[1]

In Nursery we have started our Growing mini topic, we filled a tuft spot with compost and planted seeds. We cant wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks.


On Thursday we had a non-uniform day to raise money for NSPCC, on the morning we had representatives from the charity come in and give an assembly about who to go to if you are worried or feeling unsafe.  We were able to raise £170 for NSPCC!

In Reception we have been busy making rockets using cardboard boxes, lolliepop sticks, feathers and paint to blast off into space. However on Thursday we had a letter sent from Tim Peake to say that he had to use our rockets to get back up to space!

Upcoming Events-

1st March-World Book Day Family Learning 9:10-10:00

12th,13th,14th March-Parents Evenings

27th March-Easter Fayre 1:15pm onwards

Lateness- N- 0 minutes R-132 minutes

Attendance-N-88.3% R-95.9%

5th-9th February 2018

We cant believe its time to break up for Half Term already! We’ve had such an amazing start to the term, learning so much about our new topics.


This week in nursery we have had lots of special visitors. We had a lovely family learning session on Tuesday when lots of our parents and carers came in to join in the fun in the jungle. We made some amazing animal habitats using celery, corks and leaves. Everyone had lots of fun exploring the animal arch and discovering animals that were hiding in there! Tracey from ‘Hartbeeps’ also visited our nursery. We danced and sang the afternoon away using musical instruments, bubbles and sensory light spinners.

IMG_6989[1] IMG_6957[1] IMG_6936[1]

Our book of the week was ‘Mr Wolfs Pancakes’.


On Tuesday we were so excited to find out that our parents and carers were coming in to see what we have been learning. In Reception we showed our adults how to make Superheroes using lollypop sticks , built dens using blocks and Lego to catch the Evil Pea, caught all the esca-peas in the water tray using fishing nets and tweezers and finally we showed them our amazing PJ Masks reading area and Superhero Headquarters.

On Friday we made our own Valentines Day cards for people who we love the most, we used different shades of pink collage materials and stuck them onto a heart.

We would also like to wish Tyler a big Happy Birthday!

Ethan was put into the Golden Book because he blew the teachers socks off by ordering numbers 1-20 in two minutes!!

Rosie was also put into the Golden Book because she is an amazing artist.

Joel-Jay got a certificate and a Dip in the box for being a fantastic new big brother!

This week, both Nursery and Reception have started to look at the book ‘Mr Wolfs Pancakes’ in preparation for Pancake Day next Tuesday. We are going to make our own pancakes to try with different toppings. We have all enjoyed reading the story then doing lots of fantastic pictures and writing for our classroom.

We would also like to say a sad goodbye to a few people this week.  Ava and Crystal are off to another school and we wish them all the happiness with their new friends.  We will be saying goodbye to both Miss Oxberry and Miss Graham who are off to other classes next term.





Nursery-40 minutes

Reception-93 minutes

Upcoming Events-

9th February- Break up for Half Term

Monday 19th February- Return to School

20th February-Foundation of Light Learning Workshop

22nd February- NSPCC day, non uniform and bring £1 donation

1st March-World Book Day Family Learning 9:10-10:00

12th,13th,14th March-Parents Evenings

27th March-Easter Fayre 1:15pm onwards

29th January- 2nd February 2018

This week Reception had a visit from the Evil Pea, he came into our classroom and stole our Super Vegetables then hid them around our classroom. We had to work together to create traps to catch the Evil Pea before he could do any more damage!  In the creative area we created our own capes and masks using a range of materials then acted out superhero roles in the Superhero Headquarters.  We have enjoyed reading the series of Supertato books and watching how he has defended and saved his friends. We have had to put our detective hats on outside and look for clues as to where the Evil Pea was hiding.  Following our Supertato interest, we made our own Butternut Squash soup for the whole class to try!

Our Hero of the week is Thomas, for always trying so hard to write his name!

IMG_7727[1]  IMG_7713[1]

This week in nursery we have been having lots of animal fun! Our book of the week was ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. We had a great time creating our own animals from the story in the creative area using a variety of resources. We made lots of different animals including giraffes, zebras and tigers. We had slithering fun with the play dough making snakes with shapes and looking at patterns. We also enjoyed an animal hunt outdoors as well as a walk in the forest, where we collected sticks and leaves and other natural found objects to be used in our classroom. We are really looking forward to the family learning session on Tuesday the 6th of February so we can share our topic. Parents can see how much fun we have while learning. I’m sure you will all have a roaring time!





