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Welcome to our EYFS page. We are looking forward to updating you on our progress and what we have been learning over the week.

Our EYFS Staff:

Mrs R Watson – Reception Teacher – EYFS Lead

Miss S Burnett- Nursery Teacher

Miss J Oxberry – Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss R Griffith-Reception Teaching Assistant

11-15th March 2019


This week in Reception we read the story, ‘Winnie the Witch.’ In key groups we talked about what we know about witches and stories that we have read with witches in them. We read spells and thought about what spells we would make if we were a witch. We noticed that often in spells there are lots of rhyming words. We also talked about the type of things witches might put into potions and then some of us wrote our own potions at the writing table.

We then received a letter from Winnie asking us to help her find the best material for a new hat. We tested out lots of different materials in the water tray and learnt words such as, waterproof and lightweight. We all decided that plastic would be the best material as no rain could get through and it’s nice and light to wear.

As we did such a good job with the material testing, we then received a further letter from Winnie telling us about a problem she was having. All the objects she was putting in her potions were bubbling over the top and so from now on she only wanted to use objects and materials that would sink to the bottom of the cauldron. We tested out different objects in the water tray to see if they would sink or float and we then spoke about the materials that all the sinking objects were made from and what was similar about them.  

In maths this week we looked at the concepts of halving and sharing.

Friday was a fun day, as we joined in with Red Nose Day by coming into school in non-uniform.

This week our Privilege Pass went to Dottie, for always giving 100% in everything she does. Well Done Dottie !!!


Attendance: 97.9%

Minutes Late: 0

11th-15th March 2019

In Nursery this week we have been looking at Dragons. On Monday we had a surprise waiting for us in our classroom… an egg! We had to find out what kind of egg it was and what we thought was inside.  Throughout the week we have been doing lots of dragon activities. In the water tray we have been using the fishing nets to catch the floating eggs. In the sand pit and construction area, we have been making our own nests using sticks and wooden blocks. In the creative area we have been using watercolours to paint pictures of dragons.

This week has also been Science Week throughout school. We have been taking part in 3 different experiments to do with eggs! For our first experiment, we used vinegar to dissolve baking soda eggs, we loved watching them fizzle and pop!  For the second experiment, we watched frozen eggs melt in the water tray and spoke about why we thought the ice was melting.  Our last experiment was looking at floating and sinking, we used 3 different types of eggs (plastic, polystyrene and a chickens egg) and guessed whether they would float or sink before testing them out for ourselves!

On Friday we celebrated Red Nose Day by having a ‘dress down day’ to raise money for Comic Relief.

This week, Mia has been given our Plainsy Platinum Pass for trying so hard with her numbers… well done Mia!

Next week we are so excited to continue our Mystical Creatures topic and learn all about fairies!

4th-8th March 2019


Nursery have had another fun and busy week this week! On Monday we started to look at witches as part of our topic ‘Mystical Creatures’; with ‘Room on the broom’ being our book of the week! In the creative area, we have been making room on the broom pictures using watercolours for the sky and practising our cutting skills by cutting out the characters from the story. We also pretended that spaghetti was a broomstick and used it to make marks with the paint (that was very messy!).  We changed the water area into a mud pit where we had to save the characters who were getting stuck by using tweezers to pick them up.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day, on the afternoon we baked our own pancakes by mixing flour, eggs and milk then we were able to choose chocolate spread, jam or syrup to put on top! We spoke about the different toppings we could put on pancakes and decided if they were healthy and unhealthy and why.

On Wednesday afternoon the children went out to the Secret Garden for their weekly visit. This week we have been investigating all the mini beasts. We found spiders, woodlice, worms and even a centipede!

On Thursday we had World Book Day where the children came into school dressed in their pyjamas and a bedtime story. Throughout the day, we shared all of the books with the rest of the class.  On the afternoon we had our parent ‘Stay and Play’ which was World Book Day themed. We had lots of activities like word hunts, caterpillar crafts and reading areas for the children to share with their parents.

Attendance: 92.6%

Lates: 68 minutes



4th -8th March 2019

We have been so busy in Reception this week, with lots of different things happening.

