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Welcome to our EYFS page. We are looking forward to updating you on our progress and what we have been learning over the week.

For more information please read our curriculum newsletter below:

Curriculum Newsletter EYFS

15th-19th January 2018

We have had another cold and snowy few days in Early Years this week. The children in Reception are onto their last week looking at Winter and it has been timed just right to see some snow!  Through the week we have been listening to the story ‘Jack Frost’, we then created our own winter scenes using different shades of blue paint and collage materials. When it started snowing, the children decided to build a snowman outdoors and named it Jack Frost!  We have also blown the teachers socks off with our fantastic sentence writing about Jack Frost and Elsa.

IMG_7537[1] IMG_7506[1]

Next week in Reception we are going to look at Superheroes, starting with reading the book Supertato! We cant wait to see how our classroom transforms over the next few days.

In Nursery we have had lots of fun reading the Snow Bear story. We created lots of winter pictures using paint and collage materials. We were so excited to see the snow as it was just like our story. Our new friends have really enjoyed exploring all areas of the setting and getting to know their new friends. We have been using lots of winter objects to count and we have worked really hard this week in maths.IMG_6241IMG_6240





Nursery-52 minutes

Reception-112 minutes

Upcoming Events-

Dinner Date for new Nursery starters-Monday 22nd January

8th-12th January 2018

Our first week back after the Christmas Holidays has been fantastic and very creative. The teachers are so impressed by how grown up the children are and how much they have settled.

We have had a lovely week in Nursery, and have been doing lots of exciting things.  We have also been looking at famous artists this week, Vincent van Gogh and Andy Goldsworthy. We have created some fabulous artwork for our art gallery display including our own versions of the ‘Starry Night’ and transient art using a variety of materials.  We are Plains Farm Academy Artists and have enjoyed creating our own artwork.

IMG_6313[1] IMG_6370[1]

We have welcomed seven new friends into our class who have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and meeting their new friends.  We are so excited to welcome back Miss Lay to Nursery, she is delighted to be back!

In Reception we have been looking at a variety of winter artwork from various artists. We have enjoyed recreating these paintings using a range of materials.  Mrs Dunn showed the boys and girls that you can create art anywhere, even in the outdoor area!  We used twigs, pine cones, flour and flowers to create a winter scene in a tyre.IMG_1314[1]

In Maths we have started looking at simple addition, we have blown all of our teachers socks off by how amazing and brainy we are. We have even started writing number sentences independently!


Upcoming Events

After school clubs will be starting from Monday 15th January. Reception have a choice of ‘Learning through Play’ on a Monday and ‘Music and Movement’ on a Thursday.





Nursery-30 minutes

Reception-16 minutes

18th-22nd December 2017

Our last week before Christmas has been filled with lots of festive things!  On Tuesday we had our EYFS Christmas party, where we ate sausage rolls, crisps, chocolate and juice for our party food then played party games like pass the parcel and musical statues.IMG_7179[1]IMG_7188[1]IMG_7191[2]

Through the week we had a note from Buddy and Sam the elf saying that they were going back to the North Pole to tell Santa all about what they had saw in class and to start making all of our toys.  They also left us some Christmas activities to do with our friends through the week.

On Wednesday, Nursery made their own mince pies! They had fun mixing the ingredients and putting them in the oven to watch them cook.


On Friday we had a visit from Santa! He said that all of the boys and girls in EYFS were on the good list and gave each child a present for Christmas!  We also had a pyjama and own clothes day on Friday because it was our last day in school before Christmas!


Our Hero of the week for Nursery is Emily, for being such a kind friend.

Our Hero of the week for Reception is Harry, for always entertaining the teachers with his imaginative stories.

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas with their families and friends, and we look forward to seeing you in January.





Nursery-0 minutes

Reception-49 minutes

Upcoming dates- First day back at school-9th January

11th-15th December 2017

We have had a very festive week in Early Years this week.

On Monday we had our EYFS Christmas Nativity, we had so much fun singing and speaking in front of our families and friends.  On Tuesday in Reception we introduced The Stick man story, we read the book together then made our own stick men outside using sticks.  On Thursday we had our Christmas Jumper Day and our Christmas Dinner. All the teachers and children sat together in the hall for our Christmas dinner.

Through the week both Nursery and Reception have enjoyed making Christmas calendars,cards and baubles ready to take home next week for our family.

Our Heroes of the week are Layla for always following the school rules and Isabella for being a fantastic Mary in our school Nativity.

IMG_7081[1] IMG_7107[1] IMG_7142[2]





Nursery-80 minutes

Reception-132 minutes

Upcoming Events-

19th December-EYFS Christmas Party

22nd December-Last Day

4th-8th December 2017

This week in Early Years we have had such an exciting week! On Tuesday we had our Christmas Fayre where Nursery made snowmen biscuits and reindeer cakes and Reception made reindeer dust to sell.

On Wednesday we jumped on the bus to visit the Washington Arts Centre to watch our Christmas show ‘Lily and the Snowdog’.  After the show, we were able to meet Lily and the Snowdog!

IMG_7007[1] IMG_7017[1]

In Nursery and Reception we have started making baubles using a variety of Christmas materials to hang on our trees in our houses.  We have also started creating our Christmas cards with Nursery making snowmen and Reception making a mixture of penguins and Christmas trees.

In Nursery, we have made a Christmas post box to collect all of our Christmas cards for our friends.  In Reception we have made our own snow dogs and polar bears using paper plates and cotton wool.

IMG_7004[1] IMG_6260[1]

Buddy and Sam, the elves in Early Years, have been watching over the boys and girls to make sure they are doing some fantastic work and being lovely friends. Except, they have been a little bit mischievous! Sam has been found escaping Reception and making snow angels on the tables and Buddy has been found messing around in the biscuit ingredients.

Upcoming events:

EYFS Christmas Nativity-11th December at 2pm

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day-14th December

Christmas Carol by Candlelight-14th December 3.30pm

EYFS Christmas Party- 19th December 1:30pm

Attendance – 

Nursery – 86.4%


Lateness – 

Nursery:   40 minutes

Reception – 156 minutes

Our EYFS Staff:

Miss Lay – Nursery Teacher

Mrs B Dunn – Reception Teacher

Mrs K Cowley- Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss S Burnett- Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss G Graham-Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss Oxberry-Reception Teaching Assistant


Curriculum newsletter spring 2017 EYFS