N-17 minutes

R-51 minutes

Upcoming Events-

6th February- Family Learning Day 9:10am-10:00am

9th February- Break up for Half Term

Monday 19th February- Return to School

20th February-Foundation of Light Learning Workshop

22nd February- NSPCC day, non uniform and bring £1 donation

1st March-World Book Day Family Learning 9:10-10:00

12th,13th,14th March-Parents Evenings

27th March-Easter Fayre 1:15pm onwards


22nd-26th January 2018

This week in Reception we have introduced our new topic all about Superheroes! We have started by reading the book ‘Supertato’.  We then transformed the role play area into a Superhero Headquarters where we can track the superheroes, answer the phone and go on the computer, it’s also filled with superhero pictures and masks so we can become any superhero.

In the creative area we have been making our own Super Vegetables by adding googly eyes, capes and masks to broccoli, carrots and potatoes.  In the water area we have had frozen peas, which we have collected using tweezers and counted into cups.  Over the next few weeks we will continue to develop this further following the childrens ideas.

Our Hero of the Week in Reception is Bobby, for having a fantastic week both at home and in school.  Ruby won the Dip in the box and chose a My Little Pony toy, she got it for always being a kind friend in class. Ava was put into the Golden Book this week for being a good girl in sensory group and Amelia was put in for always putting in 100% effort with everything she does.

IMG_1239[1] IMG_1550[1] IMG_1519[1]

Again Nursery have had a busy week. This week we have started a new topic called ‘All Creatures Big and Small’.  We have been getting our animal arch ready for the animals and creatures, we loved mark making on leaves and making vines ready for the monkeys, we used a variety of techniques, using paint for the backdrop. We will be learning about Jungle animals, pets, sea creatures, prehistoric animals and lots more!

We have given our reading garden a makeover. The children welcomed the arrival of Boris and Doris, our two quiet critters (rhyming words). We know we need to be quiet in the reading garden because Boris and Doris live there. We love our new story stones and have been telling some great stories to Boris and Doris, they also love to be read to!  We now have a Book of the Week, that we all share. This week it was ‘Walking through the Jungle’, we definitely have the loudest roar.


We have been busy in the creative area making a new number and alphabet line to help us with our learning.


We also had some important visitors joining us at lunch time, the parents of the new starters. Freddies dad loved the Yorkshire puddings! Thankyou all for attending our dinner date.

We have looked at another new artist this week, Wassily Kandinsky, we were then inspired to create our own colourful shapes in maths. We added these shapes to our Art display making a lovely hanging mobile.


N-94.9%   R-88.1%


N-42 Minutes   R-55 minutes


15th-19th January 2018

We have had another cold and snowy few days in Early Years this week. The children in Reception are onto their last week looking at Winter and it has been timed just right to see some snow!  Through the week we have been listening to the story ‘Jack Frost’, we then created our own winter scenes using different shades of blue paint and collage materials. When it started snowing, the children decided to build a snowman outdoors and named it Jack Frost!  We have also blown the teachers socks off with our fantastic sentence writing about Jack Frost and Elsa.

IMG_7537[1] IMG_7506[1]

Next week in Reception we are going to look at Superheroes, starting with reading the book Supertato! We cant wait to see how our classroom transforms over the next few days.

In Nursery we have had lots of fun reading the Snow Bear story. We created lots of winter pictures using paint and collage materials. We were so excited to see the snow as it was just like our story. Our new friends have really enjoyed exploring all areas of the setting and getting to know their new friends. We have been using lots of winter objects to count and we have worked really hard this week in maths.





Nursery-52 minutes

Reception-112 minutes

Upcoming Events-

Dinner Date for new Nursery starters-Monday 22nd January

8th-12th January 2018

Our first week back after the Christmas Holidays has been fantastic and very creative. The teachers are so impressed by how grown up the children are and how much they have settled.

We have had a lovely week in Nursery, and have been doing lots of exciting things.  We have also been looking at famous artists this week, Vincent van Gogh and Andy Goldsworthy. We have created some fabulous artwork for our art gallery display including our own versions of the ‘Starry Night’ and transient art using a variety of materials.  We are Plains Farm Academy Artists and have enjoyed creating our own artwork.

IMG_6313[1] IMG_6370[1]

We have welcomed seven new friends into our class who have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and meeting their new friends.  We are so excited to welcome back Miss Lay to Nursery, she is delighted to be back!