On Monday we continued with our book of the week, Zog! He’s a big, orange dragon (but don’t worry, he’s really friendly). In the story, Zog goes to Dragon School, so we thought about the type of things he might learn about. We said in our key groups, he would  learn how to fly.  This led us on nicely to our writing for this week, which has been writing a set of instructions. Together, in our key groups, we wrote a set of instructions on how to teach a dragon to fly. We had to think really carefully about what we said in our sentences, as well as remembering all of our punctuation we now use. Our teachers then challenged us to write our own instructions in the classroom.

Tuesday was a yummy day, as we all went into breakfast club to make some pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We spoke in our key groups about why this was a special day for lots of people. While we made our pancakes we talked lots about doubling the ingredients as well as saying out loud what we were actually doing as when we got back to class we all wrote our own set of instructions on how to make pancakes.

Thursday was another busy, fun day, as we celebrated World Book Day, by coming into school in our pyjamas and we all brought in our favourite bedtime stories, which we shared in our key groups. We also enjoyed a family learning session on the afternoon by doing lots of different book related activities, like making the Hungry Caterpillar by threading and doing a word hunt within our favourite books.

In maths this week we have been looking at how to double a set amount of objects and a given number. We read a story about a doubling machine which helped us to understand what this meant. We then used dominoes to sort them into doubles and none doubles. Next week we are going to looking at problems involving halving numbers and objects.

We have thoroughly enjoyed playing in our new role play castle this week, as well as making up our own stories in our new Woodland Village tuff spot.

This week our Privilege Pass went to Kayden for his lovely manners and always being there to help a friend. Well Done Kayden !!!

Next week we will be looking at another type of mythical beast………witches!!!


Attendance: 97.4

Minutes Late: 80 minutes


25th February-1st March 2019


This week we have started our new and exciting topic ‘Mystical Creatures’. We have kicked off the topic by reading the book ‘Princess and the Wizard’ by Julia Donaldson. We then got a letter from the postman, which was off the princess… she asked for our help to save her from the castle!

We have made our own wands using sticks, glitter and sequins in the creative area, designed our own wizards hat in maths and even made our own potions in the role play area (which has now turned into a witches workshop!).  On Wednesday, we went out into the secret garden to find the wizard. We found lots of different clues like footprints and a big wizard wand… we couldn’t find him so we set a trap using tyres!

Next week we are going to be reading ‘Room on the broom’ and finding out all about witches!

We also have Pancake day on Tuesday and World Book Day on Thursday, so we are going to be very busy!

Attendance: 90.4%

Lates: 30 minutes

11th-15th February 2019


This week, Nursery have been learning all about love, kindness and friendship just in time for Valentines Day. In key groups we have been talking about who we love, how we show we love someone and the different types of love (family, friends, objects). We have been making and writing Valentines cards for our friends and family in the creative and writing area, using name cards for support. 

On Wednesday we had our EYFS Clown school day where all of the children came into school wearing clown costumes or bright outfits. We had lots of fun activities set up indoors and outdoors for the children and adults including stilt walking, bean bag throwing, biscuit decorating and puppet making. When we were finished with all the activities, we went into Reception for some yummy hot dogs and popcorn!


On Thursday afternoon we had our Valentines disco where we dressed up in our best outfits and danced until we couldn’t feel our feet!


Attendance: 92.5%

Minutes Late: 5


11th-15th February


WOW! What a fun filled week it has been in Reception this week. To end our circus topic, we enjoyed a clown school day on Wednesday, where we dressed up as clowns and took part in activities such as mask making and acrobats. On the afternoon we invited our grown ups into school to continue our learning with them, both indoors and outdoors. With our grown ups we enjoyed biscuit decorating, puppet making, juggling, stilt walking and splatting our teachers, all before we enjoyed popcorn and hotdogs.

On Thursday we came into school all dressed up in our fancy clothes to take part in our Valentines disco. We spoke on the morning about who is special to us and why they are special. We talked about how we can show someone how special they are, by giving them a big smile or doing something nice to help them.

We looked at a special book this week called, ‘The Sidewalk Circus.’ It’s a picture book that has no words, so we made up our own sentences to match the pictures. We discussed the type of words that might be used a story.

In maths we have been investigating, using the language full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We did a lot of problem solving around this in our large outdoor sandpit.

We can’t believe it’s the end of another term! Our teachers are so proud of us and are very pleased with the progress we are making. After the holidays we are going to continue with developing our sentence writing and also working hard on solving problems in maths.

Our new theme after the holidays will be, ‘Mythical Beasts.’ We will learn all about, wizards, witches, goblins, dragons and castles and much more!

Have a great holiday everyone! We look forward to hearing about your adventures when you return to school on Tuesday 26th February.


Attendance: 98.0%

Minutes Late: 5


4th-8th February 2019


We have had an interesting and exciting week in Nursery this week; we have been learning all about Chinese New Year!  In key group we have been talking about where China is located on a map and what transport we would use to get there, we looked at the different traditions in China and how they celebrate this event. We have been making our own Chinese dragon masks and fans, practicing to use chop sticks in the tuft spot to develop our fine motor skills and even writing our own Chinese words such as ‘pig’ and ‘dog’. We learnt all about the history of the celebration and now we know that they wear red and have loud parades to scare away the monster that came into the Chinese town a long time ago.

In maths we have been looking at developing our counting and number recognition skills and also our number formation up to 5 and some children are now able to do this up to 6! 

Next week we are going to be looking at ‘Love’… just in time for Valentines day! We are going to talk about who we love, and how we show that we love someone.

Attendance: 93.6%

Minutes late: 12 minutes


4th – 8th February


This week in Reception we have learnt all about Chinese New Year and how Chinese people celebrate the coming of a new year. We started the week by learning to write our names in Chinese and each morning our grown ups have been coming into our classroom to help us. By the end of the week we were very good at writing our names in Chinese.

We learnt all about the story of the twelve animals that took part in a race for the Emperor and how this led to the Chinese believing that each year is named after an animal that took part in the race, in the order in which they came. This year is the year of the pig. This helped us with our maths this week as we have been ordering numbers and looking at the language first, second, third and so on.

We showed everything that we have learnt this week in our writing, as we had to write about the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year, such as, giving money in a red envelope, the brave and powerful dragon, new clothes and cleaning the house to get rid of the bad and welcome the new. Some of use had to label Chinese pictures, things like chopsticks and noodles, using the sounds we know.

We finished off all our fantastic learning this week by tasting some Chinese food. Some of us have already experienced the taste of spring rolls. noodles and prawn crackers, but to some of us this was a brand new tasting experience!


Attendance: 99.0%

Minutes Late: 17


28th January-1st February


This week in Nursery we have been looking at the different animals in a circus, including tigers, lions and elephants. In key group we have been talking about where they live when they are in the circus, where the animals have come from and then we also watched videos of the animals performing. After watching the video, we went into the hall and practiced our own circus skills using the climbing apparatus, dancing ribbons, beanbags and hula hoops.

In the creative area, we have been turning ourselves into lions and tigers using card, tissue paper, string and buttons.  We even made elephants, using loops of card for the trunk.  In the play dough area we have been creating our own circus animals using feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and beads.

This week we have also noticed that it has gotten very cold outside! Our tuft spot and water pump turned to ice! The children enjoyed painting the ice various colours and even brought it inside to watch it melt!

Next week we have a special celebration that we cannot wait to learn about… Chinese new year! We are going to be learning lots of amazing things about China and the celebration.

Attendance: 93.4%

Minutes Late: 45

28th January-1st February


It’s been a cold week this week but that hasn’t stopped us from having lots of fun learning!

We  continued with our circus theme this week and looked at the animals that sometimes take part in a circus show. We spoke in our key groups about whether we thought it was right or wrong for animals to be doing tricks in a circus. We had lots of different opinions within our groups.

We were also introduced to a new phrase this week when we looked at an aerial picture of a circus. We now know that when a picture is taken from up above us it is called a ‘birds eye view.’

In maths this week we have focused on shapes, to make sure we are confident with naming all common 2D shapes as well as talking about the properties that each shape has.

In literacy we are still working hard on developing our sentence writing. We are always reminding ourselves about using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We are still continuing to learn new sounds and tricky words so that we can apply these in our sentence writing.



21st-25th January 2019


This week in Nursery we have continued to look at our topic ‘The Circus’. In key group we have been linking this to the 5 senses, what we can hear, smell, taste, touch and see in the circus tent. We even got to taste popcorn and candy floss!

In the creative area we have been making our own popcorn and circus tent pictures using collage materials. In the water tray we have been playing a game of hook the ball where we had to try and catch a ball with a fishing net then tell an adult what number they could see o the ball. In the circus we have been playing a game of ring toss using numbered bottles.  In the sand tray we have been making our own pretend refreshments for the circus.