In Reception we have been looking at a variety of winter artwork from various artists. We have enjoyed recreating these paintings using a range of materials.  Mrs Dunn showed the boys and girls that you can create art anywhere, even in the outdoor area!  We used twigs, pine cones, flour and flowers to create a winter scene in a tyre.IMG_1314[1]

In Maths we have started looking at simple addition, we have blown all of our teachers socks off by how amazing and brainy we are. We have even started writing number sentences independently!


Upcoming Events

After school clubs will be starting from Monday 15th January. Reception have a choice of ‘Learning through Play’ on a Monday and ‘Music and Movement’ on a Thursday.





Nursery-30 minutes

Reception-16 minutes

18th-22nd December 2017

Our last week before Christmas has been filled with lots of festive things!  On Tuesday we had our EYFS Christmas party, where we ate sausage rolls, crisps, chocolate and juice for our party food then played party games like pass the parcel and musical statues.IMG_7179[1]IMG_7188[1]IMG_7191[2]

Through the week we had a note from Buddy and Sam the elf saying that they were going back to the North Pole to tell Santa all about what they had saw in class and to start making all of our toys.  They also left us some Christmas activities to do with our friends through the week.

On Wednesday, Nursery made their own mince pies! They had fun mixing the ingredients and putting them in the oven to watch them cook.


On Friday we had a visit from Santa! He said that all of the boys and girls in EYFS were on the good list and gave each child a present for Christmas!  We also had a pyjama and own clothes day on Friday because it was our last day in school before Christmas!


Our Hero of the week for Nursery is Emily, for being such a kind friend.

Our Hero of the week for Reception is Harry, for always entertaining the teachers with his imaginative stories.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas with their families and friends, and we look forward to seeing you in January.





Nursery-0 minutes

Reception-49 minutes

Upcoming dates- First day back at school-9th January

11th-15th December 2017

We have had a very festive week in Early Years this week.

On Monday we had our EYFS Christmas Nativity, we had so much fun singing and speaking in front of our families and friends.  On Tuesday in Reception we introduced The Stick man story, we read the book together then made our own stick men outside using sticks.  On Thursday we had our Christmas Jumper Day and our Christmas Dinner. All the teachers and children sat together in the hall for our Christmas dinner.

Through the week both Nursery and Reception have enjoyed making Christmas calendars,cards and baubles ready to take home next week for our family.

Our Heroes of the week are Layla for always following the school rules and Isabella for being a fantastic Mary in our school Nativity.

IMG_7107[1] IMG_7142[2]





Nursery-80 minutes

Reception-132 minutes

Upcoming Events-

19th December-EYFS Christmas Party

22nd December-Last Day

4th-8th December 2017

This week in Early Years we have had such an exciting week! On Tuesday we had our Christmas Fayre where Nursery made snowmen biscuits and reindeer cakes and Reception made reindeer dust to sell.

On Wednesday we jumped on the bus to visit the Washington Arts Centre to watch our Christmas show ‘Lily and the Snowdog’.  After the show, we were able to meet Lily and the Snowdog!


In Nursery and Reception we have started making baubles using a variety of Christmas materials to hang on our trees in our houses.  We have also started creating our Christmas cards with Nursery making snowmen and Reception making a mixture of penguins and Christmas trees.

In Nursery, we have made a Christmas post box to collect all of our Christmas cards for our friends.  In Reception we have made our own snow dogs and polar bears using paper plates and cotton wool.

IMG_7004[1] IMG_6260[1]

Buddy and Sam, the elves in Early Years, have been watching over the boys and girls to make sure they are doing some fantastic work and being lovely friends. Except, they have been a little bit mischievous! Sam has been found escaping Reception and making snow angels on the tables and Buddy has been found messing around in the biscuit ingredients.

Upcoming events:

EYFS Christmas Nativity-11th December at 2pm

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day-14th December

Christmas Carol by Candlelight-14th December 3.30pm

EYFS Christmas Party- 19th December 1:30pm

Attendance – 

Nursery – 86.4%


Lateness – 

Nursery:   40 minutes

Reception – 156 minutes

Our EYFS Staff:

Miss Lay – Nursery Teacher

Mrs R Watson – Reception Teacher

Mrs K Cowley- Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss S Burnett- Reception Teaching Assistant


Curriculum newsletter spring 2017 EYFS