In phonics this week we have started to look at alliteration and what it means. We noticed that all of the characters in Peppa Pig have alliteration in their names!

We look forward to moving onto circus animals next week, starting with elephants and tigers!

Attendance: 94.4%

Minutes Late: 0


14th-18th January 2019


This week in Nursery we have started to look at our new topic ‘The Circus’ following the children’s interests. We have been creating clown masks, face painted, created our own acrobatic obstacle course and even made our own Circus!  In Maths this week we have been creating our own 2D shape picture using squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. In phonics we have been visiting the library and looking at all the different book on offer.

On Thursday we had our first snow fall! The children in Nursery wrapped up and went outside to play in the snow then came in for a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows.

14th – 18th


Roll up! Roll up! Come to our circus! We have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing our classroom this week with all things circus related. We were so surprised to see our very own big top in the corner of our classroom and have really enjoyed acting out our parts in the circus under the big top. We have been walking on stilts, juggling bean bags and selling tickets to our audience.

In  literacy this week we have been writing sentences about what you can expect to see at the circus by using the phrase, ‘I can see….’ Our letter formation is improving each week and our teachers are so proud that we are now beginning to write independent sentences.

In maths we have been focusing on positional language and to do this we looked at images of clowns and where they were stood in relation to other circus objects around them. We used language such as, ‘next to,’ and ‘behind,’ to describe the clowns position.

We have enjoyed making clown faces, using paper plates, as a way of displaying our tricky words, which will help us when we come to write at the writing table.

A special treat this week (that our teachers had nothing to do with) was snow that arrived on Thursday. We all went outside to play in the snow and enjoyed throwing snowballs at each other, as well as talking about where the snow was coming from and why it was falling.


17th-21st December 

Nursery and Reception

We’ve all had a wonderful, festive week in EYFS this week. All of the EYFS staff would like to wish all of the children and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please take a look at our whole school Christmas video to see all of the Christmas activities the children have taken part in!

See you in the new year!

10th-14th December


What a busy week we have had !! On Monday it was our Christmas Nativity performance and we were fabulous! We showed all of our grown ups just how confident we are with speaking and singing in front of an audience. We all worked so hard to learn our lines and  practise all of the songs and it really paid off!

On Thursday we enjoyed a magical day . It even snowed in our outdoor area! We came into school dressed in our pyjamas and dressing gowns, already for our Polar Express day. On the morning, we made our own train tickets in readiness to climb on board the movie afternoon that afternoon. We also made play dough hot chocolate and did some snowmen maths. Our adults came into school on the afternoon to watch the film with us and we all enjoyed our hot chocolate and biscuits.

Friday was yet another fun filled day. It was Christmas jumper day. We all looked brilliant in our festive jumpers and we enjoyed our Christmas dinner at school with our friends and teachers. We have also started to make lots of special things to bring home with us next week, but for now they are a secret!!!!

IMG_3755[1] IMG_3746[1]


Lateness-60 minutes

10th-14th December


We have been so busy in Nursery this week! On Monday we had our Christmas Nativity performance for all of our family and friends, we dressed up in all of our costumes, read our lines and sang our songs for the audience. We were AMAZING!  On Thursday we had our Polar Express day were we had hot chocolate play dough, designed our own train tickets and decorated our own Christmas jumper in the creative area. On the afternoon, we all went down to Reception to watch the Polar Express film with our mams, dads, nana’s and granddad’s. We had a snow machine, hot chocolates, biscuits and even a bell to take home to remember the day! On Friday we had our Christmas jumper day and even had our Christmas dinner with the teachers! We have even started making our Christmas cards and Christmas baubles to take home!  We’ve had such a busy week at Nursery and we only have one week left at school until we break up for Christmas, we’re all so excited!

IMG_2010[1] IMG_2051[1]


Lateness-15 minutes

26th-30th November


In Reception this week we have learnt lots about people who help us, and have discussed the different types of transport they use. We began the week by looking at a picture of a fire engine and we all shared our ideas about who we thought used this source of transport. We all agreed it would be firefighters!! We then looked at ambulances and police cars and spoke about the people who use these sources of transport to help us.

In writing this week we labelled a fire engine. Our teachers are so impressed with how we are becoming independent writers, as we are using the sounds we know to help us with our writing. We have also learnt more new sounds this week including, oa, ar, oo, and or.

In maths we have started to use the language associated with adding and we have used lots of practical objects to begin to add two groups together. We were introduced to the + and = sign so we can begin to write our own number sentences.

In the small word area our wooden house was on fire!!!! We used the fire station and the fire engine, together with our imaginations to put the fire out! The wooden blocks in the construction area were transformed into large flames and we used these to build our own burning buildings. We then thought about what we would need to put the fire out and if we were real firefighters, what protective clothing we would need to wear.

Christmas has slowly started to arrive at Plains Farm Academy and we have helped to decorate the main tree in the school hall, by making our own Christmas decorations to hang on it. We are also working really hard to practise our nativity for and can’t wait to show our play to our grown ups on the 10th December 2018.

Attendance: 93.3%

Minutes Late: 0



This week Nursery have reading Jack and the Beanstalk. In Key Group we planted our own beanstalks using compost, broad beans and water. We have placed them on the windowsill and have been waiting for them to grow all week!  In the water area we have been making our own magic beans by mixing food colouring and glitter to butter beans. In the creative area we have had so much fun painting magic beans with marbles!

In maths this week we have been looking at comparing different sized footprints from our Jack and the beanstalk story. We have been learning the new mathematical words ‘big, medium and small’

In phonics we have been working to improve our pencil grip and pencil control. To do this we have been drawing lines, circles and zig-zags with the chalks on the floor outside.  After that, we wrote our names really big so the giant could see them from all the way up in the clouds.

IMG_1902[2] IMG_1867[1]

Minutes late- 0

12-16th November 2018


We have been very busy in Reception this week! We have continued with our topic, ‘Transport,’ with a focus on cars and it has also been Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need.

At the beginning of the week we looked at images of the very first car that was built in 1769! It looks nothing like the cars we ride in now. We then looked at cars through history, which we really enjoyed, right up to the modern day cars that we see all the time on our roads. This led us onto our Literacy task which was to label the features of a car.

In maths we have been consolidating our number recognition and have been matching numbers to the correct quantity. We are becoming good at recognising numbers 1-10 and are beginning to work within numbers 1-20.

On Thursday we spent key group time talking about what makes a good friend and we all made a promise with a green handprint that we would always use kind words and kind hands when we are playing with our friends.  On Friday we celebrated Children in Need and made Pudsey faces with play dough and decorated pictures of Pudsey.



Lateness-85 minutes late

12th-16th November 2018


This week has been Anti-Bullying Week in School. Through the week, Nursery have been talking about how to be kind to our friends. We made our own rules for Nursery that the children and teachers must follow to make sure we are all kind; We also shared our treats that we made with the other teachers in our school, learning that ‘Sharing is Caring’.

Through the week we have also been learning about the ‘Gingerbread man’ story. We have been creating gingerbread men collage pictures and on Thursday we made our own gingerbread men to eat! They were so yummy!

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need. The children wore brightly coloured clothes to raise awareness for the charity. We enjoyed painting Pudsey faces and making our own Pudsey biscuits!

In maths this week we have been learning to match numeral to quantity. So when we noticed that our gingerbread man didn’t have any buttons, we had to put the correct amount on for him to be happy again.

IMG_1256[1] IMG_1283[1]


Lateness-0 minutes late


5th-9th November 2018


In Nursery this week we have been celebrating lots of events! On Monday and Tuesday we spoke about Bonfire Night. We enjoyed creating firework pictures in the creative area with paint and used a variety of tools to create amazing firework effects.  On Thursday and Friday we spoke about Remembrance Day, the children watched a video that told us all about WW1, poppies and the soldiers who got hurt in the war. We created our own versions of poppies in the creative area using collage materials and even using balloons to print our poppies with paint!


In maths this week we have been looking at the number 5, we practiced recognising the number, counting to 5 and even writing the number 5!


In phonics this week we have been looking at rhyming words! The children are very excited to go to the Beacon of Light on the 21st for our Nursery Rhyme afternoon.


Lateness-0 minutes late


In Reception this week we have been learning about why we have Bonfire Night. We enjoyed creating firework pictures in the creative area and outdoors with paint and used a variety of tools to create amazing firework effects. We splatted paint everywhere!! On Thursday and Friday we spoke about Remembrance Day, the children watched a video that told us all about WW1, poppies and the soldiers who got hurt in the war. We created our own versions of poppies in the creative area. We also made a poppy wreath using our handprints as the leaves around it.

We have started our new topic ‘Transport’ – we are exploring what transport is and the different types there are. This week we are learning about cars and have read the story ‘Mr Grumpy’s Motor Car’ as a stimulus. We have had toy cars with pens attached to the back for us to practise writing our tricky words. This week we also talked about what a list is and how we write one. We wrote our own lists of all the animals in our story.

In Maths we have being practising one more, looking at a given number and then using counters and number lines to help us find one more. We are going to continue to work on this.

IMG_3408[1]  IMG_3410[1] IMG_3381[1]



Lateness-5 minutes


29th October- 2nd November


We’ve had a spooky time in Reception this week! We’ve been doing all things Halloween with our story ‘Room on the Broom,’ as a focus.

We have been looking at the author Julia Donaldson and how all her books rhyme and are written in a similar style. We shared with each other the Julia Donaldson stories that we are familiar with and enjoy.

We have been doing some amazing writing this week as we labelled the different characters and objects from our story using the sounds we know. We wrote words such as, cat, hat, dog and cat.

In maths this week we made magic wands by collecting long and short sticks and then we put them all out to order them all by height.

In creative this week we used apples and orange paint to print pumpkins and then added faces to the shape with black pen once they had dried. We had fun investigating the insides of a pumpkin and used the seeds as counting material. We are getting really good at counting beyond 10.

Our favourite part of this week was sharing our learning with our families during the family learning session and then we burnt off all our energy by doing some amazing dancing in our EYFS Halloween disco!!

29th October- 2nd November


We have had such a fun filled week this week in Nursery!

We have been learning about Halloween this week and we have had a Halloween Disco. All the children made a fantastic effort with their costumes and they all looked amazing! We had some party food after dancing lots at the disco. We had a Halloween Family Learning morning and some of our grown ups came in to see what we get up to in Nursery. We decorated biscuits, made spiders out of clay and made some bubbling and fizzing potions. We loved it!

Our book of the week this week was ‘Room on the Broom’ we have started to look at rhyming words and were looking for them in the story. We also used a ‘Goblin Snot Rhyming Pot’ to identify rhyme.

The star of the week this week in Nursery is Lily C for trying so hard with her number work. Our Hero of the Week this week is Alex. Well done!


Lateness – 

Nursery: 5  minutes

Reception – 5 minutes


15th-19th October


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about Autumn, we have made some amazing autumn pictures using the leaves we collected ourselves from outside. We also made some gorgeous watercolour pictures of leaves.

We have been learning about the season Autumn and finding out what usually happens in Autumn. We have been reading the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and we actually made our own pumpkin soup and ate it!

In phonics this week we have been learning and practicing a range of nursery rhymes we are getting very good at this! In maths we have been focusing on the number 3 this week our number of the week.

We also celebrated Freddie and Charlie’s birthday this week they are both now 4 years old!

The star of the week this week in Nursery is Lacey for trying so hard with her number work. Our Hero of the Week this week is Charlie. Well done!

I would like to wish all of our Nursery children a happy and safe half term and I hope you have lots of fun! While you are out and about keep an eye out for the numbers 1, 2 and 3!


This week in Reception we have focused on where we live. We have talked about our own houses and used language such as, ‘semi-detached’ and ‘bungalow’ to describe what our house looks like. We also thought about the environment of where we live and used language such as, ‘busy’ and ‘quiet’ to describe our streets. We looked at local landmarks that are close to our homes, including Penshaw Monument, Queen Alexandra Bridge and The Angel of the North. Some of us have visited these landmarks and were able to talk about our first hand experiences.

In phonics we used the large outdoor sandpit to help us develop our letter formation by using our fingers to write in the sand. In maths we have learnt all about shapes including 2D and 3D shapes. We created pictures by printing with 2D shapes and then described the shape to the adult working with us using language such as, points and sides.

We had fun with the indoor sandpit this week as the sand was very wet!!! We were able to manipulate the sand to build houses and castles. In the creative area with used brick printed wallpaper to make our own houses.

Over the holidays our teachers would like us to practise our sounds and reading but most of all they would like us to have fun outdoors!!! If we ride a bike or slide down a slide or collect some leaves, it would be great if we could bring some photographs into school to show our friends.

Have a great holiday!

IMG_3201[1]  IMG_3184[1]

Attendance – 

Nursery -%

Reception- %

Lateness – 

Nursery:   minutes

Reception – 45 minutes

8th – 12th October


In Nursery this week we have been learning about daily routines. We have been talking about our daily routine at Nursery and our morning and bed time routine at home. We have had lots of fun we read the story ‘Peace at Last’ and had some hot chocolate with marshmallows in while discussing our bed time routines, it was very yummy!

In Maths this week we have been looking at the number 2, we have learnt what the number two looks like, how to count out 2 objects and some people have been practicing to write the number 2!

We have spent lots of time exploring outside this week and have enjoyed making potions and gloop using shaving foam, food colouring and flour. We love exploring new textures and getting our hands dirty in Nursery!

Our Hero of the week this week is Jake and our star of the week this week is Lily W for being an excellent role model. Well done!

IMG_9437[1] IMG_0752[1]



This week in reception we have been learning all about the importance of good hygiene and why we should keep ourselves happy and healthy. We have had lots of fun learning all about why our heart is important to our bodies and how it works. We have also been learning about why we need to wash our hands and have even carried out an experiment to observe germs growing with pieces of bread which became green and mouldy. Yuk!

In our phonics this week we have been learning even more new sounds! We have learned, ss, ll and ff. We have also been learning how to write a sentence using two or three words and we were really good at this! We continue to practise recognising and writing our high frequency words such as I, the, no and go.

In maths we have been learning about money and have practised recognising the different coins. When asked what the children thought ‘money’ was they gave responses such as ”it comes out of the machine” and ”you have to go to work to get money”. To do this we have been looking at different coins, looking at the different colours and sizes they are and what their numbers mean. We have also been continuing to practise forming our numbers and we are becoming a lot more confident with this.


In creative this week we have been using fresh vegetables to print pictures to make fruit baskets, we have also been making models of our teeth using the white playdough.


We have had an amazing week this week and have learned so much!



Attendance – 

Nursery -82.3%

Reception- 93.2%

Lateness – 

Nursery:  5  minutes

Reception – 0 minutes

1st-5th October


This week in our Reception Class we have been learning all about how to stay healthy and happy! We have had lots of fun taking part in all of our different learning activities. We now know that to be healthy we need to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and we also need to exercise to keep our bodies fit and strong.

In our phonics this week we have been learning even more new sounds! We have learned, e, u, and r. We are now getting really good at blending our sounds together to read words which helps us with our reading at school and at home.

In maths we have been learning about ”more” and ”less”. To do this we have been looking at two groups of objects and comparing them, looking at which group has more and which group has less. Some of the children said ”they knew which group had more because that group was bigger”. We have also been practising forming our numbers and our teachers were so impressed with how well we did.

On a Friday we have footy phonics which all of the reception children love! We use our sounds which we have been learning in phonics whilst playing football!

We would also like to say a big thank you to all of our parents and children who brought in a model of their home. We were so impressed with how brilliant they all were!

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1st-5th October


This week in Nursery we have been learning all about ‘Senses’. We have enjoyed going on listening and looking walks around our school grounds, tasting lots of new food and using feely bags in key group. We have also really enjoyed reading, listening to and carrying out activities linked to our book of the week this week the ‘Hungry Caterpillar.’

In Maths this week we have been looking at the number 1, we have learnt how to count out 1 object, write the number 1 and count to number 1.

On Monday we completed our first Daily Mile. On the first day we ran around our school yard twice but since then we have been running around three times as we are getting faster!

Our Hero of the week this week is Polly and our star of the week this week is Lola for trying so hard in phonics. Well done!




24-28th September

This week we have had a fun filled week in our Reception class, learning all about our five senses. We now know that we use different parts of our bodies for sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. To test out our senses we have tried different foods, listened to music, smelt different things (good and bad) and we even got to play in beans and spaghetti to help us talk about how different things feel and look.

In phonics this week we have learnt more new sounds and are starting to become really good at using the sounds to build words. Our letter formation is developing really well and all of our teachers are so proud of us!

In maths we have continued with our counting within 10 this week, making sure that we count aloud and accurately. We were also introduced to the word ‘estimate,’ and we now know that this means a sensible guess. Our families can help us with our estimating skills by using simple questions and every day objects like, how many sweets do you  think are in the packet?

On Friday it was a very special day for one of our friends, it was Dottie’s birthday ! Happy birthday Dottie! We all hope you have a fabulous time celebrating your birthday with your family and cant’ wait to hear all about it on Monday.

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24-28th September 2018

This week we have been learning lots more about our friends through our ‘All About Me’ bags the children filled the bags with 4 items from home and brought them in to share with the rest of the class.

We had lots of fun making crispy cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. The children stirred the chocolate into the crispy cakes, spooned them into bun cases and decorated them with sprinkles. We even tried some to check they were okay first!

We have started to learn about our senses and have been discussing two of the five senses touch and hearing. We have been working really hard on our listening skills and have even been on a listening walk around school.

Our Hero of the week this week is Carlton and our star of the week this week is Mia for outstanding behaviour. Well done!







Attendance – 

Nursery – 94.3%

Reception- 90.5%

Lateness – 

Nursery:  0  minutes

Reception – 15 minutes


17th-21st September 2018

This week in Reception we started our new topic, ‘All About Me.’ We started the week by talking about the things that we are really good at. We said things like, ‘being a good friend,’ ‘good at painting,’ and ‘sharing.’  All of these are good skills to have and we are working on becoming good at others things too.

We also told our friends in our key groups about what we want to be when we are older. Harry wants to be a train driver and Layla wants to be a teacher.

It’s been a really windy week this week and we have loved spending time in the outdoor area investigating the wind. We threw leaves up into the air and watched to see what direction they flew in. We then worked together to build a den to protect ourselves from the wind.

We have learnt more new sounds this week including i,n,m and d and together with the sounds we have learnt so far we are now beginning to write some words independently.

This week in the creative area we used clay to make our portraits. We learnt lots of skills and techniques like rolling, squeezing and joining.

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This week in Nursery we started our new topic ‘All About Me.’ Myself and Miss Burnett have really enjoyed getting to know lots more about the children. We started the week off by sharing our All About Me homework which told us about our families and our favourite things.

We have been very creative this week, the children have completed self-portraits of themselves and were able to talk about some of their features. Lily said she had ‘golden hair.’ We have also made mirrors and drew pictures of our family members.

We had dinner date this week, our new starters were able to share our lunchtime routine with a family member, we all had a lovely time.

Our star of the week this week is Jake for being a ray of sunshine everyday. Our hero of the week this week is Sophie and she has taken Fire Engine Bear home for a weekend of fun at her house. We can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!

Attendance – 

Nursery – %


Lateness – 

Nursery:    minutes

Reception – 37 minutes

10-14th September 2018

Hello and a big welcome back to all of our children, including all of our new children who have started with us this year. The children have all started the year with big smiles and have settled back into the rules and expectations of the classrooms very well.


This week in Reception we have been focusing on the rules and expectations of the classroom. The children have had a lot of time to explore their new environment while showing us what they can already do.

We have welcomed our parents into the classroom this week to support us with our name writing as we are all trying hard to write our name independently.

This week we have started our phonic lessons and we have learnt  the new sounds s,a,t and p. These sounds have also been sent home this week as part of our homework. It is important that we also learn the matching rhymes which help us with the formation of our letters.

On Friday we took part in our first footy phonics session. During our first session we practised our gross motor skills by kicking a ball and running in different directions. We also had to bounce the ball over to the sound flashcards that were on the floor. Before we placed the sound under the cone we had to say it out loud.

We love exploring in the outdoor area and have had fun this week in the nature garden where we have climbed up ladders and swung on ropes.

IMG_2795[1] IMG_2841[1]


This week in Nursery we worked together to agree on rules for our classroom. We have spent lots of time exploring our routine and learning how to tidy up. The children have enjoyed exploring their new environment while showing us what they can already do.

Parents have started to come into the classroom this week to support us with our name writing as we are all trying hard to write our name independently.

This week we have started exploring stories and songs in Nursery our favourite so far is five little speckled frogs!

Fire Engine Bear has gone to Alfie’s house for the weekend as he has displayed outstanding green behaviour all week. We can’t wait to hear what they have been up to!

The children have been given homework this week to introduce our new topic for the coming week. Our new topic is ‘All about me.’ We are looking forward to learning more about the children.


Attendance – 

Nursery -94.1 %


Lateness – 

Nursery:  0  minutes

Reception – 0 minutes



Curriculum newsletter spring 2017 EYFS